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Château de Montségur

[ Author’s note: “‘While Lucifer, ambitious and arrogant, full of immoderate desires, was cast out of heaven, when falling from heaven, he chipped the corner of a star: which fragments rolled within space and were stopped by the earth. Stone from heaven, pure and perfect stone since it fell from heaven; it was the Lapis ex Caelis of the Grail!”

This is why Antonin Gadal could not find the Grail, nor the “Table of Solomon [Emerald Tablet of Thoth],” and Otto Rahn could, even though they looked in the same places. As for Mary Magdalene and her entourage settling in the Sabarthes, that is why the Norse called the Wave Maidens the ladies of the mountains. She is the Grail, and Lucifer the Spear. We are talking about sexual organs my friends…

You should Understand that when you call Lucifer ambitious and arrogant, full of immoderate desires for only wanting what is his, then you have given his enemy, or more correctly the Agent of his enemy permission to barbecue you and everything you ever loved alive. This is why the Templars could not defend the Cathars like they later did the Scots under Robert the Bruce in the Battle of Bannockburn…

Like I said in parts 2 and 3 of Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head, I got into this to sell a book, one book. 2009 I didn’t even know how to type (I’ll bet I can give a stenographer a good run for their money now). Little did I know, in fact I didn’t know anything at all of what I was getting into. Bottom line is I never did sell that book and now, compared to how I lived before I developed this nervous affliction of keyboard pecking, I live in appalling poverty. I promised in a recent comment that I would carry on, and I will for as long as I can; however that is not going to be for very much longer without financial backing.

Towards that end, we have moved this blog over to Patreon. Now I’m good for at least another four years of this, but not under the current conditions. We will need proper funding; telling the truth cost a lot of money in lost income. So for now on it will be up to those who read me how long I continue to write… Jack ]

by Jack Heart & Orage

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Much of what we have been writing lately, indeed much of what Miguel Serrano wrote, heavily references the Cathars. You should not get the wrong impression and start thinking that authentic references to the Cathar belief system are readily available to academics. When the pope erases something from history, it stays erased, that’s power, raw power…

Most of the information we have about the Cathars has been pieced together, painstakingly by true believers, most of them French; with the Jesuits, an organization originally founded for just this purpose, running interference, dissembling with every available tool, going on 500 years now.

Although they may have been influenced by eastern esoteric doctrine, the Cathars were by no means some praeterhuman secret society of Magi working from the ‘deepest darkest shadows of Luciferianism…’ If they were, the pope never would have defeated them as easily as he did… That would be the Knights Templar, the true guardians of the secret, who had far more use for the Cathars than they do for the pope…

We are going to be discussing Otto Rahn, maybe the most important man in history. Again it’s no accident most have never heard of him. Rahn was not only an archeological detective whose work even surpassed Heinrich Schliemann, he was a great writer, just as good as  – dare I even say it – Hermann Hesse. His work should be included in every academic curriculum higher than chimpanzee, right alongside Der Steppenwolf. Rahn wrote two books linking Montségur and the Cathars with the ‘Grail…’ Kreuzzug gegen den Gral (Crusade Against the Grail) in 1933 and Luzifers Hofgesind (The Court of Lucifer) in 1937. The first book was distinctly Christian reformist in its intentions; the second was just as Luciferian as anything Miguel Serrano would later write.

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Both Serrano and Rahn were schooled in mysteries and traditions far older than the Pontifex Maximus, who himself goes back to before the founding of Rome. It’s obvious from his books that Rahn learned these secrets in the years following his discovery in late 1931.

It was a discovery of something that could create alternate realities, something transcendent of time and something hidden since time out of mind in the caverns of Ornolac in the Sabarthes beneath Montségur.

Before we tell what can be told about Rahn and of course Lucifer and Lilith, it would be good to dispel some misconceptions our readers may have gotten about Catharism. Catharism is Christianity, not a schism; Catholicism as the Cathars contended is the schism.

There have been only two real authorities on Catharism, one is Rene Nelli Serrano’s expert, and the other is Antonin Gadal, his predecessor and Rahn’s expert. Below is a link to a detailed synopsis of Antonin Gadal’s work.

The section titled The Source sums up four hundred years of French archeological and scholastic research on what was the Cathars or the Albigensian Heresy, as the pope likes to depersonalize his victims…

Antonin Gadal

If we often hear the words: Catharism, Grail, Gnostics, Brotherhood of Love, Templars, Rosycross, it is because there is a secret link between them that must be progressively brought to light. And this in order to discover to which reality it is connecting us and what should be accomplished.

Gadal once said:
‘Amidst an enormous amount of old papers – as erronous one from another – about “these poor Cathars” – so rich in Spirit! – I wanted to part with my long silent work in order to restate this question.

Doctrine, Gnosis, Pyrenean Grail, Druidism, the Sabarthes, a little history, the Inquisition tribunal of Pamiers, all presented that beautiful Kingdom of Love, which provoked the bloody hatred of the corrupted clergy of the Middle Ages and which Rome annihilated with a pitiless hand.

It is not a call for hatred or revenge, as I have often written or repeated. We cannot be a Cathar if we are not able to forgive: “God is Love!”… It is the summary of that “path of the Holy Grail”, so beautiful, so long and so difficult, which leads to the sanctification in Christ, goal of any initiation, supreme way to Goodness, Beauty and Love.

What does matter are the sources, not the numerous councils held by Rome to fight ideas or men who would not submit to “dogma and to a faith without insight”.’

THE SECRET GLORY (2001) is a documentary (With English subtitles) about the story of SS officer Otto Rahn and his search for the Holy Grail. “Otto Rahn was born in the small town of Michelstadt in Southern Germany on February 18th, 1904. A solitary, introverted boy, he assimilated the bare bones of German Romanticism through avid childhood reading of Greek, Roman and Nordic myths and legends. In addition to this, all around him the romantic spirit was alive and well in the Rambler’s Associations and Mountaineering Clubs which began to flourish around this time. For Rahn, this generalized affinity with romanticism became refined into an all consuming obsession with the legends of Parsifal, the Holy Grail, Lohengrin, and the Nibelungenlied. While attending the University of Giessen, he was inspired by his professor, Freiherr Von Gall, to study the Albigensian (Catharism) movement, and the massacre that occurred at Montségur. Rahn is quoted as saying that “It was a subject that completely captivated me””.

The books of Otto Rahn in translation on

Crusade Against The Grail

The Court Of Lucifer


The animation depicts a golden mean spiral leading to phase conjugation. A dodecahedron is related to DNA’s geometry, to create a perfect receiver.



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  1. Ian, it’s not that your assessments are indefensible, they may even reasonable in the common framework of geopolitics, different factions within the Reich etc. However, it is still the „progressive“ view, of modernity where we work all year disregarding seasons, in urban crammed quarter, family atomized easy to break, both sexes wage-debt slaves. It is based on Rockefellers cooked books of 20th Century history, the ones he spent Millions on in 1946 dollars to keep Standard Oil and IG Farben joint venture out, the „Bohrmann deal“ as the good Germans.You know, the ones embedded in MIC and south-American dictatorships, hand in hand with the CIA, deploying shock therapy of Chicago School of Economics. Conflict and Chaos, rebellion and suppression. Rahn and the other poet warriors like Pound, Serrano, Evola had other designs, other dreams, connecting to what was lost. Their thoughts are suppressed, books burned, and it seems we’re stuck in that cycle of cycles, forever. Like Neo, forever leading Babylon in rebellion, a safety valve, harvesting emotions. Sorry to have to use the Matrix trilogy, but it helps visualize the underpinning concepts. Not until he stopped playing by their rules, to go beyond the mind prison was he able to beat the system. That’s what is meant by dreaming a different dream. Thing is, we don’t have to rely on trite Hollywood stuff; there is a real chain of previous poet warriors, unbroken since the days of the Cathars.

    • Excellent comment Orage! It plays out the same no matter where you find the aggressor. If you refuse to play the game then you’re free to create your own. They expect, and dare I say need, you to conform to their set plan in order for them to orchestrate their machine-like plan. Same thing happens in martial arts. If you don’t agree to a fight of predictable back and forth give one and take one, you can derail the whole fight itself and use far less energy. Energy better directed toward construction instead of destruction.

  2. The ones to watch out for in this realm are the ones that murder, plunder and enslave in the name of Isms and dogma and their enablers. Liars and murderers, all out in the open. They’d like to have another thousand years of the same, hiding (occulting), controlling and in general having dominion. Now, if this realm is a dream, a prison, why not dream something different? It’s our inherent right.

  3. Yes, the links. There are may paths to follow. Very interesting men. I put Serrano, and Rahn on my list of those to read of, and get to know. When you mentioned the ancient myths I thought of my grandsons, ages 6 & 9, and how to introduce such treasure to them. I don’t expect their school will be much help.

  4. Calling Lucifer a Dick is pretty funny, sophmoric, but hilarious none the less. Now I know you meant it in a more serious way, but still. I’m going to get a cup of coffee and read this slowly so I can enjoy every word.

  5. I didn’t even know they put this up, more than worth the price of admission just for the links in it but the next ones gonna be better. We will have a little synopsis of The Secret Glory, the first five parts which can be reached through the link provided above. A careful examination of that movie, which with its eyewitness accounts is regarded by those who have studied Rahn to be the definitive work on him to date, leads me more and more to the conclusion that Otto Rahn very well may be the Secret Master of the SS that Miguel Serrano makes so much ado about in his writings. The truth is Himmler wasn’t really running the SS. Himmler was a paper pusher and the SS was by design a chivalric order of warriors. It was Sepp Dietrich, winner of two Iron Crosses in the first war, who together with Hitler (and without a doubt the Thule Society…) was really calling the shots for Germany’s most elite fighting force.

    • Dietrich was Hitler’s boy from back in the day, his chauffer and bodyguard, the only man in the Third Reich who wasn’t afraid to yell right back at him. In the movie Rahn admits to his Swiss friend Paul Ladame that it was Dietrich who was his contact in the SS even before he found anything, back in 1929 and 1930. Another words Rahn was reporting directly to Hitler. Back then Rahn was clambering over the ruins of Montsegur and crawling through the caves beneath it in a pull-over sweater knitted for him by his mother with the SS lightning bolts emblazoned on the front. It would be three more years before the SS would adapt them. Rahn’s penchant for dressing all in black back then is also mentioned in the movie, that’s for starters. Karl Wolff (Wolffie to Himmler) was Rahn’s chauffeur during the expedition. Besides being driven about the Pyrenees by a man who would later become the Supreme Commander of all SS forces in Italy and having an African behemoth as a bodyguard Rahn was protected and supported in France by one of Frances greatest scholars, not to mention a French countess. It gets even better but that will all be along shortly…

    • Don’t give Sepp Dietrich too much credit for being an organiser or mastermind, he was, self-admittedly, not a very intelligent man. Dietrich was promoted far beyond his abilities during the war, he was an excellent leader of troops in battle but completely incapable of understanding the complexities of staff work or commanding large bodies of troops – his place was leading men into battle, he was a blunt instrument, a dog of war and he himself said that he should never have been promoted past command of a panzer brigade. He was no blind follower of Hitler either, he saw the man for what he was and realised long before the war was over that Germany was doomed, he had frank conversations with Rommel and other senior generals about how Hitler was leading Germany to ruin and even told Rommel he would not oppose an attempt to overthrow Hitler. Sepp Dietrich was no Nazi ideologue, he was simply a soldier of Germany who fought in both world wars for the survival of that nation and had no interest in politics.

    • I read all that on Wikipedia, [but the] thing is I also read that the “Nazi’s” murdered 6 million Jews…

      As I’ve said, Himmler was the paper pusher. Everyone was happy to let him play high priest and indulge his fantasies in return for his organizational skills, all but Otto Skorzeny whom he annoyed to no end found him quite amusing and had a good laugh. I think I would have too. But when the time came to get out of Dodge, General Hans Kammler ignored Himmler’s written request for a “truck [an SS code word for a Junkers 390]” and disappeared with both the Bell and the plane, one of only two prototypes, leaving Himmler to fend for himself. He was never an insider, my point is Dietrich was.

      Dietrich’s later recalcitrance is no doubt the reason he ended up serving 12 1/2 years while men like Skorzeny, Franz Xaver Dorsch and Karl Ohnesorge all walked. We won’t even talk about Hitler and Bormann.

    • I wasn’t being at all critical Jack, just pointing out that Dietrich was, self-admittedly, a very simple man, a soldier of Germany and not someone who would have much, if any, interest in the esoteric things Himmler was. I’ve got a couple of books on Dietrich, he’s an interesting character and one that has been much mythologised. The Nazis were a mixed bunch, you had the ideologues who were very much into the esoteric – Himmler and Hess, but then you also had the opposite, men who thought anything esoteric was a load of nonsense – Goering and Goebbels. Hitler himself was much more the latter than the former and as you point out, the wierdness of the ideas of Himmler and Hess were tolerated and even indulged because they were very effective bureaucrats and organisers, they got stuff done and that was what mattered to Hitler. Himmler and Hess’ access to Hitler and their ability to influence Reich affairs became restricted when the war began because Hitler chose to concern himself solely with the conduct of the war and left the running of Germany to others, mostly Bormann and Bormann was able to control who got to see Hitler. Once Hess was out of the picture by mid 1941, Bormann really became all powerful. Skorzeny is a tricky figure, a lot of rubbish has been written about him and his wartime exploits, largely because he spent the latter part of his life spinning tall tales to journalists and authors. One example of the mythos surrounding Skorzeny is the raid on the Gran Sasso to rescue Mussolini, which Skorzeny took credit for. The truth is, he had zero involvment in the operation, it was all run by a Luftwaffe officer and carried out by a Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager unit. Skorzeny simply tagged along on the raid and then nearly ruined the whole enterprise by insisting on stuffing into the Feisler Storch aircraft with Mussolini and the pilot to fly out, three men in a two seat plane, it nearly crashed into the valley floor after take off. Skorzeny’s later actions leading panzer brigade 150, the infamous unit that dressed up as Americans during the Battle of the Bulge, is much mythologised too, so it is wise to b very careful about assessing any tale involving Skorzeny.

    • The part of the movie I am referring to here I attributed to the wrong narrator (warning I never double check comments anymore). It was Christian Bernadac’s father whom Rahn was candid with, which makes more sense because I suspect Rahn knew Ladame was a double agent from the start. He later personally tells him so too, telling him he better get out of Germany. Bernadac drops a lot of very interesting hints in the course of the movie. We will publish them all on our next piece, till then:

      “In this car they visited the places that were important for Catharism which for Otto Rahn meant Montsegur, Lordat, Foix, and the region of Albi and the cave of Bouiche, where my father acted as a boatman as the cave was only accessible by river in a dugout with a paddle. Otto Rahn admitted that he owed everything to Antonin Gadal and he told him “you are the key” and key in German is “Dietrich.” Dietrich was the man who, in the cabinet or headquarters of Heinrich Himmler, the patron and creator of the SS, was responsible for sending money to Otto Rahn as well as to another man Karl Wolf, who was here in the same period. This cabinet was made up of very few people, just seven or eight people amongst whom featured Dietrich, Karl Wolf and of course Otto Rahn who was on the payroll and long before the creation of the SS.” – Christian Bernadac, Investigative journalist

    • I don’t place much store in books at all Ian, even less in the rhetorical dogma of moldy old manuscripts. The Skorzeny story sounds like what we call a Schlomatization, that’s when one Jew writes a book, a book like “Anne Frank,” and two hundred more write books about that book, with the NY Times shilling for everything its worth to sell every last copy of each and every one of them. To paraphrase Zappa; “but, but, I got the magic Phd!” Yea, and to paraphrase the Beatles everybody got stories except for me and my monkey. As I said when we got pushed into phase 2 of this operation: ‘Every story has a beginning and an end, everything in between is just a story…’

    • Actually, the orthodox history credits Skorzeny with being the mastermind behind the Mussolini rescue raid, the truth is what I wrote – that it was a Luftwaffe operation that Skorzeny simply tagged along with in an attempt as stealing the credit. Skorzeny did that a lot – steal credit. You can chose to believe what you want, but the facts are simply as I wrote, which is contrary to the manufactured image of Skorzeny as an uber warrior. In reality, Skorzeny was a fraudster and liar, he told so many tall tales to anyone who would listen during his later years living in Spain. He wrote two books on his wartime exploits, but never once mentioned a single word about Montsegur or the treasure of Solomon. There is no evidence Skorzeny did any treasure hunting, let alone found anything and Buechner’s 1991 book is, to be charitable, a fairy tale. It’s doubtful there even was a treasure of Solomon to begin with and extremely doubtful that the Nazis found anything of the sort, Otto Rahn was a nutcase and when the Nazis realised this, they did away with him to save further embarrassment.

    • That’s the one axiom I allow myself. I see it as my job to put all their stories; Germans, British, American, Russian, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew and yes even those vile Satanists that lurk in the imagination of fly-over country drunkards, all of it into one coherent narrative. I did not ask for this job, nor do I particularly enjoy doing it. My only real motivation is what does it have to do with me? I am selfish. I was born in ground zero of the proverbial mystery and now I want answers. For our readers all can do is quote Steppenwolf.

      “And I, I, I’m so confused
      Which way, which way to choose?
      Ride with me baby ’til the end of the day

      Mama’s home philosophy
      Makes everyone a freak but me
      Though I’m starvin’ in the streets
      And can’t predict the future
      Can I have my vision back?
      I’ll live outside your city walls
      You don’t have to be afraid
      Until I come together

      Ride with me Baby
      ‘Til the end of the day…”

    • [ This comment has been edited for content. Editor4 ]
      I wouldn’t dream of using Buechner’s account, not without warning my readers that the man is a confessed war criminal who as chief medical officer at its “libration” oversaw the murder of over 500 SS soldiers who weren’t even the regular prison guards at Dachau but had been rotated back from the eastern front due to fatigue and wounds. They were still wearing their camo uniforms when Buechner and his faithful Indian the homicidally insane Tonto, or was it Jack Bushyhead, had them summarily executed for being German. Buechner writes a poetic account of it right here,

    • I have written literally dozens of articles that deviate from and refute the official narrative; it’s a key aspect of my work. Skorzeny was a liar who told many tall tales; this is proven fact, therefore any tale that came from Skorzeny must be carefully verified by checking the facts and searching for supporting evidence.

      Have you looked for records to show where Skorzeny was during the period in 1943 where you claim he was scratching around Montsegur? Without this, all you have is a supposition that may or may not be true.

    • [ This comment has been edited for content. Editor4 ]
      I must admit Dachau was the last place Rahn was officially stationed before he was in all likelihood shipped out to Neuschwabenland. When you execute people like Tonto and Buechner did they do have a tendency to plead for their lives, and you may pick up some very pertinent information, a little embellishment and there you are; Emerald Cup – Ark of Gold: The Quest of SS Lt. Otto Rahn of the Third Reich. A bunch of idiots read it and write more books on it, now you got a Schlomatization…

    • Rahn wasn’t shipped out anywhere, he was found frozen to death on a German hillside, either he committed suicide or he was bumped off.

    • [ This comment has been edited for content. Editor4 ]
      Next we will put up the transcript to the movie The Secret Glory, which is the account in the movie of the 700th anniversary of Montsegur, the one Buechner pretty much fabricated…

      “There were a few faithful of Montsegur who decided to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the fall of Montsegur. They could have been thrown in prison or even sent to Germany. They did it all the same. Seven or eight of them went up. It was cold. Well it was the 16th of March. Someone read a poem after that a plane was heard overhead. It is here that the myths and legends start. This plane certainly came. Maybe it was the command at tours that sent the fighter plane to see if a crowd was gathering in Montsegur to start a revolution, that sort of thing. Around this myths started to accrue. It is said there was someone German who was behind the pilot, maybe Himmler, I don’t know. Someone who saw the plane said it circled above making Celtic crosses. Why a Celtic cross because the origins of the Germans are Celtic. The proof is that when the plane was sighted they came down they took the car and they went to eat a hearty dish of beans at then Couquets, that’s a detail that proves it’s true” – Suzanne Nelli, Centre d’Etude Cathari

    • For starters, there never were any ‘Celtic’ peoples. The whole Celtic nonsense is an 18th century invention by a linguist who noticed that the tribes of northwest Europe spoke similar languages that were partially mutually intelligible, so he lumped them all together and called them Celtic. Surely you realise that statements by people who claim to have seen something are paltry evidence if there is nothing else to support them?

    • [ This comment has been edited for content. Editor4 ]
      Address your theories about the Celts to Suzanne Nelli of the Centre d’Etude Cathari; no doubt the wife of Rene Nelli, professor at the University of Toulouse and considered the quintessential authority on the Cathars. That is a quote from her not me and it is taken from the movie which is part of this post. Otto Skorzeny is not. As far as your take on Otto Rahn that is the official story, if you watched the movie, you would see that there are experts on the matter who feel it’s a crock of bull. . .

    • In March 1944, when you claim he was scratching around Montsegur looking for the Grail, Otto Skorzeny was actually commanding Sonder Lehrgang Oranienburg, an SS special forces unit. This unit was, during March 1944, in Hungary, taking part in Operation Margarthe, the German occupation of the country. The operation was launched on 19th March and Skorzeny and his unit seized an airfield outside Budapest. So when this fairytale claims that Skorzeny was in France at Montsegur, he was hundreds of miles away in Hungary.

      If you don’t check basic facts then you leave yourself open to making grave errors and undermine your work.

      It is equally easy to debunk the story about Otto Rahn and the Grail. Rahn based his hypothesis about Montsegur on the poem Parzifal; however, Parzifal was written more than 30 years BEFORE the siege of Montsegur and therefore could not have been referring to events at Montsegur.

    • “you claim he was scratching around Montsegur looking for the Grail”

      We claim no such thing, not in a comment, not in any text, not even in a telephone conversation; this comment needs to be removed just for its wild inaccuracy. Obviously you have not read the text or anything leading up to it or watched the movie, which begs the question; why are you even here?…

    • I’m here because I’m a Managing Editor and it’s part of my job. None of these tales about Otto Rahn, Otto Skorzeny nor the hunt for the Grail stand up to examination; as I stated, Rahn was a nutcase and his work on the Grail and Montsegur was a load of nonsense based on a faulty premise. Parzifal was written at least 30 years before the siege of Montsegur and Rahn either failed to learn that fact or willfully ignored it, either way it is a fact that undermines his work.

    • “It’s a fact” What Ian like the lies you just told about what we wrote? A fact like that? It’s good you left that lie up there Ian for everybody to see…

    • Lies about what who wrote? Instead of just hurling insults, why don’t you actually try to defend your position.

    • Last word from me, if you are hoping that I will tell them not to publish us here anymore that’s not going to happen Ian, we have a whole lot more and VT is welcome to publish every last word of it, if they dare…

    • Well, whatever other material you have needs to be of better quality than this nonsense about Rahn and the Grail otherwise why should VT bother to publish it?

  6. take your first left … then straight-on-til-dawn
    or: do not ask for directions when they tell you to f off in Alberta.
    rule #1: do not admit to anything
    rule #2: there is no rule number 2

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  7. “Most of the information we have about the Cathars has been pieced together, painstakingly by true believers, most of them French; with the Jesuits, an organization originally founded for just this purpose, running interference, dissembling with every available tool, going on 500 years now.”

    Maybe we could get vt’s resident Church expert our dear gay Jew to comment on this?


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