VT Congratulates President Assad, the SAA and Syrian People for East Ghouta Victory


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

To President Assad and the Syrian people

Let us make Syria’s victory one the world can share

The Editors and staff of VT congratulate the Syrian People, the Syrian Arab Army and the stalwart leadership of President Assad on their long and hard-fought victory over the US Coalition-backed terrorists in East Ghouta.

Syria has stood firm in the face of the most vicious propaganda war in history, a continual victim of false flag terrorism and fake news orchestrated by the Western media but clearly financed through the US-Riyadh-Tel Aviv axis of evil.

This has been our contribution at VT, exposing their machinations, shedding light on their plans and telling the real story of the Syrian people.

While the military victory is being celebrated now, it will be just a partial victory if the historical battle against the War of Terror is not also won. By that we mean our taking control over the pen that will write in the blood of the martyrs the historical record of the endless war crimes and crimes against humanity that were savagely imposed on Syria by its enemies, close by and far away.

This effort will be the key for the massive reparations due by all the countries that aided and abetted the proxy terror war on Syria. We must do this thing not only for justice for the Syrian people, but to protect future victims from being assaulted the same way.

For the Western countries who ascribe to themselves the protectors of freedom and democracy, we must snatch that false honor from their hands.

We must join hands to push forward a new effort in the United Nations to face the biggest security threat to most nations. And that is we must construct a united response to the real state-sponsors of terrorism who claim sovereign immunity for their crimes.

This is the justice that Syria’s and Iraq’s victims cry out for from the grave. All nations of the world are called to stand with this principle and to remain among us, or be cast out into their own special club of rogue nations that are a law unto themselves.

The final victory can only come when we have made sure this can never happen to another country. If the United Nations is powerless to accomplish this, then it is time that the UN is replaced with something that can.

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, VT

Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor, VT


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  1. Me too! My congratulations and utmost admiration to SAA, President Assad, and Al-Jaafaari (Syrian UN envoy) let’s not forget he’s had to take all manner of verbal flak and vilification since 2011 from all sides.
    War against Syria: “Never in the field of human conflict have so many been deceived for so long by so few!”
    It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, but it sure feels like the wahhabi back has been broken.
    The good thing out of this mess is that people can see that even overwhelming force can be successfully resisted.
    And Well done VT!!!

  2. Thanks to Victoria Nuland spending 5 billion taxpayers money on the coup in Ukraine,( a super zionist), and I hope you are supporting Lorde for not going to israel.
    VT rocks.

  3. The value of the perspective and information VT has provided throughout is exemplary, and without it, we would not have gotten to see, the contrast between, Syria and Russia working together thus far, and how the mess that was created came to be. Obama said Russia would get bogged down in Syria and that was not true.
    They said Assad was not qualified, and that was not true.
    There is much work for Americans to do, to prevent this from happening anymore. It has to stop. We have to stop. This has been since 91 , we have to try something new.

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