Anti-gun protests as WW3 looms: The height of ignorance and hypocrisy


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Today’s New York Times front page is too ironic for words. The top story is anti-gun marches. The bottom story is that the world’s worst psychopaths with the world’s biggest guns are about to murder most of the world’s population.

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

We are obviously on the brink of World War 3. Twice this month, panicked phone calls between top US and Russian military leaders have staved off nuclear annihilation. But with John Bolton and Mike Pompeo in charge, the odds of putting it off much longer don’t look too good.

So millions of people are demonstrating against their leaders’ plans to turn them and their loved ones into radioactive embers…right? Wrong. The big demonstrations grabbing front-page MSM headlines are demanding that the people should be disarmed—while the psychopaths planning to murder most of humanity should have a complete monopoly on increasingly lethal weapons.

As Kirk Douglas says in Paths of Glory, “There are times I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race. And this is one of those times.”

Below are the highly apropos comments of two False False Flag Weekly News fans, the brave and insightful sisters Cathleen and Colleen McGuire. (You can also listen to Cat McGuire explain ecofeminism on my radio show.)


Colleen McGuire writes:

Who are the largest segment of people actually getting killed by guns in America?

​White students?  Hell No.   African Americans by far.   Oh, but Time redeems itself by putting the just barely dark woman front and center in their Enough cover story.  And in the upper right there’s the FBI’s son doing his Deep State internship.

Where is a march for the bigger guns?   I’m talking about the 26,171 bombs dropped by US military in 7 countries in 2016 alone causing deaths to hundreds of women and children of color.    Far bigger and far more destructive guns causing deaths in our name . . .but no one in U.S. organizes a march about that.   Shameful.


Thoughts on the “March Against Gun Violence”

by Cathleen McGuire

I’d like to share a few of my post-march thoughts:

Where is our antiwar movement?  We’re 5 seconds away from WWIII and what are people galvanized by?  They’re begging the government to take away our second amendment right to defend ourselves against a tyranical government.  Really?

Don’t people know that every dictatorship in the past has been preceded with disarming the citizens by taking away their guns?

I actually had to go past Columbus Circle on Saturday and saw thousands of people lined up to march. I also saw dozens and dozens of people (in blue) at the march packing guns, but curiously none of the marchers clamoring for gun control seemed to notice or care.

An every bigger irony was that there was a Parkland march in Tel Aviv. Israel is gunning down hundeds of palestinian children every year in their own back yard, but oh, no, let’s all mourn the deaths of school kids thousands of miles away in a whole other country.

And why are these marches for gun control happening all over the globe anyway?  Since when did other countries have a gun problem comparable to that of the violent USA?  I guess if you have the template and big bucks, why waste a good psyop on just one country?

Bottom line, I’m for gun abolitionism!  Until the marchers include gun control for the police state as well, count me out on this march the 1% has brilliantly orchestrated mass-psychology-of-fascism style.

Limbic emotional response – 1
Critical thinking – 0

Gun Protests: Marching to the Elite’s Mighty Wurlitzer

by Cathleen McGuire

Nothing like being whipped into a protesting frenzy. Who knew staged school shootings could usher in such a massive power grab by the police state?

O glorious police, make us safe from these psychotropic-addled young men. We want only you, brave gladio gladiators, to be the sole shooters. O powerful protectors, our march is your gain. Forgive us for ever having called you “pigs.”

We want you to get ever more armed to the teeth with recycled Iraq War weaponry.  We beg you to patrol our schools and turn them into child-safe paramilitary fortresses.

Who cares if we don’t yet understand the consequences of this big gun control march we haven’t thought through beyond our nose. Who cares if we accept at face value what they’ve told us about the shootings and not looked into the forensic evidence ourselves. We’re fired up and we’re going to make sure they confiscate every single gun owned by every single private citizen.

Oh, this isn’t about taking all the guns? This isn’t about massaging the laws boiling-frogs-style to yield ever more fascist control? This isn’t about preemptive detainment that authorizes police with zero psychiatric training to assess someone’s social media posts as “dangerous,” come to their home, and haul them into a mental facility for who knows how long?

I guess I should just stop worrying my pretty little head over all that fine print in the anti-Constitution laws being written in multiple states as we speak — all under the mandate of “gun control” of course.

Who paid for this whole march extravaganza anyway?  Those two neoliberal billionaires both named George, uh?  Well, they sure got us a lot of professional-level branding. And check out that publicity! Since when did grassroots activists ever get on the cover of Time?

What else could these super-organized teenagers lead the way on?  Hey, let’s have them get the government to chip us all for free!! Yeah!  Great idea!  Let’s start with babies!  Let’s have a Million Moms March on Washington, all mothers bring their babies to DC to get chipped gratis on the spot.

Wow! Now that we’re in bed with the Establishment, there’s just a multitude of marches to goosestep at while our elite marionetteers crank up the Mighty Wurlitzer.  Woohoo!  Power to the People, post-911 style.

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  1. It’s pretty basic street level elementary knowledge that police are strongly in favor of gun ownership, and there is no military unit in any of our armed forces who are against gun ownership.
    The question is not , all or nothing. The question is, can we be smarter ?
    “So the statistic still holds up: There have been 1,516,863 gun-related deaths since 1968, compared to 1,396,733 cumulative war deaths since the American Revolution. That’s 120,130 more gun deaths than war deaths — about 9 percent more, or nearly four typical years worth of gun deaths.”

  2. Excellent presentation Kevin. You emphasize what everyone else misses, including the Globalist NWO Media and News Cartel (illegal monopoly). These little High School NWO pimps have no clue the degree to which they have been played by the Globalist Cabal with this fake Parkland, Fla false-flag with NOBODY dead at all. The Cabal made all arrangements, provided their chief little pimp leaders like David Hogg (as in Pigg-the name is no coincidence, an occult play on words like greenspan, kashandcarry, etc.). How hypocritical that these dumbed-down little twerps have no idea that the Cabal has hijacked and now owns their minds and they are being transformed into NWO debt slaves for the rest of their lives with no decent jobs or careers ever. And their dumbed-down imbecilic parents have no clue that they are being played by the RKM Ruling Cabal either and have been their whole lives.

    • The inability to discern a false flag from a tragic event , serves the perpetrators of false flags more than any other agenda. There are false flags and there are real events. It’s not that hard. Kind of like, if I think Trump is an idiot doesn’t mean I’m a Hillary supporter.
      Maybe consider the fear of losing guns , Is the op. It simply is not logistically possible anyway.
      Think of what incorrectly assigning the false flag label to a real tragedy does.

  3. I see the march as a flash point of the larger protest against violent death in general. It may well be the seed needed for a major march and prolonged protest against war. Some of us are old enough to remember there was a concerted effort to label rock and roll music as satanic. That demographic, now pays high end prices on line for advance sales to Springsteen concerts. The anti-war movement requires a unification from the various groups. Veterans would be the ultimate catalyst and I see that group as poised. Veterans are not representative of any religion, race , gender , or political group. Everyone wore the uniform. Everyone marched. Everyone sought to be a force of positive protection for the people. Veterans also have not gathered en mass for a very long time. It would potentially be historic.

    • Khalid, Veterans all wore the uniform. I believe the context was quite clear. Likewise, wealthy did wear it also, and their children also. There are veterans from every demographic. Maybe recheck the list you are working from.

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