Israeli Ex-Defense Minister says Bolton pushed him to strike Iran

Israeli ex-defense minister says Trump’s new NSC adviser Bolton was pushing him to strike Iran

Iran never had a nuclear weapons program, or Israel would have exposed it to kill the JCPOA

… from Russia Today, Moscow

Bolton is big on giving us all the finger

[ Editor’s Note: The Israelis from time to time have top ex-officials who come out of the blue and admit things that you would think Israel would never want to make public. Ex-defense minister Mofaz’s comments on Bolton’s desire to have Israel attack Iran’s nuclear facilities is a case in point.

Bolton has defended himself with the paper thin claim that a president should have access to an array of views so he can pick out the best. But Bolton, to our knowledge, was not telling General Mofaz that this was the US government’s view. It was his view, which he obviously was pushing without authority to do so.

A man that will do this, well…I submit is so obvious a security risk that he should not even have top security access, mush less be involved in major policy positions. The “Let’s bomb Iran” Koolaid-drinker fringe is well-known and well rejected. As with the fake WMD with Saddam, we got a replay of that with Iran and its non-existent nuclear weapons program.

Trump’s bringing in Bolton now seems timed for his pulling out of the JCPOA. Trump has the EU on the hooks with this tariff threats; and you can bet your booties that if he offers to reduce those, he will ask the EU to support his withdrawal from the JCPOA.

A young Trump with his mob lawyer Roy Cohen

This is presented as a kindness, much like a sentenced man has the right to choose hemlock or arsenic, as a compromise.

Trump’s art of the deal philosophy grew out of his partnership with the New York City mafia in letting them launder money through his real estate developments for their affording him their City Hall political corruption hooks on critical rezoning rulings, along with control of the building trade unions. He fancies himself as a high class mob guy mentally, which is what makes him so predictable.

It has served him so well in the past that he continues to go to the well with it; and will not stop until something very bad happens to him, possibly from the Mueller investigation, which as Gordon writes in his new NEO may not have anything to do with Russia trying to rig the US election; but that does not preclude obstruction of justice or other felony charges on him or his family.

The details of how all the Trump campaign people, including himself, were expecting to lose, has been well publicized. Trump was running to increase the value of his “brand”, which is why he put so little of his own money into the campaign … Jim W. Dean ]

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The JCPOA was one of the Obama Administration’s top accomplishments

– First published … March 26, 2018

The newly appointed US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, tried to persuade Israel to conduct a preemptive strike against Iran before it achieved nuclear weapons capability, Israel’s ex-Defense Minister has revealed.

“I got to know John Bolton when he was the US ambassador to the United Nations,” said at a conference of former IDF chiefs. “He tried to convince me that Israel should attack Iran.”

General Shaul Mofaz

Mofaz, an Iranian-born Israeli who served as the defense minister at the time when Bolton headed the US mission at the UN, in turn advised the ultra-hawkish Republican against attacking Tehran.

The former defense chief explained that he did not believe that a military strike on Iran would be a “wise” decision, for either Tel Aviv or Washington DC.

Bolton, an Iraq war apologist and an advocate of ‘military options’ in many other conflicts, is set to replace outgoing National Security Adviser Gen. HR McMaster on April 9, just days after CIA chief Mike Pompeo will supplant Rex Tillerson as head of US State Department.

With these new key foreign policy leaders in place at the helm of the Trump administration, many politicians on Capitol Hill have raised concerns that Trump would be fully ready for war.

Trump announced Bolton’s appointment last Thursday, amid rising tensions between Tehran and Washington DC over the future of the 2015 nuclear agreement signed between P5+1 and the Islamic Republic.

Unlike his predecessor Tillerson, Pompeo seems better aligned with Trump’s confrontational foreign policy when it comes to Iran. Bolton, for his part, looks like a perfect fit to pursue Trump’s maximum pressure agenda.

Bannon got really full of himself as a “kingmaker”

During the early months of the Trump administration, Bolton was approached by former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to outline his plans to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, known as a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The five-page memo, which allegedly never made it to Trump’s desk, was published in National Review after Bannon departed the White House. In short, Bolton outlined a strategic public relations campaign to convince the world that the US has a justified case for pulling out of the deal.

A harsh critic of Tehran, in 2015 Bolton wrote an op-ed article in the New York Times with the flashy title ‘To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran,’ arguing for a regime change in the central Asian country.

“The United States could do a thorough job of destruction, but Israel alone can do what’s necessary. Such action should be combined with vigorous American support for Iran’s opposition, aimed at regime change in Tehran,” he wrote at the time.

While the top Iranian leadership has yet to issue a comment on Bolton’s appointment, some of the country’s officials have already expressed apprehension over Bolton’s “shameful” return to power politics.

The use of hardline anti-Iran elements indicates that Americans are pushing for more pressure on Iran,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said on Saturday.

“For a seemingly superpower country, it is shameful that its national security official would be receiving a salary from a terrorist sect,” Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, noted on Sunday, referring to Bolton’s support of the Mujahideen-e Khalq (People’s Mujahideen) group, which Iran considers a terrorist group.

In response to an avalanche of criticism on social-media outlining the danger of his appointment, Bolton told Fox News that he remains committed to “articulate” his many views to the president.

“I’ve said what I’ve said about the Iran deal before,” said Bolton. “Look, I have my views, I’m sure I’ll have a chance to articulate them to the president… If the government can’t have a free interchange of ideas among the president’s advisors, then I think the president is not well served.”



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  1. The Wikipedia article on Bolton claims he is Lutheran. But this could very well be incorrect. He behaves much more like a Jew or a converted Jew doesn’t he? He is clearly an Israel lover and places the interest of this pariah country above all others especially the U.S. he purports to serve. Israel lover Trump and the country Israel have much in common. They both worship the same GOD: MONEY. They are both liars, cheaters, bullies, con artists, treat others inhumanely, are spoiled brats, arrogant, insolent, conceited, selfish, egotistical, hypocritical, unindicted criminals,… who have never been taken to a woodshed by a parent or a school principal or a judge or any other authority and taught a lesson they will never forget. They both give the rest of the world their giant MIDDLE FINGER every day. It is the duty and responsibility of the rest of the world to “take them to the woodshed”and spank them until they learn a long overdue lesson. Obviously Israel lover Trump wants people around him to confirm what he already believes or “yes” men. However if Israel lover Trump is stupid enough to start WWIII he and we are in for a big surprise and it won’t be fun or pretty. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Yes we do, lots of English surnames are place names – Lancaster, Warwick, Chester etc.

    • No, place names as surnames is common among the British people, not just the aristocracy. I went to school with a Lancaster and a Warwick, both of whom were very much common people. My own surname, Greenhalgh, is the name of a village in Lancashire.

    • Well, there’s Penny Lancaster the broadcaster, Derek Warwick the racing driver, VT’s own Mike Chester. Then there are all the Swintons, Newtons, Burtons, Miltons etc. Any name ending in ton is a place name – Newton = New Town in modern English. Most English surnames predate modern town names so it isn’t obvious.

      “Surnames from Place Names

      Sometimes people were given a surname because they lived near a certain geographical feature such as Heath, wood or woods. Other surnames are Hurst (an old word for a wooded hill), Green or Greene (for somebody who lived by the village green), Hill, Banks, Brooke, Beck and Bywaters. Shaw is a northern word for a wood. A bradshaw was a broad shaw. A holt was a small wood. Hollis means a dweller by the holly trees. We also have the surname Warboys from ward bois (bois is the French word for wood).

      Valleys were sometimes called bottoms. The surname Botham comes from there. So does Longbottom and Ramsbottom.

      A wade was another name for a ford. Thorpe is a Danish word meaning a hamlet dependent on a larger settlement nearby.

      Somebody who lived by the walls of a town might be given the surname Walls. If they lived on the edge of the town or village they might be given the surname Townsend. Or if they lived by towers they might get the surname Towers. The origin of the surnames Orchard and Pond are obvious.

      The surnames Wick, Wicke, Wickes and Wicks all come from the old word wick, which meant a specialized farm. So does Whicker (dweller at the wick).

      The old English word atten (meaning at the) has given us the surname Attenborough. Noakes is derived from the words atten-oaks. Attlee is from at-lee (a lee was a clearing in a forest). Bentley was a clearing with bent grass. The surname Nash is derived from atten-alders. We also have the surname Atwell.

      Some people take their surname from a particular town or village. The name Middleton comes from the village name middle tun, which meant middle farm or settlement. Milton is a corruption of Middleton. Other common surnames are Weston from west tun and Ashton (the tun by the ash trees). The Saxon word worth meant enclosure so we have surnames like Ashworth (the enclosure by the ash trees).

      Another surname taken from the name of a village is Compton. It is a corruption of the Saxon words ‘cumb tun’, which meant farm or hamlet in a valley (cumb).

      The surname Darby is a corruption of Derby the city in England. Ripley comes from the place in Derbyshire. Other examples of surnames derived from place names are Bakewell, Bampton, Eccleston and Southcott (cott is an old word for cottage). Denton and Southwell are also derived from village names. Denton is a corruption of denu tun, farm or hamlet in a valley and wella meant spring.

      The surname Stone may have been given because somebody lived by a prominent stone. However Stone is also a place name and the surname may have been given to somebody who came from there.

      If a stranger arrived he might be called new man and it might become a surname Newman. Scott has an obvious origin.

      Some surnames come from place names in Normandy e.g. Bone, Boon and Boone are believed to be derived from Bohun. Quincy or Quincey is also from a place name in France. So is Villiers.”

  2. Jim, I am close to a person who knows/knew Trump over a period of time. Sime time ago my close friend and I were speaking of Trump and, he said something you echoed today. “He fancies himself as a high class mob guy mentally”. My friend said something close to this. Trump is a wanna be mafia guy who surrounds humself with wanna be mafia guys. it differently bbut the end result is the same.

  3. Thanks for reiterating the fact that Trump has been in bed with the various mafias. I cannot understand those that continue to believe that Trump is on the up and up. He is a career criminal with the mentality of such. He makes tricky dick look like a school kid. Those that believe that he is fighting the NWO obviously don’t even know who they are. They are the very people that Trump has tied into and has always been with. The accusations that Trump was being assisted by the Russian government was nothing more than a cover for his long time association with the Russian (Kazarian) mob. Trumps addition of Bolton has at the very least shown many still binded by their belief in saviours what Trump really is. His cabinet is now whole-hog neocon and Hillary is jealous as hell.

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