US does not want peace: American journalist


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  …with the Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran

Karim Khan Zand

[ Editor’s Note: This is part 2 of a written question interview, my first one with IRNA, the largest readership in Iran. I had sent back longer than usual answers to their questions, ones difficult to really answer shortly to be of any value reading, so they split this up into two parts.

This was published in both Farsi and English, always nice for the potential to get some feedback from Iranians. Gordon and I are hoping to get some discussions going about doing some cultural exchanges when we are able to get over there.

The New Horizon Conference, their 6th one, was postponed from its initial early March date. We were hoping to stay after the conference to do some brainstorming over “where do we go from here”, the kind of discussions better done face to face.

Richard Frye during WWII

We have recently become aware of the famous American Iranologist, Richard Frye, from Harvard and many other stops along the way until he passed away in 2014 at 94. He had a long journey from his days as one of the early OSS officers in WWII, using his language and code skills.

His last project with his close friend and editor was a fascinating study of how our own Founding Fathers were inspired and drew upon the philosophy and methods of governance of Cyrus the Great and his successor Darius the Great.

They set an example of good governance for our own US model, something of which I was totally unaware.”  These values were embodied and put into practice in Iran by the contemporary of the founding Fathers Karim Khan Zand, as reflected in his opting to beAttorney of the People instead of Shah.”

Our concept of freedom of all religions enshrined in the First Amendment to the US Constitution by Jefferson and Madison was inspired by the Great Persian Kings and adopted for the new America.

From those most progressive days, we have sunk down to a groveling, unipolar-power fake claim to greatness… Jim W. Dean ]

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The Karim Khan citadel in Shiraz, Iran

– First published … March 20, 2018

New York, MIRNA – An American journalist believes that the United States does not want any crisis in the Middle East to be settled and the US defense companies with their delegations in the White House and the Congress want the military expenditures to go on forever.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), in New York, Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor of Veteran Today said the US wants to create an excuse to stop the economic development of Iran which can certainly outpace all other countries in the region.

The following is the full text of the interview:

‎Q: Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says, “Iran wants that nuclear agreement to be ‎the ‎foundation and not the ceiling”. Why does the US administration not want to use the JCPOA as ‎a ‎platform for diplomacy with Iran to address international issues such as extremism, ISIS and the ‎crises in Yemen and ‎Syria?

Iran has the toughest nuclear inspections in the world

JD: The US does not want anything settled. It does not want peace. All that would do is remove any ‎reason for all the forward deployment of US military forces, which is a never ending annuity income ‎for all the big defense companies that have the rich logistical support contracts.

These companies, the states they are in and their Congressional delegations all want these military ‎expenditures to go on forever. It is an addictive disease where everyone is focused on the short-term ‎dollar to be made and not the long-term damage to the progressive economy.

The whole point of the JCPOA controversy is to create an excuse for the US, Israel and Persian Gulf State ‎Coalition to put the brake pedal on Iranian economic development, which would of course outpace ‎everyone else in the region.

They want to put Iran in a “time out box”, like in a children’s nursey school for bad behavior, ‎relegating it to a colony where it agrees to have its economy occupied. No proud nation would ever ‎accept this without force, which is what the US Neo-Imperialist Coalition is trying to do. ‎

Q: How would you see the future of NPT and nuclear disarmament if the US withdraws from the ‎Nuclear ‎Agreement with Iran?

Medium-range missiles with mini-nuke warheads will be used in the next big war

JD: The US has already doomed the Non Proliferation Treaty for destruction. What we are viewing now is the step-by-step ‎process and a psychological intelligence operation to put the blame on other parties, the targets ‎actually.

We are headed into a nuclear arms race with the bogeyman stage being shared by Iran and ‎Russia, when both have had their hands full in defending themselves from not only the US coalition ‎military threats, but economic warfare via sanctions. ‎

Putin in his famous 2005 Munich Conference speech had laid out in detail the breach of the US and ‎NATO agreement to leave eastern Europe out of the pact to keep any future threat level very low. ‎From the American archives now available, we know the US never intended to honor the agreement.

So this presents a huge new problem to all of us. With this past record of US duplicity in major ‎agreements, what is the point of entering into a new one? The pattern is already set that it will be ‎broken whenever a new US administration chooses to, standing behind our military and smirking, ‎‎“What are you going to do about it?”‎
Q: Certain European countries believe that if they give President Trump some concessions in areas other ‎than the JCPOA (for example Iran ballistic missile program), they will be able to keep him in the ‎agreement. Do you think this approach could save the nuclear agreement?‎

Iran will eventually become a hot tourism location as an early civilization

JD: I do not think this approach could save the nuclear agreement. It appears to be just another ploy to it. ‎Is the US going to give Iran back anything that it gave up, like increasing its nuclear stocks? No. The US ‎is offering nothing, so Iran has correctly categorized the attempt not as a negotiation, but as a breach.

If Iran agreed to this, what would stop a new administration in 2020 from demanding that the ten-‎year halt on nuclear reprocessing activity be extended indefinitely, or it would leave the agreement? ‎

While Israel, with complete US support, not only has an uninspected nuclear weapons program, but ‎also chemical and biological ones. Yet where is this ever mentioned in Western media or capitals as ‎a major threat to the region?

Lesser known is that Israel has ten ICBM missile silos for its multiple warhead weapons that can reach the ‎US, Moscow and Beijing, and that the US helped build these silos. Western media will not touch ‎stories like this with a ten foot pole.

The bottom line here that needs to be learned is that the US should never be included in any ‎international group agreements if it chooses to breach them at will. A dual track should be ‎substituted where those that abide by their agreements get a certain agreement, and the US another ‎one that has to be recertified by both parties every 90 days.



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  1. Suppose there are ten homes on a block and those living in one of them hate all the rest like Israel does. Wouldn’t the single one who can’t or won’t get along with the others move? But arrogant Israel seeks to run off and destroy all its neighbors with our help. Why are we helping them in this evil endeavor? Answer, because they have so much money they can buy most of our government and Congress and elections. It is an obscenity to waste money and time on false claims that Russia hi jacked our election when obviously Israel and its powerful lobby AIPAC did exactly that and it is so obvious to all no investigation is even needed. When you have an outlaw country like Israel actually stealing land and building on neighbor’s lands and operating an open air concentration camp for “neighbors”, and doing 9/11 to boot, how low can a “neighbor” go? Yet the whores in our Congress have surrendered to them. It is difficult to find words in polite English to describe this moral obscenity. Israel and much of the U.S. have become what they purportedly hate: Nazi, Germany. Draft dodger Israel lover Trump is about to start WWIII. At least Hitler served in a military. Let’s get some of these Israel lovers at Harvard, Yale, UC, etc. in our military for a change so they can see first hand the horrors of wars they foment.

    • Oh peter, you really haven’t got a clue, have you? You continually blame everything on the British, which flies in the face of the facts. Britain has been a Jewish controlled nation since the late 17th century when William of Orange was installed on the throne by the Jewish bankers. The City of London and Bank of England were created by those self same Jewish bankers.

    • No, completely wrong, the people responsible are not the British, but rather, an international cabal of Jewish bankers who hide behind the canards of Judaism and Zionism but in reality, are nothing more than crime lords bent on global domination.

    • One has to wonder how you became so utterly and totally detached from reality in order to come up with such nonsense. None of what you wrote is true other than German productivity having passed (by a very small margin) that of Britain by 1910 and then only in certain sectors; don’t forget, Germany lost the naval building race by a wide margin because the British were able to build battleships at three times the rate. By the turn of the 19th/20th centuries, the British oligarchy you refer to had long been completely taken over by Zionist Jews who came here from Amsterdam and Germany, in particular Frankfurt and Schlesswig-Holstein. The integration of the majority of Jews into German society and culture was bitterly opposed by these Zionist Jews and in order to reverse the integration, terrorise German Jews and cause them to flee to Palestine they created the Nazis. The NSDAP was just one of many fringe political groups in 1920s Germany, but they rose to prominence over all others for one simple reason – the massive influx of cash from the Zionist Jews which flowed from Wall St to Fritz Thyssen and then into the NSDAP coffers. In effect, it was Rockefeller and Warburg on Wall St, (who were both agents of the Rothschilds) who were paying Hitler’s salary, which means, ultimately, that it was the Rothschilds who were behind the rise of Hitler and Nazism and the subsequent persecution of German Jews. This was the next step on the road to creating Israel after the Balfour Declaration of 1916 gave them a claim on the land of Palestine, the migration of German Jews to Palestine was necessary in order to be able to eventually create Israel. It really does take a lot of ignoring of facts and twisting of others to blame the British for all this.

    • What you just wrote is complete fantasy that bears no relation to reality. Britain was under Zionist control from the late 17th century, it began with a Portugese Jew called Fernando Carvalho who became the conduit for money from the Jewish bankers in Amsterdam to the Parliamentary side in the English Civil Wars and was completed with the successful invasion of England by William of Orange. Therefore all the actions you ascribe to the British should correctly be blamed on the Zionist Jews who had long been in control of Britain and it’s government.

    • Again, this is complete nonsense, WW1 was not about trade, it was all about destroying the empires of Europe and creating a Zionist state in Palestine. The naval building race was over a couple of years before the war began and the Germans had no intention to challenge the British in maritime trade. The only threat to British trade was the building of the Berlin-Baghdad railway and even that was only a minor factor in the many factors that created that war. Have you dreamed all this rubbish up yourself or did you get it from some book?

  2. It seems pretty the PNAC crowd is back in the saddle with Trump. This, of course, means war is in the offing. I had hoped otherwise.

    • I pulled it from my folder of Iran “wallpaper”, a shot from one of the ancient Persian ruins, But there is not enough shown in the background to identify unless someone who has been there and this lion head is unique among the ruins.

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