Western Civilization vs. the New World Order


…by Jonas E. Alexis and Richard C. Cook

Richard C. Cook is a retired U.S. federal government analyst. In his 32-year career he worked for five civilian agencies and the Carter White House. While with NASA he documented the flaws with the space shuttle solid rocket boosters and testified before the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident.

Unable to return to NASA after his testimony, he spent the rest of his career with the U.S. Treasury Department. On retirement in 2007, he published “Challenger Revealed,” the definitive account of the multiple layers of cover-up surrounding the disaster.

He went on to publish a book on monetary policy entitled “We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform,” along with dozens of internet and print articles on public policy issues. He may be reached at monetaryreform@gmail.com.

Jonas E. Alexis: We are certainly living in an exciting time. It seems that Charles Dickens could have been talking about our modern age when he wrote in A Tale of Two Cities:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”[1]

If you don’t think that Dickens’ prophetic statement describes our modern time, then take a look at US foreign policy and the way in which New World Order agents are handling politics.

For example, Trump himself has stated that it is not a bad idea to work with Russia, but he has recently expelled at least sixty Russian diplomats from the United States.[2] Who has the evidence that Russia was responsible for the deaths of a former spy and his daughter?

Well, no politician has a damn clue. None whatsoever. They have only presented conjectures. But much of Europe and the United States want to punish Russia based on hearsay.

The interesting thing is that both the United States and much of Europe have been supporting the destruction of lives in the Middle East for more than sixty years! And no one has ever sent an apology note to the poor civilians in the Middle East.

I mean, why is the United States in Syria at this present moment? Because US officials want to save lives? Why is the United States in cahoots with terrorist states like Saudi Arabia? Because US officials want to save poor Yemenis? Why were “Civilians…being ‘terrorised’ 24 hours a day by CIA drone attacks” in places like Pakistan?[3] Because we were really fighting terrorism?

Why did the United States waste at least six trillion dollars in Iraq on a war that was based on colossal hoaxes and complete fabrications? Because we wanted to rebuild the Middle East and establish “democracy” and “freedom”? And who in his right mind will say that Iraq is not destroyed?

Ethnic cleansers and the New World Order establishment never start thinking about those issues because the issues themselves will eventually bring back morality or practical reason to its political and philosophical matrix. And New World Order agents obviously do not want that. They want to come up with crazy theories, crazy conclusions and really crazy ideas so that they can continue to maintain their essentially diabolical ideology.

Russia, as we have argued in the past, is not an enemy of the West; Vladimir Putin is not an enemy of the West; Assad is not an enemy of the West; Iran is not an enemy of the West. The only way to test those statements is for grown-up politicians to sit down and talk about them.

But no one wants to even flesh those ideas out because dialogue again frightens New World Order agents. They want to drink blood and kill innocent people. And they want to kill any prospect of dialogue with any nation they think is a threat to them.

This again brings us back to the Trump administration. Trump has said that Russia is not an enemy, but the same Trump has deliberately chosen a war monger, an ethnic cleanser and Neocon puppet as his new top national security advisor.

John Bolton is a total political mess from top to bottom. Even the Washington Post, of all places, was more cautious than the president when it declared that “The return of John Bolton paves the way for more war.”[4] Bolton was the guy who unequivocally declared way back in 2002 that

“We are confident that Saddam Hussein has hidden weapons of mass destruction and production facilities in Iraq.”[5]

Now the same Bolton is quite confident that Iran is building nuclear weapons, that he needs to kill the Iran deal, that the US needs to be more aggressive with North Korea, etc. This is certainly the age of madness.

But as journalist Finian Cunningham has pointed out, John Bolton will perhaps bring about the fall of the New World Order agents in the White House because “it will hasten America’s reckless foreign policies and its decline as a world power.”[6] In other words, this is also the age of sanity, where “the cunning of reason” will end up crushing the New World Order itself. What’s your take on all these issues, Richard?


Richard C. Cook

Today’s Insanity

Today it seems incredible that given the exponential growth in the power of science to create weapons of mass destruction sufficient to destroy all life on earth many times over, we stand on the brink of yet another phase in the unending saga of war among Western powers, lining up with the U.S. and Western Europe on one side and Russia on the other. We might even see in this division the residue of the Great Schism of a thousand years ago.

Both sides, of course, are marshaling allies from other parts of the world, with China and Central Asia tending to align with Russia, and the U.S. exerting tenuous control at present over Western Europe, Latin America, and nations on the Asian fringe, such as Japan and South Korea, along with Australian and New Zealand.

It does not take a great deal of insight to realize, when we approach the situation from this macro-historical perspective, that the present-day standoff between the U.S. and Russia is insane. Instigating the insanity are American financial, political, and military leaders. Cheering them on have been the truly dangerous partisans of the U.S. mainstream media.

A war between the U.S. and Russia would have to involve use of nuclear weapons, unless Russia totally surrenders to U.S. hegemony in advance. But Russia is not going to do this.

The U.S. believed that Russia had in fact capitulated through the collapse of the Soviet Union and the aftermath in the 1990s. But the rebirth of Russian autonomy in the two decades since then has proven these assumptions totally wrong.

In the hiatus between the end of the Soviet Union and the rise of a new Russia, the U.S. launched its massive series of wars against the Islamic nations in a continuing attempt to curb and control any movement toward economic and political independence in that part of the world. Russia, straddling as it does both Europe and Asia, had been ambiguous about these wars, finally taking a stand against them by supporting the government of Syria in the assault on that nation by U.S. proxies.

Meanwhile, at home, U.S. society and its domestic economy have been falling apart under the astronomical expense of endless warfare along with financial legerdemain and moral corruption. The credibility of the U.S. government has been fatally compromised by the rise of the “Deep State,” the control of government by secretive cadres of militarists and assassins, and the lies told about the false flag of 9/11.

Meanwhile, the military’s leading generals have become powerful warlords who control vast resources, extend their tentacles throughout civilian society, and trumpet provocative political pronouncements and threats that should be the sole purview of political leaders. Most of the latter are puppets who humiliate themselves by throwing ever-increasing amounts of dollars at the feet of their uniformed darlings.

Sometimes trillions of these dollars just disappear down Pentagon black holes. The tendency to fawn over the military is likely to increase, as many of the Democratic Party candidates for contested seats in the 2018 House elections are likely to be former military-intelligence operatives.

The West is staggering today under the burden of its inability to bring centuries of internecine warfare to a halt through some kind of humane and rational settlement of differences. The main beneficiary of this chaos has been China, which appears to be solving many of the problems that have baffled the West and is poised to assume global leadership by peaceful growth of its economy and the success of its social system under its oriental—some say Confucianist—brand of communism.

Thus the West is facing another tragedy that likely will be its last. There is no way out by continuing to pursue the dark byways of economic exploitation and war with which the West has been obsessed for centuries.

This obsession has been channeled through the demonic force of nationalism, abetted by hubris, greed, fear, and hatred. All movements throughout history founded upon the elevation of one nation above the rest have opened the floodgates to hell.

Every aggressor has seen itself as “exceptional.” Nationalism, always rooted in racial myths, is just a latter-day phase of the most barbaric tribalism of the ancient past—sadism and human sacrifice in the thinnest of disguises.

The Anglo-American Empire

Another factor is how the U.S. has inherited the centuries-old policy of Britain to oppose by force of arms the arising of any great power on the European continent that might threaten its hegemony. In the 18th century and continuing through the wars against Napoleon, the enemy was France. After the rise of Germany and continuing through the two World Wars of the 20th century, Britain demonized and sought to crush the German nation.

Contrary to the usual misconceptions, World War I was instigated by Britain to undermine a burgeoning trade rival. World War II followed as a matter of course after Germany was forced to shoulder the entire burden of guilt for starting the previous conflagration.

After World War II, the Soviet Union was branded as the next continental enemy, beginning with the Cold War and resuming today. Of course Britain had defeated France on its own through an anti-Napoleon coalition. To defeat Germany, Britain had to rely on the U.S. To take on the Soviet Union—now Russia—the U.S. gladly assumed the lead, its elites greedily anticipating the wealth and power that would ensue.

Today the U.S. stands at the head of what we all know is essentially an Anglo-American empire, with its oligarchy living high on the hog for the last few generations. But it’s an unnatural empire that carves out a piece of the West dominated by English-speakers and claims it’s the whole. But to insist now on the supremacy of this arrangement for all time is suicidal for Western civilization. The empire must be given up.

Seeking a Solution

The solution is not for the U.S. to continue to escalate conflict with Russia, while Britain, with its retrograde “Brexit,” from the European Union, eggs us on, as does the Anglo-American client state of Israel. Of course after its intended conquest of Russia, which can never happen, the empire wants to move on to an ultimate showdown with China for global control.

But such control is an illusion. East is East and West is West, and so they shall remain. Survival of humanity on earth depends on a harmonious equilibrium between the two, with the Islamic world balanced in between.

It is time for those of us in the West to search deeply within our own souls to find the solution. Meanwhile, the cybernetic revolution has introduced an entirely new factor into the equation with instantaneous worldwide communication, combined with the ease of international travel.

Not to mention the unfathomable destructiveness of today’s weaponry and the systems available to deliver these weapons to the homes of all civilian populations on earth. This is what our misuse of the gifts to mankind from scientific knowledge has brought us—an opportunity to do even more evil on a gigantic scale.

The Time Has Come for Epochal Change

Today the nations of the West must unite in peace, with the U.S. and Russia aiming to achieve a meeting of minds across the negotiating table. But they can only do so through realization of their common spiritual heritage, not by force. Force has failed. I repeat: force has failed.

Unfortunately, conservative elements within the Western nations, including those within the dominant Christian churches, are pulling in the opposite direction, away from negotiation, unity, and peace. Fear, arrogance, and hatred are retrenching, as the demons of destruction await their next turn on the stage. These demons couldn’t care less if humanity destroys itself.

The one nation that seems to be acting otherwise is in fact Russia. If a return to earlier attempts at rapprochement is to take place, the initiative must doubtless come from Russia, as it did with Gorbachev in the 1980s.

Russian President Vladimir Putin may be doing just that today by responding firmly but open-mindedly to U.S. hostility, including the “Russiagate” farce that the U.S. Deep State is engineering. Despite daily provocations, Putin continues to refer to the West as “partners.”

But the U.S. must now respond in kind. We have already shown the ability to cooperate with Russia on a small but highly symbolic scale through joint work on the International Space Station.

As of this writing, a glimmer of hope has emerged through a letter from U.S. senators Markey, Merkley, Feinstein, and Sanders to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for a strategic dialogue made urgent by President Putin’s recent announcement of a new generation of conventional and nuclear weapons.

The senators write that despite “policy rifts” and “significant” disagreements, “… the United States should urgently engage with Russia to avoid miscalculation and reduce the likelihood of conflict.”

Certainly the Trump administration should respond positively to this request. But going further, President Donald Trump should act boldly by sending a bipartisan commission to Moscow to talk with the Russian government about immediate action across a much broader front to defuse the present crisis by working together toward a peaceful future for Spaceship Earth.

A Dream: A Council Convened to Save Western Civilization

International councils can be keys to solving problems and starting afresh. An example was the councils leading to the Peace of Westphalia that ended the Thirty Years War in 1648 and created the patterns and arrangements under which modern Europe emerged.

It is suggested that the main topic of discussion of the meeting between U.S. and Russian counterparts mentioned above be the convening of a major Council to take place at a central location, such as Paris, in the year 2021. This Council should encompass all the nations of the West, from those of the Americas, to the nations of the European Union, to Russia.

Such a Council should consist of three main sections: 1) political/military; 2) economic; and 3) religious/cultural.

Political/military: Discussion should start with an agreement by the member nations of NATO to dissolve that entirely unnecessary relic of a sad history. Also called for would be a goodwill gesture by the U.S. to cut its military expenditures by at least half within five years. Discussion of political issues would then follow.

Economic: The focus should be on sustainable economic development, equity for all levels of society, and protection of the natural environment. Global warming should be addressed. A basic income guarantee for all citizens of the West should be instituted, as should a common international circulating currency of gold and silver monetary units. This currency could be issued by a new network of national public banks under a charter that would supplement or replace the post-World War II Bretton Woods agreements.

Religious/cultural: All religious denominations of the West should be invited. As a good faith gesture, the Roman Catholic Church should alter the main practice that historically has divided it from the rest of Christendom and announce that from now on its clergy will be allowed to marry.

The goal of the Council would be to take steps toward uniting those elements of Western civilization that today are obsessed with destroying each other. A major objective would be to find ways to include in the benefits of civilization the lower income levels that are threatened with genocide by economies that mainly augment the already bloated incomes of national oligarchies.


I know that many readers are pointing at the foregoing proposals and asking, “Who are you kidding?” But I am quite serious. Unless matters are addressed at this level, nothing can be expected but more catastrophe.

A start can and should be made. Deep within the spiritual history of the West, the memories, ideas, and energy are present for deep transformation to take place. These memories, ideas, and energy will eventually break through in their dazzling light, perhaps sooner than we think. The signs are all around.

It is the task of those who care to work in peace to prepare the ground. And part of the work is to keep the present travail of the West under the microscope of constructive criticism.

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