US Congressman complains Russian, Chinese hypersonic arms way too strong


… from Sputnik News, Moscow

US designed-to-fail weapons systems

[ Editor’s Note: The cookie is beginning to crumble, but as usual, we have to read the bad news in the foreign press. When the US has no alternative, it has to admit the obvious, but only that.

Russian hypersonic technology is way beyond that of the US. Old bad habits are an inherent part of the problem. US development is dragged out as long as possible, includes flaws in the early models requiring major cost overruns, with the goal of extracting as much money from the program, and taxpayers, that the contractors possibly can.

Then when they fail, they just initiate part two of the scam – that now more emergency funding is needed to “catch up”, but it will go to the same defense contractors who engaged in the first scam.

What is never covered in our media is how did this situation develop. How did huge debt-funded weapons programs end up being wasted money, other than for using on places like Syria, or Yemen? And the answer to that is we gave Russia and China no alternative. We engineered our own defeat – part one being economic destruction with $20 trillion in debt and climbing.

The US brain has had a brain-dead strategy, pushed by the core NeoCon Deep State group that hyperventilated on its unipolar geopolitical crack cocaine. This was an open declaration of war on both Russia and China – submit or we are coming for you – meaning that we will move first-strike mass weapons including tactical mini-nukes up to your border to eliminate you retaliatory nuclear-strike options.

Everything we are working on missile wise is already outdated other than for using on Yemen

That strategy has now failed, as it should have, but elicits far-reaching results, which should call for mass beheadings of those responsible on our part. Russia and China are not into playing the “half measure, rubber bank and glue” fixes. Their counter measures are focused on eliminating that threat as needed, rather than living with it.

What they are doing, and have already done, is develop weapons to completely turn the global armaments balance around, short of a general nuclear exchange on each others’ territories.

The bonuses they have from these advanced hypersonic missiles is that they can, in the first stages of a war, concentrate on wiping out all forward enemy deployed weapons systems – killing all missile platforms ringing them, on land, on the sea, and under the sea. They have to wipe out the US Navy, leaving the next step of mutually assured destruction as the only play left.

Hence you see the development of the Russian quiet subs, the silent nuclear torpedoes, armed and powered, that can destroy naval bases, and hypersonic missile swarms and torpedo attacks on carrier groups, where they will join the WWII battleships at the bottom of the sea.

All of this is the result of the US’ unipolar attack on the world.

The American people never had a say in any of this. Like junkies, our Congressmen got sucked into it via our addiction to defense production work spread out over as many states as possible, and focused on key committee chairman states – pure financial corruption done under the guise of defense – the ultimate smokescreen.

The only play I see for the public to go forward is to rub this in the faces of their Congressmen every place they show up in their districts, so our disastrous unipolar-power jihad cannot remain hidden like it has. Our challenge to them is to reverse the unipolar strategy as a doomed one, and to make it clear to them that they will be held personally responsible for this flawed policy when it crashes and burns. If anyone has a more feasible option, please share it in the comments … Jim W. Dean ]

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The US version, as usual, already outdated, full of flaws, hugely expensive, and just another cost overrun vehicle for the defense industry

– First published … March 28, 2018

The US military has admitted that the United States is lagging behind Russia and China when it comes to hypersonic weapons development, according to The Hill.

“Right now we are helpless,” Republican US Senator James Inhofe, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, was quoted by The Hill as saying.

He was echoed by Thomas Karako from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank, who agreed that Russia and China are outpacing the United States in terms of developing “super-fast missile technology.”

“And the reason is the US hasn’t been doing anything near the same pace, both in terms of developing our own capabilities, but also failing to develop sensors and shooters necessary to shoot down theirs,” he underscored.

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Earlier, General John Hyten, head of US Strategic Command, admitted during a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting that the US missile shield is unable to contain hypersonic weapons.

“We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us, so our response would be our deterrent force, which would be the triad and the nuclear capabilities that we have to respond to such a threat,” Hyten said.

In his state-of-the-nation address to the Federal Assembly on March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin specifically touted the development of the country’s hypersonic weapons which he stressed is designed for defensive purposes.

These include the Avangard hypersonic missile capable of flying at speeds up to 20 Mach or more than 15,000 miles (about 24,000 kilometers) per hour.

Commenting on this, Alexey Leonkov, a former employee of the 30th Central Research Institute of Russia’s Aerospace Force told Sputnik that the Avangard missile renders US defenses totally useless.



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  1. We’re witnessing the rape of America, by USA Inc. It began in 1776 when … well read the books. Britian never lost anything. Through bribery, and intrigue the Bank of England was brought here. The begining of our end.

  2. Russia has freed itself completely from Zionist central banks and removed Khazarian Jews from controlling their strategic resources and media.

    We have 21 Trillion of ‘publicly acknowledged’ debt, all of our media, our political system, and our strategic resources are controlled by Khazarian Jews and we’re under attack by these Jews in every aspect of our lives to further their NWO agenda.

    I’d say Putin and Russia have done a hell of a lot more than beat us in an arms race!

  3. Whilst Russia and China might have the developed technology, given financial constraints particularly on Russia, the rate of rollout might be a problem.

    • The rate of rollout would be a problem for someone wanting and offensive force, to take over and hold territory, which Russia would not dream of doing as it knows the result would be failure. All those pretending Russia is a threat know this, hence the bogeyman silliness on steroids we have seen. That is all they have to suck the public along. But for defense, any top notch defense expert would say they have masterfully made the best use of their resources knowing who the real threat is.

  4. My personal reference on this was with our GA Governor who sneaked the old Confederate Memorial flag down at the end of a session. The Georgia Heritage Coalition, a small core group helped organize doing “flagings”. Rather than try to pull big crowds together, which we did not have a good record, we suggested that pulling a half dozen to a dozens, with wives and kids mixed in, and doing this EVERYWHERE he showed up, we could do. His challenge to us when it started was “in two months it will all blow over”. Actually in grew and grew and the media was forced to cover it. At the next election he as deemed a 7 point victory, and lost by 7…a 14pt swing in the rigged polling. When he was asked the first obvious question, “What happened?”, He simple said, “It was the flag, the flag did it”. What a victory night that was.

  5. The U.S. “government” can’t buy cost effective weaponry – with which to beat the world into submission – for the same basic reason that U.S. citizens can’t buy cost effective health care: the corruption in this society is everywhere.

    In order for the “beast” (first beast of Rev 13) to come to power in the first place, it had to corrupt the whole society; in other words, the Satanic scum can only rise to the top by bringing everybody else down.

    And now that same corruption works against them. The Satanic cult will NEVER catch up to Russia and China.

  6. When the US government refused to validate or observe the Wright Bros flying machine, it was because millions of dollars and hundreds of college degrees were working on their own version, and did not want to be shown up by a couple of non-high school grads working out of a bicycle shop. George Eastman, Henry Ford, etc etc. Our country was not built with over thinkers, it has been rendered into a tool of dim witted thuggery by over emphasis on religion for foreign policy, and higher education for achieving it.
    Life is simple. Our alternative is humility, and it is so easy to do. We have one of the most defensible land masses on the planet, and our military budget should be capped at 80 billion. Aggression should not be financed. The house with nothing worth stealing, does not need expensive security systems.

    • The monks did not build Europe. Even now the fruits of the Catholic scheme are sucking up whatever money the academics aren’t. That’s the con. A financial institution presenting itself as a spiritual one. Their big gig’s now are hospitals and refugee relocation, will they accept blame for health care mess ? Nope.
      Spirituality does not require philosophical complexity. It is simple. I call it Catholic mess. They love war, and they always seem to show up right before it starts. As the indigenous man from South America said, “When you came, you had bibles and we had the land, now we have bibles and you have the land. We would like to give your bibles back.”

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