Syria Attack Predicted as Trump (now said to be broke) Faces Prison as Cohen Office Raided (Updated)

    Trump in Serious Trouble turns to Israeli Intelligence to Save Him from FBI and American Justice


    The Senior Editor

    “It’s an open secret and has been for quite a while, but Trump isn’t worth $10 billion. As one of my hedge-fund friends (an actual billionaire) said of Trump in 2015, “He’s a clown living on credit.” For Trump to have the public learn that he may not be as wealthy as he has continued to claim as the central element of his branding would hurt him more than if Mueller then proved he took sacks of cash and a foot massage from Vladimir Putin. Collusion with the Russians is nothing compared to having his baroque finances revealed. Trump would rather be known as a traitor than as someone who isn’t one of the Masters of the Universe.” Rick Wilson…

    Trump’s phony gas attacks and childish posturing, threatening a nuclear war are, as most are now aware, cheap attempts to save himself.  The evidence thus far reviewed from Michael Cohen’s office has sickened all that have seen it.  Trump forgot that American democracy and constitutional protections had long evaporated.

    From the Daily Beast and Rick Wilson:

    Monday’s FBI raids on Michael Cohen’s Trump Tower office, his hotel room, and his home all provided a proper dose of comeuppance to a man more accustomed to screaming threats, shit-tier legal theorizing, and putting his strip-mall law degree to work in service of Donald Trump.

    Cohen, far from being the superlawyer to a billionaire real-estate tycoon, really only has one important job: covering up Trump’s alleged dalliances. It was Cohen batting cleanup, dealing with an army of models, escorts, Mistresses (large “M” and small “m”), actresses, porn stars, models, Real Dolls, fangirls, groupies, and random topiary at Mar-a-Delicto with a wall of nondisclosure agreements. Master of the NDA, Cohen thought attorney-client privilege would protect him.

    He forgot he had a fool for a client. Trump couldn’t shut his mouth on Air Force One last week.


    His legal correspondence is all now being reviewed as Trump has been officially judged a “threat to national security,” perhaps the  understatement of all time.

    The FBI has “all onboard” looking at Trump and in particular, John Bolton.  Sources rated “highest” say that the Bolton nomination is the “deal breaker” as Bolton’s long list of misdeeds, covered by his Israeli friends for years, can no longer be overlooked.

    Word is that Trump himself has flunked a security clearance background check for even “confidential.”  This means he can’t even read his own tweets.  Yes, Washington actually works like that.

    Today the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s offices, car and hotel room and seized all correspondence with Trump over threats and payoffs for alleged sexual assaults and alleged acts of pedophilia.

    Sources in the FBI say that Trump has turned to Israeli intelligence to tap FBI phone and even stalk and threaten FBI agents and their families.

    This is confirmed.

    Meetings of FBI counter-intelligence personnel, which is one part of the Trump/Russia inquiry, are using burner phones, changing cars and receiving training in heightened tradecraft.


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    1. The Latest: Kremlin says it doesn’t do Twitter diplomacy
      WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump’s response to Syria’s suspected chemical attack on civilians (all times local):
      11:45 a.m.
      The Kremlin spokesman has commented on President Donald Trump’s tweet warning of an imminent missile strike on Syria by saying that Moscow doesn’t engage in Twitter diplomacy.
      Trump said Wednesday that missiles “will be coming” in response to Syria’s suspected chemical attack, adding “Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’”
      President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in televised remarks that “we don’t participate in Twitter diplomacy.” He added that “we support serious approaches and keep thinking that it’s important not to make any steps that could further destabilize the already fragile situation.”
      He says claims of a chemical attack were fabricated and “can’t serve as a pretext for any forceful actions.”
      false start:

      • restart: IP
        Trump: Syria attack ‘very soon or not so soon at all!’
        WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Thursday that an attack on Syria could take place “very soon or not so soon at all!”
        Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however, indicated that evidence of what happened was still being studied. At a photo-taking session during a Pentagon meeting with his Dutch counterpart, Mattis was asked by a reporter whether he had seen enough evidence to blame the Syrian government.
        “We’re still assessing the intelligence, ourselves and our allies,” Mattis said. “We’re still working on this.”

        “A joint military operation, possibly with France rather than the U.S. in the lead, could send a message of international unity about enforcing the prohibitions on chemical weapons and counter Syria’s political and military support from Russia and Iran.” Asked whether the U.S. military was ready to conduct an attack in Syria if ordered, Mattis replied, “We stand ready to provide military options if they’re appropriate, as the president determined.”

        the fcuk-u-Trump photo:
        In Picture: Syrian Air Defense Troops Send Message To Trump’s “Smart” Missiles South Front:

      • SOUTHFRONT 13.04.2018
        Russian Defense Ministry: UK Is Involved In Staging Chemical Attack In Syria’s Douma

    2. “Sources in the FBI say that Trump has turned to Israeli intelligence to tap FBI phone and even stalk and threaten FBI agents and their families.”

      Now that pissed me off to no end as to bully our dear law enforcement of our Federal family!

      Maybe we need an uncivil war to root out these bastards as FBI personnel having family threatened?


    3. If you voted for Trump,and all conservative Catholics I know did, you are part of the problem as Mr Duff and Mr. Greenhalg have been tireless in there advocacy against Trump as look around the web as it’s been taken over by thousands of pro right wing blogs run by our domestic enimies and with so called friends I openly call them on their BS just like here!

      Can you say bar fight? For what has been done to America and a bullet from one of Mr Duff’s guns is to good for most rabid Trump supporters !

      VT and Mr Duff are always right on the long game!

      It looks grim for America but where there is life there is hope as who knows maybe our dear federal family will wake up and do their jobs!

      Look out if they do as that wheel will grind slow but fine…



    4. Syrian Army Discovers White Helmets’ Filming Site in Eastern Ghouta
      © REUTERS/ Abdalrhman Ismail Middle East 02:50 11.04.2018

      Now we know where exactly self-proclaimed humanitarian workers have filmed their propaganda videos depicting the Syrian Arab Army as bloodthirsty savages.
      The Syrian army has discovered where the White Helmets, an organization that claims to be made up of humanitarian workers and has been repeatedly blamed for creating fake propaganda against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, have been filming their videos, according to Fars News.
      © AFP 2018/ Msallam ABDALBASET
      White Helmets ‘Treat’ Alleged Chemical Attack Victims Without Protective Gear
      According to the report, the place is located in the small town of Saqba in Eastern Ghouta. The army personnel reportedly also discovered cameras and film production equipment left at the site.
      Sputnik news

      • “The White Helmets, which claim to be an impartial NGO, saving civilians in war-torn Syria, have repeatedly been busted using false videos of their daily rescue operations.” …

        impartial NGO: A crowd sourced NGO …, there’s a thought for you …, could approach The OPCW and ask to support their services to perform an evaluation of the area involved in the “alleged chemical attack Site in Eastern Ghouta” … (CROWD SOURCED NGO).

    5. Trump supporters are the most stupid folks in America and I mean those Evangelicals/conservative Catholic Christian fools who put a totally psycho interpretation of the Bible over their country and I mean Pence!

      Even VT writers and commentors who support this idiot! Maybe it’s time to reap what we have sown with a war at home even worse than the 22 a day that take their own lives!


      • Well, I have been attacking Trump from the moment I found out he was running for office. However, I take absolutely zero pleasure from having been proven correct, no schadenfraude at all. Rather, I just feel extremely annoyed and quite angry that organised crime has seized control of the most dangerous nation on Earth and that has moved them closer to global hegemony. It scares the hell out of me that only Russia, China and Iran stand between these criminals and global hegemony because it means that they will try to achieve that hegemony by violently conquering those nations and that means a global war that might be the end of our civilisation.

      • Well, our foreign policy does not move much from one president to another of late. It remains to be seen if anything will change as far as military activity if he is yanked. There is a case to be made that so far, the Trump term has been more harmful within the states, than abroad, and certainly if he is removed there is a chance war would continue and even worsen, so the fight against illegal war does not stop if Trump is removed, even if Pence goes with him. That said, the best upside is Trump is already a catalyst, a final straw type character, and lots of folks are just plain sick of constant war and deceit. On that note, others need to be dealt with as well.

    6. UN Security Council Rejects Russian Resolution Supporting OPCW Mission in Syria
      © AP Photo/ Peter Dejong World 01:00 11.04.2018(updated 01:28 11.04.2018) Sputnik news

    7. Just “Left Wing” and “Gayer!”
      This has me cracking up.
      So funny, and so true.
      Good way to describe them.

    8. Dear FBI,
      it’s all about Divide and Conquer my friends.
      Create enough chaos for the Israeli’s and destroy them from within.
      Take advantage of all of that inbreeding they’ve done over the centuries
      and play right into their Schizophrenia and Psychopathy.

      Take a page from Clinton’s book.
      I would assume all of you know it very well.
      Arkancide their asses.
      Israeli’s don’t like to die.
      Remind a few of them what it’s like to die.
      Scare the living F+ck out of these gremlins.

      Jared and Ivanka, albeit protected by black cube, are vulnerable targets.
      Go after them hard. They are such media whores it’ll be easy to destroy them.

      Are these Zio Khazar’s human?
      Are they demons?
      I’m not kidding.
      How can these Zio Khazar’s be so evil?
      I suppose their history, that of the Canaanites,
      explains their evil.

      Can anyone imagine a world without these monsters?

    9. I read some comments at The Conservative Treehouse today where the thought was expressed that the target behind this raid was not Cohen or Trumps tarts but someone named Felix Sater, a name that should be familiar to many here from past VT articles but the significance of which was missed over there.

      • yup, and hopefully, for the sake of justice, the individuals will be observed as just that, so simultaneously we do not allow runaway opportunism for the warmongers to use it for their anti-russia campaign which is really off the rails, and needs to be reined in at the same time as this other stuff. so many vectors coming to a point, and they need to be addressed individually and together. Syria should be left to Syria and their allies, so Trump is right about that, but we don’t want that to be lumped into Britains tomfoolery and Israels chicanery.
        Trump business associate Felix Sater speaks out on Russia ties

    10. I think they might be talking about advanced programs to track herding affects more efficiently, by using real time activity juxtaposed with specific content to accurately measure precise predictable movements. Law enforcement is trending toward predicting crime, and it will accomplish that to a degree if a majority continue to use the internet, which is a certainty. The copy cat factor will be among the first to predict.

    11. Best of luck to all sober aware Americans out there as their country is unstoppably running towards second 9/11. I believe this time many more of them will act more responsibly and maturely as compared to the last time when you could pick up antiSaddam blabbering from a taxi driver, let alone from a serious political person. Sincere freedom wishes, Davor

    12. beyond comment.! so you mean those cheap politicized agents have any credibility?

      I would expect Trump to take gloves off jpand just hang the coup plotters. he is too nice for too long but unfortunately commies are beyond repair.

      • Removal, is terrifying to them for many reasons, ….I highly doubt it. That could start a cartel war.
        Having nude pictures of Melania retains a certain demographic, works for Britain too. You can keep her.
        Notice how the complaints about that are unregistered.

    13. “Well, we’re looking at things, and there are some things we are looking at, and it’s disgraceful , it’s a disgraceful thing,.. and it even dissed grace itself, and like I say, we’re looking at some things. And jeez it’s like how come Hillary gets to delete her e-mails and I can’t even lie about stuff, you know small stuff, it’s not a big deal, I’m not worried about it, and we are here discussing Syria with a whole bunch of generals and stuff, and it’s disgraceful, and they are really one sided, and they are not looking at both sides, and we’ve done some great things, and there’s other things we are looking at that are really great and it’s disgraceful.” – The President of the United States

    14. Trump is playing poker with the chess boys. Throw in a little A.I on both sides and who knows the outcome? However remember they played so poorly the last time as they thought their Queen was a landslide to win.

    15. The question is can Trump be taken down without exposing that the de facto US government resides in Tel Aviv? We can only hope (and pray for those so inclined) that the answer is no.

      Of course, we can only dream that the forces being arrayed to attack Syria would be diverted to neutralize the “Sampson Option” – sorry Zionists, but your behavior over the last 120 years has forfeited any right to have a state of your own. But they need not worry too much, as the Palestinians will be much more gracious to a minority Jewish population than the treatment they have received for the last 100+ years.

      • Phew. Karma can be a bitch. The Pale of Palestine will go down in history as the most inept experiments of all time.

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