US Syria Attack – Here are the missile strike numbers from the Russians

Who is the big bad liar on the US missile attack on Syria?


The most important news in the press conference of the Deputy Chief of the Russian Staff:

[ Editor’s Note: This is a Google translation from the original Russian report. The Russians are very good at counting; and everyone knows, including the US coalition, that the Moscow has the technical ability to track every launch from beginning to end.

On the flip side, I am still a little shocked at this morning’s Pentagon report that “no missiles were intercepted”… seen here in this Southfront report.

This claim is beyond shocking. Maybe what is left of the downed missiles can be collected and shipped to the US to be put on display for a day on the street outside the UN so Nikki Haley can see them on the way in to work. Or maybe they could be put on the Pentagon lawn for a day…

Reuters quoted an unnamed Syrian official as saying that the targeted sites had earlier been evacuated upon Russia’s warning. “We have absorbed the strike,” he said. “We had an early warning of the strike from the Russians … and all military bases were evacuated a few days ago.”

So we are left with US’ silly claim that it destroyed the Syrian chemical weapons program, which Syria did not have and does not need, with the result being that the Pentagon opened the door for Russia moving S-300s into Syria, with virtual US permission, as it claims the Syrians have zero air defense.

Dear Pentagon, who shot down the Israeli plane, then? Please riddle me that.

And last, the OPCW announced it will continue its work of trying to verify if there was a chemical attack and where it was posed as happening.

The Pentagon has already hinted as to how it would spin a “no evidence exists” finding. It said that “after all this time any evidence could have dissipated”.

It should have talked to the Ghouta hospital medical people first and remembered the OPCW, as they are skilled in picking up trace elements. I had a mass spectograph in my prep school chemistry lab back in 1966.

The lame Pentagon attempt also showed its ignoring the video evidence and the testimony of the medics who treated the smoke-and-dust inhalation victims from a bombing that night.

This is the usual pattern of the US spin machine, where it simply treats all evidence that conflicts with its version as though it does not exist. This would not be possible without the assistance of the US media in not asking the right questions like we do here at VT. Maybe that is because they do not want to be banned from Fakebook … Jim W. Dean ]

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Missing from all the Pentagon spin is any motive by Syria to use chemical weapons on civilians

– First published … April 14, 2018

Russian radar and air defense systems in the bases of Hameimim and Tartus were used to detect the American and British missiles and follow their course from the moment of launch of aircraft and warships and British warplanes Tornado above the average and from US aircraft F15 , F16 and strategic bombers B1-B from above the base Altnp occupied by US forces on Syrian territory (which I demanded the bombing started immediately after the start of the aggression on us with land-to-ground missiles) and Tomahawk missiles from warships in the Red Sea Labon & Montarie.

(French aircraft did not participate in the aggression)

The strikes were directed at the military airports, the scientific center and the manufacturing sites. According to the data, there are no casualties between civilians and military personnel.

103 rockets were fired at these Tomahawk and JB 38 sites and British warplanes fired eight SCALP & JEI

The Syrian air defenses dropped 71 missiles and used the following systems to drop them:
S-125, S-200, Bock, Kfadrat, Usa

Russian Federation has recently helped the Syrian Arab Republic rebuild its air defense systems, which have largely destroyed the Takfiri terror and at the urging of our Western partners, we have asked Syria to provide it with S-300 air defense systems. But today, we will reconsider this issue not only with regard to To supply Syria with this system, but to provide other countries (sleep, our strategic allies) ……..

Four rockets were fired at the international airport, all of which were dropped.
Twelve rockets were fired at Al-Dameer Airport, all of which were dropped.

18 rockets were fired at Bli airport and all were dropped.

Twelve rockets were fired at al-Shaerat airport.

9 rockets were fired at the unmanned Mezze airport, 5 of which were dropped.

16 rockets were fired at Homs, 13 of which were dropped. There were no significant losses to these two aircraft and were limited to material.

30 missiles were fired at the residential areas of Barzeh and Jirmana on facilities that the aggression states claimed had research centers and chemical weapons production plants. Seven of these rockets were dropped and the targeted places of equipment and persons were vacated for a long time.

We confirm that there are no weapons centers or factories
No rockets were fired into the Russian air defenses at the Hameimim and Tartous …
Our base was established in Hameim and Tartous in the state of alert and war and our warplane is flying in the Syrian airspace.

The Russian Ministry of Defense believes that this British-American aggression, which coincided with the arrival of the experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to verify what happened in Duma, aims to disrupt the work of this committee and prevent it from uncovering the truth.

On the other hand, it is a response to the successes achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in eradicating savage Tkfiri terrorism The armed man supported by these two countries … The general situation in Damascus is calm and you can be sure through our screens that convey the picture directly from there.


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  1. The pictures of Damascus at night remind at the pictures of Bagdad. I guess, that is not the end. They will continue the same game as started on Friday with the assertion, Assad used gas again on his own people, and they will continue their airstrikes to help them. Sorry but this puppies will keep on going, till they get what their master are looking for. I wonder weather I am mistaken? Let’s hope so.

  2. Like one commentator so aptly put it: “The only gas I can smell is the bullshit issuing from the west!” I second that.
    Personally I’m happy that the west settled for a show of force only.

  3. Israel’s contribution to last night’s sham attack on Syria is now expected to backfire in their faces with Russia likely to curb their operations in Syria significantly. Syria meanwhile may be supplied with further S300 systems to tighten their stranglehold on defense. Allied to the Syrian defense forces remarkable performance in shooting down almost 75% of incoming missiles the mood in Tel Aviv – despite their gloating numbers in the Gaza turkey-shoot, will be one of apprehension. Last night’s raids were both shambolic and symbolic and if any success can be attributed at all it is to the Syrian forces and again, Russian restraint. Iran, Syria, Russia and Hezbollah forces have reasserted their dominance in the embarrassing light of truculent Trump’s travails. He might as well have blown up a paper bag with Nikki Haley hot air in an attempt at a wind-up and then failed completely to burst it with his eh … clappy fists.

  4. As has been stated before, even since biblical times, Syria has long been an enemy of Israel. Even after the 1948 rebuilding of the Israeli land grant, all efforts have been made to convince the western powers to use every means possible to force a breakup of Syria into 20 something enclaves in order to completely remove any further perceived threats.

    Western elected officials have been inundated with rote statements of Israel’s wishes to be forced upon Syria and this action is nothing but a continuation of Zionist efforts to pee in people’s ears while telling them it is raining outside. These attacks upon Syria are nothing but fulfilling the plans that have been forced down politicians throats by using honeypots, blackmail, promised power, election success, and bribery.

    What is worse is that western families are willing to send their children off to war to support what Israel demands. Folks, read the Talmud to see what the Jews actually have planned for us Goy should they ever have world dominance which, by the way, is their goal. And! They have nothing but time to get er done. Afterall, isn’t that what they have been attempting ever since the first Jewish enclave was formed?

  5. Even if everything the US has claimed about the Syrian government using chemical weapons was true, (which it certainly is not) has Syria ever presented a direct threat to the US? Were yesterday’s unjustifiable and reckless attacks carried out by the US/UK approved by the UNSC? No? Well then, I better see the US and U.K. being harshly accused for committing war crimes in the days/weeks to come. I won’t hold my breath when it comes to them being convicted for their war crimes, because recent history has proven that the rules don’t apply to them. I was really hoping to see US destroyers sunk and US/UK jets dropping out of the sky…Enough is enough. The US/UK will continue committing these war crimes as long as nobody even attempts to hold them accountable. Since no court on earth will prosecute them, what other option is there than to shoot back? As long as the US/UK/Israel continue to illegally interfere in Syrian affairs, the Syrian government and their allies are well within their rights to destroy all jets invading Syrian airspace and all troops invading their land. There are two ways to deal with a bully. The first way involves ignoring him, hoping he gets bored and leaves you alone. The second way involves closing your fist as tight as possible and punching him in the face as hard as you possibly can. Obviously, the first method hasn’t worked. Maybe it’s time to try the second method.

    • You’re right Adrian, I guess we can be glad I don’t make big decisions like this. I’m just sick of the USG stomping on whoever they want, for whatever reason they can come up with, without providing any evidence to back their claims and NEVER suffering any consequences. “Ohh the poor children”….”Brutal dictator” this and “terrible regime” that…As if the US really cares about any of that $h!t. If they did, they’d be bombing Israel for hunting unarmed Palestinian civilians. All they care about is manipulating public opinion with their pathetic lies to manufacture consent for their sick agenda. Im fvcking sick of it.

  6. Certainly, a motivation that must always be considered, is the purposeful failure of the missiles, as to reinforce additional funding for the military which was promptly tweeted about.

    And , would anyone be surprised of we just spent 50 million dollars to destroy a pallet of 1 gallon jugs of bleach in an abandoned warehouse ?

    When your boss is an idiot, it is not that hard to placate him and benefit on the side. trumps announcement was like watching a 10 year old living out a fantasy, during a game of battleship.

    Meanwhile, the American public is being played by the British. Again.

  7. Listen, it would be a cold day in hell, before I would believe the Pentagon’s numbers on this strike.

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