TRUTH JIHAD: Gordon Duff explains why Facebook BANNED VT!

Did VT's exposure of the Douma false flag pose an "actionable threat"?


First hour: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of VT, joins us to discuss Facebook’s outrageous decision to completely ban all links to VT articles and to remove all past posts (millions of them) including a VT link.

Are Zuckerberg and his Israeli handlers retaliating for VT’s exposé of the Syrian chemical weapons false flag?  In response, I posted Gordon’s article HERE where it can be shared on FaceBook.

Second hour: PhD historian James Hufferd of joins us to discuss the pushback against alternative media. Trump fan Rolf Lindgren calls in and argues that Trump is destroying the deep state controlled MSM and paving the way for a truly libertarian Rand Paul presidency.

Neither guest seems to understand the extent to which Trump emerged from the world of organized crime, and is carrying out the policies of his masters. (Update: During the course of this live show, we learn that Trump has just announced that he is bombing Syria.)


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  1. Hey, VT, ich stimme mit den Vorgang zu, betreff Facebook sie haben alle Kommentare welche ich verlinkt habe geblockt und als spam gezeichnet. Erst dachte ich es ist ein versehen, aber nun muss ich feststellen, dass die links die ich weiterleite von denen geblockt wird. Es waren immer die links die der Wahrheit entsprochen haben. Damit haben sie die Wahrheit verhindert, welche ich meinem Kommentatoren übermitteln wollte. Ich werde mir auf twitter ein neues Konto
    aufmachen. Anbei vielen Dank für die mails die ich immer erhalte von VT. Sie sind wirklich mit der Wahrheit weit voraus, von allen anderen Medien. Wahrheit muss Wahrheit bleiben.
    Grüße aus Hamburg, Germany. Werner Kämtner

  2. Furthermore, on most sites like ZeroHedge and RT, the most racist posts are likely made by Zionist hasbara.

    It is well documented how Zionist hasbara post inflammatory comments to push a divisive narrative.

    If there is a church burning, or a Nazi symbol painted it was likely by a zionist…

    Much of the hate/racism in America is contrived and pushed by the Zionist machine, they push racism, sexism, homophobia, while pushing the hate of white men…they are all about divide and conquer.

  3. I have to challenge them on these whites that hate Jews:

    A) The Zionist Jews CONFLATE Zionism with Jews
    B) Israel IS the enemy of America, and Israel is the Jewish sate.
    C) The goal of the Zionists have always been to confuse Zionism with Jews, so Zionists could use the fear of antisemitism to distract criticism.
    D) Trump is a puppet of Zionists, and the Zionist have used their media to manipulate the right into thinking Trump is against the deep state, even though in reality Zionists installed him into office.

    point being Americans are being “gas lighted”, lies lies and more lies, I don’t blame them for being all over the place, we are ruled by those who hate US and have full control over our media, and entertainment, as well as governments.
    I believe 9/11 was the culmination of a coup by the Zionists over the US government.

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