Russia to NWO agents in Syria: S-300 is coming to a city near you

Russia, Assad, and Iran are the antithesis of what the New World Order stands for, and if they happen to give up the fight, then New World Order agents will shout victory in a manner of days.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

We can give Russia some credit for holding the fort in Syria. New World Order agents don’t want to give up fighting against Assad, and Russia isn’t going to give up helping a dear friend and ally. Iran also doesn’t want to break up the alliance, so they stick together.

As we have argued in the past, those three countries—Russia, Assad, and Iran—have to fight. The New World Order and the entire Zionist mafia leave them no choice but to fight against a tidal wave of terrorist cells which both the Israeli regime and the United States have been supporting for years.

Russia, Assad, and Iran are the antithesis of what the New World Order stands for, and if they happen to give up the fight, then New World Order agents will shout victory in a manner of days. In that sense, those questions aren’t going to surrender any time soon because giving up itself is pregnant with meaning.

If Assad is gone, then what is next? Well, we all know that the Israeli regime, Benjamin Netanyahu in particular, will push his finest jackass, Donald J. Trump, to attack Iran. If Assad is gone, then Netanyahu will also think he is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end in the Middle East.

So Russia, Assad, and Iran put their backs against the wall and start liquidating one terrorist organization after another, which really angers the Israeli regime in Israel. Those countries have done a fairly decent job fighting against the New World Order in Syria, and US officials know this.

When US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work realized that Russia was developing enhanced human operations, he and his associates almost wet their pants. “It scares the crap out of us,” he said.[1] US military officials continue to be scared because they are living in a world where the rule of law and practical reason are banned. That is one reason why the Pentagon relentlessly and unnecessarily declares that Russia is a threat.[2]

Moreover, US officials know that Russia has the military wherewithal to resist the New World Order.[3] In fact, they have seen Russia in action in Syria and elsewhere. Russia is powerful, and no US politician will doubt that. More recently, Russian officials seemed to have “scared the crap” out of New World Order agents again by announcing that they are able to supply S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems to Syria. Listen to this:

“Russia may supply its S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems to Syria on a free-of-charge basis, according to a Russian newspaper citing sources.

“The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has stated that the issue of Russia’s supplies of S-300 air defense systems hasn’t been decided upon yet.

“He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin had discussed the issue with the Defense Ministry in order to help avoid a situation, in which Syria was not prepared enough for ‘aggressive actions’ like the massive airstrike conducted by the US, France and the UK on April 14.”[4]

Go ahead, Russia. Show those Zionist whores and puppets that you are not playing.

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  1. I agreed with everything the gentleman said in the video because it is logical and makes sense. HOWEVER, what is with the “sand nigger” stuff. The people he directed that comment about does not deserve an apology. The Africans and African Americans across the world most certainly do. I have always said that name-calling and smearing people is not the way to prove a point. Making a factual case is. I also hear the US called out, the Saudis called out, the Israelis called out, Russia called out; however Britain’s (UK) role I do not hear called out enough or Germany for that matter. We know Britain has supported and probably still does support, the Israelis. Who does Germany support?

  2. There is no “Plan B”:
    Iran Warns Rest Of World: “No Plan B” On Nuke Deal, “Encourage Trump” Or “We Shred It”

    As the implicit deadline for President Trump’s decision on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) looms, the Iranian Foreign Minister took to Twitter to encourage the rest of the world to convince Trump not to exit the accord as there is no “plan B” for the agreement.
    Trump has vowed to scrap the 2015 Iran accord unless co-signatories France, Germany and Britain can “fix the terrible flaws” in it. Unless revisions are made, he has vowed not to sign another waiver of U.S. sanctions on May 12, the next deadline, potentially wrecking the deal.
    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who helped negotiate the nuclear deal, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday that if Trump quits the 2015 accord, Tehran may respond by relaunching and “resuming at a much greater speed” its nuclear activities.
    “Obviously the rest of the world cannot ask us to unilaterally and one-sidedly implement a deal that has already been broken,” Zarif said.
    “I think the international community has seen that… the United States under this administration has not been in a mood to fulfill its obligations,” he said.
    “So that makes the United States not very trustworthy.”

    • And this morning he reiterated the threats on Twitter – urging European signatories of JCPOA should convince U.S. President Donald Trump not to exit the accord.

      “It is either all or nothing. European leaders should encourage Trump not just to stay in the nuclear deal, but more important to begin implementing his part of the bargain in good faith,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter account.
      “President Macron is correct in saying there is no “plan B” on JCPOA,” Zarif Tweeted.
      Iran has said it will stick to the accord as long as the other parties respect it, but will “shred” the deal if Washington pulls out.

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