NEO – The Simple Truth of Vladimir Putin’s Diabolical Plan


by Phil Butler, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Phil Butler is based out of Crete now, the ancient land

[ Editor’s Note: Phil Butler brings us something today that we need from time to time on these long running stories with endless twists and turns. He reviews the US legacy of Putin bashing from its early days.

Even reading about it can be exhausting, and moreso with the backdrop of so much taxpayer funded effort into something the public never really advocated, and the justification for was so shallow, one would expect it was being done by an occupation force.

And I am not joking or using satire when I suggest the American people need to face up to this possibility, that we have what used to be a carefully hidden occupation force slowly taking itself mainstream, one step at a time like a lobster put in a pot and slowly brought to a boil, and does not thrash around as the slow method just numbs it out.

I suggest that may be why we have seen so little major blow back on the US turning into a pretend-a-democracy. And I do not use the term as a joke. If you think you live in a representational government, you need to think again.

Why are US security organizations viewing and harassing alternative media that reports from foreign press what is censored in our own, when they can’t seem to find the resources to bust one Israeli espionage operation here, decade after decade?

Why is it that our mainstream media never questions this stand down. And the same goes for Congressional investigations despite Israeli espionage on Capitol Hill always having been a top priority for the Zionist regime.

Why do American taxpayers literally fund the cost of all Israeli espionage here, via the ten year at a time “aid budget” that we are currently giving Israel, money that we have to borrow and encumber our children with? Why is this never an election year issue when it clearly has undermined our national security? …Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … April 27, 2018

In the New York Times last week, veteran reporter Neil MacFarquhar reminded us Vladimir Putin’s “fight” with the West is isolating Russia. The Middle East expert’s latest Russia hate also interpolated that the woeful isolation is failing to deter Putin. But what is it that Putin is fighting against? What is the so-called “West” trying to deter him from? Better still, where is the evidence of his cunning plan to destroy all?

Neil MacFarquhar

I do not know why, but to my knowledge, no one has ever asked these simple questions. Here we are in a new and bitter Cold War, and nobody I can name has any reasonable explanation of what the fight is about.

There are allegations by the truckload. There’s sanctions, proxy wars, terrorists scattered, CIA money spent, dignitaries tossed out on their ears, and ten thousand news outlets screaming “Putin foul” – but over what? You can’t answer because it’s all over nothing. Here’s a brief history of the real crimes of Vladimir Putin.

In the early 2000s, Vladimir Putin was running a country almost destroyed by corruption, foreign interventions, and pirates bent on privatizing anything of value for western investors. The advance of the globalist doctrine had reached the borders of the country; wars were brewed in former Soviet republics where regime changes and color revolutions were not working.

The notorious Russian mob, the Israeli mob, anybody inside the country that could be bought by western pirates was taking a bite from the Russian legacy. Putin stepped in and sorted it out. Putin did not sell Russia out. This was a capital crime.

Later in the decade, Vladimir Putin proposed an initiative known as the “Vladivostok to Lisbon” protocol. The plan was for one gigantic Eurasian market worth tens of trillions of dollars. The plan was for a full and fair integration of Russia within the global context. Only the plan made Russia an integral partner rather than a network of small banana republics like Yugoslavia became.

The Putin plan would have assured almost unbreakable cooperation, prosperity, and peace. But the suggestion of such a thing to the existing world order was a heinous crime.

When 2009 rolls around and the world’s fascination with then Prime Minister Putin grows. The New York Times back then questioned the Russian leader’s work ethic. Western media reported Putin singing “Blueberry Hill” and playing the piano. And the Washington Post begins the rail about “Putin, the killer.” Then in 2010, the heat was turned up.

US newspapers began the “huge protest” gambit, Putin the arch criminal became all the rage. The Vladimir Putin legend began to grow during this time. Rumors and speculation became the flavor of the day. Then in 2011, the Russian leader went so far as to criticize the West for the Libya regime change. And we all know how Libya turned out.

Starting in 2012 the mainstream media in the West began predicting the downfall of Vladimir Putin. The Economist titled its prediction. “The beginning of the end of Putin.” So much for deep economic analysis and forecasting. It is in this year that Masha Gessen gets the big headlines for labeling Vladimir a “crime boss” and a homophobe.

Meanwhile, the real criminals like Mikhail Khodorkovsky gather steam for the lies and mudslinging to come. NPR and other corporate owned media get readers by labeling Putin a “street thug” and etc. But Putin won the election that year anyhow. And even though The Slate labeled him “Putin the pitiful,” he somehow managed the biggest country in the world skillfully. Pussy Riot defiles a Russian Orthodox Church snagging some jail time, and down the rabbit hole we go.

Then in 2013 the world’s biggest ever arch villain commits the ultimate sacrilege. At the moment then President Barack Obama is gathering his forces to invade Syria, Russia’s leader pecks out a plea to the American people in the New York Times.

Then, on the eve of a fateful vote in the US Congress on Obama’s decision to launch strikes against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, Putin mediates by instigating a proposal for Syria to surrender all chemical weapons.

This was too much for the gilded world order; the gloves had to come off. Meanwhile, Obama and his CIA had already created the proxy war against Assad. But the American people were never told.

Funny isn’t it, how overt Putin moves are eviler than covert killing by America? But Russia’s leader became the alchemist of truth, look at his words of warning on alleged gas attacks back then:

“We believe that at the very least we should wait for the results of the UN inspection commission in Syria. I’ve already said I find it absolutely ridiculous that [Syrian] government’s armed forces, which today are actually on an offense mission and in some regions have already encircled the so-called rebels and are finishing them off, that the Syrian army has used prohibited chemical weapons.” 

Almost a year passed until I first learned of the “hell bent” onslaught on anything attached to Vladimir Putin and Russia when the 2014 Sochi Olympics rolled around. The bristling gay globalists had no intention of letting the Russia people welcome the world to their country. Putin had to pay for his past daring.

So, Russia bashing took on a whole new meaning. Bad sportsmanship was also redefined when a people created a showpiece and an unparalleled spectacle, only to be insulted and criticized at every turn. Dog packs, unworking toilets, gay skier hunts, unfinished hotels, an environmental catastrophe once again wrought by our ghastly arch villain. The world order taught Putin a lesson in those days. “Mess with us, and we’ll piss on your parade.”

This was the message. Then the Euromaidan and an illegal regime change in the midst of an Olympics forced diabolical Putin’s hand again. Instead of allowing Russia’s most strategic position in the southwest to be taken over by NATO, he instead chose to secure it without firing a shot. Crimea should have been seeded to the global hegemony – but Putin dared to resist. For shame.

Since 2014 Vladimir Putin has been blamed for the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 and without a smidgen of proof. He’s had the gall to ask the world order “Do you even realize what you have done?” And this, before the mighty United Nations and in front of God and everybody else. Our crystal ball at The Economist proclaimed “Putin declares war on the West,” and we believed them.

He revealed the United States was backing terrorism in the Middle East, and then he televised his forces destroying ISIS. In 2016 NBC News proclaimed; “US Officials: Putin Personally Involved in US Election Hack.” Amazingly, no pictures of Putin using his laptop to hack the DNC emerged.

And the people of the world failed to notice the lack of evidence. For nearly two years now the world has investigated Putin over alleged tampering in the US election. Can you guess what body of evidence has been shown officially or in the media?

Damn that Putin for being so flawless and diabolical a villain! His utter control of every evil deed on planet Earth is being hidden from us. And oh, so skillfully that armies of brilliant private eyes, investigative journalists, whistleblowers, think tanks, the CIA, the NSA, MI6, GCHQ, Mossad, the Pentagon, Naval Intelligence, Senate committees, or even David Copperfield can turn over one leaf of evidence.

This, my friends, is Putin’s greatest delinquency against humanity. He is guilty as sin of the real delinquency, the sin of ancient logic. The reason there we cannot see proof of Putin’s misdeeds is stunningly simple.

There is no proof.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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  1. Putin is anti-GMO. Putin is anti-homosexual. Putin is a proclaimed Catholic. No wonder the perverted West sees Putin as an enemy. If push comes to shove, I’ll side with Putin.

  2. I have no concept of the daily life of the average Russian Citizen today. What is their life like. What work to they do. How does Russia accomplish all these alleged technological advances in the weapons field? Evidently they have a “military industrial complex” too. Frankly Putin gets very good press. It is like the roles of the two countries have been reversed. But I doubt if the life of the ordinary Russian Citizen is anything close to those living in the U.S. despite all its problems. How about your comments Andrew Bukanov? Surely the Russian people do not want world war any more than any others do they?

    • Andrew: Can you purchase two Whopper Juniors, fries and onion rings for $4.31 with coupon at the nearest Burger King in Moscow? Do you get a free gift every Friday (Free Friday) at your nearest Kroger in Moscow as we do? We just got a bill from the IRS claiming we owe them about $500 from 2006, 12 years ago. We have no idea what this claim is all about. Do you receive such bills for claims 12 years ago from your government?

    • First, about USSR in short. I was born in 1979 and remember alittle. 98% of people lived in a good socializm. Everyone had a job, salary, and was sure about his future. The State provided us with free kindergardens, secondary and high school, institutes and universities, medicine. Free vacations to sanatoriums. We paid for water, gas, central heating in our houses and flats almost nothing. The State provided us with free appartments, from the job. We didn’t have 100 kinds of chewing gums and so many material goods as the West, but our kids had a future without bank credits. As a kid i played in the yard till 22 p.m. We didn’t even hear about criminal, pervets we had no fear and our parents were sure we were safe and sound. We almost never saw a militia. And the militionairs (policemen) didn’t have clubs or pistols.

    • Yes, my good friends from Hungary told me the same about communism in their country, as one lamented ‘we gave all that up for Levis and McDonalds’. He was referring to how the one thing they really didn’t have was a lot of consumer goods, but otherwise, life was good. My polish friends remember communism in a worse light as they had to suffer a much worse regime with less freedoms, much more censorship and surveillance, more police brutality etc. Hungary was one country where communism wasn’t about a dictatorial, harsh regime, whereas Poland and East Germany were. Russia was a mixed bag, there were some times after the death of Stalin where there was civil unrest and labour strikes due to harsh conditions, but this was confined to a certain city or region and never spread, not least because whole army divisions were sent in to shut it down forcefully. We don’t know a lot about these incidents as they were never reported in the media, but there were also similar incidents in the West such as the Orgreave Colliery strike breaking in Britain in 1985. Soviet style communism can’t have been all that bad as when the USSR was coming to an end in 1990 and the constituent states each had referendums to decide whether to remain in the USSR or not, with the exception of the Baltic republics, they pretty much all voted to remain, but due to western meddling, they all left – even Ukraine had voted to remain in the USSR but the result was not followed, obviously.

    • We studied at schools well. It was a shame to have bad knowledge and low marks. We watched scientific tv programs, read the newspapers, the international and classic literature. We dreamed about new journeys, the space. A man of labor was honoured. Yes, we didn’t see the Western life-style, but i’m sure and still can say that we had perfect and very interesting childhood during the last years in USSR. We had life, dreams, justice and sincere society. Alas… One day it ruined for millions by several traitors. Gorby is VERY hated person now. Peoples of the ex-USSR curse him with great anger. The obstacles changed, but the people couldn’t change. We just didn’t realized where we go, what to do and what will be tomorrow… Well, enough about that.

    • You know, wjabbe, it is hard to say for me how much is fast-food (junk-food), because we prefer traditionally home self-cooked food. It is a shame for our women if they don’t know how to cook. Teenagers visit these macdonalds, subways, etc. Anyway, i think it is cheaper than in USA. I live in Nothern Caucasus, Krasnodar region (Sochi is the part of it) and we prefer natural food. For instance a standart 900 gr piece of bread costs around 25 cents. A kg of fresh meat – $4-5. Litre of milk – $1. But it is agricultural region and those who think that we have eternal frosts and polar bears instead of dogs i say: we plant peaches, grapes, apricots and even palm trees are growing.
      We don’t have any food programs and we got used to afford anything that we earn money for. We buy or grow food without any help. No bills from any program.

    • Yes, Russians do not want any war. We had enough wars and our genetical memory remembers this. Hard to say in common, but mostly we are hospitable, curious and sincere. This is why the West always played dirty tricks about us and we couldn’t realize WHY and for WHAT. We have peaceful hearts. But if smth.happens like aggression – we are ready to accompany any enemy to their capital, as it was many times.
      As for nowadays – we live,study, work, marry, give birth to children. But differ from USSR where the State gave us almost everything, now we became masters of our life. We have poor people that live on salary 200$, average (like me) $1500-$2000 per month and new wild capitalists as we call them. Their income may be equal to $ 2000000 per year and more. Homo homini lupus est – unfortunately it became a frighting reality in Russia, which, as you know-very huge country and hundreds of nationalities live here as one family. We build many new plants, factories, renew everything that was best during Soviet times. Cities become more beautiful, modern.

    • As for science and industry: it was strong since USSR. We have many bright scientists and the modern generation – young scientists work in Russia: military complex, space industry, nuclear plants are strongest. If we could unite and forget about wars we could make the world better. And we have nice example where we are good friends and cooperate well with USA: int’l space station and space programs.
      I think if smth more is interesting, you may find me at facebook. I sometimes took part in discuss from facebook module that was integrated here. Where our comrads like Phillip Haldane and Gennadiy Sat were, too. But now it is switched off. Andrew Bukanov Armavir (city) on facebook or e-mail:
      Now i have to finish 🙂

  3. Thank you for this truthful article, Sir. Putin confessed, that he, once, decided to devote his life to restore Mother-Russia. I, personally, think that he even has divorced with his wife for this reason. He found his way and we, the peoples of the World (not only Russians), must help him and keep him up. I respect my President very much and i understand his acts and aprove ’em. He took a very complicated and a hard mission- to save, restore my country, my wonderful slavonic civilization and hundreds of nationalities that live in one country and all of them are called Russians.
    Thank you, VT.

  4. Jim, Of the four answers to you question, chose the one answer which is false:: “Why do American taxpayers literally fund the cost of all Israeli espionage here, via the ten year at a time “aid budget” that we are currently giving Israel, money that we have to borrow and encumber our children with?”
    I regularly follow Phil Butler at NEO. He’s a fine journalist, more are needed.
    I still don’t know the answer to this question. I posited on several forums and, haven’t received any answers. So I will put it to VT staff and, the readers again. Can anyone state an instance where Vladiimr Putin has lied?

  5. Pentagon talking head fingerprint:
    US stumped by a Russian e-war
    Voltaire Network | 28 April 2018

    Intervening on 24 April 2018 at the GEOINT 2018 Symposium, General Raymond A. Thomas III (Commander-in-Chief of Special Operations (USSOCOM)), has revealed the extent of the e-war between the United States and “the enemy” (Russia understood).
    He considers “the enemy” is succeeding in disrupting or systematically disabling the US systems in Syria making it impossible for the Pentagon to survey the combat zone. During the tripartite attack of 14 April, the Russian army succeeded in hacking the GPS transmissions with the effect that some missiles were diverted. Worse still, the systems for friend/enemy recognition have stopped working. In these conditions, using planes for surveillance was not only a waste of time but also dangerous.
    Anoos ha Boralessa

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