The Ultimate False Flag: Alien Armageddon

Nations have to unite for next war will be an Interplanetary War!


Note from Kevin Barrett:   the brand-new article below, published here for the first time, Pakistani physics professor Mujahid Kamran explores the “false flag ET” issue.

Dr. Kamran is a leading figure in the suppressed academic field of New World Order Studies. (I hope major universities start endowing NWOS departments some day, but am not sure I will live long enough to accept a position!)  Kevin Barrett, VT Editor


by Mujahid Kaman

The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.

General Douglas MacArthur, October 8, 1955

Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There has been materials and bodies recovered. And there is some group of people somewhere that may or may not be associated with the government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that has this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge or not permit it to be widely disseminated . . .

There have been craft that have been recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And yes, there are Earthlings who are utilizing some of this equipment in certain ways.

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo astronaut, 6th man to walk on the moon

The wealthiest families on this planet have erected a parasitic and absolutely inhuman system for the exploitation and subjugation of mankind. As the Dutch banker whistle blower Ronald Bernard, who had worked closely with the Global Financial Elite, recently stated: “The misery of the world is a business model.” This system is based on usury, and employs deliberately provoked and manipulated wars, providing loans with heavy interest to both warring sides, ensuring that both the victor and the vanquished come under their iron control through debt bondage. This brutal strategy is supplemented by purchasing and corrupting important individuals and groups, and converting them secretively to a Satanic philosophy through prolonged membership of secret societies, through recruitment at a raw age, through mind control and through terror.

The end goal of this state of perpetual war is to have a global slave state with a much reduced global population, with its riches concentrated in the hands of a few families permanently, with the enslaved mankind doing menial labor for the pleasure and power of the ruling Elite.  There will be no such thing as freedom of movement and freedom of thought in this global slave state known euphemistically as the One World Government or the New World Order.

After having destroyed religious unity by promoting nationalism first and then bringing nation states of the same religions, as well as different religions, into head-on and bloody collision over a period of few centuries, these families have managed to deeply erode religious sentiments and loyalties. They have, through tax-exempt foundations, taken over control of the education system and steered the West and East away from religion. For the past one hundred or so years these Satanic families have begun to erect structures for global control. Institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the BIS, the World Bank, NATO, etc. are helping in the transition to a one world slave state.

In order to achieve their goal these families have divided mankind into major blocs and used them to destroy each other. For instance, the Communist-Capitalist divide, the democratic-totalitarian divide, the civilization-terrorism divide, etc. All these divisions are maintained by these families which control both sides in a conflict. One is kept in the fear of the other. The fear factor is a key part of their strategy in subjugation mankind. And there is a plan for an “ultimate” threat to mankind, which is the subject of this article.

These families had discovered that a state of war makes it extremely easy to snatch the freedoms of individuals. People surrender their freedoms, without any resistance, in a state of war.  Creation of “enemies” is their tried and tested method to make human beings do their bidding. This ploy was exposed in an undeniable and irrefutable manner by the investigations of the Reece Committee set up by the Congress to investigate the “Un-American” activities of the tax-exempt Foundations [1].


The Committee found out that the trustees of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace had concluded after serious discussions, as recorded in the minutes of the meetings held in 1908-1909, that in order to alter life in the U.S., it was necessary to take U.S. into a war. For that purpose, the Trustees resolved to gain control of the State Department! The trustees even wrote to President Wilson that the war must be prolonged! The term “Un-American” was defined (15 min 30 sec mark of ref. 1) as “a determination to effect changes to the country by unconstitutional means.”

The investigation aimed at finding out the (at the 16.14 minute mark of ref. 1) “effect on the country as a whole of the activities of at large endowed Foundations over the then past forty years.”  The effect that was uncovered by the committee was summed up by Dodd in the following words (16.30 minute mark of ref.1) “to orient our education system away from the support of the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and implemented in our Constitution.”  He added that the investigation “uncovered the determination of these large endowed Foundations through their trustees to actually get control over the content of our education.”  The various Foundations were working for the imposition of “Collectivism administered with characteristic American efficiency” on the U.S.

The first Head of NASA, Wernher von Braun, was a German rocket expert who had worked for Hitler’s regime. He had helped build the famous V2 German rocket and was one of the hundreds of German scientists brought over to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip in order to utilize their expertise for the U.S. apparently. Wernher von Braun was born in Germany in 1912 and passed away in the U.S. in 1977. In 1974 he hired Carol Rosin as his spokesperson as he was unwell. He confided in her from time to time as he was in the know of a lot of secrets on a need to know basis. In a sworn statement that she filed and which is reproduced in the book Unacknowledged by Steven Greer Carolin Rosin states [2]:

Back in 1974, the Russians were the identified enemy. We were told they had ‘killer satellites’ and they were coming to get us and control us.   When I went to Russia in the 1970s I found that they don’t have killer satellites; that it was a lie. . . .

Von Braun said terrorists would be identified as the next enemy followed by third world “crazies.” We now call them “Nations of concern.””

Carol Rosin, who was working with Fairchild Industries was present at a meeting in a conference room, known as War Room, when she heard, in the year 1977, “obscure names like Saddam Hussain and Gaddafi.” She states [3]:

This was the next enemy against whom we were going to build these space-based weapons. There was $25 billion being expended in the space-based weapons budget for a future war in the Gulf so that these people could then sell the next phase of weapons to the public and the D.C. decision makers. Translated: “This Gulf War” was actually being created just so that these people could dump the old weapons and create a whole new set of weapons.”

Please note this was in the year 1977! When Carol Rosin stood up and protested as to why were they planning a war and planning to build space-based weapons against these enemies when “we know that they are not the enemy at this time” she was ignored and so she resigned. She mentions that the individuals discussing the matter would move back and forth between positions in the industry and the government as if through a revolving door. She states that while watching TV in 1990 she noticed that the money allocated for space-based weapons research had come down to about $25 billion and she told her husband that now there will be a war in the Gulf. Her husband would not believe her but the war did arrive “right on schedule” as she puts it.

Carol Rosin then goes on to narrate (emphasis added) [4]:

Von Braun’s next enemy was asteroids. He kind of chuckled the first time he said it. After asteroids, it would be what he called the alien or extraterrestrial threat, and that would be the final scare.

Over and over during the four years that I knew him he would remind me, ‘Remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it would be a lie.’

He was too afraid to tell me the details; I am not sure that I could have absorbed them if he had. But there was no question that that man knew and was on the inside because he had a need to know, I found out later.”

With the von Braun-Carol Rosin conversations in mind one may look at some astonishing statements on the “alien threat” made by important figures like U.S. Presidents and Henry Kissinger. These statements acquire a new sinister meaning if one is aware of what Carol Rosin has stated. One of the most important facts is that there is an unacknowledged space program. Most of the missing trillions from the USG budget go into this program. NASA does not represent the real space program – it is a front for deception. The real space program is devoted to reverse engineering UFOs and interactions with ETs. Since 2000, the missing trillions have now become $21 trillion!

The American populace does not even know about it. But researchers like former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts (who fought a long and pitched battle against the CIA and eventually won in the Supreme Court; the CIA had, during the course of the battle bankrupted her) and Dr. Mark Skidmore, Associate Professor at Michigan State University have dug out the truth – $21 trillion is missing from the US Federal Budget and the money is being spent illegally in violation of the US constitution [5].

When Steven Spielberg completed his record-grossing Film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial in 1982, a special viewing of the film was held for a restricted audience at the White House. The audience included astronaut Neil Armstrong and Steven Spielberg narrates9 [6]:

He just stood up and he looked around the room, almost like he was doing a headcount, and he said, “I wanted to thank you for bringing E.T. to the White House. We really enjoyed your movie,” and then he looked around the room and said, “And there are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.”

“And he said it without smiling! But he said that and everybody laughed, by the way. The whole room laughed because he presented it like a joke, but he wasn’t smiling as he said it.”

But Reagan was not joking, as Spielberg correctly observed. In the first place what was so special about ET that a special viewing of it at the White House was so desirable? It is known to those dealing with this subject that Spielberg was given special clearance to become familiar with the subject so that he make the film. Reagan was serious because he had been briefed about the subject in 1978.  Reagan noted something in his diary on June 11, 1985. In his 2015 book Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances, author Michael E. Salla Ph.D. quotes from Reagan’s diary [7]:

Lunch with 5 top scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except that they are real. I learned that our space shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.”

Michael Salla observes that NASA’s Space Shuttle program held a maximum of 11 people per shuttle and at that time only five shuttles were in existence. This means that the officially known NASA Space Shuttle program could put a maximum of 55 people in orbit whereas Reagan has entered the number in his diary as 300. He has also remarked that the developments in knowledge are like “science fiction.” So there has to be a hidden program. Salla also draws attention to the information gleaned by the Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon who broke into Pentagon computers in his search for information pertaining to UFOs. McKinnon was able to find mention of “non-terrestrial officers” and their “fleet to fleet transfer” in the files he had seen as a result of hacking activity!   McKinnon was awarded a 70-year prison punishment by a U.S. court in absentia and the British government, as well as the courts and the House of Lords had agreed to his extradition to the U.S. [8].

He was saved in 2012 by Home Minister Theresa May who declined to extradite McKinnon to the US as a result of a campaign launched by the newspaper Daily Mail. This extraordinarily harsh punishment passed by the Americans on a UFO buff indicates that he had indeed uncovered deep secrets about the reality of UFOs and the existence of non-terrestrial officers, etc.

Talking with Charlie Rose in the Charlie Rose show in 2009 Reagan’s Secretary of State George Shultz revealed something interesting. He said that in November 1985 Gorbachev and Reagan met in Geneva. Shultz said [9]:

All of a sudden President Gorbachev and President Reagan took a walk,” Schultz explained. “They went down to some cabin on Lake Geneva where there was a fire in a fireplace and you sat down there — I wasn’t there, but I know when you came back, there were two friends, almost. Talking about what was going to happen. Then we went to the next —”

“At the fireside house,” Gorbachev cut in, through an interpreter. “President Reagan suddenly said to me, ‘What would you do if the United States were attacked by someone from outer space? Would you help us?’ I said, ‘No doubt about it.” He said, ‘We too.’ So that’s interesting.”

This incident took place within six months of Reagan’s meeting with NASA’s top scientists when he learned that the U.S. had the ability to put 300 men in space. It is interesting and shows that there is, in all probability, an agenda for using an alien attack for “unifying” mankind. Why would Reagan bring up the subject at a summit meeting in a personal setting with Gorbachev?  It was not an exchange made in a light or joking manner. The conversation was serious. He might have been directed by the real masters to explore this so that an environment could gradually be created to achieve the one world slave state.

Why did Gorbachv reveal a highly sensitive exchange that took place between him and Reagan to Shultz, something which Reagan had not shared with Shultz apparently? And why did George Shultz bring it up on a widely watched television show? The issue of UFOs and aliens is taboo as far as the establishment is concerned. Shultz found it “interesting”. It is a different matter that the aliens are not hostile to mankind. They are so far ahead of us technologically that they could easily overpower and wipe out mankind.  So an attack will have to be faked, as pointed out by Wernher von Braun.

While addressing the 42nd session of the UN General Assembly on September 21, 1987 President Reagan mentioned the “alien threat.” He said [10]:

In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. “

Was it a coincidence that he brought this up? Or was it because there is a plan of “unification” of mankind based on such a threat? His remarks to Spielberg in 1982 and his 1985 diary entry indicate that he was privy to at least part of the unacknowledged secret space program.

While addressing the 1992 Bilderberg meeting, held at Evian, France, Henry Kissinger, who is one of the deepest, most loyal and longest serving assets of the international banking Elite, stated [11]:

Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

This statement of Kissinger’s, which was apparently recorded by one of the delegates and transcribed subsequently, is the clearest statement affirming the possible existence of an agenda to use the alien threat to bring mankind to its knees.  Even though this statement has been in the public domain for years, Kissinger has not denied making this statement.  One may notice the contempt in which Kissinger holds the Americans and the rest of mankind. He is speaking from a lofty pedestal looking down contemptuously upon the multitude of minions labelled human beings. If Kissinger has such contempt for us, ordinary mortals, imagine the contempt in which his masters hold mankind.

No wonder its nothing for them to have millions slaughtered for their agenda. Please note that Kissinger has openly stated that under such a scenario “individual rights will be willingly relinquished.” This is the time tested Elite tactic first discussed in the meetings of the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace (!). This tactic has been employed again and again during the course of the 20th century. During the 21st century the unprecedented and unabating onslaught on individual rights has emerged out the 9/11 false flag operation. Kissinger’s statement clearly shows that the “unified” mankind will live under a totalitarian system.

President Bill Clinton made the following remarks at a Ceremony for Boys and Girls Nation on July 18, 1996 [12]:

Very interesting, don’t you think, that this movie, Independence Day, is becoming the most successful movie ever? Some say it’s because they blew up the White House and the Congress — (laughter) — and that may be. But, you know, you see story after story after story about how the movie audiences leap up and cheer at the end of the movie when we vanquish the alien invaders, right? I mean, what happened? The country was flat on its back, the rest of the world was threatened, and you see all over the world all these people have all of a sudden put aside the differences that seem so trivial once their existence was threatened, and they’re working together all over the world to defeat a common adversary.”

Addressing a Blue Ribbons School Award Ceremony on October 28, 1999, Bill Clinton again broached the theme of unification under an alien threat [13]:

I told somebody the other day—I got a big laugh—I said, “You know, I get so angry at all these conflicts around the world and these expressions of hatred here at home based on race or religion or sexual orientation. If we were being attacked by space aliens, like in that movie, ‘Independence Day,’ we’d all be looking for a foxhole to get in together and a gun to pick up together.” The absence of a threat sometimes causes us to lose our sense of focus, our center, our concentration.”

It is the same theme – “unification” of mankind i.e. establishment of a global slave state, under fear of an alien threat. Notice the phrase “The absence of a threat” and its manipulative power. And Clinton was always very careful with the choice of his words. He was mentored by Professor Carol Quigley, the man who first revealed the existence and identity of a secret group that had planned WWI beginning around 1890.

Quigley believed in the Elite agenda until his later years when he realised that his own life was in danger owing to his revelations. He had been given access to the secret Elite documents for a couple of years. In his inaugural address Clinton acknowledged Professor Quigley. As observed by David Griffin, this acknowledgement sent a message to all those who belonged to the Elite and its allies that Clinton shared their world view. He was telling them that he was theirs and will abide by whatever they wish.  So Clinton was aware of the existence of a deeper hidden cabal that is manipulating all these wars and that owns most of the wealth of nations.

Hillary Clinton, who herself is a lawyer and has deeply imbibed and submitted to the Elite agenda, stated the following during an address at Prague on October 13, 1998 [14]:

“In one of those popular movies I referred to that swept my country and apparently made a lot of money around the world, called Independence Day — these movies always seem to start with an attack on Washington, D.C., which I don’t really know how to take, the blowing up of the White House and Capitol to begin with—the ending of it required all of us to cooperate to fend off an alien attack. And certainly in the theatre in which I saw it, there were great cheers as people of all different races and backgrounds and societies around the globe came together as human beings to save ourselves. We certainly don’t expect it to come to that…”

This is quite similar to what her husband had stated in 1996. A few months later she reiterated, in different words, what she said at Prague. While reading Hillary’s statement one has the feeling that she is “educating”, or preparing the minds of innocent child like humans about something she is privileged to know.

On 14 January 1999, while speaking at the Mars Millennium Project Kick-Off National Air & Space Museum Hillary Clinton stated [15]:

You look at the movies that have tried to predict what will happen in the future, and we often see a lot of death and destruction and environmental degradation. It’s not just that people might live under domes on Mars, but they would have to live under domes here on this planet because of what we will have done to our environment. Or whether we will have to join together as human beings to stave off attacks from aliens in outer space, and then we’ll have to put aside our really petty differences—differences in our own country and differences among people around the world—to stand up for our common humanity…

In 2014 Bill Clinton was queried about a possible UFO invasion by Jimmy Kimmel in his show. Clinton’s response was as follows [16]:

 “If we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised, I just hope it’s not like Independence Day, the movie, that it’s a conflict. May be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours. If they’re out there, think of how all the differences among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader…

The same strand runs through the statements of Reagan, Kissinger, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton over a period of more than three decades. This strand is consistent with what von Braun had told Carol Rosin during the period 1974-1977.   And one must remember that it is the private sector that has real control over the missing trillions.  As Steven Greer wrote [17]:

The US government builds almost nothing. The B-2 Stealth bomber is not built by the military; it is built for the military by private contractors. Private industry keeps secrets far better than the government, rendering the USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Programs) virtually impenetrable.”

And, as established by Dean Henderson, the international banker families that own the Federal Reserve are among the top ten stock holders in each of the top 500 corporation of the world (the Fortune 500 corporations) [18]. The military industry is therefore owned by them and their subservient allies. So even in USAPs we find the hidden hand of these satanic illuminati families of international bankers. Steven Greer has stated [19]:

Unacknowledged Special Access Projects are only known to those individuals inside the compartment, and that includes the President of the United States. . .

I know an auditor who audits Northrop Grumman. Just like Lockheed Martin, they do a lot of top-secret work on certain kinds of aircraft dealing with anti-gravity propulsion. If it’s an unacknowledged compartment with billions of dollars in it, the auditor will be told, “You don’t have a need to know what’s going on with this,” and it’s just rubber stamped as audited. The auditor has no idea where the money is or where it’s going. It goes in the front door and leaves out the window, and no one knows where it ends up.”

Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman are among the top 500 corporations of the world and the international banker families are bound to be present on their boards. Ben Rich (1925-1995) worked at the Skunkworks section of Lockheed Martin and eventually became its second Director. Skunkworks dealt with development of sophisticated planes and with UFO reverse engineering. Jan Harzan, Executive Director MUFON, was present at a talk that Ben Rich gave at UCLA in 1993 (probable date March 23) at a meeting of alumni engineers.

He clearly remembers [20] that at the end of his talk Ben Rich “showed a slide with a black disc zipping off in outer space and he ended with the words ‘we now have the technology to take ET home’.” So these private corporations have all this knowledge and clean technologies locked up and unless the international banking cabal and its allies decide to release the information, and the technology, we will continue to burn oil and pollute our environment and fight all these wars for oil. This is so because the four largest oil companies are owned by the four largest banks which are owned by international banking families, as established by Dean Henderson. Mankind must burn oil and be burnt in oil wars because the Satanic Illuminati international bankers want to own the world and enslave mankind after reducing global population drastically and violently.

It is now well known that one of the deepest reasons for the assassination of JFK was his attempt to bring out all information pertaining to UFOs out in the open and share it with the then Soviet Russia. In his book Kennedy’s Last Stand [21],

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., has provided persuasive evidence about the fact that any attempt to wrest the UFO related secret information and technology out of the hands of those who control it, will, under the law, lead to his or her liquidation. There are many insiders who have provided this information from time to time.  The decision in this regard is taken by the group revealed in the 1980s as carrying the name MJ 12.

MJ 12 has been entrusted with complete oversight of the UFO program and the control has been taken out of the hands of the U.S. government as a result of adoption of certain recommendations by a committee headed by Nelson Rockefeller. And who was Nelson Rockefeller? A member of the Satanic Illuminati international banking brethren whose family has traditionally had ownership of major oil companies as well. The recommendations were approved by Eisenhower who subsequently lived to regret them.

Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Defence Minister, has stated recently that President Eisenhower had vented his frustration with the private control of UFO information and technology, to the exclusion of the U.S. government, when he had warned the nation against the military-industrial complex in his farewell speech. There is the well-known incident in which President Eisenhower, when denied information about secret activities at Area 51, threatened the use of military force to take over the site. That led to results. But as Paul Hellyer has remarked, no President has “really been in the loop totally” since President Truman (at the 5 minute mark of ref. [22]).

Hellyer states (5.40 minute mark of ref.[22] – emphasis added): “An eye witness who had worked in the company of President Eisenhower said what he was really concerned about was that the ET file had fallen into the wrong hands. And that’s what he was really concerned about and I wish he had said it. But that’s when, I guess when the cover-up really got underway in earnest.”

Bill Cooper, former Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, author and radio show host, who had, on June 28, 2001, correctly predicted an attack that would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden, made many revelations and fought incessantly against the Illuminati until he was killed on November 5, 2001 by police officers in a “shootout”! Bill Cooper had warned against a fake planned alien attack in his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse. In a documentary Operation Redlight [23], that Cooper released in 1991, there are excerpts from the recordings of a speech by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, delivered on May 12, 1962, before the Corps of Cadets of the United States Army at West Point Academy. The General, then 82, spoke without any notes and, in the speech, mentioned (at about the 4-minute mark in the documentary) the possibility of “a conflict between a truly united human race and the sinister forces from some other planetary galaxy.” He had as far back as 1955 disclosed the possibility of a war with “people from other planets” to the New York Times (see endnotes).

In another clip that is available on YouTube [24], Bill Cooper, has clearly stated that in his work in the Navy Intelligence Briefing Team he saw documents, in the year 1972, that revealed that the extraterrestrials were real and that there were attempts at back engineering the UFOs (this was Operation Redlight, a part of the overall Project Majority). Bill Cooper narrates that he had seen an astonishing UFO which emerged out of the sea, went above the clouds and returned repeatedly (or its replicas returned) to eventually disappear underwater.  In view of his experience and in view of the documentation he came across in his work, Bill Cooper obtained whatever documentation he could, through Freedom of Information and other sources and found (this is mentioned around the 2.30 minute mark of ref. 24) that there had been “in existence” a decades old plan “to create an artificial extraterrestrial threat to this earth in order to create a one world totalitarian socialist state.”

Editor’s Note: The passage below about “John Haller” (who doesn’t exist) is a parody from The Onion. Mujahid Kamran explains:

“I am sorry about the fake video of Congressman Haller. Sitting in Pakistan one is less informed about these things. I had never heard about this website called onion. The said video is not central to the argument for a false flag alien attack.”

It is highly instructive to watch a YouTube clip in which Rep. John Haller (R) of Pennsylvania, 6th District, presents HR 8971 The Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill [25]. Although I have transcribed the relevant portion below, watching the actual video clip is highly instructive and thought-provoking. It also makes one think about the level of comprehension and integrity of the U.S. Congress!  The Congress passed a bill without knowing the full contents of that bill! The transcribed piece runs from 4.32 min to 6.23 min mark, the actual text of the Bill being read out from 4.40 minute mark to 6.14 minute mark – 94 secs in all. In a statement that took Congressman John Haller 94 seconds to read the word “classified” occurs 17 times (i.e. almost every 5.5 seconds on an average)! The transcribed text is as follows:

Congress shall now vote for approval of HR 8791 The Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill as said Bill requests emergency response funding up to and including [ I am sorry this portion is classified] dollars to prepare for national level terrorist and/or attack from [classified]. Funding for first responder personnel and vehicles would be doubled if said attack leads to more than 80% of national population being affected by [classified]. This funding shall commence in conjunction with first attack on [umm classified] or the first large scale outbreak of [classified] dependent upon which comes first. Civilian and military units shall be trained in containment and combat of [classified] including irradiated [classified].

The possibility of [classified] airborne flesh-eating [classified] and/or all of above in such event as [classified] spewing [classified] escape, are released or otherwise become uncontrollable. Air force units (undecipherable word) shall be directed to combat said [classified] due to their enormous size and otherworldly strength. Should event occur in urban areas [Jesus! That’s classified] far surpassing our darkest nightmares, casualties exceed [classified] body disposal action shall be halted and associated resources shall be reallocated to [classified] underground [classified] protected berthing centres.  New Bill of Rights shall be drafted and approved by [classified]. Having now reviewed the Bill I ask you to please cast your vote.”

There is so much concealment in this Bill that it makes a mockery of the entire law-making process. The legislators have no clue as what is it that they are approving. However, one must note the phrase “their enormous size and otherworldly strength” – what does the legislation refer to? This phrase occurs in conjunction with the employment of air force units to combat something whose name and/or description is not revealed but which has enormous size and otherworldly strength. The Bill refers to an attack in which 80% or more of the population could possibly be affected!  And what was it that scared Congressman Haller so much that he paused when he came to it, uttered the word “Jesus”, gulped his phlegm, and then uttered the words “its classified”? The Bill of Rights will be done away with in this scenario! And why is the name of the authority that shall draft and approve the “new Bill of Rights” classified? And why is it that not a single Congressman has ever raised questions pertaining to what Congressman Haller had read out? So wrapped up in this Bill is the possibility of an “alien” attack and the subsequent annulment of the Bill of Rights.  One may see ref. [26] for the “classified” blanks filled in or unclassified and discover the horrific intent of the Elite. And thus the dark night of dictatorial rule on the globe will descend from outer space if the Elite plans succeed.


The quote from General Douglas MacArthur has been taken from Steven Greer’s book Unacknowledged (reference 2 below, p 268). At the time General MacArthur was probably not aware that there are several types of Aliens or ETs and that they are not hostile to mankind. While searching the net I found out that this quote is given in Philip Corso’s book The Day After Roswell. Corso states that Gen. Douglas MacArthur revealed this to the New York Times and this was, in fact, a disclosure (about ETs and UFOs). Corso comments that the public took little notice of this statement. He points out that Gen. MacArthur’s statement reflected the strategic thinking of the military at that time.

The copy-pasted text begins here:


“Congress shall now vote for approval of HR 8791, the Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill. Said bill request emergency response funding up to and including 1 TRILLION dollars to prepare for national level terrorist attack and/or attack from UNIDENTIFIED BEINGS. Funding for first responder personnel and vehicles will be doubled if said attack leads to more than 80% of national population being effected by UNIDENTIFIED BEINGS. This funding shall commence in conjunction to the first attack on THE UNITED STATES or the first large scale outbreak of VIRUS X depending on upon which comes first.

Civilian and military units shall be trained in containment and combat of UNIDENTIFIED BEINGS including irradiated MUTANTS with possibility of VIRUS X BEING airborne, OR THE POSSIBILITY OF flesh eating, HOSTS and/or all the above. In such event as A DOMESTIC REVOLT ON US SOIL OR spewing/UNIDENTIFIED BEINGS escape or released or otherwise become uncontrollable, Air Force units may also be directed to combat said BEINGS due to their enormous size and other worldly strengths. Should event occur in urban areas, Jesus…

That’s DANGEROUS, far surpassing our darkest nightmares. Should casualties exceed 100,000,000 PEOPLE, body disposal actions should be held and associated resources shall be reallocated through SEWAGE SYSTEMS underground FEMA-BASED protective birthing centers. A new bill of rights shall be drafted and approved by THE ELITE OF TEN. Having now reviewed the bill, I ask you to please cast your votes.”


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  1. The infamous 1947 ‘Roswell UFO crash’ was a government-staged hoax from start to finish. You see, the US government wasn’t trying to hide an alien UFO crash, as so many believe! They were trying to make us THINK that’s what they were doing — to give us reason to believe ET aliens are real! An above-top-secret department exists within our government, that wants us to believe in ET aliens! Once we see through that hoax, everything else about UFOs falls into place.

    The mammoth controversy created by that government hoax steers us away from truth while our own misguided belief in a US government alien crash cover-up provides perfect cover for the government’s continued development of its own man-made ‘UFOs’ using Tesla technology. The government’s UFO hoax is explained in detail in Skywatch Radio’s interview of William Lyne in 2008, which can be heard on Youtube. A brief intro to Nikola Tesla is also there. Related: Alleged UFOs in ancient art debunked here and Ancient Aliens Debunked documentary are also on Youtube.

  2. When the banksters have bled each nation dry and, there is no one left to tax, then as Kissinger promised the alien invasion will come. If he’s right we will all cry to be saved like babies to be saved by the New World Order Bankers.

  3. This is just like the global warming scam. They create issues that can’t be addressed in small groups … either because a small group can’t contain its waste (e.g. global warming) or reach critical mass (e.g. fighting enemies). Our USA government was created by the money changers who institute governments to run their racket. And the governments institute purveyors of force (e.g. military, police, legal system) to protect themselves and the money changers. It’s always government of the money changers, by the money changers, and for the money changers.

    The solution is to disband and form smaller groups … (i.e. iterative secession).

    You have a much better chance of getting group members to agree with each other if you have many small groups rather than one large group. And regardless of the size of the group, there will always be those seeking control for their own benefit and to the detriment of the other group members. Ironically, this is easier to do within a large group than a small group.

    In small groups, concepts like democracy have a chance of working. In larger groups democracy is a sham … it doesn’t work at all with more than 50 people involved. More than that and it just turns into an inefficient and expensive “ugly” contest controlled by the same people (like the Harlem Globe Trotters and the Washington Generals).

    Iterative secession “is” the solution. When you get to the size where government is seen to “never” be the solution to any problem, you have arrived.

  4. Quit reading when I saw they were out to destroy religion. The NWO “is” a religion … like all others. Religion is far and away the most insidious invention of man. It is the ultimate enabler of scoundrels.

  5. For all the Jew haters; I just watched ‘It`s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World;, too funny Oh well. Take the good with the bad. The Stooges got a camio. Smiles to all.

    • The actors writers and producers were mostly Jews, very funny and talented. The Stooges were Jews and perhaps the funniest actors ever to do short film. Somehow I don’t think the Stooges were tied in with Goldman Sachs. Kramer the director was a Jew who took on a lot of different films as an independent director/producer.

  6. Very interesting article and I appreciate Kevin’s effort to bring attention to this so-called super secret area fiercely protected by the ancient cabal bloodlines. But this only scratches the surface of a very diabolic iceberg. What people need to do is dig deeper down to find the real history of the so called 13 families of the human appearing parasites #TheyLive. Planet Earth was long ago, back through the early biblical age, invaded, infiltrated and infested with human appearing hybrid parasites who now control world governments, world militaries, police and all major institutions – the construct of the infamous MATRIX. So ultimately be aware “they” are already here, have been for a long time to feed on human energy and harvest death. This is why all wars are manufactured to harvest human lives. See Jon Carpenter’s movie “They Live” much closer to the truth than anything else you will watch or read. Regards.

  7. Well regardless if a world elite or alien race is running things or attempting to modify our genetics, I present Trump and his cabinet as self evident proof of their complete failure and ineptitude. Things are getting cleaner, and more people are out of poverty. From here we just need to be responsible with technology, especially the genetics.

  8. I don’t want to comment on any statements made by others before. The only thing I want to add is that nearly 100 years before the end of WWII a map of central Europe was published in a well known satirical periodical.

    Of special interest was the fact, that this map showed the borders of the countries after WWII very exactly. It should also be noted that the landmass of Russia on that map was called “desert”.

  9. Re: The Congressman John Haller article. This was published as a spoof in the Onion magazine.

  10. This is a very well written article by an obviously very well educated and informed man. there is another view held by some high-ranking deep-black and beyond-black insiders however. That is the view that this “fake invasion” is merely a cover story to conceal the Alien ET invasion that has already taken place secretly beginning in the mid 1930’s or perhaps even long before. Right now humans are and have been serially and repeatedly abducted all over the world. Some taken from US Federal parks never to be returned. Some abducted, used for medical procedures, memories wiped and then returned. Psychiatrist John Mack, M.D. and Historian David Jacobs, Ph.D. did long term research on many cases and concluded along with other scientists that abductees had no more personality defects than any normal population. Dr. Mack died in 2004. Dr. Jacobs has developed very good tools to differentiate confabulations from real. He is NO crackpot and I view his work as not only scholarly but highly valid. He believes that many abductions are related to extraction and fertilization of eggs outside the human body as a hybridization process to mix alien ET genetics with human perhaps to populate the Earth with. All the massive immigration caused by drugs cartels, poverty, chaos of War in the Mideast is needed to provide cover for the “slotting in” of these new hybrids into America and Europe. There is one very credible witness (Charles Hall) that has reported that some Tall White are living in a secret base in the four corners SW USA and can easily pass for humans. There is good reason to believe that some aliens and hybrids are now stationed in the Pentagon and have been since the mid 1960s. Then there is the Dulce NM Deep Underground Military Base. It is deep-black, an unacknowledged program that run secret hybridization plans breeding various species like humans, animals and aliens together to create new hybridized breeds, and there are long term attempts there to create a synthetic human soul (so far ending in abject failure). I believe these hypothesis based on my contacts over many years with those who know and other means. I really do not want to believe all this and wish it wasn’t true. I do not expect others to believe any of this. It took me many years for me to accept such very strange realities. Personally I believe that these Aliens are being run by reptilian type creatures who call all the shots and give them orders and that these are fallen Angels, Demons or what respected Islamic scholars call bad, evil Djinns. I believe that these powerful entities which are evil are restrained in what they can do by God Almighty, but give prior notice for informed consent, operate in secrecy because they can be defeated through good Psi-power and prayer. These entities have IMO taken over all the top Cabal leaders of the world and use them to assist. they threaten world governments with the destruction of nations economically and through high tech annihilation, but actually cannot do such. This is the ultimate battle between good and evil and I believe that God Almighty will eventually defeat them 100%.

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