Grandma, please do not ask good questions about Nazi Germany

“The Holocaust is self-evident, after all: everyone knows that six million Jews were gassed, above all in Auschwitz. And yet, precisely in the past twenty to twenty-five years this claim has become ever more questionable."


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Political scientist Norman Finkelstein argues that “Zionism is a kind of romantic nationalism fundamentally at odds with liberal values.”[1]

If you doubt the accuracy of that statement, then you have been living in a cave for the past sixty years or so. It is now indisputable that Zionism and its offshoots have created a virus that can no longer be ignored. Evidence?

Ursula Haverbeck, an 89-year-old woman, has been sent to prison for doubting the so-called “Holocaust.”[2] In other words, doubting is an unpardonable sin. Descartes would have had a hard time living in the twentieth century precisely because there are certain things that he would not have been allowed to doubt. Doubting, the establishment would have told him, is ideologically impermissible and politically reprehensible.

In any event, what was Haverbeck’s unpardonable sin? She declared that “The Holocaust is the biggest and longer lasting lie in history.”[3] Historians agree that the Holocaust establishment hasn’t delved into the fundamental issues regarding the so-called Holocaust itself.[4]

Haverbeck, of course, does not deny that people suffered during World War II, does not attack or persecute people, but does questioned the claim that people were gassed in concentration camps. This view is not weird at all.

Even Jewish historian Arno J. Mayer of Princeton argues that “sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable,” and talks about the “many contradictions, ambiguities, and errors in the existing sources.”[5]

According to the New World Order, Haverbeck made a bad move. She committed a crime which ought not to be tolerated. And that crime is worse than the Israeli forces slaughtering innocent lives, plundering and pillaging homes and infrastructures, and creating a concentration camp in Gaza.

Ursula Haverbeck, as far as I know, hasn’t killed anyone. She is not a crazy person. She is old, and obviously she has no time for ideological revelry. But again questioning even one key aspect of World War II is a ground on which no one is allowed to tread. NWO agents will not accept that at all. Haverbeck said:

The Holocaust is self-evident, after all: everyone knows that six million Jews were gassed, above all in Auschwitz. And yet, precisely in the past twenty to twenty-five years this claim has become ever more questionable. First, through the reduction of the number of victims in Auschwitz itself.

“It was there — and this in the public news programming of ZDF TV — on the eighth of October, 1993, in the open view of all citizens, that the old memorial tablet with its ‘Four Million Murdered’ was taken down and replaced with a new tablet with only ‘About One and a Half Million.’ And in a debate afterwards, Jews, Poles and Gypsies quarreled over who had the biggest share among these victims.

“An explanation or even an apology to the German people for having, for decades, accused them with a false number was nowhere to be heard. Secondly, through an article published by ‘Der Spiegel’ editor Fritjof Meyer in a respected scholarly journal, namely ‘Osteuropa’ [Eastern Europe], in May 2002, in which, taking note of new discoveries resulting from the emergence of previously unknown documents, etc., he comes to the conclusion that in Auschwitz itself no one at all was gassed.

“And it’s certainly not one and a half million either but at the most — Mr. Meyer is very careful — in a subcamp of Auschwitz, in Birkenau, and even there, outside the camp itself, in a farmhouse (the foundations of which, curiously, have only recently been discovered) around (‘presumably,’ he says) 365,000 Jews were gassed. That too, thus, an open question.”

You may want to disagree with the old woman, but it is simply ridiculous to place her behind bars for the rest of her natural life. If that is the case, what should we do with those who questions the number of Germans who died after World War II? What should we do with people like Benjamin Netanyahu?

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  1. It is simply against the law to deny the Holocaust in Germany. Most Germans are aware of this fact. The reason it is illegal is because most Germans don’t want to go through things like this again:

    If you don’t like the law, by all means, lobby to change the law, but don’t whine that lawbreakers should get a free pass.

  2. I saw this video back in 2015 when she was jailed for the first time. [It’s been removed from You Tube]
    She gave an interview on German TV for ‘Panarama’ and she quoted from the Auschwitz Labour Camp Ledger, which was in the Auschwitz Museum. [It’s not there now]!
    They ransacked her house and threw her in jail, for telling the truth!
    In 1933 Zionist leader, David Gurion, asked Hitler to Transfer all Jews back to Palestine, the majority didn’t want to go. Now, it was about this time the labour camps sprang up. Just like FEMA camps in USA now. Were they built by Zionists for reluctant Jews, or Hitler, for a war he knew nothing about?

  3. The Holocaust lie is 76 years old, which is nothing compared to many other big lies. Some big lies are thousands of years old, many of those can be found in the bible, and then there’s the most obvious big one – Christianity, that’s a 2000 year lie that still hasn’t died out, to the great detriment of mankind. Judaism is even older, another big lie….

  4. What was used to kill fleas to help stave the Typhus epidemic? What was the result of Allied carpet bombing? Hint; Zyklon-B and Starvaton on a massive scale. There is your holocaust. Do I get a prize?

  5. What about the slaughter of millions of American Indians over the last few hundred years? And Stalin’s slaughter of millions of Russians? And the millions of Armenians that were killed early last Century? Zionists are no more exceptional than anybody else. How dare the zionists imprison anyone for exercising freedom of speech. We don’t imprison anyone for saying that the earth is flat, because they have a right to their own opinions.There were some horrific crimes committed in World War II, not just against the Jews, but also against Gypsies, gays, people with Down’s Syndrome, the mentally ill, etc. Japanese Americans also had all of their property stolen from them and were placed in concentration camps throughout the West Coast of the US during World War II.

    • Stalin did not create the Soviet secret police, the Gulag labor (to death) camps, the political prisons, and general reign of terror. Those were created earlier by Lenin and Trotsky, and merely continued/expanded by Stalin. And of course, Stalin could not have done so without millions of criminal collaborators.

      The neo-cons, being neo-Trotskyites/Bolsheviks present a distorted view of history where Trotsky and Lenin are whitewashed, and Stalin made even dirtier than he was.

  6. Another mature woman called Monika Shaefer has been slammed in prison in Germany(while on holiday) for making a 5 min video, “Sorry mom i was wrong about the holocaust”, and in it she is apologizing for berating her own parents for not doing anything about these germans who suddenly became monsters overnite. She has been incarcerated now for 3 months with no charge set. Shows not only America run by jews, Germany too.
    The Canadian Govt has done nothing to help their own citizen.
    I personelly have sent 4 letters of support to Monika, could you too?
    Ms Monika Shaefer
    JVA Stadelheim
    Schwarzenberstr 14
    81549 Munchen

    • It was believed the Zionists took over the Nazi’s circa 1938, which is why it’s difficult to get any real information of what went on in Germany 1932 – 1939 pre war. It’s known Hitler was using Sovereign money that the world banks couldn’t profit from. He’d introduced Free Health Care, a 40 hour week with paid overtime and holidays. He’d created over 6m jobs since he took office and in 1938 was named Time Magazine Man of the Year. He was courted by Royalty and Celebrities………….what happened in such a short time?
      Take a good look around, all 5 eyes nations [US, UK, NZ, Canada, Australia] and EU are controlled by Zionists puppets, doing the bidding of Corporations & Bankers.
      The term ‘Antisemitism’ is used to stop people asking questions and exposing the truth, just as they now use Islamophobia in the same way! They don’t want people informing others who haven’t woke up, to what’s going on!

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