The Royal Wedding

Michael Shrimpton comments on today's wonderful wedding in Windsor, and gives an update re the unfortunate Colonel Skripal.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Respectful congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding. It’s been a disastrous day for republicans and other assorted Bad Guys. The reaffirmation of romantic love and of the ties between Britain and America, the arrival into the Royal Family of its first mixed-race member and the gracious reception afforded to Meghan Markle’s African-American mother by the Royal Family, not least by HRH Prince Charles, have been stunning blows against the Forces of Evil.

It has been a lovely day, which has lifted the mood of the nation. If the disgraceful school attack in Houston and the air crash in Cuba were intended as spoilers – and they might have been – then they were even more disgraceful. There’s not much we can do about school attacks and airliner sabotage until someone discovers the political will to confront and close down the DVD.

My sympathies of course to the victims and their families. Unlike the MSM, we at VT are working hard to stop this nonsense, so expressions of sympathy from us are sincerely meant.

Back to the wedding. If anyone thought that the Duchess of Sussex’s ethnicity was ever going to be an issue with either the British people or the Royal Family then they neither know the former nor understand the latter. German sympathizers in the MSM mounted a pathetic and shameful attempt a few weeks ago to portray HRH the Prince of Wales as a racist. That all fell apart in the space of an hour this afternoon, as Prince Charles walked Meghan Markle up the aisle and treated her African-American mother, Mrs Doria Ragland, with the utmost courtesy.

This followed a tea with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, which apparently went very well. The Duchess of Cornwall continues to win friends. Warmly welcoming her new African-American in-law will win her more. She is very much a people person.

The British people have taken Meghan to their hearts. She is clearly in love with Prince Harry and equally clearly a warm and delightful person. America has a new princess, and so do we.

Princess Diana

The cherished memory of Princess Diana was a constant theme of today’s events. Her favourite hymn (Guide Me O Though Great Redeemer), her favourite flower (the white rose), Sir Elton John performing at the reception – this was all as it should be. All of this will have been approved by The Queen. Her Majesty was not just attending as the groom’s grandma.

The Royal Family are well aware that Diana was murdered, and they know by whom. The ludicrous German attempt to implicate HRH the Duke of Edinburgh in an assassination they arranged themselves has done them no favors either. The Duke has not been well and made a special effort to attend today’s ceremony. He too has been smeared as a racist, by people who have never met him. Generally speaking racists don’t welcome black or mixed race in-laws into the family. The Duke is in fact a very nice person, if I may respectfully say so. He’s no more a racist than Oprah Winfrey, whom he will most probably have met at the reception.

The music

Combining British and African-American religious music traditions was a master-stroke. The music was well-chosen, and I include the gospel choir in that. The service was not in the least bit stuffy. Stand By Me is a great song and its inclusion was entirely appropriate. All the musicians, civil and military, did well.

His Grace

Bishop Michael Curry

St George’s Chapel Windsor has seen nothing like it. To have an African-American Episcopalian Bishop, who actually believes in God, deliver a southern Baptist style sermon was wonderful. The Archbishop of Canterbury knows Bishop Michael well and knew what was coming. I am not sure however that The Queen did! Her Majesty’s face was a picture. It really wasn’t Her Majesty’s thing, but I am quite sure that She will have said some kind words to Bishop Michael in private after the service.

The Duke of Edinburgh was trying hard not to smile. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to find him pressing for Bishop Michael to liven up Sunday services at Sandringham. I should explain that we are not used in this country to having bishops who believe in God. I see no reason at all why a bishop should not believe in God. Having longer sermons seems a small price to pay.

The car

The Phantom IV was a spectacular choice. I have seen that car close up, twice, in fact I seem to recall that HRH the Duke of Gloucester, who was at today’s service, drove it in the parade of 500 Rolls-Royces and Bentleys to mark Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee in 2002. (It was the only time I have been to Windsor Castle.)

She is a most elegant automobile, and incredibly rare. Only 18 were ever built, of which some 16 survive. It is largely a myth, BTW, that only the Royal Family and Heads of State could buy them. Rolls would sell you one if you had the money. Of course if you were an absolute stinker (a German spy, for example, or a Liberal) the factory might have quoted a slightly higher price or an absurdly long delivery time. There are ways and means of discouraging unsuitable owners of Rolls-Royces.

The Phantom IV was the only Royce ever built with a straight-eight engine. I was stunned when I saw the car pull out of Cliveden House. She is treasured by the Royal Mews and that was a BIG gesture to Meghan. The car is nearly 70 years old.

The title

I was not all surprised by this morning’s announcement that The Queen has made Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex. This was an excellent choice of title, with respect, in accordance with royal tradition.

The title is a sign of The Queen’s Personal approval of the match. It is a huge honor. As soon as she was married, of course, Meghan became HRH the Duchess of Sussex. Mrs Ragland is now the mother of a Royal Duchess as well as a Royal Princess! Her emotion during today’s ceremony was moving and entirely understandable.

Having your daughter marry a Prince of the Blood Royal, not least when the Prince in question happens to be the second son of the martyred Diana, Princess of Wales, is HUGE. Today was also a big moment, I suspect, for African-Americans. How many millions of little girls will be going to bed tonight dreaming that they too could become a princess? I expect some big girls will be dreaming as well!

Today’s fairy-tale events will have a positive impact, I am sure, on race relations on both sides of the Atlantic. I suspect that Dr Martin Luther King, quoted today for possibly the first time in a sermon in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, would have approved.

The father

It was very sad that Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, could not walk his daughter down the aisle. That is the privilege of every father, indeed it is a big moment in any father’s life.

Whilst selling pre-wedding photos was a mistake, Tom Markle was forgiven, by the British public. Having a daughter marry into the Royal Family was new territory for him. My sense is that both the Duke and Duchess very much wanted the Duchess’s father to attend, but his health made it impossible. The poor man has had a heart attack, after all, and major cardiac surgery (is there any other kind?). I am quite sure that he will be getting more than a slice of the delicious-sounding wedding cake, and that the Duke of Sussex will be reaching out to him.

The visit

I am sure that the Duke and Duchess will want to tour America at an early opportunity. Given that Tom Markle’s health probably rules out long-distance flights for a few months, this would afford a splendid opportunity for the Duke to meet his new father-in-law. I daresay that President and Mrs Trump will want to receive the Duke and Duchess at the White House. I have no doubt that the American people will give the Duke and Duchess a right royal welcome.

The dress

I am not sure that VT needs a Fashion Editor and I am quite sure that if the Editor-in-Chief decides that we do he will not be calling me! I know diddly-squat about fashion. My instructions to my tailors for my next suit will be no different than my instructions for my first bespoke suit 20 years ago, save for the size of the pocket which will be accommodating the smartphone.

However, for what my opinion is worth, I thought that Meghan’s dress was lovely. If I may say so, she looked quite stunning. The veil was entirely appropriate, although a break from tradition so far as royal weddings go. The dress managed to look contemporary and traditional at the same time.

The impact

Republicans will be grumpy. There was a very grumpy one on the BBC’s Today program yesterday morning. The republican movement in Australia in particular suffered a severe reverse today and rightly so.

Today’s wedding emphasised that there is a new generation of the Royal Family. Both Prince William and Prince Harry are hugely popular. Moreover there is enormous sympathy for them given the tragic circumstances in which they lost their mother. Prince Harry is the first member of the Royal Family to have gone into combat since HRH the Duke of York. (It was nice to see the Duchess of York there today, BTW.)

With respect, I think that the Prince of Wales will make a fine King. It will be his call, but I suspect that he will reign as King George VII. Republicans had hoped for a political breakthrough after the Queen is called home, but they are in for a shock. Prince William will become the new Prince of Wales and Heir Apparent. There will be a new Princess of Wales. Prince William’s Coronation, in the fullness of time, will be a hugely emotional event of global significance.

Impertinent republicans posing the question, ‘what happens after the Queen dies?’ will now get the answer, ‘Prince Charles will ascend the Throne of England, followed by Prince William’. Even while his much-loved father is on the Throne, as Prince of Wales Prince William will have a higher profile.

It gets worse for the Bad Guys. No King in the House of Windsor has ever reigned in His first name. Prince William’s other first names are Arthur, Phillip and Louis. Phillip and Louis would create confusion – people would think that He was the King of Spain or France. Arthur is the obvious choice, with respect. Can you imagine the emotional impact, moral authority and global appeal of Prince William reigning as King Arthur 1? The son of a beautiful, much-loved and murdered mother, whose own assassination was plotted by German intelligence in 2012?

The truth about the Diana Assassination and the planned nuclear attack on the London Olympics will almost certainly have emerged by the time that Prince William ascends the Throne. The Diana ‘accident’ theory already looks absurd – essentially it’s the refuge of half-crazed nutters, demented mainstream journalists, High Court judges and government ministers. Nobody with a brain seriously believes that the Princess of Wales died accidentally on that tragic night in Paris. (For the reasons given in my book Spyhunter the, with respect, impertinent purported decree absolute given by a junior family judge in England was a nullity, of no legal effect whatsoever.)

The truth about the planned attack on the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Games, which was attended by The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and Princes William and Harry has already emerged on this website. Muppets in the Cabinet Office, who will not back off from their personal attacks on me, have effectively ensured that it will reach a wider audience later this year. (This is the Germans’ greatest weakness. They keep on attacking and overreaching themselves – the Barbarossa Syndrome.)

Attacking Queen Elizabeth II is both offensive and silly, although that didn’t stop a moronic republican doing it yesterday on the Today program. (So many morons are invited to appear on the Today program these days that I find it difficult to keep track of their names.) Imagine trying to attack King Arthur 1. Republicans attempting it would be lucky to escape with their lives, not that the lives of republicans are all that important, no offense to the scumbags intended.

God Bless the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I wish them every happiness in the years to come.

The kidnap of Colonel Skripal

Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that Germany’s GO2 have done it again. Not content with kidnapping and probably murdering poor Yulia Skripal they’ve now gone and kidnapped Colonel Skripal as well. The poor man is unlikely to survive.

The MSM are being spoon-fed a lot of nonsense about the Skripals being in a safe house under police guard. Cobblers. I doubt that the police know where either was taken. Great work (not) by the NHS – they cured the patients then handed them over to German death squads, not that NHS administrators in Salisbury knew what they were doing, any more than the Prime Minister. That is precisely my point of course. Many of the French police who rounded up Jews and gays in the Vichy period and deported them to Germany for extermination in death camps didn’t know what they were doing (others behaved like Thames Valley Police of course and collaborated enthusiastically). History however has not judged these police too kindly, and rightly so.

Of course I do not wish to sound ungrateful that Salisbury District Hospital did not hand me over to a GO2 death squad. However it is always a bit disconcerting when fellow patients are handed over to German death squads.

I respectfully join HE the Russian Ambassador to Britain in demanding that the British government produce the Skripals. They won’t of course, because they can’t. It’s unlikely that GO2 placed their ashes into urns for handing over to the family. It would have been a nice touch, but GO2 don’t work that way. They are nekulturny.

The tissue of lies fabricated by the British government over the Skripal affair is falling apart by the day. Just to recap for those reading this column for the first time: Theresa May’s government falsely blamed a chemical weapons attack carried out by the black German intelligence organisation in London (GO2) on Russia, put pressure on the OPCW to lie about the test results carried out in Switzerland on the nerve agent in question (BZ), lied to the American government and stayed silent when GO2 kidnapped first Yulia Skripal and then her father.

The May government also deliberately violated the Chemical Weapons Convention by denying the accused state, Russia, access to the evidence and compounded the illegality by permitting the Cabinet Office to order Porton Down to contaminate the sample supplied to the OPCW with a small amount of Novichok, in a pathetic attempt to pretend that a Russian nerve agent had been used. The government’s moral authority is at an end, ditto the moral authority of the Cabinet Office, already seriously damaged by the lies over the London Olympics and the acceptance by a senior Cabinet Office official of a large German bribe in order to stop Brexit.

In case you are wondering why statements on this website are finding their way into statements by governments on the Skripal Affair, this is not a low-powered site. Editor-in-Chief Brigadier-General Gordon Duff USMC is a major player in INTELCOM. Many of my fellow columnists also have standing in INTELCOM. General Duff does not flaunt his honorary rank by the way – like me, he suffers from excessive modesty. (I’m working on it!)  Readership may sometimes be small, but this site is monitored by intelligence agencies and governments. On some issues VT is the only OSINT source willing to state the truth. We make the New York Times look like the National Enquirer.

I have visited the City of Salisbury several times in recent weeks, in fact I had a nice little win in the law courts there a short while back. Some nice folk in Salisbury have asked me to emphasise that the city is open for business, apart from Zizzi’s restaurant and Greggs’ coffee shop, that is. The nerve agent used on 4th March wasn’t lethal and there is no danger to the public. There was no need for our hysterical government and Civil Service to spread panic. Nobody’s fallen ill since the initial German WMD assault on the city in March and there’s too much activity for the attack to be repeated. Unlike Thames Valley Police, Wiltshire Constabulary know what they are doing. They even have a chief constable who’s not actually deranged.

When Zizzi’s reopens I plan to order a takeout from them, even though I live miles away. If you live in New York, order a takeout pepperoni from them and warm it up when it arrives. They’ve got some arrears of takings to catch up on and I doubt that our morally bankrupt government is compensating them. The Federal German government certainly isn’t, although under international law Germany is responsible for attacks carried out by GO2 and the DVD.


Well done the IDF for holding back that crowd with minimal casualties.  Estimates vary, but it seems that Hamas stirred up a mob of around 50,000, which would have been infiltrated by Hamas terrorists. It was not a peaceful demonstration, indeed it wasn’t a demo at all, as opposed to a massed border attack. A casualty rate of only 0.1% or thereabouts, plus some wounded, was acceptable on any view. Nice to see the IDF keeping up their sniper skills! Carefully aimed sniper fire can take out ringleaders and demoralise an out of control mob. The IDF soon had ‘em running.

It’s easy for liberal, often anti-semitic, MSM journalists to bash the IDF from the comfort of their armchairs. Mob violence is a frightening thing. If the MSM want somebody to blame for the deaths, blame Hamas, who treated the unfortunate dead as expendable.

Squadron Leader Johnny Johnson DFM MBE

This week marked the 75th anniversary of Bomber Command’s glorious attack on the Ruhr dams, the immortal Dambusters Raid. Lovely to see our last surviving Dambuster, Johnny Johnson, who was the bomb-aimer on T for Tommy that wonderful night, being taken aloft in the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Lancaster. Johnny is a friend of several friends and even at 96 probably wished that the Lanc could have headed over to Hunland and fanned a few more dams! He’s a good man, indeed they were all good men in 617.

I only wish that his CO, Guy Gibson VC, could have lived to see this anniversary as well. Neither Guy Gibson nor any of the others who made the ultimate sacrifice on that raid will ever be forgotten, so long as there is a Britisher left alive to draw breath. God Bless Bomber Command. They took the fight to the Nazi German enemy and tore his black heart out.


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  1. Wedding and Embassy in Israel dates comparison

    Wedding announced for May 19 , 2018 …on Dec 15 2017

    US announced embassy move for May 14 2018 ….. on Feb 23 2018

    Both events scheduled for last ten days of Taurus,. within days of each other,… The most stable time to build foundation. Hindu name for those ten days, Elephant. Subtle use of time knowledge. Embassy first (unbearable controversy) , Wedding for cover. Both stabilized.

  2. Agree with everything Ian Greenhalgh wrote except for one possibility – is it really ludicrous nonsense, or is it satire?

  3. Michael Shrimpton, for future articles, I would like to read one about Deutsche Bank and DVD relationship.

  4. I am not surprise that this man approving the bloody genocide in Gaza, by those vampires of IDF. Crime record of Britain (not at all great) is unmatched in the history of human civilization. Just read the “Bloody British Empire”. I am not surprised, coz as Zoroaster and Victor Hugo clearly mentioned, there are two kind of people, those with light and those with darkness, no matter how educated or intelligent they can be. Those who proudly enjoying the murder of children of Gaza prison, are people of darkness.
    I am surprised why VT publishes wishful opinions of such people.

    • Gathering data according to political opinion is biased or tainted information. Preaching to the choir, or joining the choir, is for those who seek acceptance. We should not wish to see that in journalism.

  5. America does not hand power to people based on Genetics and titles. We do not have princesses and princes. We do not want Kings and Queens. Our 3 current Allies are 2 Bloodline Monarchies (Saudi Arabia and Britain) and an Apartheid religious state. That needs to change. This attempted rebranding of the “royal” image is a farce and the proof is over at Grenfell, and the storage lockers where the belongings of the homeless are stored until after the wedding.
    And anyone who is still fooled by the notion that the “Family” has no control over the government or any responsibility for the actions of Britain , the Queen is currently the Commander of the British armed forces.
    They hide and play games, that is what they do. The entire family have become actors and spies.
    Imagine the American taxpayer shelling out 80 million for Chelsea Clintons marriage to Eric Trump. NOT

    • Foreign influence has been a problem for some time here. Britain and Israel to me are the same entity. America is a young and vulnerable experiment and the divorce with Britain is quintessential to our success in the future. Meddling and conniving, Bloodline Monarchies are always going to be more desperate and farther reaching over long periods. They will do anything to stay in power. It does not compare to a two term president. Much is assumed.

  6. America does not hand power to people based on Genetics and titles. We do not have princesses and princes. We do not want Kings and Queens. Our 3 current Allies are 2 Bloodline Monarchies (Saudi Arabia and Britain) and an Apartheid religious state. That needs to change. This attempted rebranding of the “royal” image is a farce and the proof is over at Grenfell, and the storage lockers where the belongings of the homeless are stored until after the wedding.
    And anyone who is still fooled by the notion that the “Family” has no control over the government or any responsibility for the actions of Britain , the Queen is currently the Commander of the British armed forces.
    They hide and play games, that is what they do. The entire family have become actors and spies.

  7. Traitorous bankers are the worst of the worst. You put trust in them and they steal your property. No better ways of bank heist is possible

  8. To be quite honest and frank I am so sick and tired of hearing about the wedding. I couldn’t care any less than what I do now. So much more in the world is going on and all the world’s attention is turned to these snooty nosed rich pricks! I’m glad I didn’t watch the wedding it would have been the biggest waste of my time! I would have rather watch paint dry! That’s my 2 cents worth…lol.

    • Everytime something important happens in the background they distract us w this kind of BS. Since the World Cup in Russia it is planned to float germany w more criminal Refugees.

  9. Agreed, yet again Shrimpton makes me want to vomit with his ludicrous nonsense. Shouldn’t there be compulsory dna testing of these supposed royals, or rather, the ones in line to the throne, then their sordid inbred hypocrisy would be exposed. It’s pretty bloody obvious that ginger Nazi is James Hewitt’s son, not Prince Big Ear’s. For the monarchy to still exist in 2017 is deeply offensive and disgusting to me, as it is to millions of my countrymen. Ever since they murdered Diana, the Saxe-Coburg Gothas have expended vast resources and wealth on PR so the plebs don’t realise what a bunch of evil, inbred scum they really are. Screw the lot of them.

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