Zarif takes Trump to the Woodshed and Jim W. Dean returns from Iran


A message from Iran from Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

With London filmmaker David Whatley and 102-year-old Silk Road sailor, with “wives in many countries”, in Bandar Abbas

[ Editor’s Note: I got back from Iran just yesterday so have a lot of catching up to do. We did not have much time to stay current on news, as the New Horizon Conference was three days, and then three more on the road for talks and lectures. We were fully engaged every minute.

They divided the 50 of us between 20 Iranian cities. They had not done this with the past conferences, but it was hugely successful for all parties involved.

The conference got more domestic media than ever before; and we were mobbed with interviews during the conference, even causing me to miss being on a panel once.

During my last event in Bandar Abbas, a press conference with 24 attending, I polled the reporters as to how many had ever seen me on Press TV or read one of my articles. The response was zero. None of them spoke English; and the interpreter quickly explained that Press TV was only followed by those who could.

Final press conference, Bandar Abbas, Jim W. Dean – 2018

The difference this time was that our interviews were being translated into Farsi. This caught me flatfooted, as I had just assumed that, with Iran’s well-known educational system, many professional people, especially in media, spoke English. So I tripped myself up via the age-old goof of making an assumption without checking it out first.

The trip was just fabulous. There is no substitute for being there on the ground and talking to people directly. When introducing myself as editor, I presented VT as an intelligence website of Cold War era people from over a half dozen countries, united in fighting back against the bane of military people being abused as mercenaries to serve multinational corporations.

They all grasped that right away. We were shunned by no one, even when addressing conservative religious groups, with the usual ladies-in-black section, and imams on the front row. We were treated like rock stars most of the time. We probably had half a dozen various documentaries being made of the event.

At the closing ceremony Iranians were lined up to take selfies with us

We had difficulty leaving the closing ceremony because we got mobbed by people wanting selfies with us. The security people had to escort us out to the waiting vans to take us back.

There are so many stories to tell it will take a series to cover them, but Zarif’s address below is something I had missed, a nice tight delivery, not as tight as a Trump Tweet, nor as worthless.

I want to thank all of the crowd-funding supporters, as I dipped into those funds to cover incidental expenses that were needed for the trip. I came back with a ton of media, 4K photos and lots of Samsung 6 video, which I will be weaving into the follow-up articles… Jim W. Dean ]

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Persian vaulted ceiling at lecture auditorium, Imam Razavi Mosque, Mashad, Iran – Jim W. Dean archives- 2018

– First published … May 3rd, 2018


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  1. Some do, but not the local city media. They stick to Farsi. English is not widely spoken. At a five star hotel typically only the front desk people do, and they have other languages on the key staff, but they don’t get many Americans so your host always provides translators. If I go again I will want to hire a private one. When you are sharing one you are not free to roam.

  2. I shot as much media as I could. The Samsung 6 takes great 4K photos if the light is good. And video is good under the same conditions, but for interviews you have to be standing right in from of someone. That said, it is a great tool that only takes a pocket where a regular camera is a chore to lug around. Then you need a tripod, etc. Ideally you want to go around with a two man video crew. I will be doing a series of articles on the trip.

  3. The food not intentionally containing bio-toxins is a good start (e.g VT editors’ trip to Syria).

  4. The food not intentionally containing bio-toxins is a good start (e.g VT editors’ trip to Syria).

  5. It took some getting used to. Every time you picked up a bag, someone would also, say “please, I must do, you are a guest”. By the time I got used to it it was time to go. The Doha to Atlanta flight gate woke me up from that dream. Once inside the gate I had so show my boarding pass five times, to each person I engaged. And for having two ounces of mouth wash in my carry one bag (allowed when leaving Atlanta), I got the full bomb screening, electronic sniffing treatment, hands, all straps and handles of my bags, feet. Their body pat downs were the most thorough I have seen, feeling everything but your crotch and your butt. Everyone seemed quite used to it.

  6. Thank you Foreign Minister Zarif: Israel lover Trump is a traitor, liar, con artist, bully, cheater, draft dodger, …. He is an embarrassment to the U.S. But the whores in Congress are also an embarrassment too because they have sold out the country to Israel. It is obvious Israel lover liar Trump seeks to start WWIII for Israel against Iran. This is shameful. Yet there is little most Americans can do about any of this. The U.S. and Israel are desperately in need of a long overdue lesson by all the other countries of the planet. All of you must put your foot down and no longer appease these bully criminals who give their middle finger to the world every day. If this leads to WWIII, so be it. Iran, Russia and China and any other country which will join them must make a first strike against all major U.S. Cities and Israel this time to teach these terrorists a lesson they won’t soon forget. “The bigger they are the harder they fall”. The U.S. Military has never been tested since WWII. It is likely a paper tiger. We shall see. All bluff just like Israel lover liar bully Trump.

  7. The food was excellent, quite a change of pace, but a bit tricky not knowing what stuff was. But I will bring protein powder next time. A beer was not to be had, even in a back alley. 🙂 Their hospitality was natural for them with their long tradition of being a trading nation. Even when going through a small town, meeting the mayor to be welcomed was routine. I did not have time to hear the talk tours of many others, so I am looking forward to that. The only thing I did not like is the shock at arriving in Atlanta and a VIP car was not waiting or me on the runaway. Gosh, being spoiled is a terrible thing to lose.

  8. Sounds like you had a bit of a whirlwind tour Jim. I can’t wait to read some of the material you gathered while you were there in future articles. I have a very close friend who is from Iran and she tells me all about Iran. I love their food especially the crunchy rice and kabobs. I loved the statement by the FM. I hope me Trump watches it and latina something new like diplomacy and honour but I know he is such a dimwit that that will never happen. Thank you.

  9. Very well said! I’ve been trying to tell people that Karma has our number and it will be calling soon. It’s time to wakie, wakie.

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