9/11 truth leaders’ letter to Iran

Dear Iran: Please appeal—then annihilate the Official Conspiracy Theory in court!


On Monday, April 30, Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District Court of New York ordered Iran to pay more than $6 billion to 9/11 victims. Thus far Iran has refused to acknowledge the court proceeding on the grounds that the whole world knows it is transparently ridiculous political propaganda with no legal or factual basis. But what if Iran chose to defend itself by presenting proof—in court—that the whole Official Conspiracy Theory is false? That is the suggestion of (originally) fifteen (now 81 and counting) prominent critics of the official story who have signed a letter asking Iran to consider appealing the case and mounting a vigorous 9/11 truth based defense. Below is the letter, which is already being publicized by the Iranian mass media, and will be taken up this weekend by the National Security Council of the Iranian Parliament.

Kevin Barrett, VT Editor


May 24, 2018

To the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran

We are writing to urge the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately appeal the Southern District Court of New York’s ruling ordering Iran to pay more than six billion dollars of reparations for the 2001 terrorist attacks. Please note that the appeal must be filed by Wednesday, May 28, so this is an extremely urgent matter.

We are willing and ready to provide court testimony in support of Iran’s innocence. The extremely weak case against Iran is predicated on the 9/11 Commission’s version of events, according to which 19 alleged hijackers (15 of whom were Saudis, and none of whom were Iranians) precipitated a series of miracles including gross violations of the laws of physics. We can prove absolutely, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this version of events is false, thereby nullifying the case against Iran.

We believe that by strongly contesting this matter in a US court, Iran can win a major media victory over its enemies, and will likely win the legal case as well. For while US courts can be corrupt, they follow procedural rules, and create legal records, that will in this case make it very difficult for the anti-Iran forces to achieve their objectives.

The alternative—not contesting the judgment—hands the anti-Iran forces a victory that they do not deserve. For although they have no valid evidence against Iran, if Iran fails to defend itself, it appears to be admitting guilt.

Strong peer-reviewed evidence useful to a court defense resides on the websites of three research organizations.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth  https://www.AE911Truth.org

Consensus 9/11 http://www.consensus911.org

Scientists for 9/11 Truth  http://www.scientistsfor911truth.org

The leaders of these organizations could possibly be reached for consultation through myself at Kevin@mujca.org.

We urge the government of Iran to contact Mr. Mick Harrison Esq. of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry who, in his capacity as a private attorney, may be able to help the Islamic Republic of Iran take the initial steps toward assembling a legal team to appeal Judge Daniels’ ruling in advance of the May 28 deadline:

Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry https://www.lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org

(which on April 10 filed a 54-page petition for a grand jury investigation of 9/11 with the U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York.)

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.


1. Prof. David Ray Griffin, Professor Emeritus, Claremont School of Theology; author of 13 books on 9/11 (USA)

2. Prof. Richard Falk, Professor of International Law, Emeritus, Princeton University (USA)

3. Dr. Cynthia McKinney, six-term congresswoman (D-GA) and Green Party candidate for President of the United States (2008) (USA)

4. Prof. Graeme MacQueen, Associate Professor of Religious Studies (retired), McMaster University; former Director of McMaster’s Centre for Peace Studies and author of numerous articles on 9/11. (Canada)

5. Prof. Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Culture and Communication, New York University (USA)

6. Dr. John Roberts (UK)

7. Prof. Niels Harrit, chemist, former Professor at University of Copenhagen, He presents evidence that the dust of the buildings contained the explosive nano thermite (Denmark)

8. Carol Brouillet, Founder of Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance

9. Prof. Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Professor Emeritus of Journalism, Bowling Green State University (Ireland)

10. Prof. Anthony J. Hall, 911 turther, Professor of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge (Canada)

11. Christopher Bollyn, investigative journalist and author of Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World and The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East.

12. Jimmy Walter, venture capitalist and author & best known for sponsoring advertisements asking to reopen the investigation 911 & offering financial rewards to anyone that could prove the World Trade Center was destroyed without the use of explosives. (USA)

13. Tony Szamboti, ME, former Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems mechanical design engineer (USA)

14. Dr. Ibrahim Soudy, PE, SE, PEng, Structural Engineer (USA)

15. Ian Henshall, author, 911 The New Evidence (UK)

16. Sander Hicks, Candidate for US Congress, author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-blowers, and the Cover-up (USA)

17. Michael Santangelo, Co-Facilitator for Truth Action Project, New York City (USA)

18. Dr. Kevin Barrett, Former professor at Wisconsin University, Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth; author of Questioning the War on Terror (USA)

19. Dieudonné, Worldwide known Comedian, author of performance on 911 “la fine équipe du 11”

20. Giulietto Chiesa, Politician, former European Parliament member, director of Zero: an Investigation Into 9/11 (Italy)

21. Gerhard Wisnewski, author of the first critical television documentary on 911, in a large worldwide broadcast. Author of “9/11 Operation: Attack on the globe”; “9/11 Myth: Tracking the truth, New revelations” (German)

22. Prof. Rudy List, former professor at University of Birmingham, member of Scientists for 9/11 Truth (USA)

23. Art Olivier, Former Mayor of Bellflower, California, producer of “Operation Terror”

24. Prof. Hamid Algar, Professor Emeritus of Persian and Islamic Studies, University of California, Berkeley (USA)

25. Prof. Atif Kubursi, Emeritus Professor of Economics McMaster University

26. Dr. Philip Giraldi, former CIA military intelligence officer & counter-terrorism specialist (USA)

27. Wayne Madsen, former NSA officer, former head of Naval Sound Surveillance System in US Navy, investigative Journalist, author specializing in intelligence  (USA)

28. Dr. Scott Bennett, former army psychological warfare-counterterrorism officer, former State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism (USA)

29. Michael Maloof, former senior security analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (USA)

30. Scott Rickard, former intelligence officer for the USAF, the NSA, and the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI) (USA)

31. Ken O’Keefe, former Marine and Gulf War veteran (USA – Ireland)

32. Colonel Alain Corvez, former advisor of French minister of defense (France)

33. Richard Labévière, former navy operational reserve officer, former editor-in-chief of Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR) and Radio France Internationale (RFI), author (France)

34. Jürgen Cain Külbel, former criminal police (Germany)

35. Tamás Samu, former MP (Hungary)

36. François Ferrier, former Marine officer, ex-regional advisor of Lorraine (France)

37. Frank Creyelman Honorary MP (Flemish Parlament) / Former Chairman committee on Foreign policy, European affairs and International cooperation, Former senator in Belgium Parliament (Belgium)

38. Dr. Christian Bouchet, politician (France)

39. Christopher Black, international criminal lawyer, member of the Law Society of Upper Canada)

40. Edward C. Corrigan, Certified Specialist by the Law Society of Upper Canada in both Citizenship & Immigration and Refugee Protection Law (Canada)

41. Isabelle Coutant Peyre, lawyer (France)

42. Prof. Kaukab Siddique, Lincoln University professor, Muslim Leader (USA)

43. Prof. Matthew Crosston, Professor of Global Security and Strategic Intelligence, American Military University (USA)

44. Prof. Claudio Mutti, former professor at University of Bologna, editor of the journal “Eurasia” (Italy)

45. Greta Berlin, Co-Founder, the Free Gaza movement (USA)

46. Dr. Paul Larudee, Former Fulbright-Bays Lecturer (USA)

47. Vanessa Beeley – peace activist and independent journalist (USA – France)

48. Joaquin Flores, Editor in Chief of Fort Russ News, Director & Analyst at Center for Syncretic Studies (USA)

49. Gearóid Ó Colmáin, Geopolitical analyst, Media commentator (Ireland)

50. Mark Dankof, reverend, political analyst (USA)

51. Dr. E. Michael Jones, former professor at Saint Mary’s College (Notre Dame, Indiana), editor of Culture Wars magazine (USA)

52. Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor, VeteransToday.com (USA)

53. Imam Muhammad Asi, Muslim Leader, former Imam of Islamic Center of Washington (USA)

54. Prof. Alexander Dugin, philosopher, political analyst and strategist (Russia)

55. Andre Vltchek, philosopher, author, filmmaker and investigative journalist (Russia)

56. Dr. Maria Poumier, former professor at Sorbonne University, author & researcher (France)

57. Dr. Stephen Sizer, former vicar of the Anglican parish of Christ Church (Virginia Water, Surrey), author of Christian Zionism – Road Map to Armageddon? (UK)

58. Konrad Rekas, journalist and senior member of “Polish Yes for Scotland Association” (Scotland)

59. Pepe Escobar, Asia Times correspondent (Brazil)

60. Lauren Booth, journalist and broadcaster (UK)

61. Jean Michel Vernochet, geopolitical analyst, former journalist editor at  Figaro Magazine (France)

62. David Lawley Wakelin, Documentary film maker (UK)

63. Dragana Trifkovic, Director of the Center for Geostrategic Studies (Serbia)

64. Leslie Varenne, President of IVERIS institute of strategic studies (France)

65. Lucien Cerise, author of “Governing through Chaos – Social Engineering and Globalization” (France)

66. Hafsa Kara-Mustapha, Journalist & Political Analyst (UK)

67. Jacob Cohen, Author and Researcher (France)

68. Gilles Munier, author and investigative journalist (France)

69. Max Igan, Lecturer, Political Analyst, Radio Presenter (Australia)

70. Marwa Osman, University Lecturer and freelance journalist (Lebanon)

71. Zeina Mohanna, human rights activists, author and international event organizer (Lebanon)

72. Dogan Bermek, Muslim Leader (Turkey)

73. Tesha Teshanovic, editor in chief of “Balkan Info” (Serbia)

74. Eric Walberg, author and commentator (Canada)

75. Peter Koenig, Economist, Geopolitical analyst, (Geneva)

76. Yvan Benedetti, president of l’OEuvre française (France)

77. Ladislav Zemanek, scholar, political activist (Czech)

78. Michael Opperskalski, Journalist, Editor & International Consultant (Germany)

79. Stefano Bonilauri, Editor in chief of Anteo Edizioni (Italy)

80. Navid Nasr, Research fellow, Center for Syncretic Studies (USA)

81. William H. Warrick III MD (Retired), Veterans For Peace, Chapter #01 Auburn, Maine


Updates 6/22/18:

The Iran Project: Activist: Iran already exonerated of role in 9-11 attacks, Docs display Israel’s complicity

Letter from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry



a 501(c)(3) charitable organization
426 River Mill Road
Jersey Shore, PA 17740 info@lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org www.lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org www.lcfor911.org

Kevin Barrett VIA E-MAIL

June 22, 2018


As you know, the Lawyers’ Committee Board met on May 23, 2018 and discussed and voted on whether the Lawyers’ Committee as an organization could appropriately sign on to a letter to the government of Iran such as you had drafted and have now delivered (directly or indirectly). In the end we decided that as a non-profit lawyers’ organization it would not be appropriate for the Lawyers’ Committee to sign a letter to Iran regarding potential litigation such as Iran’s upcoming appeal deadline on the default judgment. The Board directed me to provide you this detailed explanation of our position for posting on your web pages/sites with your original Iran letter.

We understand that your goal is to facilitate a presentation to the American public (and the world) of evidence as to what really happened on 9/11, and that you believe that the Iran litigation may provide an appropriate forum for that evidence to be presented in a possible public federal court proceeding as a legitimate part of Iran’s defense. While the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Inc. is primarily a lawyers’ organization whose mission is to promote transparency and accountability regarding 9/11 and, consequently, we are certainly not opposed to evidence being presented in a federal court proceeding regarding what really transpired on 9/11 and leading up to 9/11, we are not currently set up to litigate on behalf of other parties. Even if we were, we would have to comply with the rules of conduct for attorneys which substantially restrict attorneys from soliciting potential clients. In addition, attorneys cannot provide a recommendation for a client or potential client to take a particular legal action, including the filing of an appeal, without first evaluating the merits of that action which would include a review of the entire case file and applicable law, which in the instant case we have not done.

For these reasons, we, as an organization, cannot sign on to a letter requesting or recommending that Iran file an appeal of the default judgment that was recently entered against Iran, nor can we offer legal assistance, advice, or representation to Iran or any other nation, state, corporation, group, or individual party. Of course, the evidence we have developed in support of the Petition to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York that we recently filed is publicly available on our web site www.lcfor911.org and could be used by any party in any litigation to the extent that it was relevant.

The decisions and limitations on actions reflected in this letter are decisions and limitations on actions of the Lawyers’ Committee and do not necessarily imply that individual attorneys, scientists, or investigators involved with the Lawyers’ Committee or on our Board would be similarly restricted in their individual and private capacities should they be asked and agree to provide legal assistance to any nation, state, corporation, group, or individual. Any such requests would have to be evaluated and decided on a case by case basis by the person(s) requested to provide such assistance, with prior consultation with and approval by the Lawyers’ Committee if needed and appropriate with regard to potential conflicts of interest.

However, the Lawyers’ Committee Board of Directors has adopted a policy intended to maintain the independence and objectivity of the Lawyers’ Committee in pursuing our 9/11 related public interest investigations and our goals of 9/11 transparency and accountability. That policy requires any Lawyers’ Committee Board Member, attorney, or staff member to timely disclose to the Board any request for legal or other assistance from any party who has been officially charged with or might reasonably be perceived to have culpability in any 9/11 related crimes, and if the Lawyers’ Committee Board Member, attorney, or staff member decides to provide such assistance to such party, then, in order to preserve the independence and objectivity of the Lawyers’ Committee, that Board Member, attorney, or staff member would be required to resign from any role with the Lawyers’ Committee.

The Lawyers’ Committee has not made any determinations regarding Iran’s, or any other nation or government’s, potential criminal culpability or civil liability, and our 9/11 related investigations have not been completed. The above mentioned policy adopted by the Board, however, would not preclude the Lawyers’ Committee, in an appropriate case or cases where the public interest would be served thereby, acting in the role of a friend of the court (amicus curiae) or as an intervening party in a 9/11 related litigation. The Lawyers’ Committee of course reserves its options to bring civil litigation on its own behalf to foster our own non-profit mission.


Mick Harrison, Attorney at Law
Executive Director, Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Inc.

Jane A. Clark, Esq., Chair – Mick G. Harrison, Esq. – David Meiswinkle, Esq. – William Jacoby, Esq. Julio C. Gomez, Esq. – Michael Springmann, Esq. – Ed Asner – David Cole – Barb Honegger



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  1. The Persians are great people and hard workers. When you pay for two buildings to be blown up they do a third building for free. Not like those other lazy, sit on their butts, terrorists. Jeezy-peezy.

  2. @ Echoes May 25, 2018 at 4:53 am
    No, removing your comment was a sensible move for them. They are Architects and Engineers, and use their relative talents and expertise to question the possibilities of the ‘Official Narratives’ from an architectural and mechanical perspective.
    I’m sure many of them have their suspicions about ‘who dun it’, but allowing comments like yours would immediately bring them under withering fire, and lose them much of their credibility.
    That in no way makes them gatekeepers. They are doing a very good job.
    Like you, I believe Israel was up to it’s neck in it, alongside Americans and Dual Nationals.

  3. There is a legal lawsuit for “defamation of character” by some of the “actors” in Sandy Hoax against Wolfgang Halbig. They know they own the corrupt courts. It’s so easy to bribe a judge especially when billionaires are sponsoring your nefarious anti-Constitutional deeds.

  4. Trump has already established that the US Lamestream Media are “FAKE NEWS”. The Iranians can exploit this narrative by claiming the Lamestream Media’s (Read: CIA’s/MIC’s/Deep State’s) version of 9/11 is also FAKE NEWS. It’s that simple!!! There is a Latin legal principle exploited in courts all of the time vis-a-vis witness credibility: Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus (If you’ve lied once, nothing you say thereafter can be trusted to be the truth). The Iranians should play it from that angle with Trump, but NOT in the American court system at all.

  5. The owners of the MSM control 96% of western world media. That consists of all major TV networks, all major radio station networks, all major newspaper chains, all major publishing networks.
    For a closer look at the owners, search the internet with the phrase_ tapnewswire 96

  6. https://nomoregames.net/2011/12/26/judge-george-b-daniels-misfires-on-911-again/ Quote:
    Judge George B. Daniels Misfires on 9/11 Again
    Posted on December 26, 2011by Morgan Reynolds
    Morgan Reynolds
    “Back in 2007 Federal Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District of New York dismissed my 9/11 “no planes” whistleblower lawsuit against NIST contractors “with prejudice” along with separate 9/11 suits filed by Dr. Judy Wood and Ed Haas. Hizz honor never considered the facts brought forward in any of these suits despite his legal obligation to temporarily accept them as true and rule on other factors like legal standing in determining whether or not to grant plaintiffs access to the court’s resources. He promptly gave the plaintiffs’ facts and pleadings the back of his hand and dismissed with prejudice. That last word applies beautifully since its first dictionary definition is “an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.”
    “Now we learn more about Daniels’ 9/11 prejudice. He obviously embraces the thread-bare 9/11 official conspiracy theory because he has signed a “defaultjudgment finding Iran, the Taliban and al-Qaida liable for the September 11, 2001 attacks.” Wow. Even war-crazed neocons like Cheney and Rumsfeld never went so far as to blame the Iranian government for 9/11 or accuse it of conspiring with al-Qaida. Daniels reached his conclusion after hearing unopposed plaintiffs’ experts …

    • … Wow. Even war-crazed neocons like Cheney and Rumsfeld never went so far as to blame the Iranian government for 9/11 or accuse it of conspiring with al-Qaida. Daniels reached his conclusion after hearing unopposed plaintiffs’ experts from the 9/11 Commission, government spooks and three Iranian defectors. Now there is a credible group. Think this ruling might have something to do with pumping up the volume for Israel and/or the United States governments to attack Iran?”
      Obviously Judge Daniels was selected Federal Judge in NY not because of the quality of his character, but because he, like UN Ambassador Haley, is an Israeli shill both from South Carolina. While he has degrees from Yale and UC Berkeley, in the field of law these are rock bottom. This example show vividly how and why Iran must not attempt to challenge this totally corrupt ruling in this totally corrupt federal courtroom in the cesspool New York, the same corrupt State where Israel lover liar con artist cheater bully draft dodger Trump is from. In fact this same corrupt judge even recently gave Trump himself a favor by dismissing some lawsuits against him. This is also a perfect example of what Earl Carey said in his great book “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America”, Bismarck House, 1992, US Federal courts are totally corrupt! You think you have a right to a jury trial. No you don’t. Iran must not set foot in this corrupt federal court in New York.

    • By the way the prejudiced, ignorant Israeli lovers in South Carolina just passed a totally illegal and unconstitutional law forbidding any criticism of the terrorist criminal gangsters in Israel using their “religion” as a shield to commit crime. It has not been signed yet but likely will be. Not only has the cesspool Israel hi jacked America it has hi jacked some of these corrupt States too. What a disgrace.
      https://www.reuters.com/article/us-south-carolina-antisemitism/south-carolina-passes-bill-to-fight-anti-semitism-on-campus-idUSKBN1I41JC Israel did 9/11/01:

  7. No-one should accept and consent that US courts have jurisdiction over them. Not individuals or certainly not countries (states). Anyone who does consent have thereby subjugated themselves to a master, and become a slave.

    Understanding what ‘US’ is, how law has been systematically perverted and replaced with the appearance of law, and much more, Wayne Barbuto’s It’s not the Law is most useful. http://itsnotthelaw.com/

  8. During the Vietnam War no judge ever allowed a draft resister to mount a defense which challenged the legitimacy of the war. Any evidence which challenged the legitimacy was not permitted to be presented and therefore was never considered. The same thing would happen with the claim against Iran were they to be so foolish as to submit to the jurisdiction of rigged US courts. All evidence which challenges the official 9/11 fairy tale would be excluded from consideration. Iran made the correct decision. Note that the claim against a sovereign nation was adjudicated in a national court rather than in an appropriate international judicial body.

  9. Toby: In an “honest” legal system, if one even exists, what you say might be true. In the first place, lawyers are inherently evil and dishonest. This is literally the “oldest” profession, the only one taught to lie and cheat in school. It is an obscenity to call a lawyer “Juris Doctor”. In the above book by Earl Carey published in 1992 before the internet, all Carey wanted was a simple jury trial on the issues of his dispute with the Computer Giant. He tried every legal means, every legal means failed. He was his own lawyer pro se and saw the inside of the federal courts like no one ever has. He even tried to have federal judges arrested by the FBI! Carey was an engineer. On page 330 he points out that even in the mythical society of Utopia lawyers were banned because they disguise matters; in other words they lie and cheat. This was in the year 1516! Lying lawyers have hi jacked our whole government. They dominate all three branches. We have no real checks and balances at all. It is all a lie. Paul Revere should have shouted, “The lawyers are coming, the lawyers are coming!” The sham court cases of phony citizen Obama illustrates how corrupt all these courts were and are today. No one had a chance. Carey’s book is one of the most important books of the 20th century but almost no one has read it. Lying lawyers have destroyed our government and our country. They must be banned from holding all government jobs.

  10. Kevin, you know good and well that if Iran were to challenge this, Mossad, ShinBet, and their CIA and FBI partners in crime would see to it that everyone on your list including yourself would be suicided, car-crashed, jet-crashed, freak accidented, heart attacked, car-bombed, jet-bombed, car-malfunctioned, jet-malfunctioned, train-malfunctioned, overdosed, poisoned, drive-byed, and/or died of “mysterious illnesses” or “mysterious circumstances”. It’s SOP for these psychopaths.

    • Israel lover liar cheater con artist draft dodger Trump is an Israeli stooge under Israeli control. You can bet he already knows Israel did 9/11/01 with the aid of traitors Bush and Cheney and the four star generals. The last thing this gangster would do is admit Israel did 9/11/01. He has sold his soul to them. He may no longer even be human who knows? How many wives has he had? How many ladies of the night has he had even while “married”? How many venereal diseases including AIDS does he have? These horrible diseases still effects one’s brain you know and obviously his brain function is not working well lately is it? He purports to want to start WWIII for the selfish benefit of his friends in Israel. Is this the goal of a normal functioning brain? The Jews had to have control of the towers in order to plant the explosives in them. Read this and many other articles. Israel did it with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and the Four Star Generals:

  11. If Iran truly wants to win on all fronts, it would diplomatically announce to the world and the US that it will abandon all of its nuclear ambitions, real or perceived, immediately henceforth and allow International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) inspectors 24/7/365 access to their hearts’ content if the US President will…

    1.) – allow them to present evidence to him privately of Israel’s and the US Government’s culpability in the 9/11 High Treason atrocity. Mr. Trump is very familiar with building construction. He worked all the time with his structural engineer for his Trump Towers. We already know Trump was a Birther. He knows bullshit when he sees it. Trump is almost for sure a secret, in-the-closet for now 9/11 Truther.

    2.) – simply admit on live tv, after observing the mountain of evidence, in a Presidential address and presentation of the evidence to a joint session of Congress and the American People that the US and Israel did this to their own people and call for a REAL investigation to be convened immediately.

    The Deep State would go APOPLECTIC!!! Think of all the attempts they would be making on Trump’s life to bury 9-11 Truth!!! Trump would become a world hero!

    • This is absolute nonsense. Israel lover liar cheater con artist, bully draft dodger Trump is an Israeli stooge. I hope the officials in Iran are not stupid enough to follow this insane recommendation. Trump would never admit Israel pulled off 9/11/01. They must stay out of our Federal Courts which are all totally corrupt. The above example of challenges to Obama is a good one showing how no one had a chance. Basically all challenges before swearing in were premature while all challenges after swearing in were moot! This is how lying cheating lawyers operate. Many documents about Obama also vanished from archives and libraries too and lying lawyers likely stole them. None, zero, of any issues were adjudicated at all! Obama and his promoters in the Democratic Party pulled off the biggest con of the 21st century on America and got away with it. Americans are the biggest fools on planet Earth. They idolize their totally corrupt lying cheating courts run by lying lawyers. Today we have a new Israel lover con artist draft dodger in charge: Trump an Israeli Stooge gangster from New York.

  12. The famous 9/11 whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, was gagged by a Federal judge. She decided she would fight this in Federal court. Big Mistake! Her colleague in the FBI informed her why she was wasting her time in Federal courts. He said that his first assignment in the FBI as a rookie was vetting Federal judges from the District level up to SCOTUS. He said every nominee who had a clean record was rejected. Only corrupt nominees who could be blackmailed or bought were ever even allowed to be considered.

  13. The Federal AND even County and State courts are corrupt to the core in the US. Look at how only ONE court allowed the presentation of the mountain of evidence for ONLY 30 minutes of Obama’s utterly ridiculous bogus birth certificate, Selective Service Registration, and Social Security Number of a deceased man born in 1891. Only the Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia allowed a 30 minute presentation of the evidence. It NEVER was allowed to go to trial, but certainly not for lack of evidence. What did the State of Georgia get in return for this compliance with the Deep State/MIC/CIA Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime Cabal??? A mere one month later, Georgia became the first State in the nation in about 34 years (a moratorium) to be given Federal permission to build two nuclear plant facilities. There were over 130 challenges to the illegitimacy of Obama’s Birth Certificate in courts at every level in the US and the US Military. Not a single case ever made it to trial beyond the evidentiary phase.

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