Were the 9/11 Aircraft Electronically Hijacked and Remotely Controlled?


By 9/11 Pilots

According to the global grassroots organization 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers website (https://911pilots.org/), there were no Muslim hijackers at the controls of the 9/11 aircraft but that these aircraft were electronically hijacked and remotely controlled through employment of a system called the uninterruptible autopilot that enables a remote source to take complete control of the aircraft autopilot and flight management computer and remotely guide it to its target destination. Once engaged, the pilots cannot disconnect this system.

According to the 9/11 Commission, the alleged hijackers had never flown the sophisticated B-757 and B-767 aircraft in their lives but were mainly trained in light, single engine Cessna 172s and the like. 

This would be akin to only having driven your family automobile and climbing into a huge 18-wheeler semi-tractor trailer that you had never driven before, getting it up to a very high speed, and driving it through a garage without scraping the sides of the truck or hopping into a formula one race car that you hadn’t driven before and keeping it on the track at a very high speed. 

Just because one can pilot a Cessna 172 does not qualify one to pilot a large commercial jet aircraft at very high speeds. It just doesn’t work that way.  

A comparison of the cockpit layout of these types of aircraft will demonstrate the ludicrousness of the official story. There is no way the hijackers could have climbed into the cockpits of the jet aircraft, interpret the instrumentation and flight navigation systems, and fly the aircraft to their designated targets. 

So how did three of four aircraft flies from the point at which they were hijacked to where they flew with cruise missile precision into buildings on the first attempt in New York City and Washington, DC?

One must first review the origin and history of the remote control of large airborne aircraft before we continue.

Over 75-years ago, in 1944, toward the end of World War II, the US Army Air Corp launched Operation Aphrodite in Europe wherein old B-24 bomber aircraft were gutted out to lighten the weight of the aircraft, loaded with 30000 pounds of highly incendiary compound called Torpex, and remotely flown into targets in Europe. Pilots were required to make the takeoff but once airborne, they bailed out of the aircraft.

It should be noted that Joe Kennedy, JFK’s older brother, died on one such top secret missions when the aircraft exploded due to a malfunction before he could bail out of the aircraft. 

There are other such examples of remote control of aircraft, but we will jump ahead forty years to 1984 where NASA and the FAA conducted a joint crash test experiment in a remote location using a large four engine B-720 commercial jet aircraft loaded with only crash dummies and video cameras to test crew and passenger survivability in the event of a crash landing. The aircraft was flown by remote control several times around the traffic pattern before being intentionally crash landed. 

Jumping ahead yet another ten years or so to the mid-90s, the uninterruptible autopilot system previously described was developed and produced as a device capable of remotely taking control of an airborne hijacked commercial jet and guiding to an auto landing at one of many airports in the world. 

(The fact that this technology existed in the mid-90’s years before 9/11 is given by the testimony of an avionics technician who actually worked on this system that was installed on a B-757 aircraft). 

Let us now take for example the hijacker of American Airlines flight 77 supposedly flown by 29-year-old Saudi Arabian hijacker Hani Hanjour who was described as a very poor student pilot that could barely speak English, a requirement to obtain a pilot license. 

AA77 took off from Washington Dulles airport headed for the west coast. After leveling off at cruise altitude for a while, the aircraft made a U turn heading back towards Washington in a descent. According to the official narrative, at 7000 feet the aircraft commenced a 330-corkscrew turn descended to just a few feet off the surface without skidding it at over 500 mph to strike the Office of Naval Intelligence with military precision on its first attempt! 

Digressing, in August 2001, just one month prior to 9/11. Hanjour attempted to rent a small, single-engine Cessna 172 from the Freeway airport in Maryland but was denied rental by the chief flight instructor there, Marcel Bernard, because he could not handle the aircraft! And yet, Hanjour was able to accomplish this amazing aerial feat on his first try.

Given that the alleged hijackers were unqualified to fly the aircraft that day, one must ask how the aircraft were hijacked and flown into buildings as reported by the 9/11 Commission?

The only viable explanation that can be offered is through employment of the uninterruptible autopilot system. How else could this have been accomplished? You be the judge.

In August, 2020, a Federal Aviation Administration whistleblower report was filed via the FAA Hotline by the 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers members alleging the use of the uninterruptible autopilot on 9/11. 

Initially, this federal aviation oversight agency was very receptive to the vast evidence provided and even assigned a Seattle-based FAA aeronautical engineer to handle the case until it was recognized the depth and breadth of the allegations being made. 

Communications all but ceased with the exception of a few emails from the FAA that weakly attempted to refute these claims. Freedom of Information Act requests for relevant information indicated that the FAA was being less than truthful in their responses before communications ceased by this agency and the stonewalling began.

Consequently, over the next two years, letters and emails were sent, and phone calls were made to every relevant government office in Washington, including to the FAA Administrator, Secretary of Transportation, Department of Transportation Inspector General, US Attorney General, Director of National Intelligence, FBI Director, the House Government Oversight Committee leadership. even President Biden and many others without responses! 

Subsequently, appeals have been made to the Pakistani, Chinese, and Russian governments to review evidence and possibly commence an investigation into the lies of 9/11. If the US government is uninterested in investigating our assertions then perhaps a foreign government will. 

Hani Hanjour could not fly a Cessna 172, never mind a B-757, a fact that was known by the 9/11 Commission and the FBI but totally ignored. One must ask why the US federal government continues to ignore this case. Again…you be the judge.

Captain Dan Hanley had a 35-year combined flying career in US naval aviation/United Airlines as a pilot and currently serves as Director of 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers. He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan and may be reached at captaindanhanley@gmail.com.     



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  1. Anyone that still believes there were ANY planes involved in 9/11 is severely misguided or in a state of psychosis and not wanting to accept the truth. There were NO PLANES. This was a JEW Mossad operation with cooperation of the Zionist Intel/Defense Community. Period.

  2. “Electronically Hijacked and Remotely Controlled?”

    9/11 was the psyop that hijacked the American mind to usher in the NWO.

    “Mind Control Using Sound Waves”.
    The Wayback Machine – web dot archive dot org/web/20181211093235/https…
    World Economic Forum
    This article is part of the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils.
    “At the moment, non-invasive neuromodulation – changing brain activity without the use of surgery – looks poised to usher in a new era of healthcare. Breakthroughs could include the better management of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, reducing the pain of migraines or even reversing cognitive disorders caused by brain injury. But what happens if this technique for altering our brain waves escapes regulation and falls into the wrong hands? Imagine a dictatorial regime with access to the tricks and tools to change the way its citizens think or behave”.
    That’s the ethical battleground that Antoine Jerusalem, a professor of engineering science at Oxford University, finds himself in as he researches the potential of ultrasound technology to tackle neurological diseases and disorders.
    In this interview, conducted as part of the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering in the Middle East of scientists, government and business, he tells us more about this growing field of research.
    Controlling the brain with sound waves”.

    • Neuroscience and Economics.

      One of the major players involved with the digital control grid is The Lord Gadhia.
      Gadhia is a senior managing director at The Blackstone Group.
      Jitesh Kishorekumar Gadhia, Baron Gadhia is a British investment banker, Conservative Party donor and member of the House of Lords.
      Member, Young Global Leaders Endowment Fund, Capital Campaign Committee
      Vodafone Group plc (telecommunications)
      Verizon Communications Inc (telecommunications)
      Directorships – Director, Calisen plc (own and manage Smart Meters and other energy infrastructure assets)
      Director, Accord Healthcare Limited
      Director, UK Government Investments Limited
      Remunerated employment, office, profession etc. – Financial Adviser, Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited
      Shareholdings (b) – GSO Credit Alpha Fund II
      Townsend RE Global Special Situations Fund
      Tactical Opportunities H Feeder Fund Ltd (managed by Blackstone)
      Ares European Real Estate Fund V
      GlaxoSmithKline plc (pharmaceuticals/biotech)
      HSBC Holdings plc (universal banking) HSBC
      Johnson Matthey plc (speciality chemicals)
      Morgan Sindall Group plc (construction services)
      Royal Dutch Shell plc (oil and gas)
      AstraZeneca plc (pharmaceuticals/biotech)

      Gadhia studied economics at the University of Cambridge and the London Business School, where he was a Sloan Fellow.
      Fellowships were initially awarded in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Awards were later added in neuroscience (1972) and economics (1980).

  3. Apparently, there’s a US patent issued prior to 911 on the record for the design of the remote take-over of Boeing jetliners flight controls that is possible to access thru Freedom of Information Act. Also, there has been a genuine attempts but publicly undisclosed by the Boeing 757 & B767 seasoned flight instructors in at least one experimental occasion in these type specific simulators to demonstrate the descend to impact scenarios as described in the article that failed (in numerous runs) to come that close to the building at those super high speed regimes. In other words, if pros couldn’t get the planes in the impact positions in the simulators then that’d render the official narrative implausible.

  4. I´m not buying this one, every one have saw how the planes crashed against the building without any part of it being left to fall. It is impossible for the plain to went through the building entirely without any part falling to the ground since it would cut a huge junk of the building if it had got inside entirely

  5. In my own view, my opinion is …that the beams the so-called planes went thru would have had plane pieces strapped to the so-called entrances of contact! Common sense is better served as the simplest domain of intelligentsia via the same concept of building sevens profound demolition. As far as the eye can tell, no real plane parts were in that little hole made at the pentagon or the exploded portions where these fake planes went through. I was watching the TV on September 11th, 2001, while picking up supplies for a job of mine. I watched the explosion of the high rises and said to myself, “SELF”, what a crock of S**T. An Inside job by the Zionist extremists that control our government. As well, I’m so much more well studies now that then, that my gut was on track then and is even more in tune with the Zionist controlled congressional fake elections and money that controls the elections than I ever was then. Needless To Say, History has been superseded by an alternate and deceptive program of propaganda, Jewish Owned TV, and Hollywood spheres, as well, any paper or radio advertising the is untrusted and Untrue clearly a false dissemination of facts. Now, of which is the order of all daytime news and the editors controlled by the Zionist infiltrators. i.e., ALCL, SPLC, The Mossad’s FBI CIA NSA Judas Goats that have infected out nationalistic constitutional format for freedoms via our human right privilege’s. Believer nothing except what you can reason from historical text.

    • All we really know about those planes and the passengers on them is that the cell-phone calls that supposedly were made at 40,000 feet were fake. That’s where we got the mythical boxcutter armed Arab terrorist meme that was the pretext for all the middle East wars of this century.

  6. How does the information work? According to rules codified by the Tavistock.
    One is given one true information and then five or ten false. They do not have to be in one information, as long as they respect the sequence. The reader has no more criticism and is paralyzed by indecision.
    It is not necessarily a criticism of this article but one cannot help but notice that remote control (with the uninterruptible autopilot) is true and that a plane crashing two towers + wt7, which was not even hit, is false.
    Cui Prodest?

  7. Large aluminum beer cans don’t go thru thick steel and concrete like a hot knife thru butter. CGI, crisis actors, compliant media with a script. Look up 911 no planes anywhere but youtube (censored there) and see the evidence.

  8. Hi Kevin
    I watched documentary from video expert guy analyzing the videos of crashing into the twin towers were faked – such as nose of the jet showing coming out from other side (!).
    There was mistake in the video overlay editing, they say it was “debris” but anyone with eyeball or two can see its not.
    Only a few videos of the crashes are available, and all are obviously faked when taking a good look at them. So the “exit” faked (the nose)
    and the “entrance’ too, with the aluminum wings slicing right through the thick steel outer beams of the tower, leaving a ridiculous looking plane-with-wings-still-intact shape.
    I would guess jets did crash electronically remote guided into the towers, (look at drone tech nowadays) why would they leave the must-have success up to lunatic pilots with no experience – no way Jose!
    Holograms the other way – “maybe” but seems a bit too complicated, better use remote guidance and fake videos to support the “media stunt”.

    For the pentagon attack without doubt that was a bomb way back in interior of pentagon killing everyone (naval intelligence) assigned to be investigating the trillion dollars “missing” (whatever it was) from pentagon “budget” announced Sept 10 by Rumsfeld. A missle fired into exterior walls as cover up. No airliner there obviously

  9. “…Then the Pentagon, the idea of a plane flown just above the Potomac at 550 miles per hour. Problem here, at below 25,000 feet, any plane with fuel filled wings, like an airliner, will come apart. All the 9/11 planes violated physical laws.” – Gordon Duff, September 12, 2021

    Remote controlled or not, simply impossible.

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