Is Jewish ‘Choseness’ a supremacist construct?

"That is where we are now. A domineering regional power and a global crybaby, ruling a colonized population deprived of all rights while being convinced that dark forces are out to exterminate us at any moment." ~ Uri


Two Souls 

by Uri Avnery, …and Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv

The twelve tribes

Senior Editor’s note:  Jim has more patience for Uri than I do.  I continually find him a self-aggrandizing blowhard, sucking up to “Jewish liberals” and failing to address the rot at the heart of Israel.

The issue is and always will be the brutality that is Israel “the nation.”  With it, hand in hand, is a brutal America as well, no longer dedicated to anything, perhaps America never was.

It is that America has become like Israel, a nation willing to “stick the world in the tuschie” without the kindness of a kiss, even Hitler/Goebbels remembered the kiss.

Let Uri talk about the UN’s recent, most recent, and it has happened now hundreds of times, condemnation of Israel as a monstrous and criminal state, a hellish place of walls, prisons and barbed wire, of mass murder and hate.

Exceptionalism is racism at its worst.  Uri plays for an Israeli audience, a lone voice of “semi-reason” where psychopathy is the national religion.

[Editor’s Note: Oh my, Uri has wandered into the Zionist no mans land once again, taking on the “Chosen People” zealots. Thankfully, he can do this so the rest of us don’t have to risk the lynch mobs or being burned at the stake.

Uri survives as an internal critic of Israeli policy, and also its extremist religious dogma crowd, simply because traditional Judaism has always tolerated spirited debate… but reserved it only for themselves.

Outsiders have to risk the anti-semitism tar-and-feathering, so most don’t bother. It is a classic psychological operation, intimidating your potential opponent by making examples of those who will not stay in their place.

Israeli papers are filled with dog fights on every topic imaginable. The real nasty stuff is saved for the Hebrew papers that never get translated into English. You might have noticed that US media rarely covers any Israeli domestic squabbles, much less do any investigative reporting on their political scene.

I remember learning about this when reading an Israeli article about a Knesset resolution on banned words that members could no longer use in referring to each other during debates.

It was a long list, with a lot of colorful words that I was surprised they would ever make public. But then the bell rang in my head. No foreign media would ever dare say anything about it, and they didn’t.

This is a longer than usual piece for Uri, an historical one, but worth the read. As far as I know, we at VT are the only ones to publish Uri in the US … Jim W. Dean]

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Two Souls – First published June 23, 2018 –

“In reality, the Jewish religion was a proselytizing religion and expanded quickly throughout the empire”…Uri 

“AS LONG as in the heart, within, a Jewish soul is yearning…” thus starts the official translation of Israel’s national anthem. Actually, the Hebrew original says “the soul of a Jew”, but the translator probably got it right. It’s the Jewish Soul that was meant.

But is there a Jewish Soul? Is it different from the souls of other people? And if so, what is the difference? Frankly I don’t know what a soul is.

But let’s assume that there is such a thing as a collective psychology, the general spirit of all the men and women who make up this collective – each of whom has a psychology of his/her own. What is it that differentiates it from that of other peoples?

Looking at the present day Israeli people, a stranger may well be perplexed. First of all, more than a fifth of Israelis are not Jewish at all, but belong to the Palestinian people, who presumably have a different “soul”. When people speak about Israelis, they generally really mean “Jewish Israelis”.

This, by the way, should have convinced Israelis long ago to change the national anthem and other symbols of statehood, to give the minority a sense of belonging. The Canadians did so.

When they realized that the citizens of French descent were liable to secede and found a nation of their own, they changed their anthem and flag, so as to give the French minority a sense of belonging. As far as I can judge from afar, the operation was successful. But there is little chance of this happening here.

EVEN WHEN speaking about Israeli Jews only, our national psychology (or “soul”) is rather perplexing. It contains elements that are mutually exclusive, profound inbuilt contradictions.

On the one hand, most (Jewish) Israelis are immensely proud of the power of the state they have “built out of nothing”. 150 years ago, there were hardly any Jews in the land of Palestine, and these were completely powerless. Today, Israel is the most powerful state in the region, a nuclear power excelling in many fields of human endeavor – military, technological, economic, cultural etc.

Yet listening to many Israeli outpourings, one might come to the conclusion that we may be wiped from the map at any moment. The world is full of people whose sole aim in life is to destroy us. Therefore we must be ready at any moment to defend our very existence.

How do these two contradictory attitudes go together? No problem. They do very well.

FIRST, THERE is the ancient belief that God chose us from all the peoples. Why did God do that? God knows. He does not have to explain. The thing is a bit complicated. First the Jews invented God. There are also Egyptian and Mesopotamian claims, but Jews know better. (It has been said that many Jews do not believe in God, but believe that God has chosen the Jews.)

Jews learn at a very tender age that they are God’s chosen people. Unconsciously, this knowledge remains anchored in their “soul” throughout their life, even though many of them become total atheists. True, many peoples on earth believe that they are better than other peoples. But they don’t have a Bible to prove it.

Marc Chagall’s – Tribes

I am sure that many Jews are not even aware that they believe this, or why. The Jewish soul just knows it. We are special. The language reflects this. There are Jews and there are the others. The Hebrew for all the others is “goyim”. In ancient Hebrew, “Goyim” just means peoples in general, including the ancient Israelite people.

But over the centuries a new definition has come into being: there are the Jews and there are all the others, the Gentiles, the Goyim.

According to legend, the Jews were a normal people living in their land, the Land of Israel, when the evil Romans conquered them and dispersed them throughout the world.

In reality, the Jewish religion was a proselytizing religion and expanded quickly throughout the empire. The Jews in Palestine were already a minority among the adherents of Jehovah, when the Romans evicted many of them (but far from all) from the country.

Soon they had to compete with Christianity, an offshoot of Judaism, which also started to wildly gain adherents. Christianity was built around a great human story, the story of Jesus, and was therefore more apt to convert the masses of slaves and proletarians throughout the empire.

The New Testament also includes the story of the crucifixion – an unforgettable picture of “the Jews” demanding the execution of the gentle Jesus. I doubt if a person who heard this story in their early childhood ever really loses the scene in their unconscious mind. The result is some kind of anti-Semitism, conscious or unconscious.

This was not the only reason for hating the Jews. The very fact that they were dispersed throughout the world was a huge advantage but also a huge curse.

A Jewish merchant in Hamburg could connect with a Jewish merchant in Thessaloniki, who was corresponding with a Jewish merchant in Cairo. Few Christians had such an opportunity. But the competition exposed Jews to innumerable pogroms. In one European country after another Jews were attacked, killed, raped, and finally expelled.

In the Jewish soul all this created two conflicting trends: the conviction that Jews were special and superior and the conviction that Jews were in eternal danger of being persecuted and exterminated.

Islamic achitecture

IN THE meantime, another offshoot of Judaism – Islam – came into being and conquered a large part of the world. Lacking a Jesus story, it was not anti-Jewish. Muhammad had his quarrels with Jewish tribes in the Arabian desert, but for long stretches of time, Muslims and Jews worked closely together.

Moses Maimonides, one of the greatest Jewish thinkers, was the personal physician of one of the greatest Muslim heroes, Salah ad-Din (Saladin). Until Zionism arose.

Jews did not change. While other European nations changed their forms of social structure – tribes, multi-tribal kingdoms, empires, modern nations etc. – Jews stuck to their ethnic-religious diaspora. This made them different, leading to pogroms and finally to the Holocaust.

Zionism was an attempt to turn the Jews into a modern European nation. The early Zionists were cursed by orthodox Rabbis in the most savage terms, but refused to be drawn into a culture war. They created the fiction that in Judaism, religion and nation are the same.

Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, was a European colonialist through and through. He tried to win a European colonial power for his enterprise – first the German Kaiser, then the British imperialists. The Kaiser said to his aides “It’s a great idea, but you can’t do it with Jews”. The British realized the potential and issued the Balfour Declaration.

The Arab populations of Palestine and the “Middle East” realized too late that their very existence was in danger. When they started to resist, Zionism built up modern military forces. Very soon, they became by far the most efficient military machine in the region, and the only local nuclear power.

Herzl’s autobiography is a confession of a narcissistic zealot, and more than a little crazy.

THAT IS where we are now. A domineering regional power and a global crybaby, ruling a colonized population deprived of all rights while being convinced that dark forces are out to exterminate us at any moment, considering ourselves a very special people and an eternal victim. All this quite sincerely. And all this together.

When somebody dares to suggest that anti-Semitism in the West is dying, and that anti-Islam is on the rise instead, the Jewish reaction is furious. We need anti-Semitism for our mental equilibrium. Nobody is going to steal it from us.

Almost 80 years ago, small groups of young Jews in Palestine had the idea of a separation between the communities: we Jews in Palestine were a new nation, all the others would remain just Jews. Rather like Americans and Australians, who were largely of British descent but not quite British anymore.

We all went “native”. On reaching the age of 18, we all exchanged our Jewish names for Hebrew Names. (That’s how Uri Avnery came into being.) We started to think of ourselves as a new nation, with a new “soul”, connected to Judaism, sure, but mainly historically.

But when the full extent of the Holocaust became known, all these ideas died. The Jewish past was glorified. Now Israel calls itself the “Jewish State”. With all the attributes of being Jewish, including the double soul.

So Israelis will continue to sing at football matches “As long as a Jewish soul…”


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  1. David Odell wrote: “I would like to see evidence of Abrahams blood. And please do not show me writings.”

    Of course there is no evidence of Abraham or David or Aaron, Jacob … blood – and all that nonsense!

    The point I was trying to make is a German like “Uri Avnery” to claim land title to Palestine because of some

    biblical hocus-pocus is just beyond stupid!

  2. the truth hurts: “even the 10% native palestinian jews didnt want them there!”

    For over 1,000 years, there have not been any indigenous Palestinians Jews.
    When the European Zionists arrived in 1882, they found:

    403,795 (88%) Muslims
    43,659 (6%) Christians
    15,011 (3%) Jews

    The Muslims and Christians were Arabic-speaking natives and the Jews were all Yiddish-speaking migrants from Eastern Europe who were sent to Palestine to live off Jewish welfare they call “haluka” as a scheme to start planting Jewish presence on that land ahead of the stampede that was to follow. Today, there are millions of indigenous Palestinian Muslims and Christians but no indigenous Jews – unless one were to mention some names in the Zionist army or navy or air force or the Knesset. You cannot find them anywhere because they do not exist. Over centuries, they converted first to Christianity and then to Islam and today’s Palestinians are in fact their descendants of the ancient Hebrews. The Ashkenazi who make up 95% of world Jewry are of Khazarian ancestry who converted to Judaism in the 9th century.

  3. Look how the Bloomberg’s and Goldberg’s
    became Avi ,Ari, Uri! A fake people with
    fake names and fake ancestry.

    Avi Shlaim
    Uri Avnery
    Gilad Atzmon
    Avi Shlaim
    Shlomo Sand
    Ari Shavit

  4. WTF is a “Jewish name”, “Uri Avnery”? You said you went native when you became a “Uri” but your face remained stuck at European! That is something you cannot change even with a billion dollar cosmetic surgery. The problem with this peddler of lies is that there are no “Jewish names” as the Ethiopian Jews had Ethiopian names, Arab Jews had Arabic names, Indian Jews had Indian names. What the “Uri Avnery” whose former name was most likely Henry Bloomberg was referring to is Ashkenazi names. Ovadia Yousouf – an Iraqi Jew – who became the chief Rabbi arrived in Palestine with his ancestral name of ABDULLAH YOUSOUF. Tell me “Avnery” how Rabbi Abdullah Yousouf became “native” by removing his Arabic name? If the Ashkenazi were to become “native” via a change of names, then they would adopt Arabic names since the Jews of the Arab world had only Arabic names. When will the German stop peddling silly lies?

    Btw: “Uri Avnery” said he adopted a brand new name after he landed on Arab land but did not mention
    what he was known as a German Jew?

  5. When the German with an invented name of “Uri” said the Jew merchant here could communicate with the Jew merchant there forgot to tell us what language were they communicating with since European Jewry spoke Yiddish, the Arab Jews Arabic, Iranian Jews Farsi. What Uri-the-delusional- was trying to peddle is that all those Jews were a “nation”, a people who spoke the same language, who looked alike, who were of the same race, etc like Chinese or Japanese or Spanish. DELUSION!

  6. Bernie Sanders = 97.7% “Ashkenazi-Jewish” (Khazar)

    Bernie Sanders was told to read his DNA results and he said laughing “97.7% Ashkenazi-Jewish”.

    Wait a minute! If my DNA results said 97.7% Irish, I will have such a reaction! I would say: “Irish”?

    “Who? How did I become Irish, I am sure there is a mistake!”. But Bernie Sanders having been raised to

    believe that he is in the “diaspora” in the US away from his native land of Palestine – did not inquire what

    “Ashkenazi-Jewish” was? He did not inquire where was his Middle Eastern DNA. These people do look in the

    mirror and they see nobody with even the slightest resemblance to anyone in the Middle East and yet they

    carry on their delusion from the cradle to the grave!

  7. ” And who wants to walk AWAY from an ideology that puts you on a pedestal? Judaism is extremely SEDUCTIVE to “Jews”.

    If I were a Jew, I would do my best to move my children from a delusional mind.

    The “pedestal” is why they were so hated in Europe.

    “There is one thing about which they boast and pride them selves beyond measure, and that is their descent from the foremost people on earth, from Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and from the twelve patriarchs, and thus from the holy people of Israel.” Martin Luther

    95% of world Jewry = Ashkenazi @ 99.9% European and 0% DNA.

  8. I am Middle Eastern and the German Jew with an invented name of “Uri Avenry” and I have nothing in common! To me, he is simply another European predator whose Ashkenazi group was so hated in Europe that they had to be expelled more than 100 times. Then “Uri” and his kind said they wanted to get away from all that hate in Europe and “return” to my region. Goodness gracious! That would be like Nigerians “returning” to Norway. This predator has been taking advantage of Arab land only because his people amassed overwhelming power to overwhelm the natives. This German who looks white and so European and so alien in our region better stop telling me he is an Israelite. Got any proof, “Uri”? Palestine may have looked good to this German, but the German cannot provide evidence that any of his great-great-great grandma or grandpa ever lived on that land. This German better get it through his delusional mind that Palestine is land of the Palestinians and not of stampeding predatory German Jews with fabricated names.

  9. “Uri Avnery” with a totally fake and made up name thinks he became native when the German Jew

    arrived on Arab soil and fabricated a brand new “Hebrew name”. German “Uri” thinks he landed

    back on his grandpa Abraham’s land – except that “Uri” is the last person on earth who has a

    genetic link to Abraham since his DNA is at 99.9% European and 0% Middle Eastern! Do you want

    to know what is funny? People of Africa, Asia, Europe, North, Central, South America have some

    level of Middle Eastern ancestry, the group of people who have none are the Ashkenazi. How

    funny and how embarrassing is it for a people who claim to be god’s special people, the direct

    descendants of Abraham to have 0% of Abraham’s blood? It is hilarious!

  10. How the chosenites were duped by others in military ? All others step 3 feet back so the idiot stands alone infront of the boss and was slapped

  11. Strange that the 10 commandments only eliminates competetives to those who give a shit on them.

  12. The irony is that the majority of modern Jews are probably not descended from the ancient Israelites. The proof of this statement can be found in an article by Scott Stinson, “Who Are The Modern Jew?” And even if they were racial Jews, the Old Testament covenant was absolutely conditional. So legally speaking, the “Jews” have forfeited any claim to Palestine by rejecting the Old Testament in favor of the Talmud, which is a complete reversal of the Old Testament.

  13. Religion is not science and is contradictory with scientific thinking and the scientific method. Religion is based on blind belief coming from biased and bigoted human brains. Children are brainwashed with much contradictory garbage of many different religious myths at very early ages. Some of it is benign. But when you brainwash young children with the idea they are better than others, you are asking for trouble. Mixing science with religion is asking for more trouble. Why do we train engineers who design our cars, homes, buildings, airplanes, ships, etc. in the rules of mathematics, logic and physics instead of religious mythology? If the arrogant and self righteous Jews think their religion is so great why don’t they demand the Rabbis design their cars, homes, buildings, ships, airplanes, etc.? Are we all so stupid and ignorant that we would resort to permitting religious bigots with the responsibilities of the profession of engineering and live through the resulting devastation? Let’s begin brainwashing kids with the laws of physics and mathematics and logic and toss religion out the window. Wouldn’t the world be a better place? We could however retain the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others as you would have them do Unto YOU”.

  14. I don’t suggest Uri’s parent picked his name (Uriah?) from that great English novelist. Yet, there is a Dickens of a lot to be said for comparing the ‘incomparable’ Uri’ah Heep to the Jewish political and religious mindset in telling ways: “His character is notable for his cloying humility, obsequiousness, and insincerity, making frequent references to his own “‘umbleness”.” This is no reflection on the ‘bold’ Uri who – for all his years and experience, retains oodles of gumption and mindboggling patience and tenacity for putting up with all the contrary winds blowing through his neck of the woods or should I say, flinty rocks and impenetrable walls.

  15. As pertains to Billy Grahams statement that we can’t afford to place ourselves in opposition to the Jews without brining detriment to ourselves .. ahem .. the Jews have been throttled and conquered throughout their sad history and it probably will happen again, by the Russians perhaps. God has even claimed to have allowed Israel’s enemies to have them when they went against the Lord’s will. That’s something that Israelis and Jews should keep in mind when fashioning wars and problems for others in this world.

  16. When it comes to religion, I’m sure the same Cock and Bull stories have been told by the same culprits for millenium. The present is the key to the past doesn’t just apply to Geology (Charles Lyell). “The important thing, I think, is not to be bitter. You know, if it turns out there is a God, I don’t think that He’s evil. I think that the worst you can say about him is that basically that He’s an underachiever”. Woody Allen, Love and Death 1975. Woody, of course, gained notoriety for his breakup with Mia Farrow after he was caught bonking her adopted daughter. Personally I find it easy to dismiss that Jews are Gods chosen; as I have also dismissed other aspects of religion. Among those I find most distressing include; human sacrifice, eternal punishment and ritual cannibalism. Of course I do recall bursting into tears when a Nun told me that heaven would be like staying in Mass 24/7. Even a 7yo has better expectations.

  17. Once humans learned this as a tradable commodity, they sought to perfect it. But there is a problem. It must be correct to advance, so all manner of correctness was sought. To date, most attempts have failed. The failure is due to the exclusivity of the favor sought, being favor to the individual. And often times, favor to a select family or even individual person. This application type is responded to with choices which urge the individual to consider the terms. It is childish. Therefore, if a holy person, one with a connection, brings a request, they must consider all living things, and the matter is considered among all living things. The soul, is the part of the mammal that is connected to the trees and all living things. It is eternal, if it is accepted to the group, just like life. Being Jewish has nothing to do with it. It is not even considered.

  18. So let us trace the path of a soul, from the beginning of time in modern terms. Because to do so, in ancient terms is too often misinterpreted.
    There are four or five elements, depending on the school. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, with Wood being the fifth in ancient times, sometimes thought of as aether, in modern times. Five is accepted. It is correct.
    Living things, plants, cannot move about. Their desire festers and grows. They group together by similarity and bonds are formed, relationships nurtured. Trees are elder spirits among these and conduct trade. They were the first to illicit the help of the wind and rain, to advantage or favor. They were the first to record the days and years.

    • Mammals came. After many things able to move and decide things. But they could not advance without a way to recycle, and so Fungi were born onto the scene. Decision was a new ability. Now at the top of mammals are humans. They are races that are as the fingers of a hand, five. Among them, they value being first and it is primate politics to be first in anything. It is treasure to be traded. So, as stories became valuable, the position of hero became valuable. Sacred text which followed the waves of influence according to time and the knowledge of cycles also became commodity. This in step with the cedar. Remember the trees. Because mammals learned that favor, can be bought from the plants with certain things and exchanged with wind and rain for others. It is a conscious ecosystem. We learned this after the trees.

    • The human soul, as a life outside the physical, is not possible without connection to all other life. It was not first. It cannot be first. It can only be a part , and consciously it must be connected to endure. Religion of any type, only seeks to trade this commodity and apprehend the process. And this should be obvious to any soul which wishes to advance. Your origin does not matter. It is your heart which matters, and that has no race, or even species. It is your built in desire to move about and flourish and assist other life. That is nature and the intention of the Mother.

    • well, it could be said, that religion is a set of practices and structured dogmas somehow derived from ancient wisdom. The modern books seek to insert a storyline into the wisdom , and call it theirs. As soon as that is done, corruption ensues. Thus, the 3 Abrahamic religions are not spiritual teachings, but practices and accepted historical storylines, criminally mixed with wisdom, gathered from people all over the world. There is a consensus on this. and while it is not mentioned publicly by the politician, except for maybe Duterte, it is actively changing discourse and movements among many peoples in many lands. The smiling faces of the Saudi women driving, and Iranian women at the theater, is like watching people finally allowed outside. It is both sad and happy at the same time.

    • Khalid, learn the 36 decans then we can talk. There are comparable examples in nearly every culture. If a story follows a progression of content, in a precise manner, numerically and thematically, in correlation with multiple texts from multiple cultures, it is another set. If the chapters follow 36 in a row, with verbatim correlations from an ancient text such as the I-Ching, it should be noteworthy yes ?
      Let’s talk about the story where Abraham is in the desert and the 3 guys come. Precisely modeled after Hexagram 5 in the I-Ching. and the next and the next and the next all in a row. Should I be suspicious ?

  19. 4 and 5 century saw the christian pillar of belief of reincarnation of the soul contested then wiped. Now kabbalah rulings have it at one, that one God/ being now owns. Pity to all those misled by mystics

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