NYT bias and hypocrisy on display in Turkey election “analysis”


    By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

    Usually Zio-America’s newspaper of record hides its biases more effectively.

    Last week on False Flag Weekly News our story #35 was headlined: “NYT (CIA/Mossad/Mockingbird?) pushing extreme anti-Erdogan propaganda.” That NYT pre-election article ludicrously suggested that Erdogan was likely to lose to Kemalist opposition candidate Muharrem Ince. (In fact, the polls clearly projected a strong Ergodan victory.) It was a shameless and undisguised puff piece for Ince, and a hit piece on Erdogan.

    Today, in the wake of Erdogan’s predictable victory, the NYT should be apologizing for its delusional projection of a likely Ince win. Instead, it is doubling down on the anti-Erodogan propaganda.

    Today’s “Five Takeaways From Turkey’s Election” begins by casting the election, the situation in Turkey, and Erdogan’s big win in a negative light.

    NYT’s first “takeaway” is that “Mr. Erdogan’s grip on executive power is now official.” The expression “grip on executive power” casts a negative connotation on a rather normal and benign situation: the president of the nation is delegated with executive power, exactly like in the USA! Apparently the MSM and the powers behind it aren’t happy that Turkey changed its system to resemble America’s. Why not? Because they want a weak and divided parliamentary Turkey that they can easily push around.

    Listen to my interview with Dr. Sami al-Arian on the referendum that changed Turkey from a parliamentary to a presidential system

    NYT’s second “takeaway”: “Voting is free—but the election was not fair.” We learn that turnout was an astounding 86%, vastly higher than in any American election in all of history. Free voting, no credible claims of election fraud (unlike in recent US elections!) and yet…”it’s not fair!” Well, maybe not 100%—life isn’t fair, and neither are any elections, anywhere—but when 86% of a nation’s people turn out and vote freely, and their votes are counted honestly, that nation just put the USA to shame.

    So why was it “not fair”? Because “circumstances favored Mr. Erdogan.” Oh really? Is the NYT suggesting that “circumstances” don’t favor incumbent/establishment candidates in the USA—which is one reason why half the American public doesn’t bother to vote?

    Another “unfairness”: “One of Mr. Erdogan’s leading challengers, Selahattin Demirtas, was forced to conduct his campaign from prison because he had been jailed on politicized charges nearly two years ago, along with several of his lawmakers.” Without getting into the specifics of the case against Demirtas, let us just note that he sympathizes with Kurdish separatists, some of whom have been waging a terrorist campaign against Turkey for decades. So…would a Guantanamo inmate, wrongfully imprisoned or not (and almost all of them are wrongfully imprisoned) be able to run for president of the USA? If not, Turkey is comparatively lenient in its treatment of alleged terrorist types.

    Another “unfairness”: “With more than 100,000 alleged dissidents arrested in the past two years, and a similar number dismissed or suspended from their state jobs, the campaign took place in what Amnesty International described as “a climate of fear” amid a crackdown following the failed military coup of 2016.”

    Well, maybe the fault lies with the coup plotters and their supporters, including the Zionist-CIA types who run the New York Times. The coup failed because the Turkish people came out in the streets in support of Erdogan and democracy, were shot down by the hundreds, and still kept coming. Now 86% of Turks came out to vote, their votes were fairly counted, and Erdogan won. But (alleged) coup supporters have been arrested! It’s SO unfair!

    The next “takeway”: “Turkey’s economy may weaken further.” True. That’s because the Zionist banksters and the pet Western governments they own will undoubtedly try even harder to strangle the Turkish economy, just like they are doing to Iran and Russia, in hopes of forcing regime change. Apparently the thought of a strong, independent, Islamic Turkey allied to neighboring independent nations Russia and Iran terrifies the banksters and their bought-and-paid-for NYT propagandists.

    Which brings us to the NYT’s penultimate “takeaway”: “Turkey may move even closer to Russia.” “All of this plays into the hands of Putin!” cries an establishment propagandist. And we hear that “Mr. Erdogan’s victory is also bad news for the American-backed Syrian Kurdish forces…” Which means good news for Turkey, Syria, and Middle East peace, and bad news for the Zionists behind the Oded Yinon plan who played the lead role in creating “Kurdish” nationalism in the first place.

    The final NYT “takeaway”: “The opposition is stuck between a rock and a hard place.” In other words, they can’t win by trying to overthrow democracy in a Zio-American coup d’état, nor can they win in free elections. They just don’t have enough popular support to implement either regime change option. So…tough luck, guys! The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.


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    1. Similar to the times of the Joung Turks revolution which brought Kemal Attaturk to power, now also almost nobody seems to care who is really driving this anti Kemalistic push.

      It wood give far more insight in what is really going on in and around Turkey, if one goes deeper into these questions. It would also reveal some profound connections to all the current circles of power, which supported this large politcal project, which also includes many other northern African and ME countries.

      This project is from the beginning directly connected with all the secret services, their minions and very deeply with all the secret societies around. First England in it’s imperialistic new shaping of the ME and later Germany had up to this day a big hand in all this, they worked tightly together.

      I know that what I touched here is in it’s nature not to welcomed to be discussed here and in other places. It nevertheless cannot remain untouched and simply put aside. It has – from time to time – also influenced former articles of Kevin and it’s not simply going away by ignoring.

    2. Not entirely correct.
      Erdogan has sold a long list of government assets & many factories to private sector of foreign owners within past 15 years which brought 60 Billion USD to this country.
      16 years Ago, total external depts was 129 billion USD, and now it is over 453 Billion USD. How would somebody explain this for a country who had such rich resources of agriculture, mining, manufacturing, trade, young work force, and now people can hardly talk about mining, manufacturing or agricultue in this country. Country has become a very good consumer of foreign manufacturers, and poor in agriculture.
      A big portion of this money went to their close partisans and foreign partners of course.

      Erdogan has been working as an ally to western powers and israel by protecting their interests, restricting the freedom in country and keeping his suppressive regime. Country has been ruled under state of emergency for the past couple of years now.
      During his administration 1 USD = 1.16 Turkish Lira (2008 January), Now 1 USD is 4.67 Turkish Lira (2018 June) Turkish Currency has lost value 400 %, 4 times more within past 10 years.

      Interesting thing is; Erdogan is basically burning this country to its ashes, and still managing to show / make it seem like everything is wonderful and peopla are happy. This is his absolute success. No other leader could manage this in the past.

    3. From a knowledgeable source I am told that Erdogan has accomplished more for Turkey in 10 years than any preceding Turkish leader. I am referring to areas such as education, healthcare, highways and infrastructure, defense and, the economy. Things we won’t hear about from the NYT.

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