Pizzagate Hoax: HHS official who spread conspiracy theories forced out

Ximena Barreto is the third HHS staffer to depart after POLITICO profiled how Trump appointees were using social media to spread conspiracy theories and make controversial statements. | John Shinkle/POLITICO
Editor’s note:  Pizzagate.  We love it.  This is part of how Israel gets away with firebombing Gaza and killing kids, by suckering the undiscerning (OK, I mean idiots) into fake conspiracy theories pointed at Democrats and Hillary Clinton when it is really Trump himself that is and always has been at the heart of child trafficking, and we stand ready to prove it anytime.

Ximena Barreto — a Donald Trump political appointee who used social media to spread conspiracy theories about a supposed pizza shop sex ring and made other inflammatory remarks — was escorted from Health and Human Services Department headquarters Friday, according to an individual with knowledge of the situation.

Barreto resigned, the individual said. HHS did not immediately respond to a request for comment. An email sent to Barreto’s HHS account Friday night produced a bounce-back message that the message was “undeliverable.”

Before joining HHS as a deputy communications director in December 2017, Barreto spread conspiracy theories on social media and through online videos — among them that Hillary Clinton was engaged in a child-sex ring at a Washington pizza shop, involved in the murder of Democratic National Committee aide Seth Rich and employed pedophiles in her campaign. Barreto also repeatedly insulted Islam as a “cult” and shared a post suggesting that “our forefathers would have hung” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for treason, CNN and other outlets first reported.

After Barreto’s posts became public this spring, she was placed on review and subsequently reassigned to HHS’ Administration for Children & Families.

Barreto is the third HHS staffer to depart after POLITICO profiled the way Trump appointees were using social media to spread conspiracy theories and make controversial statements. Gavin Smith, a communications staffer who publicly attacked lawmakers and reporters, was pushed out earlier this month. Tim Clark, who served as White House liaison and helped hire Barreto and Smith, also has left his role.

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  1. Just cutting off the aid to Israel and imposing some sanctions would be enough, the country would collapse in short order without the US umbilical cord.

  2. Dear Ian,
    Saying Pizzagate is a hoax, over & over again, does not make it so. The Podesta emails were only the tinder that started the Pizzagate fire. The real Pizzagate investigation was undertaken by researchers globally & the tentacles leading back to that Pizza Parlor in Washington DC & others like it are compelling. Pizzagate is real. The fact that you continue to push any other narrative should discredit pretty much anything you have to offer moving forward. BTW, did you just reference Snopes as a legitimate news source? Good Lord…..
    Here’s the real question VT readers with an IQ above “the severe retardation marker” would like to know. Who decided to release the Pizzagate emails & why? Wikileaks is undoubtedly a questionable source, yet they dropped perhaps the most important intel in modern history. Watching every level of government & ALL mainstream media trying to cover it up has been almost… well… biblical. Was it a mistake?? HIGHLY unlikely. Was it supposed to be another trigger point for an impending revolution of some sort? Perhaps….. To say Pizzagate was a plot to “get” the Clintons is well beyond ridiculous. The Clinton’s got themselves. They’re repugnant humans (assuming they are actually human) as is Trump. Hillary stood on stage & called most of America “deplorable” to their face. In Layman’s terms that’s called “self sabotage”.
    Show us that critical intersect between Wikileaks & Pizzagate. It’ll all come out eventually Ian…

    • What a load of rubbish, I will explain it one last time, hopefully in a way even you can grasp. The Podesta emails as leaked to the public were the product of Israel’s Unit 8200, they obtained the original email material from the NSA under a secret agreement signed during Bush Jr’s presidency that setup a direct link from the NSA to Israel through which all the raw data gathered by the NSA was passed. Unit 8200 spiced up the emails to make them seem incriminating then released them into the public domain via Wikileaks, which is a Mossad front. If you believe that anything that has passed through the hands of Unit 8200 and Wikileaks is anything other than false, fabricated disinfo then you’re a moron.

      Pizzagate is an entirely fictional, fabricated narrative that had two main objectives; firstly, to damage the Clinton campaign for the presidency and secondly, to deflect attention from the very real paedophile rings operating in Washington, DC. These rings are largely run by Israeli assets and have been in operation a long time, at least since the 1950s when Roy Cohn ran them. Then, as now, one of the prime reasons for the existence of these rings is to entice and entrap US politicians and lawmakers by obtaining compromising material on them, it is one of the key ways in which Israel exerts control over the US government.

      If this factual explanation is not good enough for you then I suggest you go hang out somewhere else like Infowars where the sort of moronic bullshit you seem to like is the stock in trade, you won’t find any of that here at VT, we only deal in facts that we can support with evidence.

  3. How the hell does someone follow VT for years but remain so hopelessly misinformed? Pizzagate is an entirely fake story, nothing real about it, until you grasp that, you remain completely clueless. Yes, there is a very large and longstanding elite pedophile ring, but Pizzagate is not part of it, rather it is a fraudulent narrative intended to deflect from the real pedophile activities such as the Franklin Scandal, the death of Judge Scalia, etc. etc.

    You blame the Clintons, accuse Hillary of rape, what a crock of shit, the people really running things are Zionist-Israeli stooges, Jeffrey Epstein with his Mossad agent assistant Ghislaine Maxwell were running an entrapment operation, setting VIPs up with underage girls and sometimes boys in order to obtain compromising material on them for blackmail purposes. Trump had an involvement too as his Mar-a-Lago resort was one of the places used by Epstein to host these pedophile activities.

    So instead of throwing a load of nonsense and bullshit a us, go read the work we have done to expose the truth, there will be more of it coming soon as we are working on a major expose of the Israeli-run Washington pedo rings operated by the likes of Roy Cohn and with the involvement of men like Donald Trump.

    Or you can continue to believe bullshit like Pizzagate and Cathy O’Brien and remain a moron….

  4. The trail of victims is a rather plain trail, the one to hunt if hunting pedo’s. Rumors would not be my choice over the obvious. Unless of course pedo’s are not what you are hunting. If you are hunting pedo’s follow the screams of the victims. There are tons . If you are a political operative with the name pedo hunter, then ,.. well that’s pretty disgusting.

  5. I suppose if they sent a supermodel to attempt to do what Monica did, it would have been too obvious a honeytrap and wouldn’t have worked.

  6. The PR business for the Catholic Church is worth billions. The CIA began with Italian Mafia involvement. The church is an integral part of the spy game in all countries. What deeper cover exists ? What better place to launder money or messages is there ? Here’s an old case some might remember,.. Louis Freeh. educated at St Joe’s. “A notable case Freeh was associated with was the “Pizza Connection” investigation, in which he was lead prosecutor. The case, prosecuted in the mid-1980s, involved a drug trafficking operation in the United States by Sicilian organized crime members who used pizza parlors as fronts. After a 14-month trial, 16 of 17 co-defendants were convicted. The “Pizza Connection” case was, at the time, the most complex criminal investigation ever undertaken by the U.S. government.”

  7. Pizzagate is not real and you are a moron for continuing to think so. Podesta emails? Gimme a break, those emails were passed by the Israeli controlled NSA to Unit 8200 in Herzliya, Israel where they were filtered, sorted, and spiced up, then released by the Mossad’s Wikileaks operation. If you think that anything that has passed through such hands constitutes evidence then you really are a moron. Don’t mix the entirely fake Pizzagate with the very real paedophile issue.

  8. Couple things,.. Investigations,..Scam creation,.. and Logo’s. We are in the metoo movement. Ton’s of people are coming forward from all walks of life in all sectors. So. this is the setting, and for an investigation to open, there needs to be one victim with a credible story. So, far,.. zip. Now this in what most people would consider the democratic base where victims certainly receive warmer reception and less obfuscation than the republican base, so the fact there has been no findings, is not because a million law enforcement folks decided to be in on it. Logo’s ,.. certain logo’s make up a huge amount of logo’s overall, this entire thing was examined wrongly by guys like Tsarion, and many others,.but the spiral and the pyramid, though maybe not combined, is actually common in southwestern and Central American art.

    • Creating scams , is not very hard. In fact, screen writers will tell you, that some bizarre synchronicity in a movie with anything, can last for years in the rumor mills, even decades. Targeting certain people, with a certain message, is malicious, and it propagates quickly when planted in the right places. Flat earth is a great example. This compiled talking points , slowly released to keep the base energized, and fake online commenters. There were contrarians playing the game for kicks, to see how long folks would argue. This inflated the perception of the number of believers. Data mining the pedestal emails for key words and other connections to create a scam is Childs play. I could do the same thing with any regular commenter on VT including myself, and present evidence to show almost anything. Being unethical, does not mean difficult.

    • Pedophiles do not form public businesses to build their victim base. They first seek a position of trust among parents, and access to children. Churches are number one. No other outfit is even close,. then schools and adolescent homes and medium or low security child prisons. Detained migrant children have already filed 100 reports since the fiasco started, and how many from pizza gate ? At this moment, there are dozens of cases involving hundreds and hundreds of victims including those that have been recently filed, to those who just paid out millions, and others in the multi-year process. So, if you are actually someone who advocates of victims of sex abuse of children, then you should be where the pedophiles are. Otherwise you are an opportunistic hack, that only wants to attack specific persons, not the crime of pedophilia.

    • This entire thing helped two entities most. First the Republican base, and second Religion. The amount of heat on the Catholic Church right now is very understated. A diocese in Montana, just announced to their laity and priests, that 10% of all saving by the churches, the priests personal savings, and 1000 each from every member of Laity, is required to pay the 20 million they just were fined for pedophilia and the coverup. And that is just one diocese. So, good job on the distraction, good job on the election, and good job on revealing who was behind it. The CIA has been operating in the Catholic Church since inception. This is known. Priesthood is 60 % Gay, 25 % pedophile, and 15% heterosexual,… of which generously 1 % is celibate. The Gay priesthood and Bishops and Cardinals, are the most likely to cover up for pedophiles, due to their own sense of guilt.

  9. Pizzagate is utterly fake, VT has written at length about it, we did our own investigation, nothing to do with Snopes or any journalists. The simple facts are that there were two reasons behind the Pizzagate psy op; firstly, to deflect attention from the actual, very real elite paedophile ring in Washington and secondly, to attempt to derail Hillary’s campaign for the presidency. Bill Clinton was a good president and he wasn’t under Israeli control, which was why they had to infiltrate Israeli agent Monica Lewinsky into the White House to entrap Clinton and therefore have some compromising material to attempt to exert nefarious influence on the Clinton presidency, in particular US foreign policy. Sheldon Adelson, Ronald Lauder and the rest of the pro-Israel Jewish oligarchs who since the 1980s spent millions on a campaign of disinformation against the Clintons would be delighted to see that their money was well spent and there are still idiots who believe the guff they spread. This is something else VT has written about at length; of course, only information that fits your preconceived notions is acceptable to you, but facts are facts.

  10. Pizzagate is the most obvious fake news psy op since Jade Helm and only a fool would believe otherwise.

  11. If you still believe Pizzagate is real then, to use a phrase from Gordon you are simply ‘too stupid to live’.

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