Israel’s Hate Crimes Against Humanity, MORE of the Videos they Don’t want you to see


As Israel appears to be gearing up for yet another Mowing of the Lawn Genocide invasion in Gaza and Palestine watch these videos Israel, Zionist Christians and the 43 some odd US Congresspeople who are treasonist dual citizens with Israel, don’t want you to see.  Continue to sleepwalk or wake up, the choice is yours.  If you choose to wake up then do something about it.  Share this page at a minimum.

How the Zionist Controlled worldwide media covers all this up

The Lord’s Prayer

“‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us today our daily bread.  And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.” – Matthew 6:9-13

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 Greatest Spiritual Teachers, Avatars, Gurus, Enlightened Teachers, and Guardian Angeles we pray that you lovingly watch over and protect all people who are treated with indifference and cruelty. We pray that you awaken the hearts of those who think, act and treat any person as less than your most Holy and beloved child. Awaken the minds and souls of all those who use violence in any form to control, manipulate and subdue another in the name of any ideology, religious or patriotic belief. Allow only love, peace, and compassion to reign over the earth. Grant us the wisdom and power to forgive and having loving compassion for all those who have most forgotten the Holy plan for the realization of love and peace within the self and on earth, as in heaven. Amen.




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  1. One thing is for certain, no process will be held for Israeli crimes against humanity, not before US and West europe alliance military personnel are held accountable for war crimes on courts across the globe. Which is never, or that is, until some places are razed like once Berlin or Hiroshima, probably not even then. There goes the hypocrisy, where courts and human rights are just for silly Slavic and balkanoid smugglers for NATO enlargements. NATO and Israel are “above the law” and are “morally superior nations” through UN monkeyshop.

  2. Everything that is going on in Israel is based on hypocrisy. However for me this video says it best “Watch the video the New York Times didn’t Want You to See”. The message we are Special comes through loud and clear, “We can move people by force off their land. We can kill unarmed wounded civilians in the street. We can do anything.”

  3. Everywhere Israel lover Trump goes, at all times 24/7, he should have pasted or pinned on his chest and back the sign “ISRAEL LOVER”. His allegiance is not to the U.S. but that tiny unindicted international criminal terrorizing the middle east and the world every day with our help and aid. Trump closes his eyes to the truth as if he had no education at all in his life. Trump like his cronies in Israel obviously does not possess a conscience or human feelings. How would he like his own sons and daughter to be treated like Israel treats the Palestinians every day? He is a hypocrite fool of a human being. He is a coward draft dodger. He has sold his soul to the devil. He is a shameful disgrace. Don’t hold your breath until he admits Israel did 9/11/01 but blamed the Muslims. Seventeen years and counting of total gross cowardice in the United States and cowardly whores in Congress.

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