NEO: Iran Promises Trump “The Mother of All Wars”


By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

One thing is clear, Donald Trump has no idea what a war with Iran would cost. Estimates of American combat dead begin at 80,000 and move upward. Civilian deaths in the US, not counting any nation that would aid the US in such an endeavor, would likely top 50,000 or more.

The financial cost is estimated in the trillions with Saudi Arabia’s oil output ended for all time. That nation would lie in ruins. The same is likely for Israel as well.

Then again, Russia listens to Trump, but Iran is a “red line” for Russia as was Syria. Iran is and always has been the “back door” into Russia.

Past that, Turkey and Pakistan have both become hostile to the US under Trump. There are no land approaches to Iran but through Pakistan or Turkey and neither love nor trust the US anymore.

In fact, both might well choose to war on the US, particularly if Russia or China joined in, even in a limited way.

War with Iran might well be the end of America as a world power.

President Trump has chosen to go to war with Iran. His attempts to threaten Iran into humiliation as he has done with some success with America’s NATO partners, will fail miserably. Iran is not France.

Trump is simultaneously moving against both Turkey and Pakistan. Through terror surrogates, ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, a “failed mission,” the Kurds and radical cleric Fethullah Gulen against Turkey, the MEK against Iran and the Indian/Israeli trained “fake” Taliban fighting Pakistan, America has chosen to dominate the Middle East and South Asia.

From there, Trump has chosen to use economic sanctions, Iran in place and Turkey and Pakistan in the planning stage, to institute regime change and put in place puppet governments.

It won’t just be Iran’s President Rouhani. White House plans include removal of Turkey’s President Erdogan, Pakistan’s President elect Imran Khan along with secret plans to kidnap or kill Syrian President Assad.

Sources at the highest level of Italy’s counter-terrorism forces have leaked reports of a joint US/Israel document, a plan to use witnesses from the notorious White Helmet organization, a CIA MI6 front group operating as a fake NGO, to seek an indictment against Assad at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Please note that both the US and Israel have, themselves, withdrawn from that body in fear that their own leaders might face indictment as well.

When American President Donald Trump “tweeted” threats to Iran in late July 2017 hit, the reality of a broad war entered a new phase, a war Trump will never understand, and a war Trump’s mouth may have inexorably moved toward.


The returning salvo from Iran was issued, not by President Rouhani, but by Major General Qassim Soleimani, perhaps the most respected and feared military leader of our era, spoken of as a combination of Che Guevara and Erwin Rommel with a touch of Patton thrown in for good measure.

Soleimani, reported killed more than once in Israeli assassination attacks, is truly “bigger than life.”

“You threaten us with an action that is ‘unprecedented’ in the world. This is cabaret-style rhetoric. Only a cabaret owner talks to the world this way.

What was it that you could do over the past 20 years but you didn’t? You came to Afghanistan with score of tanks and personnel carriers and hundreds of advanced helicopters and committed crimes there. What the hell could you do between 2001 and 2018 with 110,000 troops? You are today begging Taliban for Talks.

Afghanistan was a poor country, what the hell could you do in this country that you are currently threatening us?

You arrogantly attacked Iraq with 160,000 troops and multiple times (military equipment) compared to what you used in Afghanistan. But what happened? Ask your then commander who was the person that he sent to me and asked ‘Is it possible for you to give us time and use your influence so that our soldiers will not be attacked by the Iraqi fighters in these few months until we exit the country?’

Have you forgotten that you provide adult diapers for your soldiers in the tanks? Despite that you are currently threatening the great country of Iran? With what background to you threaten us?

We are near you where you can’t even imagine. We are the nation of martyrdom, we are the nation of Imam Hossein, you better ask. Come; we are ready. We are the man of this arena. You know that this war would mean annihilation of all your means. You may begin the war but it is us who will end it.

A mere organization is standing against you in Yemen but it has emerged victorious in the face of the most advanced of your military equipment. What have you achieved over the past four years? You stripped the Red Sea, which used to be a safe sea, of security. You fought under fire Saudi Arabia and its capitol Riyadh, which had not seen a single rocket fired at them for 100 years.

Trump, you must not threaten our nation and must not insult our president. America had some grandeur in the past when its fleet moved out, a nation fell apart. You have now become attacked to Munafiquin (haters of Islam) who have been thrown on the trash bin of Iran’s history. You have become attacked to a vagrant woman and show her in all your news networks. (UN Ambassador Nikki Haley?)

Is your hope pinned on this? Is this all your power? You are aware of our power in the region and capability for launching asymmetrical war?”

General Soleimani was kind in not mentioning Vietnam, perhaps the real lesson Trump should have learned if he hadn’t failed to join his generation in their conflict due to “personal choices” tied to wealth and privilege.

What Trump fails to see is the real condition of America’s military. He needs to visit a waiting room at a Veterans Affairs Regional Medical Center where the survivors of America’s War on Terror, torn apart by repeated deployments to the Middle East, sit as empty shells among the remaining survivors of Vietnam.

The drones and missiles, the stealth aircraft, the carrier battle groups, all are useless against people both not afraid to die and capable of striking out.

Iran’s massive missile arsenal is modern, accurate and capable of overwhelming any defense. It controls the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and even the Eastern Mediterranean.

American carriers would need to be a thousand miles at sea to avoid being sunk while American bases in Turkey or Qatar, even Diego Garcia, would be quickly obliterated.

America poured the last of its cruise missile inventory into Syria, in a failed effort to save ISIS and al Qaeda surrogates.

All the while, America’s stock markets would crash, gasoline would hit $12 and even $15 a gallon in America and become unaffordable in Europe. Eventually, with crashing revenues and unbridled expenditures, America’s economy would spiral even worse than it did in the post Iraq/Afghanistan crash of 2007/8.

It might well be America that faces regime change then.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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  1. why arent we talking about irans capability of putting antiaircraft missiles across their border with afganistan? they could take out the cia opium trade in helmond province and end the bagrahm airbase…leaving us forces to take the khyber pass out of afganistan

  2. LS…

    Trump takes his orders from the Cabal. His orders are the destruction of the USA.
    After that the NWO will be a fact…

  3. Almost like if Sheldon Adelson himself had brought up that Trump tweet. The practical question yet remains, could an idea be any worse than US going to war with Iran? Iran has population of 80 mln and military reserve of 13 mln. Iran is not all flat desert, Tehran is high above sea level, therefore attacker should have at least 5 to 1 superority in troops at ground level. And what does that 80 000 bodybags mean, for victory or for retreat.

    I wouldn’t count too much for that there were once supporters of Shah and then supporters of Ajatollah Khomeini, they are all iranian nationals after all.

  4. If there is an attack on Iran it would be interesting to know who in the white house and who’s friends went long on oil……


    Genocide of the population of Iran with nuclear weapons?

  6. to Gordon,
    The Syrian tunnels have massive timber side & roof support, were did all that timber come from?
    & if those tunnels go so far then thats how ISIS could pop up all over the place to fight & then disappear.
    These tunnels made by machine & engineers(taking this to a logical conclusion) would go to 1 to 3 Deep Under ground Military Bases in Syria, those bases would be armed & supplied by nuclear powered subs using subterrainien tunnels from the Mediterainean sea. If this is on the mark they could launch all sorts of things from them! I wonder how close to the mark i am. Regards John.

  7. A question for Gordon,
    This is to do with Syria but affects the whole middle east. I have seen photos of underground tunnels in Syria &read a statement by an Syrian officer to a pom reporter that the tunnels go far enough that may be would come out in his country! We are told that the tunnels were made by the locals with crow bar &shovels, thats BS, I have been in the military & have been in charge of underground tunnel development & the tunnel development I was in charge of were 5.5 meters high by 5 meters wide so we could get 50 ton dump trucks down them, about the same size as the ones in Syria

  8. Well, i hope this hot rhetorics will fade soon. America has no friends, just vassals (though, my country, too, has only 2 true friends – its Army and Fleet, as history shows). But when Trump became a potus, as we see, many vassals start to argue the USA, what they never did before. I suppose that it is Israel, who instignates a conflict with Iran. Yes, i’m sure, that USA is able to crash Iran. But the war hawks and US generals realise the bad consequences. They know what the war is. Iran never was our partner, but i see no need to set this country on fire, the Iraq scenario. Receintly was the BRICS meeting in S.Africa. The best model of companionship and business. No wars, no interfere, no lie. Why not to be the same for the West…

    • N.Korean conflict faded? Why not to do the same! Why not to sit at the table and talk? Even the worst negotiations are better than a war. Trump invited Putin to meet in Washington, Putin said he doesn’t care where to meet, and invited Trump to Moscow. And what we see? Instead of normalization we see the annoying Washingtons ridiculous swamp about Russian hand in USA. Guys! This is a shame! This is ridiculous how could mature, respectable people get so low. Is it the best and the only problem in the USA? Hell… Make America better for Americans – ordinary good people! And they make a circus show…

    • It reminds me some part of Russians, who think that very very soon, the Chineese little military scout squads of 100000 soldiers in each, invisibly will cross our boarders. Because someone told ’em that China has no more place for its population and they gonna come to us : )

  9. Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor , went on Fox News with Tucker and brought up the Gulf of Tonkin in a very matter of fact way, and said pointedly “It never happened”. So Kudos to him.
    it starts at 5:40 or so….
    Tucker: An Iran war would destroy Trump’s presidency
    and no I don’t give credit to Tucker or Fox. Both parties are trying to grab tweener voters….

  10. Is it also possible that the US might actually use nukes against Iran? Im not talking about the small nukes i mean the Hiroshima size nukes.

  11. Do you guys at VT believe that a war with Iran will happen? On one hand i think most politicians and military personnel are fully aware of what you have written in this article and so they will do evetything necessary to stop the war. Even the leftist branch of Zionism is coming out opposed to the war. On the other hand Trump is a complete lunatic and is surrounded by even worse lunatics, so anything is possible. Whats the likelihood of a war actually coming to fruition?

    • War implies a two party conflict, it would be termed an invasion, as clearly US would be an unwarranted aggressor. I think, there are a sizable nasty group that want it,… but ,.. the world is changing, and anti-war sentiment is solidifying. Get to the end of august ….but another issue, is Tech has become ” an area of unknowns” the next couple days should be interesting reports

  12. The key to winning by these other countries is strategy and unity. They must join hands, even if in secret. to jointly and immediately defend on another in case of war. Two points are essential: First Strike and the Power Grid. Frankly all one must do to bring the criminals running the corrupt U.
    S. to their knees is shut down the electric power supply. It is that simple. Imagine the power off everywhere in the country. No gasoline can be pumped into cars and trucks. All deliveries come to a halt. All heating and air conditioning is turned off. Food deliveries come to a screeching halt. All banking transactions are halted. Nothing involving electricity works unless by emergency generators which are of limited use. All pumping stations for water supplies halted. All well water halted. America is in deep doo doo. Therefore any attack must involve shutting down the power grid coupled with a massive first strike on all 5 or so major cities.
    This would teach the four stars a lesson they will never forget. After all how did they do “defending” the country on 9/11/01? They dismally failed didn’t they? The U.S. is largely a paper

    • Is our population prepared for the above scenario? Absolutely not. This is not to mention fall out shelters for a nuclear attack either. It is business, lying and cheating, as usual in the corrupt cesspool U.S.A. Trump and a few high level elitists have their bunker prepared for them.
      They could care less about you and I. We are even building bunkers for the outlaws in Israel! These so and so’s are not going to utter a peep about building fall out shelters and all the rest because they know just such talk would and could create chaos in itself by instilling fear in the the public. The main thing they would recommend is to be able to get good porn delivered to your bunker. Isn’t that what most Americans care about today, and their kids too?

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