Peter Myers solves the Malaysian Airlines MH370 Mystery—Official Report Hints at the Truth

Malaysian investigation suggests Myers is right


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

The recent “final but not really final” Official Report on the still-mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 expresses bafflement…puzzlement…befuddlement…and offers a double-strength dose of non-closure to the survivors. But it does offer a hint: The plane was disappeared by “unlawful interference.”

The phrase “unlawful interference” would not be used to describe pilot suicide. Nor would it likely be employed to mean garden-variety terrorism. Instead, it is obviously a euphemism for some kind of interference with the flight conducted externally: possibly an accidental shootdown during a US-led war games exercise, but far more likely, a deliberate remote-hijacking. (An accidental shootdown would not be “unlawful” since the perpetrators had not intended to break any law.)

By far the most likely scenario is the one Peter Myers describes in the above-posted video. Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad is on record supporting the remote-hijacking hypothesis: “Clearly Boeing and certain agencies have the capacity to take over uninterruptible control of commercial airliners of which MH370 B777 is one.” Capture of the 20 Freestyle Semiconductor employees on board, along with their tech secrets en route to Beijing, remains the most plausible motive.

Dr. Matthias Chang, top advisor to Dr. Mohamad, noted on my radio show that the US suspiciously refuses to admit it tracked the plane, despite the fact that the flight path involved some of America’s most sensitive military areas:

“As MH370 reached the airspace of Vietnam it went north toward Thailand where the US-run Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger military exercises were being held. Then, allegedly, the plane ended in the Indian Ocean. But there is no evidence or debris. Now what is conspicuous…is that when a plane goes past Southern Thailand into the Indian Ocean, it has to fly past a very important landmark: Diego Garcia, a secretive US military base. It was from this base that the US launched bombers to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam before that. Surely this base has some of the most sophisticated surveillance technology. Any unidentified plane that flew in the direction of Diego Garcia would certainly be located and identified.”

Like the official story about Flight 77, the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11 after flying from Ohio to DC without being detected by any civilian or military surveillance (!) the claim that the US “didn’t see nuthin'” of MH370 is preposterous—and strong evidence of guilt.


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  1. I hope Gordon or Jim or Stuart, any one of you very respected collumnists can actually write a piece that links the MH370 scandal as a link to the Malaysian 1MDB case – that prove the Najib Razak Administration DID INDEED conspire with the Mossad for that False Flag operation as a repayment to the Rothschild banking system. It bothers me that Najib Razak is only being questioned for a SRC case and til today the so called Council of Emminent Persons and Task Force are unable to lift a finger or convict Najibs cartel for with the 1MDB case.

  2. As a Malaysian I had been following this case of MH370 and MH17 very closely. I vividly remember the two dates, MH370 lost on the 8th of March 2014 and MH17 got ‘shot down by the Russians’ on 17 July 2014. During the latter, I was watching a Russian channel on youtube showing the “Live” crash scene and there were bodies that were already dead, the reporters were seeing not just fresh but decaying bodies on the scene and i have to agree that it was the SAME plane. Truly, the Black Stone involvement with the 4 other patent holders of the semiconductors cannot be dismissed to the links of the Rothschilds/Rockerfeller Khazarian Mafia crew. Other facts also point that indeed, MH370 did land in Diego Garcia, as the passenger that sent a photo from his iPhone has been traced and confirmed. MH17/MH370 was also strategically shot down by the Ukrainian rebels funded by the US-Israhell purposely using Russia’s very own equipment to accomplish their agenda. However, that failed.It seems odd that no other credible journalist was able to link this entire fiasco with the fact that this occured during the premiereship of NAJIB RAZAK, then PM. He had to bend down to Satanyahu’s Mossad and complete the deal with the Masters. Thats why til today he is not yet convicted of the 1MDB case. Mahathir is helpless

  3. MH17 is MH370 See images and Russian narrative with subtitles of having seen formaldehyde-treated bodies, no blood, mostly Asian adults, winter clothing in luggage, erased phone/camera SD cards … Who would be so vile as to keep the bodies of MH370 on board, treat them with formalin, and shoot down the “MH17” to blame Russia/Putin? Well, the usual suspects, of course.

  4. Part 1

    Norman Finkelstein set me thinking after watching his video on “Israeli Crimes Against Humanity’ published by VT at the weekend. Firstly, I am of the opinion that Malaysian plane MH370 was landed at Diego Garcia in March 2014 and later flown to Israel where it was kept in a hanger. (This information I read elsewhere). Four months after Flight 370 disappeared we move to July, 2014 and the Israel/Gaza border where ‘Operation Cast Lead’ is gearing up for a ground invasion of Gaza, ostensibly to blow up Hamas tunnels, Netanyahu needed a distraction to deflect criticism of what was to be a savage and bloody military incursion. He needed a major world distraction to facilitate his plans and allow him enter Gaza under the radar and out of the MSM media glare. So, conveniently on July 17, 2014 what happens? First, Malaysian Airline Flight 17 from Amsterdam is flown elsewhere off radar in a remote high-jacking and is replaced along its flight path to Kuala Lumpur by Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 dusted down and airborne again by remote control with its formaldehyde-treated-dead 227 passengers and 12 crew ready to be blown out of the Ukraine skies. Meanwhile, on the same calendar day, July 17, 2014 – extraordinarily enough Netanyahu gives the Israeli Army the go-ahead to cross into Gaza en masse and carry out ‘a little yard work and mow the lawn’ while the attention of the world lay elsewhere on events in the Ukraine.

    • Part 2

      Netanyahu had got his wish and seems in my humble opinion to be hoisted with his own petard over what happened in Ukraine and elsewhere. (Between 2,125 and 2,310 Gazans were killed during Operation Cast Lead while 66 Israeli soldiers, 5 Israeli civilians and a Thai civilian also died.) It is a sordid mess and somehow it appears Israel is up to its neck in the operation that has sinister echoes of 9/11 and the clandestine air operations by the Deep State on that day and by all accounts Israeli agents and others implicated in the mass murder of 3,000-plus US citizens. So, there is a clear solution to what happened in the skies over Ukraine and which also answers the question of what happened the missing passengers of Flight 370 that disappeared in March, 2014. Compare photos of the passengers who disappeared in March with the photos of those formaldehyde-treated dead on the ground in Ukraine. If one passenger of the Amsterdam/Kuala Lumpur flight of July 17, 2014 who boarded in Holland can be identified among the dead in Ukraine, I am a proven and crazed conspiracy theorist and my story is fully discredited. It also leaves Norman Finkelstein idea of Netanyahu needing a lucky break to invade Gaza.

  5. How many employees at Diego Garcia? A plane does not just vanish. It is likely inside a hangar there. How hard is it to get one of the employees to spill the beans? Or why not send in a commando unit to take a look? It is obvious the outlaws in the U.S. know all the details of this crime.

  6. Yes preposterous. The other preposterous component of this event is how we, the public, just accept their bullshit explanations as if we’re programmed to. Oh my! We are.

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