Trump “the Israeli Puppet” and Iran, Duff on Press TV



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  1. Gordon is right on all counts. Trump shot himself in the foot by trying to flush the agreement. Iran must not give in to this Israel lover liar con artist and allow him to make some points here. Trump is totally in the wrong and must be so perceived by the world. He is wrong, wrong wrong. Even the EU said he is wrong. Iran must tell him to shove it. If Trump is stupid enough to start war, Israel gets leveled immediately. Wouldn’t this be a great benefit to all? Israel, what is left of it, suddenly must comply with laws. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  2. The solution here is to build a six lane tidal bridge from Oman to Iran, generating 40,000 MW of low cost sustainable tidal power and provide vital security calming infrastructure for the region.
    The Gulf region is the cradle of civilization, rich sophisticated cultures with mature conflict resolution history, leaving many contributions to greater humanity. The people in this region have a history of getting along and solving their own problems. Outside interventions today do not permit them to do this. The priceless archaeological treasures that have been looted and lost in the conflict are an immeasurable loss.
    The tidal bridge vision has been a long time in consideration, first proposed in the OPEC 2000 report from Dr. Hazel Henderson from the future conference in Caracas Venezuela. The tidal bridge would provide regional control over who gets access to the inner gulf, and if you do not have any legitimate constructive business there then keep out.
    Uncultured intervention superimposing their interests over the local wisdom. A sustainable alternative solution with cessation of hostilities. Sounds like a step forward after 50 years of deceit and killing.
    US Patent Office whistleblower Dr. Tom Valone revealed some 5135 denied energy patents. The world has been denied a century of energy innovation and the BRICS can make hay with these stranded technologies. A great contribution to humanity and make huge returns for their investors.

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