… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I begin by saying we were foes.  McCain was angry and impatient with POW families.  Worse still, he was a powerful obstructionist when many of us still believed we could get live POWs back from Southeast Asia.

Gordon, with malnutrition from endless patrolling,, returning home at 120 lbs and malaria

When the bar was held higher, I felt McCain was less a hero, much less, than many whose service was overlooked.

But now, looking at the disaster today, McCain will well be remembered as a giant.  He died with his boots on, certainly, and I forgave him some time ago. I had my own anger.

Where McCain and his friend, Lindsey Graham disappointed, turned away so often, McCain will be remembered as a giant simply because everyone else in Washington is so much less.

He will live on forever or at least until Trump is forgotten.  When the boom drops, we expect that to happen in a matter of days.  “Donald who?”

Well, I don’t have John McCain to kick around anymore.  I know he cost lives, I don’t want to outline it now, it simply isn’t appropriate anymore.

McCain went out so much better than he came.  Trump made sure of that. For that, McCain’s friends and family can thank Trump, for being such an asshole.

Now McCain is equal with the 2 million dead from Vietnam, a list I will be joining. We will all be equal in death, and forgotten as well.  Perhaps that’s how it should be.


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  1. This latin saying is very actual in my country. We don’t say bad things about thouse, who are already dead. But there are many exceptions. It depends on a person. I will never say he (John McCain) was a russophobic monster and very very bad man. But i will never call him a good man. He was a kind of freak lancelot, fighting for USA. It was normal. He is dead, now. I just don’t care about him. One of the most valuable thing is to live a life, so that people be thankfull to you, your deeds, etc. This person was a pitbull, he hated Russia, he embraced the terrorists, he was a biting dog. But Russians (no one to say a good word about McCain) say – he was the sincere and open enemy. He was telling his thoughts in face. Anyway, it is better, than any person smiles to you, but when you turn, he cuts your back with a knife.

  2. its a great pity the viets didn’t feed him to the pigs. because of this historic mistake, that sob took 45 years to die. there is no justice.

  3. In England, in celebration of Margaret Thatcher’s death, radio stations gleefully blasted “Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead!” into the airwaves.

    Here in the US, it’s unlikely that the death of John McCain will inspire such an appropriate reaction.


  4. Well if you want to count McCain as a brother: I will leave that up to you. I am not much for punishing the dead or dying. Being there, it is a desperate place for racing thoughts and finial bargains as you know the end is fortworth.
    Oh by the way, the word fortworth or fortwirth, no longe exists. Mandela effect, perhaps. Anywho I’m gllad McCain is outof the picture.

  5. I was expected more of a Joan Rivers or Richard Mellon Scaife obituary.

    “Rivers was a monster, our biggest concern at this time is to make sure she is still dead.” – GD

    “If one were to define what is wrong with America or humankind, one need only look at everything and everyone Richard Mellon Scaife supported.” – GD

    Also from that posting: “Powerful “dickless ratbags” love having reporters killed. John McCain has at least one under his belt, to add to the crewmen of the USS Forrestal and the American aircrews he is responsible for killing.” – GD

  6. Stupid commentary. We all die so what. This was a guy that sat down with ‘people’ that raped and enslaved women and butchered unarmed combatants, men, women and children in horrific ways. Your morality is just as degenerate and non existent as his.

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