McCain: It’s All About the Dossier, 100% True

Putin to his advisors after Helsinki: "Trump is an idiot, childish, unstable, deluded"...VT sources

If you think this is out of line, you simply aren't paying attention

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor

The “spat” between McCain and Trump is 100% “dossier” driven. McCain, love him or not, is the top intelligence expert in congress, no one is close. He would have been a perfect CIA director, with strong contacts on the hill, a bad temper, a very bad temper and real military experience. Nothing in military or intelligence in congress has been reviewed or approved without John McCain for decades. He is the “go to guy” and he is the one who certified the Trump dossier, read below, as totally real.

This is Donald Trump’s redline, the truth that he is mob owned. Vt’s own staff, led by Ian Greenhalgh, has more than verified the dossier, we have found much worse.

The back story is much more than simply Russia rigging the election.  VT spotted Israeli and Turkish intelligence first.  We always knew Russia had an interest, they would be crazy not to.

We maintain Vet to Vet ties with Russia for some time and always have, which supplies us with information and top sources, this puts us way ahead of other media:


These are a few of the things we have learned about Donald Trump:

  • Trump is functionally illiterate.  He identifies words and can read simple notes but really has unusually low intelligence.  Other than being unpleasant, we estimate his IQ between 75 and 85.
  • Roy Cohn, a mob boss now written about along with Trump in a number of recent MSM outlets, created Donald Trump and taught him to simply lie and attack, lie and attack.  It has served Trump well.
  • Trump is totally compromised, not by Russia but by the Kosher Nostra, the very heart of the “Deep State” which he represents.  This is why he talks about them so much as he is “them.”  See item above to understand why.
  • The dossier isn’t just true, it’s the tip of the iceberg.  The real dossier includes lot of bi-sex, pedophilia with his friend “Jeff” and all those files are with AMI and were just removed from the vault there.

As to John McCain, it is important to see how far Trump goes to smear McCain.  He was never a favorite of ours, the reasons too long to go into.  But even John McCain, who was blackmailed by the mob for years, pushes back and, even by Washington standards, such as they are, found Trump far worse than the swamp could ever be.

The problem with McCain and his henchmen, they never expected someone like Trump to come along, someone worse than they are.


Blame congress and, in particular, the Wall Street funded GOP for opening a door better left closed.


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  1. Today i found out interesting thing on John McCain.
    26 october 1967, the Soviet S-75 AAD rocket complex, operated by Yuri Trushechkin (1940-2009), hit US future senator over Vietnam. Yuri was 27 years at that time. The hit McCain gave all his documents to Yuri. The parachute book was lost. Soviet officers saved John, because he landed in the lake and was surrounded by Vietnam peasants. They found the napalm smell from his bomber and wanted to chop him with axes.
    At this moment i work for Gazprom and we build a gas pipeline near St. Petersburgh. We are based in the suburb, called Krasnoe Selo (selo- means village). The widow of Yuri Trushechkin lives in Krasnoe selo now. And Yuri was buried in Gatchina, the town Telezi. Everyday we pass thru the Telezi, where the grave of Yuri located. If i have time, i gonna visit his grave.
    Thank you!

    • Andy, It just goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished. Chopped up with axes, now that’s a thought. Thanks for the piece of history. When I visit a grave I usually do a bit of gardening as the next visitor will be pleased to see the attention given to their beloved. Enjoy.

  2. John, It’s time to say f it and just live the best that you can with family and loved ones and hide from our NWO. Show them your ass, Like the imfamous Kickaha. I’m sure you’ve read Farmer. Steven, my real name, btw.

  3. Is Sheldon Adelson really an Israeli agent, or is the Likud Party an Adelson asset (as mentioned in the August 9 video)?

  4. Oh, a Hollywood desease – a mistake written on the emblem. Are there no Russians in USA? In the bottom:
    “Как союзники помощь.” How to get it right? Where did you get this emblem? In russian it sounds like: how. unions. help. The idea is clear, but …. Bad Russian.

  5. They can talk about everything in the world but never mention”Hermitage Capitol” and events leading to the creation of “The Magnitsky Act” . The senate has unanimously passed a resolution that says Putin can “never” question any Americans about interfering in Russian elections. Does any one believe this has anything to do with elections?

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