Trump’s Orders: US Backed White Helmets Kidnap 44 Children to Murder in Fake Terror Attack


Syrian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Walid Muallem have met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a visit to Moscow.

The visit is being held within the framework of the Syrian-Russian intergovernmental commissions.

“Russia is ready to increase its contribution to these tasks (the restoration of Syria and the solution of the issue with the return of refugees),” the minister said at a press conference following the talks with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem.

On Situation Around Idlib

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called the use of the de-escalation zone in Idlib by Al-Nusra* terrorists to attack Syrian and Russian forces “unacceptable.”

“It is unacceptable that the terrorists who are entrenched there, primarily from the Nusra Front [a terrorist group banned in Russia], are trying to use this de-escalation zone to prepare attacks on the positions of the Syrian army and even for attempts to attack the Russian military base in Hmeimim using aerial drones,” Lavrov said at a news conference following talks with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem in Moscow.

Syrian northwestern city of Idlib.
Some 10,000 Nusra, Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib Have to Be Defeated – De Mistura

Moscow has warned the West that they should not play with fire by trying to create provocations in the Idlib area, Lavrov noted.”Another provocation by the West is being prepared in order to try to obstruct the anti-terrorist operation in Idlib,” Lavrov said at a joint news conference with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem in Moscow.

More White Helmet killings

Lavrov also stressed that the US attempts to establish “authorities” on the left bank of the Euphrates, as it may lead to Syria’s split.

“The US presence in Syria has not only a military aspect… Simultaneously, our American colleagues are actively developing the eastern bank of the Euphrates, restoring infrastructure there, social and economic networks and even creating quasi-state local government bodies,” he said.

On Western Meddling in Syria’s Affairs

This is an aerial view of the five-sided Pentagon building, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, in Arlington, Va., in 1975
Media Sensationalize US Missile Shield Aimed at Daesh in Syria – Pentagon

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has warned of possible US-UK-French aggression and of disastrous consequences of Western attempts to destabilize the country.Regardless of whether the US-UK-French attack happens or not, Damascus will accomplish its fight against terrorism, the minister noted.

“We will do our best to avoid possible civilian casualties and generally avoid bloodshed,” he said, noting that Al-Nusra front is trying to prevent such plans.

The US has lost to Syria in the military sphere, despite all its efforts, the Syrian foreign minister added.

“We can say that the Americans lost militarily in Syria, despite the efforts they have made, and now they want to take advantage of the moment to get any dividends through political processes and preventing the return of refugees to their homes,” Muallem told reporters.

On Possible Chemical Weapon Provocation

The White Helmets have kidnapped 44 children in Idlib to use in a staged chemical attack, according to the Syrian foreign minister.

“Behind the creation of the pseudo-organization the White Helmets, are the British special services: they sponsor them, they lead them. They were behind the organization of those fabricated scenarios for the use of chemical weapons and now they are preparing such a development of the situation with the use of chemical weapons in Idlib,” Muallem stated.

He also stated that there is no need for the Syrian army to use chemical weapons, emphasizing that it doesn’t possess such weapons.

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Muallem noted that Damascus intends to expand its relations with Tehran.

Russian Embassy in Washington, USA
Russia Warned US About ‘Groundless and Illegal Aggression Against Syria’ – Envoy

Earlier this week, Russia’s Defense Ministry warned that the leader of the Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group, which is affiliated with the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat Nusra terror organization (banned in Russia), was planning a chemical attack against civilians in Idlib in order to provoke western nations into retaliating against Damascus.Russia, alongside Iran and Turkey, is a guarantor of the ceasefire regime in Syria. Moscow has also been assisting Damascus both through supporting the struggle against terrorist groups and providing humanitarian aid to the residents of the crisis-torn country.

*Al-Nusra Front or Jabhat al-Nusra, known as Jabhat Fatah al-Sham is a terrorist group banned in Russia


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  1. Nobody plays the game of pretend better than the Brits. While we have a president who can hardly wait to affirm his title and power, the Monarchy is the shadow owner who likes to pretend they have nothing to do with anything. “Oh, did our people do that?” ” Oh my, that’s terrible”. “I had no idea” “Have you seen the new picture of our gorgeous grandchild “?

  2. British special services. Ah. When is this world going to get rid of that notorious entity. Stupid french normans. London is and has been the main hub of world terrorism for over one hundred years. How is that possible in a logical coherent or democratic world? Somehow the stupidity and naivete of Europeans and the rest of the continents prevails. It is incredible the stuff that the Brits put through like the Skripals or SOHR or White Helmets or Gaddafi threat and the most stupid people that come out of it are Europeans. If Asia is the largest continent in land mass and population, Europe is by far the largest continent in braindead mass.

  3. Has the Syrian government published the names and pictures of the kidnapped children? If not, it might be something to consider as if they were used in a fake chem attack, then the responsibility of the kidnappers could be proven with the pictures. It might take some creativity to get all the pictures assembled on short notice, old school photos, distant relatives, friends of friends of friends on FB. The Syrian gov’t would then need an aggressive campaign to secure the safe release of #Syriaschildren, as they would no longer be of use to the kidnappers.

    If the Syrian government has released this information, then I call on everyone to help spread the news.

    • Khalid,
      I actually get that. In no way do I want the SAA to slow its plans to eradicate “ISIS”. God speed and a million blessings to the SAA. I also get that there is also a fair chance that some or all of these children are dead and the snuff films in post production, although I sure as hell hope they are alive. Perhaps a bounty for each child’s safe return would throw a monkey wrench in the plans as well, sowing division among the $$$mercenaries$$$.

      Even though some of these mercenaries have the *willingness* to kidnap and slaughter other children, their *ability* is limited by the extra time and resources it would take; perhaps even time enough to ruin the plans for the appropriately named FUKUS. Time enough for the SAA to take back Idlib. I hope.

      I hope with all my being that these children can be saved. I hope FUKUS can be stopped. I hope ISIS can be destroyed. And I am just trying to think of things outside the box that may help. Syria and its people deserve so much better.

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