Kerry’s new book exposes US anger at Netanyahu

Former US secretary of state John Kerry (L) meets Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on October 2, 2015 in New York, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

Former secretary of state John Kerry has revealed the Obama administration’s frustrations with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a new book slated for release this month. 

According to excerpts released by a Washington newsletter, Kerry began losing trust in Netanyahu in 2014 during Israel’s last war on Gaza, when he says Netanyahu began leaking to the press against the US government.

An “element of personal trust had been lost” at that time, he writes. “‘We were in the middle of negotiating [a ceasefire] based on your input. Now I see it in the press? This is outrageous,’” Kerry recalled telling Netanyahu.

“‘The humanitarian ceasefire was your idea. And now you leak this document to make it sound like I am trying to advance Hamas’s position?” he said.

The book, titled Every Day is Extra, catalogs Kerry’s tenure at the State Department throughout Obama’s second term in office, including his efforts to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran.

‘Not interested in peace’ 

Kerry writes that Netanyahu gave him two reasons why he was skeptical about entering “peace” talks with the Palestinians.

“I’m willing to give this effort a try,” he allegedly told Kerry, ”but there are two things you should know. “First, everyone in this region lies all the time,” he said, and “second, the most I can do may be less than the least Abbas could ever accept.”

Kerry’s so-called peace efforts ended in failure in 2014. In the book, he tells about how Netanyahu would withhold concessions during “peace” talks.

“Bibi’s attitude was ‘I’m open to solving this problem if I can have all my needs met.’ That included his political needs with his coalition,” he writes.

As an instance, Kerry explains how Netanyahu would insist on a permanent Israeli military presence in the occupied West Bank by rejecting a plan that would have required a gradual withdrawal of the Israeli troops.

“It was now clear to all of us that Bibi was not interested in actually addressing the security questions in a way that could allow for the eventual withdrawal” of the Israeli military, Kerry recalls.

‘Hitting below the belt’

Kerry also writes about how the Israeli premier was trying to adversely influence the course of the US negotiations with Iran and others that led to the conclusion of a landmark nuclear deal.

PressTV-Kerry blasts Netanyahu over Iran

A better nuclear conclusion with Iran is “fantasy” and critics offer no alternatives, John Kerry says.

He says Netanyahu acted against the White House’s wishes by addressing Congress to vilify the deal on March 3, 2015. Kerry writes that he was “disappointed in him… I thought we deserved better than a speech that hit below the belt.”


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  1. Is that one of the Masonic higher degree Satanic handshakes in the top photo? Thumb on the back of the hand?

  2. OBAMA had the perfect opportunity to put bibi in his place after the sad spectacle in congress and the overt campaigning of bibi against his reelection…but did nothing.

    the Democrats and the so called independents would have relished such a move as israels standing holds by a thread for the majority of americans no matter how many false polls are invented to the contrary.

    in fact i am convinced had obama taken a turn away from israel it would have galvanized enough people to have made the difference in hillarys lame campaign that saw her losing so many key areas… small percentages.

  3. How many adjectives arrogant, insolent, con artists, selfish, egotists, common thieves, criminals, gangsters, mobsters, expletives deleted, liars, cheaters, bullies, disrespectful, duplicitous, evil, hateful, inhumane, …before the world finally gets the message that something must be done collectively to FORCE these uncivilized garbage in Israel to comply with accepted norms and rules and laws? How much human and physical carnage will they be permitted to do before the fools of the world finally wake up and say, “enough is enough” and use military armed force to force them to comply with the same rules all other nations are forced to comply with? Obama and Kerry gave in to their every whim while thug Netanyahu gave them his middle finger. Israel did 9/11/01 but blamed it on Muslims while the whores in Congress looked the other way. Israel loves to watch the Palestinians suffer while the Israelis are the cause of their suffering and the cowards in the U.S. do nothing but aid and abet them. Israel must be told to SHOVE IT! No more money, no more aid, you are on your own. Take a hike.

  4. As America dries up and flutters in the breeze, israel will still be milking weapons/money from a compliant congress and the gullible American public.

  5. “He says Netanyahu acted against the White House’s wishes by addressing Congress to vilify the deal on March 3, 2015.”

    Is he referring to the time when Bibi received 29 standing ovations for his Iranaphobia propaganda? Man, that pathetic display was a prime example of the USG’s unwavering subservience to Israhell

    • I remember that, it reminded me of the Stalin speeches when a bell had to be rung so all the Toadies would know when to stop the applause.

      Those were 100% participation ovations for the crime boss, by all the Congressional whores.

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