Bogus anti-Semitism smears unmask UK democracy as little more than a fraud – George Galloway


George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT). He is a film-maker, writer and a renowned orator.

Editor’s note:  Back in 2007, we found that White Nationalist/White Identity websites like StormFront and others were simply bots run out of Tel Aviv with their “bad boy” publishers simply paid actors like Alex Jones.

The war machine uses Nazi publications to launder material into them, then exposes anyone who speaks out against oppression as being a Nazi….
sometimes….to the insane extent of taking publications like VT which represent military veterans of all races and sexes with OBVIOUS equality…and going after them.

To which, of course, we have joined in war against them and the traitors who support them.

Here, George Galloway takes a shot, and we offer him our sincere support for his humanity.

“Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools,” said August Bebel. And fake anti-Semitism is as dangerous as the boy crying wolf argues George Galloway.

Anti-Semitism is real and present, in Britain and in the world, even where there are no Jews. I well remember during the revolutionary swirl in Bucharest in January 1990, which I witnessed, hearing men fulminating against the post-coup leadership of Ion Iliescu and Petre Roman as “Jews” and the whole “communist” leadership being a “nest of Jews.” For them “Jews” and “communists” was a synonym and Jews were everywhere even though they were in fact almost nowhere to be found. Most Romanian Jews had been slaughtered in the Holocaust and the rest had long since gone to Israel.

In my book ‘Downfall: the Ceausescus and the Romanian Revolution’ there is a chapter entitled ‘The Romanian Jews’ in which I describe my long discussion with Romania’s Chief Rabbi Dr Moses Rosen as the three stars twinkled in the sky over Poiana Brasov marking the end of the Sabbath. “Anti-Semitism without Jews,” was how he described the situation in his country.

Demonstrators take part in an antisemitism protest outside the Labour Party headquarters in central London, Britain April 8, 2018 © Simon Dawson Ken Livingstone: Smearing critics of Israel undermines importance of tackling genuine anti-Semitism

Mind you the Rabbi had long been a man of ring-craft, having to deal with the suddenly dead dictator Ceausescu and accusations that he had collaborated with him. He had, in fact, because the Romanian potentate had been an early example of an anti-Semite who loved Israel. Rabbi Rosen saw it as his prime responsibility to facilitate the exodus of the surviving Romanian Jews to Israel. Nowadays these are common around the world, all the way from Steve Bannon to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban or the far-right in Britain which once made Jews their whipping boy and now cavort on all-expenses paid trips atop Israeli tanks.

From anti-Semitism without Jews to anti-Semitic Israelophilia is just one of the unexpected journeys of the last 30 years.

There is anti-Semitism in Britain and there always has been. But the kind of brutal pogroms of Jews which were a regular feature of European life and death have not happened in Britain since the York and London massacres almost a thousand years ago. Grim repression and vile prejudice carried on for centuries after that but in modern times there has been nothing like what happened in modern Europe. In European countries – West and East – sections of the population fell upon the their own Jewish countrymen even before the Nazis and their trains arrived to take them to the death camps.

From Ukraine to the Netherlands, Jew-hating locals committed murder against the Jews and many more collaborated with the Occupation forces to entrain their fellow citizens to the gas-chambers. But not in Britain.

For a time, Britain stood alone against the beast of fascism and it was our finest hour. Whilst Britain did not fight WWII to liberate Jews, liberate what was left of them, we did, along with the Red Army advancing from the east – an army of a state which bore the overwhelming brunt of fascist depredation.

FILE PHOTO © Andrew Kelly Manufacturing dissent: Leaked footage reveals US Israel lobby astroturfing student event (VIDEO)

Whilst groupuscules of the British far-right kept the flame of anti-Semitism alight – together with their “Empire-Loyalist” friends in the Conservatives – the vast majority of British people, and especially those on the left, saw clearly where racism can end up – in Auschwitz and Treblinka – determined to fight it as one of the first banners in their ranks.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, whom I have known for 40 years, remains an icon of that tradition as were his parents before him. His own mother fought at Cable St in London’s East End against Britain’s fascists in 1936 – defending the huge Jewish community then there under the slogan ‘They Shall Not Pass’.

Yet, if you google the words “anti-Semitism” today the first name which will pop-up is not the name of the architects and mass-murderers of Hitler’s “Final Solution” but the name of Jeremy Corbyn.

That is the stupendously stupid achievement of the leaders of the Israeli lobby in Britain – and Tel Aviv – today. Because Corbyn would not turn his face away from the suffering of the Palestinian people, would not eschew condemnation of the brutal Netanyahu regime, he is now – hourly – denounced as an anti-Semite, a Jew-hater, a Nazi.

Some say the Israeli lobby is the architect of this Salem-style witch-hunt but I disagree. It would be easier if it were true. In my view the true architects are Britain’s – and the US – ruling elites. Having tried to smear Corbyn as a Russian agent, a KGB operative, a Czech spy, an IRA man they have fastened on the only smear which appeared to have traction – anti-Semitism. They have weaponized the suffering and the murders of millions of Jews in the Holocaust in their coup against Corbyn.

It’s not a coup against Labour – the kind of Labour Party we had in the past was easily accommodated by the ruling class. It’s not even a coup against Corbyn’s frankly social-democratic economic program, less radical even than Harold Wilson’s Program For Britain back in 1974.

Jeremy Corbyn © Chris Booth/Global Look Press (L)/ Benjamin Netanyahu © Toby Melville/Reuters (R) ‘Wreaths for terrorists’: Netanyahu & Corbyn face off over ‘anti-Semitism’ as Twitter erupts

This is a very British coup against Corbyn’s imagined foreign policy. A British government which might put a spoke in NATO’s wheel. A British government which could no longer be dragooned into the anti-Russia front. A British government which would end the grisly but profitable arms trade with the despots of Arabia. A British government fighting for justice for the Palestinians, standing with Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa…

This coup unmasks British democracy as little more than a fraud, lipstick upon a pig. The militarized mendacity of the entire mass media – led by the state broadcaster the BBC – the use of deep-state subversion methods against Corbyn has led many in Britain to fear even for the personal safety of the Labour leader. I used to read about things like this in my callow youth. I knew them to be true, in theory. But not in practice, not in Britain. It has taken this very British coup to change my mind.


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  1. I am extremely disappointed with this article, especially when it comes from senior editors, even to have a drawing of Galloway who was once commented by senior editor IanG as ‘barking mad’, and of course the so called holocaust had to be implanted.
    Galloway must be the only person in the world to have seen the hijackers of 911 boarding the aircraft,DUH !!
    He is a great oratorical speaker, but im afraid he’s a fraud.
    Just as sarge states, there where no white skinned jews in Palestine 2000 years ago.
    I recently read the book by N Kollostrom called Breaking the spell, excellent.
    An anti-semite is not someone who hates jews, it is someone the zionist hate.

  2. Do look up “Rachmanization”. It was a termed coined from the neighborhood destruction activities of the gangster slum-lord of the 1950s, Peter Rachmann. We see mo0vies made about his associates, the Kray twins, and of Christine Keeler. But none about Peter Rachmann, the most violent landlord of his times.

  3. A Monarchy pretending to be a democracy is easily discerned by “who lives in that castle”?
    Grenfell, Skripal, Russia smearing, Cambridge Analytica, Subversive market tampering, GMO switcho changemo,.. collaboration with Saudi against Canada, and on and on and on…
    I recommend deploying submarines and battle ships, along with sending a letter demanding the evacuation of Buckingham Palace. Let us free Britain from Monarchy. Maybe Canada will join in the fun.

  4. Pulp Fiction! Tons of shortcuts, simplifications and lies to justify Jeremy Corbyn to interfere other peoples issues like Falkland Islands Argentina just yesterday.

    • For sure, if I were briton, I would vote for Corbyn. But as the other briton, Pete Townsend sings, Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • It’s amazing, that the old mysterious Austrian figure has to be called on stage time after time. But the main question remains, is Corbyn going to nationalize the capital that Thatcher once privatized and internationalized?

      In fact Obamacare has got a point (in case I understood it right). Nation owned medicare could be a nonprofit organization. Private owned medicare always has to make profit, and customers will pay that. But in fact not directly, insurance companies will do that but those are maximum profit organizations as well. Therefore ordinary customers will pay for others profits double time.

      Unfortunately car accidents do happen and there are insurance companies to deal with damage that can be fixed. Lately in Sweden there is tendency of burning without crashing. Of course it’s great thing to hear that no-one got injured, but someone has to pay the bill. Many of insurance companies are international, so raycist Latvians will pay for tolerant Swedes gasoline fun.

    • Hehe, cool video. I guess they can’t do that on stage anymore. Seems to me, that Falco just decided to empty the jackpot with a single coin. No wonder Arnold Schwarzenegger had to leave the country and then try to play badass in Hollywood.

  5. There were hardly any white eastern europeans in Palestine until 70 years ago. The Palestinians are the actual Semites,
    and the Jews hate them therefore the Jews are the anti-Semites, how’s that for logic?

    • I did not intend to post this comment twice, I was trying to make a reply to JohnZ.
      But on the other hand, maybe it needs repeating.
      The Jewish Mafia in the US (Cohen, Lansky et al)
      was always beating the system by claiming the Prosecution was anti-Semite, maybe the Prosecution should have listened to JohnZ!

  6. There were hardly any white eastern europeans in Palestine until 70 years ago. The Palestinians are the actual Semites,
    and the Jews hate them therefore the Jews are the anti-Semites, how’s that for logic?

  7. Galloway talking half out of his arse, reliving his leftie fantasies about fighting the extreme right in UK. They were right in the 60’s and 70’s and there right now, his mad leftism has destroyed Britain and made it into a 3rd world police state.

  8. I agree with the heart of this article however, it is time to end the gas chamber meme along with the mental image of millions of Jews marching to their death, and the “final solution” until a thorough unbiased study of WW2 is allowed. So far no evidence has come forth to support such claims, just the mighty hammer of the ADL, B’nai B’rith, etc. I refer all to the 1st Zundel trial, or the David Irving v Lipstadt circus trial, or easier yet just
    read Ron Unz’s American Pravda essays.

    • Joetv-
      The numbers just don’t add up! The population of Jews in Europe was estimated at 5 Million before WW2, about 3 Million Jews escaped to the United States before 1940, a half Million escaped to other countries after 1940, and it seems Millions of Jews living in Israel claim to be “Holocaust Survivors”!
      It seems there are thousands of “holocaust” memorials in the world dedicated to Jews but not a single one for Native America, Ireland, Scotland, Armenia, Bosnia, Africa, Australia, Palestine, etc.

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