Turkish Media Slam Washington over Exploiting Christianity against Ankara

By Gizem Akbash for VT
Last week, several Turkish news sites published an article called “Washington Exploiting Christianity against Turkey” written by Adnan Cavusoglu. The author’s attention was drawn by the site christianpersecution.com, which covers the facts of Christian persecution all over the world.

The site was launched by the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle, an Orthodox organization defending the rights of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The Order members, Archons, are civilians who “have been honored for their outstanding service to the Orthodox Church.” Archons hold conferences, have meetings with various politicians and lobby bills on religious freedom.

Cavusoglu claims that the only purpose of christianpersecution.com is to blacken Ankara’s image and that it is just a part of the Order’s information campaign against Turkey. Mostly, the pieces on the site are republished from other media with short remarks added. The posts are edited and approved by high ranked hierarchs of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the author writes.

According to Cavusoglu, one of the “editors” is Metropolitan Elpidophoros Lambriniadis of Bursa. In particular, the Al-Monitor article republished by christianpersecution.com on August 13, focused on the plight of Christians on the island of Heybeliada where the theological school headed by the Metropolitan is situated.

The actual situation, however, differs from the one depicted on the website. “The government doesn’t impede the development of all religious minorities,” Cuvusoglu writes. “In May, talks began on the re-opening of the Heybeliada Theological School. In July, the Metropolitan of Ankara was appointed for the first time since 1922. There are no obstacles for Patriarch Bartholomew to develop an inter-faith dialogue, meet with international politicians. Orthodox churches and monuments in Turkey are being restored. That’s why the patriarch himself never criticized the state for the so-called Christian persecution.”

The Order of St. Andrew carries out an anti-Turkish policy. That’s why the organization’s National Commander Anthony Limberakis is said to constantly slam Turkey and president Erdogan.

The author also highlights the ties between the Order, the Greek American Archdiocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (GOArch) and the US Department of State. “One of the Archons is Michael Karloutsos, a top State Department official, son of an influential GOArch hierarch Alexander Karloutsos. It’s no wonder then why the site publishes articles criticizing Ankara,” Cavusoglu states.
As noticed in the article, most posts of the website are about Pastor Andrew Brunson, who is under house arrest on terrorism and spying charges in Izmir. His detention became the pretext for Washington to impose sanctions against Turkey.

So, Christianpersecution.com seems to be another tool of the United States to attack Ankara, concludes the author.


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  1. In that the church enjoys very much cover and freedom from prosecution for crimes against humanity in the US, it can be assumed that our intelligence agencies work very closely with the church.
    The fire at the Museum in Brazil destroyed the largest collection of indigenous literature in Latin America, and is a telling signal that the church has upped it’s “rules of engagement” in step with the attacks it is receiving from it’s own members, victims, and now the Evangelical branch which openly despises Catholics. The information contained in the archive was most likely enough to bury the entire Christian concept and storyline. This along with numerous other aggressive activities, will not save the church, and they know this, so are buying as much time and gathering as much money as possible. They are playing whack-a-mole.

    • Whenever a large quantity of indigenous literature is burned, the Catholic Church has to be considered as the prime suspect. In that it came just before the monies dispersed for the first time from the Brazilian government were going to be used to further protect the archive, is also telling, of a crime of opportunity.
      It is Alexandria 2.0

    • Why isn’t there a grassroots program to preserve ALL existing knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations?

      One word : Religion. In fact, the effort to crush and disappear both elders and their knowledge is the oldest war we have. I will say this. The source of wisdom at the levels required to combat pernicious historical revision and installation of cosmology directed toward control of select groups, does not come from paper or brass plates, it comes from stone. Christianity is the Donald Trump of Religion. Without force, they would have never been able to sell as much as they have. And it only takes a small handful of people to crush it completely. The spirit of wisdom is contained in the earth, and that is why they seek to destroy it. It is the agenda of very small people. The prophecy of the arrival of Christianity is “The great go, and the little come”.
      The prophecy of it’s demise is ” those who oppose the union of man, will be defeated”. The black robe is a very well known symbol of this scourge and has been for millennia after millennia. It is not a mystery.

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