Israeli Stooge, Pompeo, Slams John Kerry for Meeting Iranian Officials

We can't really think of anything insulting enough to say about Pompeo as a sub-headline...sorry


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s meetings with Iranian officials on the scrapped international nuclear deal were “unseemly and unprecedented,” his successor Michael Pompeo said on Friday.

“What Secretary Kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedented,” Pompeo told reporters at the State Department. Pompeo accused Kerry of engaging “with the world’s largest state sponsor of terror” and said the meetings were “inconsistent with the foreign policy of the United Sates.”

CIA Director Mike Pompeo speaks at a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on worldwide threats, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in Washington.

Pompeo Blames Iran’s Supreme Leader for Sacrificing Muslims in Exchange for Oil Profit

The top US diplomat also noted that Iran has fired rockets toward US embassy in Baghdad this week and has “taken action” against the US consulate in the Iraqi city of Basra. Earlier on Friday, Trump slammed Kerry for “illegal meetings with very hostile Iranian regime” and questioned whether Kerry has filed under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA.)Kerry on Wednesday admitted that since leaving office, he has secretly met at least four times with senior Iranian officials in an effort to “salvage” the Iranian nuclear deal. Kerry did not inform the Trump administration about the meetings, which took place Norway, Munich and elsewhere.

to take the pain out of seeing Pompeo’s fat ass, we are delighted to include this photo of Democratic congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard, who, unlike Pompeo, is a decorated combat veteran among other things

However, former US Secretary of State in a recent Twitter message advised US President Donald Trump to pay more attention to Paul Manafort’s cooperation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller than to his conversations with Iranians.

The 2015 Iran nuclear deal requires the international community to gradually remove sanctions against Iran in exchange for the Middle Eastern country accepting limits on and monitoring of its nuclear program.

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Iranian navy troops march in a parade marking National Army Day

© AP Photo / Ebrahim Noroozi

Iran Security Chief Warns Tehran to Respond to Any Hostile Action 10-Fold – Reports

The United States announced its withdrawal from the multilateral accord in May and began reimposing its anti-Iranian sanctions in August.In the wake of the US move, the other parties to the Iranian nuclear deal — Russia, Germany, China, France, Iran, the United Kingdom and the European Union — have reaffirmed their commitment to the agreement


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  1. I totally disagree and am incensed with Kerry and his rogue diplomacy. Not is it only against the current administration, it is against the American voter. What is going to happen when both sides become critically opposed, and war emanates due to misunderstandings and poor negotiations, a misspoken word? Kerry does not speak on behalf of Trump, nor me for that matter. And I don’t give a rat’s ass what others here think about him. He doesn’t belong in negotiations trying to establish counter opinions.

    I understand that other “former officials” conduct research and grant advisory opinion, but the place to render such advice and perhaps opposition is in the court of public opinion, not in secret talks in order to up-end current diplomacy, which he has stated he is trying to do.

    You people think that the American people are stupid, incapable of discerning proper avenues of discourse and the results therefrom (i.e, if we don’t like what Trump/Pompeo are doing, then the votes and our opinions against them rest with us…and if we don’t like what Obama/Kerry are blatantly doing against this administration, then by all means, be upfront and advise the American public on your opinions–it’s best for us to decide based on all views. But it is US (and via Congress), not Him/THEM in secret, that ultimately get to decide.

    Kerry, I didn’t like you years ago, and I certainly don’t like you now…just go away…we can’t miss you if you won’t leave.

    • “The last elections showed the easily manipulative [sic] of people like you…”

      No manipulation here at all–none. Do your research. What would you have us do: hold our nose and vote for the first woman president (and for absolutely no other qualifying reason, and for being able to avoid criminal charges), or for someone who is just as stupidly grandiose but argued for a stronger America (whom I called a Trojan Horse at the time)?

      A good example of voters being easily manipulated is the current diatribe between Trump and Obama as to who brought about the current state of the economy, when neither was that actively involved (unless you want to say that Trump’s directive about de-regulation in January and potential tax cuts contributes to corporate growth).

      The bigger players in the current economy are a do-nothing Congress (starting in 2006 with a Democrat controlled Congress and concomitant triple debt service) versus a do-much-too-late Fed. This will all come to fester in six months or so when a recession finally hits and the Fed can’t do anything by either raising or lowering interest rates. What will Trump, Obama, Congress, or the Fed say or claim then?? Act like some “Haifa housewife writting disinformation? Enjoy[ing] chicken soup with mom?”

      It’s rather more like mom and dad avoiding the sausage-making going on, with Kerry covertly spiking the punch, but with all this kool-aid left on the table. What we’re left with are the salt & pepper, opposite ends of the spectrum.

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