South Africa Launches Racial Economic Terrorism on White farmers

South Africa’s agriculture plummets amid uncertainty over land seizure plans


… from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: We have all been here before — a black leader thinks land seizures and redistribution is a magic button to be pressed and this will raise his people up, but actually the opposite happens.

Has a black KKK emerged in South Africa?

Historically, land prices crash, as does agricultural production, creating an economic downturn ripple effect. How does that black leader deal with that reality? By blaming white people.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Perhaps the Zimbabweans previously experimenting with this and their resulting disaster slipped by South African president Cyril Ramaphosa. He amazingly claims it will not be a land grab, nor will he allow it to hurt the economy. We await his display of magic powers.

The world civil rights organizations have been silent over this singling out one racial group to not only have its land taken away, but South African banks insisting that the property loans must still be repaid.

This is racial economic terrorism pure and simple. The UN, BRICS and the IMF are silent, which shows they approve of the action. If they did not approve, then they would let South Africa know that it could forget any international financial assistance to cushion the recession they are going into. South Africa should be sanctioned for doing thisJim W. Dean ]

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Welcome to official racial terrorism in South Africa

– First published … September 17, 2018

South Africa’s agriculture plunges amid uncertainty over land seizure plans

Agricultural confidence and land prices in South Africa have dropped significantly and continue falling on the country’s ruling party’s plans to expropriate land from white farmers without compensation.

The Agricultural Business Chamber said this week the Agbiz/IDC agribusiness confidence index has declined to the lowest in more than two years. According to the chamber, it’s the weakest since 2016, when the nation suffered from a drought that ensued after the lowest annual rainfall in at least a century.

Statistics show farm prices in South Africa have plunged by a third since December. The average price of agricultural land sold in July was 9,318 rand ($613) a hectare compared with 13,700 rand, according to economist and chairman of Agri Development Solutions, Johann Bornman.

Agriculture output shrank 29 percent in the second quarter from the previous three months, the most among all industries. The sector employs 843,000 people, almost double the number of jobs in mining.

“The root of pessimism” is lingering policy uncertainty and weak economic growth, said Wandile Sihlobo, the head of agribusiness research at the chamber.

Massive declines in the agricultural and other sectors that dragged the South African economy into recession after nearly a decade of growth come as a result of the ruling party’s planned land reforms. The African National Congress seeks a constitutional amendment which it says is needed to correct racially skewed land-ownership patterns.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has embraced the plan to expropriate land from white farmers without compensation and redistribute it to the landless black majority. He insists there won’t be a land grab, adding that any policy changes won’t be allowed to damage farming production or the economy.

“The lack of clarity regarding the land-reform policy proposal, particularly expropriation without compensation, remains a key risk that could potentially undermine investment and long-run growth prospects in the sector,” Sihlobo said.


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  1. Most of our local farmers in NYS were forced out of business by agri-business and government pricing controls.
    Now, a single farmer can till thousands of acres at reduced tax rates, and not provide a single item to eat for the locals. Soy beans are sold to other countries at fixed prices. Trump turned on a massive vacuum that sucked billions in profits from all kinds of farmers. The GOP is vicious when it comes to killing the small farmers. I am surrounded for miles in all directions by abandoned NY farms, while the only tomatoes at our grocer are from Chile or California. All farms in the US are government controlled to a degree, and any area can be targeted at any time. Follow USDA auctions.

  2. Both the UK and US routinely dispossess citizens of property and assets without compensation. In fact it happens so often, that a category would have to be specific to discuss it, such as pipeline imminent domain, or civil forfeitures. If you are 3 years behind in taxes, your land is seized and sold immediately at auction. If police see cash, they can simply take it and hold it. Hell, we even routinely steal land from people in other countries at will without cause. or explanation. This entire SA thing would not even be discussed if not for the hot button “race” issue. Thousands of farmers lost their farms here in NYS due to economic attacks from many fronts. I never heard a peep.

  3. PEACE IN…
    What needs to happen is the Jewish gangster banksters and resource exploiters should pay any sum agreed upon to the disgruntled European colonialist to whom Africans owe not a single penny for recovery of their land that was forcefully taken during colonial incursion. You cant take my house and then expect me to pay you for retaking it. The Africans own all the land and land resources and should make it clear to the fact while systemically, gradually, and insistently retaking what is rightfully theirs. OUTSIDERS WHO DO NOT AGREE SHOULD PACKUP AND SIMPLY LEAVE.

  4. Unlike Zimbabwe the biggie in here is the farm mortgage loan books of the banks. Anyone who thinks that those debts will still be paid after the land is seized is in cloud cuckoo land. This is big enough to bring down the banks, on top of all the agriculture supply and support companies. Chaos.

    Sad to say it but another in a long list of black Africans taking over from white and shooting themselves, in this case, in both feet. Mind you the banksters will then move in and buy everything for peanuts. Result!

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