The Wizard War Against Humanity, the Threat of Hidden Science


By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Were universities, think tanks and the mainstream media to be believed, science halted all advances in 1970. All “magic” has gone into video games and mobile devices while gas-guzzling pickup trucks and fake cancer treatments remain virtually unchanged. The moon remains “unvisited” and Mars, intended to be visited by 1990, remains yet illusory.

The truth, a very dark truth, goes further, so much further, buried in a realm of disinformation, fakery, and deception. Is there a technology out there than is kept from us, have we been lied to as part of a massive conspiracy?

Not only is the answer a resounding “yes,” keeping the lid on this very real fact has proven impossible. Suppressing dissent, however, is easy. The technology that we can’t know about is also the technology that keeps the world silent and uninformed. Welcome to a world even Orwell never imagined.

Bleed Through

There are a few recent incidents where classified, deniable, and despicable projects using suppressed or banned science have gained some public note. Only when the nature or impact of these events crosses a “red line,” are questions asked. We begin.

There is a current swine flu outbreak in China. The version of swine flu is not native to China but rather one studied, and our informed sources say “developed” as well, at the Lugar Laboratories in Tbilisi, Georgia. Recent media reports have questioned the role of this US Department of Defense-funded facility in the role of biological and chemical weapons development. With each accusation, including a major release of documentary evidence by the former Chief of Intelligence for the Republic of Georgia, press assets flood the media with a torrent of hapless denials.

This one instance, however, a manufactured disease traveling thousands of miles without a disease vector or “patient zero,” gives rise to accusations of germ warfare. That the US is currently involved in an economic war with China and has a long history of using biological weapons against crops and livestock since the end of World War II, points a finger at Washington.

When you add stealth drone technology to weaponize biological agents, combine that with control of the press and the ability to manipulate public opinion, add a dash of extremism and psychopathy, everything becomes possible.

Our second subsets of observable but deniable phenomenon involve Syria and Yemen. Our sources tell us that both nations, targeted by the triumvirate of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the State of Israel, have been subjected to biological, chemical, and radiological warfare.

Anonymous sources within the defense community cite a Department of Defense/US Department of Energy project to develop deniable MRR (Minimum Residual Radiation) nuclear weapons to be deployed as “glide bombs” by the new F35 stealth fighter bomber.

The project basis is a modification of the W 54 SADM (Special Atomic Demolition) developed by the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory between 1957 and 1959. Using football-shaped hollow-core nuclear pits of either Uranium 235 or Plutonium 239, designs were developed with an output as low as .1 kilotons up to .4 kilotons.

Units tested in Syria and Yemen, according to DOE and DOD sources, were equipped with satellite navigation and special datalinks. The ensuing massive explosions were misattributed to attacks on arms depots, chemical plants, or “missile factories.”

The deployment of these nuclear weapons, weighing less than 200 pounds, as glide bombs on drone aircraft, is said to be among the listed objections given by the Russian government to the United States in response to American accusations regarding the range of Russia’s Iskandar missile system.

Similar “bleed-through” comes in Russia’s written objections to US programs involved in the covert collection of DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens.

In each case, the projects involve “dark science,” using genetically modified organisms or deployment and testing of banned radiological weapons.

Were one to question issues of “intent,” the collected communication between the Russian and American representatives at the UN Security Council over the use of banned chemical weapons inside Syria, Chlorine and Sarin gas by name, or British accusations against Russia for the alleged use of Novochuk/VZ gas clearly open the door for wider consideration. We will, thus, open the door even further.

Manhattan Project

Between 1942 and 1945, the largest government-backed scientific endeavor in history brought about the development of the first nuclear weapons. Hundreds of thousands of pages of documents from the Manhattan Project are still classified but a number of issues other than bomb development ensued.

It is said that the Apollo Project that put Americans on the moon gave rise to important technologies, pens that write in weightlessness, new forms of cookware, and “Velcro.”

The Manhattan Project went a bit further. Study groups with infinite funding, led by Nobel Prize winners, reviewed the work of the Cavendish Laboratories and Maxwell’s Equations along with the works of Tesla.

Much of what has generally been accepted as Newtonian and Einsteinian Physics had been disproven or modified. These discoveries, including the advancement of Unified Field Theory, “plasma” technologies, and our understanding of gravity and magnetism opened doors to scientific advancement that was locked away as “destabilizing.”

The following areas of study, often under DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) or other “deep cover” activities such as agricultural or medical research, even science fiction can be eclipsed.

The following areas are confirmed to be under development, testing, or even deployment:

  • Weather modification – DARPA projects using microwave and other methodologies have been deployed to manipulate weather fronts, the jet stream, rainfall, and other factors in order to impact fuel, food, and transportation costs. Weaponization capabilities have been explored under well-financed DOD programs but there is no evidence of deployment.
  • Thought Control – Often considered a “tin foil hat” subject, current advances in physics and medicine have isolated brain functions susceptible to external stimuli. Platform base deployment and testing of “inducement” technologies, in Africa and the Middle East have been done by corporations such as Elbit or Lockheed. Programs are funded under projects tied to extremism and terrorism.

Suppressed Technology

Returning to Manhattan Project based technologies, two basic areas come to mind involving widespread suppression of potential scientific advances that might well advance the human condition.

Among those is anti-gravity or as it is now referred to “magnetic buoyancy.”

There have long been rumors that the Nazi’s worked with alien technology to develop aircraft with unique possibilities. In support of this hypothesis, stories of alien bases in Antarctica and Chile have long been the subject of speculative fiction. However, behind this “tin foil hat” approach lies more than one kernel of truth.

When German Major General Walter Dornberger came to the United States to take over America’s primitive rocket program, more came with Dornberger than Werner Von Braun. German scientists had also done basic research into gravity.

One American scientist, upon reviewing unpublished documents from the Dornberger trove, found references to an early Lockheed “Skunk Works” project dating from 1947. Mercury in a strong magnetic field yields, according to documentation “for every 10 pounds of mercury, 10 pounds of lift a 9.81 meters per second per second at sea level.”

The process is an adaptation of unified field theory, duplicating the effect of magnets repelling one another based on polarity, tying the effects of gravity and magnetism to similar but “suppressed” natural laws made possible through “proton flipping.” From Jesse M. Chandler, the Unified Field Theory, Second Edition:

“According to M. Mathis and other modern theorists a unified field equation only has to unify two separate fields in order to qualify as a unified field. It does not have to unify all four fields. Both Newton and Coulomb formulas are unified field equations. That is why the two equations look so much alike. They are basically the inverse of each other.

However the two equations unify the same thing in different ways. Newton was unaware of Maxwell’s E/M field, so he did not realize that his equation contained two fields, “E/M” and “G”, (electro-magnetic and gravity).

Coulomb working on electrostatics, pre-Maxwell, likewise did not realize that his equation also included gravity. So the E/M field is hidden inside Newton’s equation, and the gravitational field is hidden inside Coulomb’s equation. Both Maxwell and Einstein missed this unification.

If we look at Newton’s equation first…F = GMm/r2 … we learn that this equation has been around since 1687. But how can you get two fields from one when only mass is involved? Well, remember that Newton invented the modern idea of mass with this equation. But he let the variable “M” stand for what we now call mass. In the process, he compressed the equation too much.

Not knowing about E/M fields and atomic structure he made the equation as simple as possible, but in this form, it is so simple, it hides the fundamental basis of mass. If Newton had written the equation it would have looked like this:

F= G(DV)(dv)/r2”

By 1953, Lockheed had built, according to White House sources, a primitive anti-gravity craft using German technology, as a test platform. The craft, nearly as large as a B 52 Stratofortress, proved mercury-based gravity theory. I viewed the craft in 2009, then capable of attaining altitudes of up to 20 feet, hardly a UFO.

Similar attempts to manipulate gravity involve the works of Canadian engineer, Gerald Bull, assassinated by Mossad agents in 1990. Bull developed a type of “weight loss” or “gravity reduction” field technology using thorium coatings under a specific charge.

This technology allowed 155mm artillery to increase range from 12 to up to 40 and even 60 kilometers and, according to Bull, would even enable artillery to launch earth satellites. Bull’s discoveries eventually led to his untimely death.

The “elephant in the room” of suppressed technologies is Cold Fusion. Supposedly “debunked,” how that term is abused,” by “media scientists,” DARPA Cold Fusion projects draw just under half a billion in yearly financing.

Though Cold Fusion is “debunked,” the US Navy is testing Cold Fusion technology in a number of its craft.

Another suppressed technology is the history of the first linear accelerators or “atom smashers.” When physicists look at photos of Tesla’s Colorado laboratory from back in 1905, photos with Tesla sitting in a cage next to a giant coil, experts recognize the first million-volt particle accelerator or cyclotron.

Tesla’s materials, still classified to this day, helped the US develop its first magnetic uranium separators and, even more interesting, capabilities of transmuting elements. Yes, we are talking about alchemy. Tesla’s discoveries eventually led to his untimely death and the suppression of his technologies.

More recently, the search for “over-unity” devices, those capable of emitting more power than they receive, is the holy grail. Leading this effort is Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian born physicist whose research essentially follows Tesla.

In 2005, I sent Dr. Riccardo Maggiore, an Italian born physicist and professor at MIT to meet with and question Keshe. Maggiore left frustrated and angry, calling Keshe a “lunatic and madman.” “Gordon, Keshe doesn’t accept Maxwell’s equations, I can’t deal with him, we don’t speak the same language.”

Tesla claimed to be able to tap electrical power from “aether” just as Tesla had done. In order to do this, he developed coils coated with nanoparticles. In testing, some never worked, but inexplicably, some have powered homes for years.

Keshe himself is evasive but his technology has drawn investments from governments such as China and others. Can Keshe’s plasma field’s disable nuclear missiles as claimed? The scientific community is divided on this issue, a division Keshe himself fuels with controversy. Real or fake, Keshe has survived two assassination attempts and maintains a significant security capability.

Our Primitive World

Just watching the news, one thing is clear, the only technology of interest in nuclear technology, not to aid mankind but to terrorize, to mobilize, using fear and suspicion. From VT 2015, Editor’s Ian Greenhalgh and particle physicist, Jeff Smith of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency:

In the last year we have covered a number of incidents where nuclear weapons have been used; from exposing the truth about the nuclear nature of the destruction of the WTC on 9-11 to being the only media outlet to cover the nuclear explosions in China. 

In the minds of most people, a nuclear weapon is a large device carried on the tip of an ICBM or carried in the belly of a huge bomber aircraft that when deployed produces a colossal explosion and spectacular mushroom cloud just like all those terrifying 1950s newsreels.

However, this is no longer the case – nuclear weapon design is several generations in advance of the bulky devices of the Cold War and today, a wide variety of types of nuclear weapon exist and they come in all sizes from the smallest ‘micro nukes’ with yields measuring in hundreds of tonnes of TNT equivalent up to truly monstrous two and three-stage bombs with yields of many millions of tonnes of TNT (megatonnes).

The megatonne class bombs have never been deployed in anger; if they had, there would be no possible way to keep it a secret – the devastation and fallout would be on such a grand scale as to be impossible to hide. However, the sub-kilotonne mini and micro nukes have been used many times, both in false flag ‘terrorist’ attacks like 9-11 and OK City and in military conflicts in countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

The small yield and limited destruction of these mini and micro nukes mean it is possible to keep their use secret; especially when the media are compliant and willfully ignore any and all instances of their use. The willingness of several players to use these diabolical weapons should send a chill down the spine of every sensible person – we are living in a new nuclear age far more dangerous and deadly than the previous Cold War era with its balance of nuclear power held in check by the terrifying concept of Mutually Assured Destruction.

Now that advanced nuclear weapons have become part of the playbook of modern conflict it becomes important to understand something about these weapons; to learn about their characteristics and effects so that it becomes even harder to keep their use secret.”

What has become clear is that the same physics that makes tiny nuclear bombs can also produce tiny fusion reactors as well, clean and cheap energy for the most remote regions of the world.

Similarly, the suppressed gravity discoveries could revolutionize transportation, in fact, every aspect of engineering and physics.

Need we examine the breadth of suppression and deception? How far does the story go? What diseases could have been eliminated, what suffering ended, what advances, what enlightenment made possible?

Could advances in science, as believed by the “technocrats” of the 1930s, have brought about a new society, a “new man,” with an end to disease, hunger, and war?


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  1. I am sure that such homicides aren’t strictly their domain, however, when reminded of the Israeli assassination of scientists, and there have been many, everyone just shrugs. Why? Better yet, why can’t I murder my neighbor with the same immunity? We live on a terminally ill, unfair planet. Whether one discovers a super weapon, an alternate banking system, or an engine that runs forever on water, one must buy heavy life insurance.
    I think there’s ample evidence of weather modification, and control. Just look up. It hasn’t rained properly in California since Fuki. Evidence exists where hurricanes have been stalled or misdirected, the jet stream too. And the wild fires are busy rewriting physics 101. It’s all so very, very strange.

  2. One next step in the unified field exploration is the prediction of response or applicability of compounds. Just as Mendeleev could easily predict certain undiscovered elements existed due to atomic weights, so too can eventual applications of particular elements be predicted. Germanium and Gallium will be indispensable in the creation of anti-gravity “ships’. Crystals and light are already used around the world for healing and have been for millennia. I would expect advances to proceed in that area, in tandem with the decline of religious dogma.
    Critical to public information as a check and balance to these advances, is the knowledge of how to tell what day it is, and why they are different. Understanding the components and processes of time itself. It can be taught to a child without the use of books.

  3. Just as it was not necessary to go from early steam engines to nuclear reactors, it is not necessary to go from our present technology to zero point energy (amongst others). Ever see photos of some of the first internal combustion engines? Pretty big eh, not very efficient either, but they worked. The same goes here. There are other ways to produce electrical power using kinetic energy (rotary motion turning ordinary generators). As for anti-grav, ever hear of the green (as in Mr.) drive? He used a an ordinary electric drill to power his prototype. He was just a mechanic. His explanation was simple. To wit,, what happens when you exert force that is at right angles to everything else, even itself? It’s got to go somewhere!

  4. A few years ago a NY Times article on cancer claimed between $100 billion and $1 trillion had been spent “studying” cancer. Despite this enormous effort, about one person dies every minute either from cancer, treatment or both usually treatment but falsely reported as from cancer. All approved cancer treatments are life threatening. The only way to prove the cause of death of a cancer patient under treatment is by an autopsy by a top independent pathology laboratory which is almost never done. How many have heard of the German Biochemist Otto H. Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. (1883-1970)? Warburg was awarded the 1931 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on cell respiration. He was nominated for the first cancer prize in 1926 for his work on cancer in animals but it was instead awarded to Fibiger whose work was later shown to be wrong. He was nominated again in 1944 for a third Nobel Prize for yet different work but prohibited by Hitler’s decree. Warburg was the best of the best and considered the greatest biochemist of the 20th century. His Father Emil held the Chair of Physics at Berlin and died in 1931. Otto H. Warburg discovered the prime cause of cancer in animals by about 1926 while it took about 40 more years to prove this cause for human cancers by about the 1955-1965 period the same time frame the DNA molecule was discovered by Watson and Crick. Warburg’s discoveries were based on experiments and facts in the laboratory. Con’t. below.

    • The human body has about 100 trillion cells. Each cell must be saturated with Oxygen at all times. This is a big job. There is not a blood vessel running next to each cell. Warburg proved that when oxygen is deprived by about one third, the cell switches from running mainly on oxygen based metabolism to running on glucose based metabolism primarily in the absence of oxygen or fermentation the same process which maintained life before the appearance of oxygen on our planet. Cancer is not hundreds of different diseases as falsely speculated by the Cancer Generals, a different one for every organ of the body, but ONE disease oxygen deficiency to living cells over a relatively long period of time, usually decades for humans. Warburg invented the tissue slice technique. Brian Peskin, E.E. is an electrical engineering graduate from MIT about 1979. He became interested in medicine and health. He wrote a book “The Hidden Story of Cancer” with Amid Habib, M.D. published about the 2006-2010 period. I urge Gordon and others to read it. It contains a great summary of Warburg’s experiments and statements on cancer. Warburg published over 500 scientific papers and books in his lifetime of science. The orthodoxy has obstructed his conclusions on cancer based on experiments and facts, not genetic speculations. I have been studying the failed war on cancer for about 20 years since my wife nearly died, not from inflammatory breast cancer, but treatment, mistreatment would be..

    • I have been studying the failed war on cancer for about 20 years since my wife nearly died, not from inflammatory breast cancer, but treatment, mistreatment would be a more appropriate description. After Warburg announced his experimental results on cancer, many very good scientists claimed to have found a cancer which did not ferment sugar. He proved all of them wrong. Three of his pupils were awarded shared Nobel Prizes in Medicine: Otto Meyerhof, Hans Krebs and Hugo Theorell. Warburg was part of the old German System where a top scientist was identified and permitted total freedom. “You may walk in the woods for two years and no one will say a word.” This is how real research must be done, not by groups. Of course Warburg did have his own group called “The Palace of Cell Physiology” where great seminal discoveries were made. Brian Peskin E.E. has some great ideas about how to get oxygen to all the 100 trillion cells of your body using essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 which he calls “oxygen magnets”. The cancer generals don’t know what they are doing and don’t want to know what they are doing. This is why they have failed for so many years. They have cause and effect all mixed up; a common problem in scientific understanding.
      Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  5. That article is a load of crap, a mish mash of oft-repeated disinfo. Only 40 or so people spoke at that hearing and many of them were clearly lying.

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