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[ Editor’s Note: It was a surprise to see this admission to start the day on a Sunday morning. And what better source than an Israeli think tank to reveal what we all already know, that Israeli politicians lie like a rug.

They don’t see it as a bad thing, and John Kerry’s book told us why, via his quote of Netanyahu saying, “In the Mideast everybody lies”. But the issue know squarely on the table is the fake government one, which is quite fair to describe a government that lies to its public 75% of the time.

Unfortunately the only political punishment for this, theoretically, is to get them voted out of office. That also qualifies as a “fake” solution, as the odds are 99% they would be replaced by another, possibly even better liar.

It was nice to see this watch dog group put more than a little blame for this ghastly situation on corporate media that seems only too happy to publish lies, especially if they are good ones that boost ratings and readership.

As Gordon does so love to say, “Welcome to how the world really works.” How it will ever change is beyond me. Who could, or would want to do it?Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … November 19, 2018

A new study has revealed that more than 70 percent of statements by senior Israeli politicians are false, putting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on top of the list of those who uttered fake news.

The study carried out by Yifat Media Check Ltd. and Hamashrokit – “The Whistle” fact-checking NGO – found that most statements made by top Israeli politicians in the past year were either totally or mostly wrong.

The study showed that representatives of coalition parties have a higher tendency to make false statements as 74 percent of their statements were found to be false, 12 percent were partially true and only 14 percent were true.

The political lie that got the most press coverage (7 million exposures on regular and social media outlets) belongs to Netanyahu who has made numerous unsubstantiated allegations against Iran’s nuclear program.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran has continued to implement all its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal even as the United States reimposed sanctions against Tehran.

The IAEA says Iran continues to implement all its commitments under the JCPOA even after the re-imposition of new US sanctions.

Israel’s Interior Minister Arye Deri was in the second place in the list of the speakers of fake news. According to the report, the main problem with false news is that when it is broadcast on established media, it is granted a higher degree of credibility.

The research found that Netanyahu’s false remarks on Iran were considered as credible by 88 percent of readers and viewers in Israel.

“This study indicates that politicians know they won’t have to pay a price in the established media for their inaccuracies,” Tehilla Schwartz-Altschuler, head of the Democracy in the Information Age program at the Israel Democracy Institute, said.

“If 75 percent of what they say is just not true, and the established media continues to serve this institution known as ‘press release’ and to be the government’s mouthpiece – we’re in real trouble.”


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  1. Continued:
    … Propaganda and mental conditioning for these folks has been going on for centuries.
    The Rabbinical order of the Talmud, the cursory format and dialog predicated outside the Thora, is in fact, a struggle within the orthodoxy of the Jewish scribes and the Pharisees of controlling object Humanism, and it is called, god’s will, by the curators of myth and justice for a small fraction of the planet’s population… 2%+… Yet, they are so well organized in the educational format of controls in high places. For example, TV, Magazines, News Papers, Hollywood movie media, Internet and book publishing, etc. They have the means of telling the “LIES” or the “TRUTHS”. The brainwashed masses have been educated to believe it! As well their special schools and religious programs that give a cohesive order to Jewish families and assistances to separate themselves from the rest of societies in an enclave of ghettos, here it works for every level of intelligentsia. Even the poorest Jew, if he or she wills, can join in the celebration of the Jewish Intellectual grid and matrix of higher learning and bondage to the thoughts of the scribe Pharisees, as well, the object relativism of the Money Train and Mammon! They see money as a tool to control their destiny and object survival…

    • Indeed & you are tuned into the correct frequency. Crowned Serpent (Zayin) Talmud & Kabbalah gives them they’re mental green light for the evil they justify as Adonai’s will & think it’s ‘Pious’ in they’re theological beLIEf system. Wish we could have evolved past all this analog programmed religious stuff to avoid the Machiavellian Faustian psychopaths but, I’m not seeing a way out of a clash & impact at some nexus.

    a message from Home land security

  3. The BIG LIES that Jews themselves believe as DIVINE RELELATIONS are of course that they are the chosen ones , the Exodus , the Holocaust. & God promised them Palestine.
    The sad thing is that the Goyim also have also been duped into believing these lies.

  4. Please Note that It’s Only the LIAR Zionists that preach that ” ALL Goverments LIE ” and That ” Everybody in the Middle East LIES ” and they say to to have their LIES Accepted and them to be Forgiven for their Blatant LIES ………. There is A Lot of NonZionist People and Countries THAT NEVER LIE …….. tell me when did Hassan Nasrullah of Hezbullah Lied , give me an Example ……… show me an Example of PrimeMinister Imran Khan of Pakistan’s Lies ……… You ALL are Duped by the Zionist Brainwash into Believing that Everybody is a LIAR like the Zionists …… You’re Fools ……

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