By Dr. Alan Sabrosky

“False flags” have been a staple of international affairs generally and warfare in particular for many centuries, but in the United States, they are something akin to an art form.

This needs to be understood by anyone attempting to discern what the U.S. may do in the years ahead.

The original concept was actually limited to tactical engagements at sea. Ships would often fly the flag of a country other than their own to evade or to deceive hostile warships or (if pirates) potential victims. But the custom was to raise their real colors before opening fire – a custom honored as much in the breach as not.

Over time, the concept of “false flags” assumed a wider interpretation. Then and now, it has two variants: (1) operations and incidents attributed to a country or parties who, in fact, were not responsible for something that occurred, and (2) asserting that something bad happened to justify a response, when in fact nothing had happened, or what did happen is exaggerated. Both can now be used in domestic politics as well as in international affairs.

“False Flags” in American History and Practice

What is unique in the U.S. experience is that virtually all American wars have involved some form of “false flags” to deceive Americans into supporting their government’s belligerence, supposedly claiming the moral high ground of responding to provocation or outright attack when, in fact, neither had occurred. From the American Revolution through the ill-begotten post-9/11 “War on Terror,” every war – including our Civil War – except for the Korean War (1950-1953) has followed this pattern.

In point of fact, I do not think that there has ever been a war in U.S. history where we actually defended the country from a genuine external threat, as opposed to a contrived or provoked war – and I include the American Revolution, the Civil War, and World War II – well, both world wars. Before WWII, for instance, we sent war supplies on our ships to Britain and waged an undeclared naval war on German submarines in 1940 and especially 1941, then were outraged when a German U-boat skipper under attack actually sank a US destroyer (the USS Reuben James).

In Asia, we not only armed and supplied the Chinese forces fighting Japan, but we sent Army Air Force pilots and P-40 fighters to China as “volunteers” (the so-called “Flying Tigers”) who actually fought the Japanese, killing some of their people in the air and on the ground – and that was before we embargoed the sale of scrap iron and oil which they desperately needed. No surprise we got the war we wanted. And yes, Japan’s attack on China was unprovoked aggression – just like the U.S. attack on Mexico in 1846…. The following figure offers a sarcastic but painfully accurate depiction of this practice:



Pretense and Portents

All of which brings us to the unending, unwinnable, and utterly fallacious post-9/11 “War on Terror.” As I have explained in “Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake”.

The official U.S. Government explanation of the events of September 11, 2001, is untrue in every key respect – the mother of “false flags,” one might say. It was in fact a classic Mossad exercise, involving Israeli operatives and mostly Jewish neo-conservatives in and around the U.S. Government at the time.

The scope of what transpired was captured several years afterward in an interview with General Wesley Clark (pictured), U.S. Army (ret.), formerly Supreme Allied Commander Europe. He stated explicitly that the decision to attack Iraq was made two weeks after 9/11, despite no evidence linking Iraq to that event. And a few weeks later, it had been decided to bring down seven Middle Eastern countries – all enemies of Israel – in five years, starting with Afghanistan and ending with Iran, again with no evidence linking any of them to 9/11.

Well, it has taken longer than five years, principally because of the unexpected strength and resilience of the Afghan and Iraqi resistance after our invasions. But six of the seven countries have been, or are being, trashed, to Israel’s great satisfaction. Only Iran remains unscathed, despite constant pressure from Israel for the U.S. – with or without Israeli participation – to attack.

But the U.S. has unilaterally withdrawn from the international agreement with Iran ending sanctions, and the war is coming – bank on it. It only remains to be seen what “false flag” will be contrived by Israel and the U.S. to provide an excuse for the attack.



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  1. Let’s not forget the Confederacy was formed by a clique of oligarchs who refused to accept the result of a free national election that they had done their best to sabotage. In 1860, for the first time in American history, the slaveholder lobby lost its hold on the White House, so they said “screw democracy!” and left – even though with their northern Democratic allies they still controlled Congress and the Supreme Court.

    As for “saving” slavery by secession, the GOP platform guaranteed continued federal non-interference in the “domestic institutions” of the states. Plank Eight however stated that slavery could not legally be introduced in new territories where it had never existed, reaffirming what the Founders had decreed, “That the normal condition of all the territory of the United States is that of freedom.”

    American voters overwhelmingly supported this policy, desiring the land to be made available for white family homesteading, barring slavery -and black homesteaders, incidentally- from the future states.

    By maneuvering the secessionists into firing the first shot, Lincoln brilliantly mobilized public opinion for the swift suppression of the insurrection, thus denying the insurgents time to build a strong military to contest the US for possession of the west. In any case, an aggressive, expansionist foreign power at its southern border and in control of the Mississippi River would have been an existential threat to the survival of the free states.

  2. 9-11 was the Empire’s occult powers-secret societies beacon for those who understand cryptic symbology/glyphs/logos etc. regarding war on humanity. ‘Mammon Ra’ pay for play monetizing illegal proxy wars, assassinations, murder, Coups, eugenics, AWG, Silent Weapons for Silent Wars, Rape Pillage plunder. Continued nescience, ignorance, false knowledge, apathy, complacency assure they’re success. Now that the veil of Oz has been lifted more than any other epoch in history humanity has a shot finally. Future is not set, but it is assured if good people do nothing.

  3. All of their False Flag skits are full of discrepancies and only children and dimwits, still buy into the boob tube version. It seems like they don’t really care if anyone believes them or not. They will just ignore whatever disagreement of their story arises.

  4. Did Israel Lover Trump lie about authorship of his book? Quote:
    “Tony Schwartz (born May 2, 1952)[1] is an American journalist, business book author, professional speaker,[2] and the ghostwriter[3] and co-author of Trump: The Art of the Deal…. In 1974, Schwartz graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan…
    In 1985, Schwartz began interviewing Donald Trump to ghostwrite Trump: The Art of the Deal (1987), for which he was credited as co-author.[3] According to Schwartz, Trump wrote none of the book, choosing only to remove a few critical mentions of business colleagues at the end of the process.[3]
    In July 2016, Schwartz was the subject of an article in The New Yorker in which he described Donald Trump, who was running for President of the United States at the time, in unfavorable terms. Schwartz said he came to regret writing The Art of the Deal.[3][10][11]Schwartz repeated his criticism on Good Morning America, saying he “put lipstick on a pig”, and again on Real Time with Bill Maher

    • Wouldn’t it have been much easier for Tony Schwartz to go along with the lies and remain silent about these facts? They are sustained even more in the article about Trump in Wikipedia. They are further sustained in the article TrumpTower by Wikipedia. Isn’t IsraelLover Trump like his crony in Israel Netanyahu a pathological liar? Do we want a pathological liar as president, who makes the decisions about going to war, especially based on lies of a false flag which will likely be presented as “truth” for us to go to war likely with Iran? It appears Tony Schwartz is the one with a conscience, not Israel Lover Trump.

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