NEO: The Unfixable, the Price of Rule by Ignorance


    By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

    There is nothing new about “mis-defining” global events, global conflicts and sociological trends. If there is one gift from Donald Trump, it’s his tendency to debunk everything, everything but himself. It’s one thing lying about pretty much everything, it’s quite something else to structure world events to fit the lies and that’s exactly what we are doing. Let me explain.

    We have created artificial categories, created to fit analytical patterns created to serve a massive disinformation culture, and built fictional narratives around them to define what we all agree is a senseless spiral into chaos and anarchy.

    Let’s look at world economics. Value is established through esoteric creations called “currencies,” a term few can define. Typically, the world trades on the US dollar, a currency backed by debt, but no one knows who holds that debt nor can anyone explain how the debt was created, where the money went, where it is now and where the cash that services the interest on the debt goes.

    You see, America operates with an illegal central bank, one banned by American laws written into the constitution in 1787 and yet a secret bank was created that now holds well over $20 trillion in government securities. No one knows who owns the bank, where it is actually located, where the debt is held nor, can anyone define how the system works. The whole thing is smoke and mirrors.

    Nearly every nation has one of these banks and owes money to this same group that runs every bank, that prints all currency, a group that, were one to actually investigate, has never had any real holdings, never lent any significant amount of money at all and, in actuality has, through bribery, created a racket where nations create fake money themselves and pay interest to a series of ancient crime families that really don’t do anything at all.

    I’m not making this up.

    There is real value in the world, oil is pumped out of the ground, products are designed and manufactured, technologies developed, food is produced and consumed but then again, is it really?

    That is another answer that many won’t like. Yes, oil is pumped out of the ground, which is traded, shipped, refined and burned in vehicles or used to manufacture products. However, when the economic efficiency of the system itself is questioned, we begin asking questions such as:

    • Are the vehicles really necessary, what is their function either social or economic?
    • Are the products needed, how do they serve human needs?
    • How is the value of oil set? Is value set artificially based on manipulated scarcity that, in itself, creates other problems, including the need for global militarism and fake economic wars?

    Here we begin, the cascade effect, and no single aspect can be blamed, be it food shortages, oil shortages or simply hysteria driven by fake debt. Let’s take a look at how the military works, in particular, the American military.

    During the 20th century, the world was inundated with wars. Two major wars spanning the globe, were ostensibly, were one to accept the fake narrative, fought to guarantee “the freedom of mankind.” The suppressed history of each, however, more accurately describes them as wars manipulated by the secret owners of central banks against nations that tried to establish coalitions that challenged the traditional “order of things.”

    This is not over simplistic, not hardly. The reputed same families that run the central banks of all major nations, names like Warburg, Rothschild, Schiff, Loeb, Kuhn, Mendelsohn, Morgan and Rockefeller, Harriman and Bush, have guided world events for 500 years.

    Names add to the list, the Bush family a product of the Warburg, Schiff, Harriman partnership, well into the 20th century. Fake history exists to hide how these families created Nazi Germany to destroy Russia.

    When the Kaiser’s Germany stood against the banks only two decades before, it was decided to create an American juggernaut to rule the world on behalf of the criminal banking elites.

    One can become buried in this narrative, trying to define bolshevism or assigning inherent evil to one nationality or ethnicity or the other. Fake history ,manipulated media and enslaved academia does little else.

    There is a reason we are discussing the American military. You see, with America as global enforcer, and a Washington based government that has become even more threatening and unpredictable than any other in history, another pre-war arms race is moving into full swing.

    Dozens of nations are arming themselves to the teeth, Russia, China and India for sure, but even Taiwan and Japan, Saudi Arabia, certainly Israel and Iran, but so many others as well.

    Why? What are they afraid of?

    There is only one answer, they are afraid of the United States. During the fall of 2018, French Prime Minister Macron described a new “European Army” independent of the US. President Trump was enraged, almost as though someone had actually spoken what was always to remain unspoken, that Europe needed to be armed, not against Russia but rather quite possibly alongside Russia against the United States.

    There is no other way to interpret this. You see, with the United States moving military forces into Europe at an unprecedented scale since the end of the fake “Cold War,” Marines in Norway, occupation troops in the Baltic States, bases in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo and the remains of the post-war occupation of Germany, some still intact, an idea has taken hold in Europe.

    Europe now feels occupied by the US.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see the US operating in 140 nations with 10,000 “special operations” troops involved in undefined missions. Are they assassinating politicians, training terrorists, what exactly are they doing? Nobody knows, certainly not America’s president or congress and least of all the American people.

    Then again, what kind of military does the US actually have? An analysis shows that, increasingly since 2001, the US has restructured for occupation, naval blockade and drone assassinations. No real military capability has been built or maintained at all.

    The huge aircraft carriers are useless unless deployed against spear wielding “natives,” as anyone can sink an aircraft carrier with a missile that costs less than a pickup truck.

    New American aircraft are designed for attacks on only primitive people, those without modern planes or air defenses. Their range and weaponry is all based on support of occupation forces that ride around in gas guzzling armor clad vehicles useless in mobile warfare, vehicles designed to protect occupation forces from insurgents.

    America’s real armor, the Abrams tank or M113 APC are decades old, helpless against modern shoulder mounted weapons and simply “exhausted technology.”

    Even America’s aircraft carriers are increasingly ineffective. The new Gerald Ford class of carrier is proving itself unreliable and possibly “unfixable.” American naval air warfare is still primarily based on variants of the F18, a plane with little range, poor maneuverability and aging technology while the replacement, the F35, is the single worst spending boondoggle in history.

    What is the real effect of America’s bizarre and yet massive military?

    For one thing, it has left America broke. America already had an economy based on excess, on waste, on “consumerism” and price fixing. Industry after industry, telecom, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, defense, oil, public utilities, highway construction and agriculture have fallen under the control of organized crime cartels.

    Behind that, America has suffered a social and cultural breakdown. Marijuana is legal through much of America but use of more serious drugs, prescription opioids, the CIA’s Afghan heroin flood, methamphetamines and “party drugs” have supplanted legitimate social interactions and norms for up to 40% of Americans, particularly in rural areas.

    It is not entirely without merit to view America’s national drug addiction as “government induced,” when taken in the context of deteriorating human rights and civil norms. Mass murders are now a near weekly occurrence. Is this part of a pattern? If so, who does it serve?

    As America goes, so goes the world, to an extent anyway. Those nations targeted by the United States, or perhaps by those who control the United States, are caught in a spiral of defense buildup while under attack economically. It doesn’t take a genius to see the rationale here, debt, decline in standard of living, dissatisfaction among economic elites and vulnerability to well established destabilization scenarios.

    We began by talking about the spiral or cascade effect of fake events, fake economies, fake currency, fake debt and fake history. What we left out is a discussion of theories of government, all of which promote assumptions that the public interest is served by government, with or without the consent of the governed.

    This has left all discussions of centuries of corruption, mindless war and half-backed political theories, long proven the “norm” in virtually all regions of the world, all historical eras, as “fringe” or “conspiracy theory.”

    The key is one of philosophy rather than economics or rather that without meaning or purpose, mankind’s “reptile brain” suppresses mammalian instincts. The most basic of arguments for society and governance, survival for certain, “advancement” of the species if one can define such, are seldom addressed.

    Terms such as “happiness” and “fulfillment” rule the philosophies of the 17th and 18th century from which our political systems derive and show origins in the classical era and before as well, only to be pushed aside as irrelevant.

    Thus, we now define happiness, a faster missile, a bigger aircraft carrier, higher quality narcotics or through the suffering and defeat of enemies or competitors. In the end, of course, the enemies and competitors we strive against are always ourselves, our failure to learn, to grow, to develop as a species.

    Were Darwin alive today, he might well rethink his hypotheses.

    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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    1. In 1933 FDR abolished the National Banking system, under which some 15,000 federally-chartered banks issued their own paper money, in order to initiate the final takeover of the nation’s money supply by the Federal Reserve Bank. When Federal Reserve notes were first printed in 1914 they carried the promise that they would be paid in “gold, silver or lawful money, to the bearer on demand” at the U.S. Treasury. After two decades for the public to become accustomed to them, the redemption clause was repealed; two decades later the “demand” clause vanished. Today Federal Reserve Notes carry only a legal tender statement. There are no more United States Notes, Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates, Treasury Notes or Nationals, which made up the bulk of the nation’s circulating paper money when FDR took office. The facsimile signatures on today’s currency are anachronistic reminders of what they were originally, simply promissory notes, receipts for amounts of precious metal held in trust by a government once scrupulously faithful to the fiscal welfare of its citizens.

    2. Insightful article & AbSOULutely true. Ignorance isn’t Bliss & never has been. That has always been one of the bigger lies told. Ignorance (& in this instance it’s intentional dumbing down by the education system put in place by the EL-ite controllers) has always been the most effective way to maintain power & control by ruling hierarchy. It always hires people dumber or of low moral character or less knowledge than they have to insure they stay at the top of the tier. The common enemy of man are his enslavers that control the game board of political puppet stooges, resources, ziowood actor pagan mithra worship while gaslighting the anxiety/tension construct in society & culture of non critical thinkers. ‘How’ to think is better than ‘what’ to think. Past the Rubicon now & into the abyss of a new frontier & Sea change. Once more into the breech & crucible of austerity & adversity to define our character. Adapt & survive until that day.

    3. It starts with agreements. We shrug and say ok, we’ll go along with that. Lies of convenience follow, in order to maintain the agreements. This builds until everything is a lie. Somewhere, at the bottom of the pile of lies, is a great big fat one, that got it all going. The lie to rule all lies of convenience. The wagon to carry them all. The US is the most recent pile on top of the bigger pile. Here’s an article I was surprised to see today by a writer I have seen around for a bit. never would have guessed he would published by MSM, let alone today.
      Simon Moya-Smith is an Oglala Lakota and Chicano journalist. His new book, “Your Spirit Animal is a Jackass,” published by Minnesota University Press, will be available in 2019.

    4. Quote from Wikipedia article:
      False statements
      Main article: Veracity of statements by Donald Trump
      “As president, Trump has frequently made false statements in public speeches and remarks.[275][276][277] Trump uttered “at least one false or misleading claim per day on 91 of his first 99 days” in office according to The New York Times,[275] and 1,318 total in his first 263 days in office according to the “Fact Checker” political analysis column of The Washington Post.[278] By Trump’s 649th day in office, the Post’s tally exceeded 6,400 false or misleading claims, and—in the seven weeks leading up to the midterm elections—it had risen to an average of 30 per day[279] from 4.9 during his first 100 days in office.[280] In general, news organizations have been hesitant to label these statements as “lies”.[281][282]” A financial meltdown, an interruption of the power grid could happen at any instant without warning. Ether one would create civil anarchy as bad or worse than war.

      • We have a “president” who is nothing but a pathological liar, who went out of his way to avoid military service during the Viet Nam War. He lied about authorship of books when he wrote nothing. He lied about saving priceless artifacts from the former building replaced by his Tower. He lied to Polish workers and only paid them after about 20 years of litigation where even judges died! America is in deep doo doo. He is under defacto Israeli Control. How do we even know he is human?

      • What if you wake up tomorrow and gasoline is $10.00 or more per gallon? What happened to all his campaign lies about fixing the crumbling cities, highways, bridges, etc? He has already blown the fake money on the military to fight a phantom war against a phantom enemy for Israel!

      • Do not these facts and much much more, indicate Israel Lover Liar Trump is INSANE? What do we do with insane people today? We no longer place them in asylums do we? We elect them to be PRESIDENT!

      • He is like the bully in school but who never was sent to the principal’s office, and if he was, was never beaten the H out of. Or his parents, usually Dad, never took him behind the woodshed and did you know what to him until he broke. Or he disobeyed civil laws but the judges never placed him in the pokey with other criminals to teach him any lessons but released him instead back to civil society. One can see why he avoided the draft: It wasn’t because of what might happen on a battlefield, it was because of what would happen to him in BOOT CAMP by a drill instructor who would likely personally beat him until he said UNCLE! Trump is the most spoiled brat in the U.S. today. Now he has the opportunity to end all civilization! What a massive failure of society!

      • He has brought it to a whole nuther level. Just blurt baby blurt, and let em roll out so fast, they won’t be able to count them. He is the product of whatever it is we are doing.

      • W, I have actually taken my mind on the exercise of following Trump through boot camp and it is the case where the TI turns his back and let’s the men settle their own affairs. The ones who talk loud, but do not back it up are taken care of quickly, and anyone in the military knows that. I think that the ability to make it in NYC as he has indicates that what NY people have been saying for quite a long time, is true, that NY is corrupt and does not know how to climb out of it, without facing a retaliation that could potentially cripple the economy in NYC. On the other hand, we also have prosecutors and law enforcement that is the envy of the world. So it is the ultimate stale mate, and Trump is a step over the line, that may provide a pathway to finally address what has been neglected out of fear.

      • But again, I do not see him as a bully, but more correctly as a punk. I have fought bullies all my life, and he is not a bully, though he is decent at pretending to be one, which is a punk, imho. And yes, I cannot condone violence, but he may have well benefited from a timely and properly motivated ass whipping. He stretched it to now, and the majority may clamor for it without regret or indecision, or political correctness. When it is due, it is due. When it is overdue, it hurts worse. He is a punk and should be treated as such.

    5. This is a hard hitting article, one of Gordon’s best. America’s military has been hijacked to support the US dollar. Any nation which hints at bucking the system becomes the enemy, and risks the assassination of its’ leader, and decimation of the country.

      • Correction ANY Nation that has the Ability to Defend itself from ANY Agression is a Stated Threat to the USA Global Hegemony

        AND Coming to Another Point , French PM Macron Offended the USA by trying to State About ” Independence from USA ” so What are the Odds that USA’s ” International Hitmen ” went in and Created a Rebellion all over France so as to make things Difficult for Macron or better still to oust Him for the Crime of Disrespecting USA and trying to Think that USA should be Defended against .

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