By Stephanie Sledge

“This is a very important time in our country. Due Process, Fairness and Common Sense are now on trial!” – Donald Trump

The 2011 Safeway shooting in Tucson, AZ was the beginning of a series of troubling and horrifying connections between a plot so deep, even the reader of this is not expected to understand what is happening in its entirety without further research. However, This is a MAYDAY call to all those who elected Trump to defend our Great Republic from total tyranny and destruction.

This 2001 shooting was the first step in changing the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution. This shooting was the beginning of a gun-control raid on the mind. It was this shooting, which set a precedent to allow for the mid-evil practices of witch hunting and witch burning to be brought back to life. A political Stalin-Style purge..

  • Due Process is on trial… meaning our right to be innocent until proven guilty
  • Fairness is on trial… meaning equal protection
  • Common Sense is on trial… meaning re-writing the 2nd Amendment to include a mental health exams.


“Those who study the Loughner case, and previous precedents leading up to the Loughner ruling,  must be concerned with the growing power of the psychiatry profession, and the acceptance by the Courts of psycho-babble and mumbo jumboh as for all practical purposes canceled out the legal protections the Bill of Rights affords citizens. It can be clearly seen these precedents make possible a purge, or political prisoner roundup operations by the government, similar to those conducted by the Soviet Union from 1953 until the Soviet Union officially ended.”

“Another possible explanation to the bizarre phenomenon of witch burning is there was in fact a belief on the part of a fairly large segment of the population there were actually witches lurking behind ever rock and tree, who needed to be hunted down and rooted out for the safety and security of society. In this regard there is definitely a historical parallel between the attitude of a large segment of society today toward the Loughner case, including attitudes toward “mental illness” in general, and the attitude of a large segment of medieval society towards witch hunting and witch burning.

This bizarre logic is not questioned by the public, the press, or the legal profession, with the possible exception of a few voices in the wilderness, to include the authors of this book. It is our opinion there is no drug that can cause an incompetent person to be competent, just as there are no drugs that can cause a stupid person to be a genius.  So this claim by the government is a total fraud.”  – Arthur Clemens, Jr.


The Pittsburgh Manifesting Psychological Heist.. 

The Jewish Owned anti-American media did a great job performing their role to the general population by playing out an elaborate event which brought about a way to find a man guilty of a crime before he is even convicted. Role play earlier and then add the Hollywood script as needed. In the mean time, have legislation waiting in the background ready to destroy our right to due process, while being able to administer cruel and unusual punishment at the same time.

The Script: Guilty – Case Closed – Bring in Legislation Awaiting 

Imagine living in a country that has turned from “Innocent until proven guilty” into “Guilty until proven innocent” or until further notice.  How does living in a country where the media decides an alleged crime committed was a “hate-crime” without the process of a jury trial? Imagine living in a country where our minds have been duped to beLIEve everyone who owns a gun or believes in freedom of speech & press is guilty of having a mental illness until proven otherwise.

As the Pittsburgh shooting was underway, the media was very swift in accusing the alleged murderer (Robert Bowers) and applying guilt while claiming this shooting revolved around a “hate crime” against the Jews. This is NOT how due process works. Just because someone told someone else who told the media they heard a man yell “all Jews must die” or “kill all Jews” does that make him guilty? No it does not.

The media has a way of persuading the listener/reader that the alleged murder is already guilty, case closed. However, this is not how the U.S. Code- Title 18: crimes and criminal proceedings work. It seems as though our own elected president, as well as the house and senate, should know their oaths to the Constitution. Instead of Trump playing along with the Jewish charade, he should have told the public the man is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and just because the media labeled it a hate crime, it does not make him a guilty racist when all the facts were not even collected at the time, no evidence has been presented, no court case is before us.

There is nothing presented at this time proving Bowers is guilty of killing anyone at a Jewish Synagogue. There has been no evidence presented or released of the motive, if the man is even guilty.

Whether the reader wants to accept it or not, Bowers is innocent until proven guilty. That’s final. There must be submitted evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt to validate a criminal conviction. Prosecutors must first bear the burden of proof and be able to prove their versions of events as they unfolded. There can be NO reasonable doubt in the mind of a reasonable person that Bowers is guilty. Bowers claims he is innocent according to court filings.

We have seen so many times with these alleged shootings over and over, we have witnessed the media lie and furthermore, the Jewish owned media cannot be trusted to tell the truth. It is not racist to tell the truth that the media platforms are Jewish owned and operated. Read: Has Judea Declared War on America?

Look at the Jared Lee Loughner case. Following Loughner’s arrest, he pleads not guilty. Then changed his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. Then, suddenly he is assigned a CIA attorney Judy Clarke who then was facing Dennis Burke as the prosecuting attorney who later stepped down because of his involvement in the ATF fast & furious gun trafficking scandal with Eric Holder.

Loughner then suddenly pleads guilty and is whisked away to a federal mental ward prison in Springfield, MO. Once there, they passed a new law allowing for forced medication of prisoners, using Loughner as the example “common sense” case. Now he’s been dieseled to Rochester. Case Closed. Read: So Long Loughner, A Life Sentence for a Framed Patsy

Since the Pittsburgh shooting, according to Triblive,

“Attorneys for Robert Bowers, people assisting with his case and potential witnesses or lawyers for those witnesses can see evidence in the case, Federal District Judge Donetta W. Ambrose ruled Monday. Evidence cannot be made public and any evidence filed with the court will be sealed. Bowers, 46, faces a 44-count federal indictment for allegedly killing 11 people inside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh during services Oct. 27. More than half of the charges against him carry a possible death sentence. Bowers last week pleaded not guilty to the charges.”

Evidence cannot be made public? Why? The public had to endure days and days of aired media coverage spewing their rhetoric, labeling it a hate-crime, finding the man guilty before charged, and we are not allowed to see evidence? Americans need to demand Bowers case be aired publicly. We can see the OJ Simpson trial publicly and others but not the Pittsburgh Synagogue alleged killer? Death Penalty? I will discuss in another section of this series the relation to Trump’s Judicial Reform and the Death Penalty.

Do not let the media persuade you they can judge a man by his cover and they can decide whether this is a crime of so-called hate. Obviously, in a real case of murder, nobody would talk. No one. The Sheriff is not going to allow information to be released to the public. For example, saying it was a hate crime when they do not know the facts. The facts need to be weighed in a courtroom by a jury. This is who gets to decide whether Bowers is guilty or innocent and if found guilty, the motive.

This motive determines the punishment to fit the crime. In the case he waives his right to a jury then it will be decided by the judge based on all the evidence. If you want to see what a real criminal case of murder looks like, follow the brutal shooting murders of the Rhoden family in Ohio. In this case, no one talked until the investigation was over, all the evidence was collected, and arrests were made. Where was the entire platform of regurgitating media when this shooting happened? Was it because all murdered were all white and the media could not cry “hate-crime” and anti-Semitism is to blame?

We can NOT accept the idea due process will be considered later. Every American has a right to due process. All Americans are Innocent until proven guilty regardless of what the media claims on television or the Internet.

Before Bowers even is convicted of his alleged hate-crime ,legislation has swept through the house to honor those alleged victims and call for stiffer penalties into hate crimes. In America is there really such a thing as a hate-crime? I don’t think so. Not lawfully anyway. These alleged shooting crimes seem to be real cozy justifications for hate-speech laws to be enacted to criminalize freedom of speech, expression, and freedom of the press.

“On November 13, 2018, the US House of Representatives approved H Res 1138, legislation introduced by Congressman Doyle to condemn the October 27 attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue building and honor its victims.”

Note: at first US Representative Mike Doyle “reserves his right to object, although he does not object” and then at the closing of his one minute statement, he states, “he removes his objection.” During his speech, he also says, “Because one man had a dark-hatred in his heart for the Jewish People.” 

Really? How does he know that when this man has not been yet convicted of this crime? How does legislation to call for more task forces to be deployed for fighting so-called anti-Semitism get passed when the man accused of the crime has not been convicted? These types of events always have legislation waiting to be secretly passed while everyone is stuck listening to the fake-news spew out their Jewish agenda nonsense. Is this what it means by “Israel First?”

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis summed it up when he said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” There are a number of public policy reasons that favor conducting legal proceedings in public:

Ensuring a fair trial. Public trials allow the general public to see that the justice system is functioning properly and treating defendants fairly.

Holding the criminal justice system accountable. The presence of interested spectators is thought to keep the judge, jury, and courtroom staff mindful of their responsibilities and actions. Plus, in jurisdictions where judges are elected, voters can observe the performance of their elected judges up close.

Encouraging witnesses to come forward. Historically, public trials were needed to make proceedings known to potential witnesses.

Discouraging perjury. Witnesses are considered less likely to lie in a public tribunal, in the presence of not only the court, but also members of their community.

DANGER: H.Res. 1138 Condemned the attack as anti-Semitism when the accused has not been convicted of any crime.  

The 2018 Pittsburgh shooting staring the Tree of Life Jewish Synagogue and the alleged crazy racist gunman Robert Bowers has opened a peephole into the suspected agenda to strip armed Americans of their right to bear arms after eliminating due process and redefining the 1st & 8th Amendment.

This shooting is one of several questionable shootings which have occurred since the 2011 shooting to deepen the Jewish agenda which slithered its way into America to bring about swift punishment to those who does not assimilate into the Israeli agenda.

Donald Trump has made it clear he wants the death penalty to be returned, while also telling the nation we will worry about due process later. Take the guns now and worry about due process later. In other words it aligns perfectly with the newly passed legislation involving “Red Flag” laws into making this step possible to further disarm the nation.

The Real Red Flag: The Usurped government and its controllers plan to do you harm in the future. This law and the others, which will follow, are baby-steps toward Bolshevism, the bloody red-revolution which flew the blood stained Red Flag shown above. It is quite possible that in the very near future just writing comments such as this will cause the ‘Red Flag’ law to be directed toward authors like me. It is time to stop accepting any more attempts to disarm Americans. London has the highest murder rate in Europe, higher than New York City and London is totally disarmed.

Guns in the hands of the people always reduce murder rates. Guns in the hands of the people always keep tyranny and despotism at bay. Despots disarm; Tyranny disarms; Genocidal lunatics disarm. Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other tricks, in all of which, the goyim understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our Administrative brain. – Jack Mullen 

Protocol 5 Our State, Marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death, necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission. – 

Protocol 1 – The Basic Doctrine. Source of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Waters Flowing Eastward: The War Against the Kingship of Christ, Mme. Paquila de Shishmareff (L. Fry), 1931

We are now witnessing the purge of armed citizens using these Red Flag laws while strengthening the paranoia inflicted upon the people to turn their friends, family, and neighbors in “if” they are concerned about the armed citizen. These laws also populate jobs the Obama administration created using our indoctrinated mental health system which wittingly, or through a fools folly, supports the “Israel First” agenda.

America First is a HEIST… it is truly a hostile takeover by Israel. We are being conquered. It will only be a matter of time before we live in a country where the political “status” of a person will be considered when determining life or death.

The Red Flag laws followed in alignment with the Loughner precedent to forcibly medicate prisoners as well as those who are detained, and these laws facilitate the mental health agenda required to re-write the 2nd Amendment. We live in scary times because all anyone has to do is declare someone is unstable or unsafe and they are prone to be shot on site. Re-writing the second amendment is exactly what the “common sense” gun control advocates like Gabrielle Giffords and friends who always appear after a ‘mass’ shooting to link the mental health agenda to gun control.

What better way to re-write the 2nd Amendment?  Along with “Common Sense” gun laws to re-write the right to bear arms, they have also found a way to lock the nation inside a military-industrial complex with armed guards in every school, government building, church, mosque, synagogue, grocery store, medical facility, etc.

In case the reader has not noticed, the 2nd Amendment is about the right to bear arms and self-protection. Think about it. In many states already, you are considered a threat to society and a danger to law enforcement if you have a knife, stars, stick, gun, hammer, sword, taser, machete, pepper-spray, and more. So, how are Americans supposed to defend themselves without being punished by a growing Israeli agenda created communist society?



It is my personal opinion that America has already been disarmed. The Federal Communist Government, which We the People allowed to take over our Great Republic, has successfully re-written the Second Amendment to grant, by permission and license, access to a weapon only to those who can pass all the tests.

Once the individual passes all the background checks, mental health exams, and more, they may be allowed to carry a weapon of choice for self-defense provided they can prove to the system they will honor and worship those who are in law enforcement, or other elevated classes of workers such as fire-fighters, EMS workers, and others who are connected to the growing obsession of community heroes.

It is also my opinion that over the course of the past seven years, the ongoing shootings, bombings, and other alleged “hate-crime” attacks are constructed around the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as Jack Mullen points out in his article regarding the recently passed “Red Flag Laws.”

It is also my opinion that We the People have also allowed the psychological industrial complex and pharma drug dealers to infiltrate their way into the minds of America through the educational system and non-profits to unquestionably beLIEve there is such a thing as “hate-speech” and people must voluntarily belong or be collected into a “victim-status” group of some kind in order to ensure these punishable crimes are enforced and to continue feeding the mental health industry, prisons and jails. Duping the nation. This was a sure way to re-write the 1st Amendment.

It is also my opinion our enemies have already successfully abolished America’s 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution. We have also allowed companies such as Facebook, WordPress, ShareASale, Paypal, Twitter, and others to operate in America while being allowed to suppress and punish those like myself who operate an alternative Citizen Journalism Platform informing the Public of the truth – as so in this article.

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

As you can see by the sudden massive changes in America, Congress has successfully broken this Amendment by “respecting an establishment of Religion” by favoring the Jewish as well as passing laws that prohibit the free exercise of freedom of speech, press, and the right to peacefully assemble without punishment or recourse. As you can see in the following video, following this alleged shooting, Vice President Pence allows a Jewish Rabbi to pray for our nation instead of a Christian Minister.

Watch Messianic rabbi invoke Jesus at Pence rally following synagogue shooting

however, the so-called Jewish Rabbi’s ridiculous mix of Jew and Jesus backfires…

It is also my opinion after years of careful examination of the government’s moves such as the numerous questionable shootings and other shady events that Obama created to facilitate the hostile take-over of America’s judicial system. Since Trump took office, his words are consistent in repeating key-words such as “Worry about Due Process Later” as well as making continuous statements which include swifter punishments, judicial reform – including the death penalty.

It is also my opinion that the 8th Amendment has already been destroyed.  Amendment VIII EXCESSIVE FINES, CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT. Passed by Congress September 25, 1789. Ratified December 15, 1791. The first 10 amendments form the Bill of Rights. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

President Trump has made it clear since the beginning of his campaign for election he’s is hot for prison reform. He has made mention of “worry about due process later’ and take the guns now. He has made numerous remarks about the death penalty. He has made it clear the justice system is so bankrupt and on the verge of collapse that we need to quickly lock up and silence alleged law breakers before their real stories are vetted or even heard.

I can think of many punishments which do not fit the crime. For example, those who are pulled over for a DUI and get excessive fines like in Missouri where you are more than likely sentenced to 120 day treatment center, mandated to attend a SATOP program, pay thousands of dollars in fines, mandated to get SR-22 insurance, install an Alcohol blower in your vehicle, sentenced to probation, and stalked again…

When there is no victim, there is no crime so why do we agree to be punished excessively? Is it because our rights to the 8th Amendment are already gone? Forcibly medicating people is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. You cannot forcibly medicate anyone back to “sanity” when pharma drug dealers are behind this scam.

What do Americans do now? Do we declare War upon a hostile government that has infiltrated our country?

THE JARED LEE LOUGHNER EXCLUSIVE COURT FILES CAN BE FOUND HERE  – 42 Downloadable Documents. Access all the Court Documents Investigator, Stephanie Sledge acquired on convicted 2011 Safeway shooter, Jared Lee Loughner which took plate in Tucson Arizona. A murdered judge, along with five others including a 9 year old girl allegedly born on 9/11/01. 13 others were reported injured including Gun Control Advocate, Gabrielle Giffords..

The case set a precedent to return to witch-hunting and witch-burning on a political scale. This case is the most important to understand which has been a deepening plot to destroy America from the inside-out. This is a MAYDAY call to those who are listening and love America and our Great Republic, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. As a researcher, investigator, or journalist.. it is a must to understand the beginning of Stalin Style Purge right before our eyes… This case will allow you to see how Trumps plan to reform the justice system will include…


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  1. Stephanie has said some of the most important things needing said today, in these last days of America, with vestiges of the Constitutional Republic still in the minds of many. Like Paul Revere, she is merely pointing out the obvious — The Enemy is Here Now — Wake Up- HELP! There is a menacing evil which is working under cover of deception, legitimized by hostiles controlling the mainstream media, which seeks to muzzle and quickly smash into silence any traditional means Americans had to police and criticize their controllers. Thank You Stephanie!

  2. Pittsburg shooting was a hoax, with the film the MSM presented as live on scene coverage having been filmed some months prior during an “active shooter” drill. Someone prove me wrong. Where is the security camera film? Why is it, at every location there are no victim law suits. Even the one filed by plaintiff Posner, against Alex Jones, will go nowhere, and will be settled before trial. But if and, only if Jones’s codefendant,Wolfgang Halbig, suddenly dies. If he doesn’t die some truth may come out their mistake inadding Wolfgang to the suit.
    Maybe the Goyim Defense League will come together to defend the alleged shooter in the alleged Pittsburgh massacre. This is all adding up to a fight to the death.

  3. This is an excellent but disturbing and depressing article. America and Americans have been sold out at the most fundamental level. Congress consists of nothing but Israel First Traitors. They forgot that there are rules for changing the Constitution. The rules are tough so they have illegally changed it with laws and none of the roughly 1.3 million lying lawyers in the country have had the guts to challenge them. They were all likely in on the 9/11/01 con because they immediately passed the totally illegal Patriot Act following it. While some parts have been thrown out, most of this lying garbage is still on the books. The author is totally 100% correct: Our country has been hi jacked from within. Israel Lover Liar Trump is the chief gang rapist of our Constitution today.

      “Henry Ford
      January 14, 1935
      See Larger Cover
      Cover Story Excerpt:
      Since Ford Motor Co. was founded in 1903 with $28,000 of paid-in capital, it has grossed a few hundred millions in excess of $11,000,000,000, retained as net gain nearly $800,000,000. No man in all history has made so much money so quickly or so cleanly as Henry Ford….Read the full story “
      Henry Ford was Born: July 30, 1863, Died April 7, 1947. Henry Ford may have been the greatest mechanical engineer and industrial genius this country and perhaps the world has produced, but also the most courageous and perceptive one of human nature as well. He owned a newspaper “The Dearborn Independent” in Dearborn, Michigan. In intelligence and courage and engineering and business, Henry Ford was mountains above Donald Trump. In order to understand the selfish, foolish and recent UnAmerican decision of president Trump to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, one must read the condensed version of the Protocols as published by Henry Ford at the above link. Henry Ford, were he still alive today, would have predicted this evil event for the U.S. and the world by the…

    • In order to understand the selfish, foolish and recent UnAmerican decision of president Trump to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, one must read the condensed version of the Protocols as published by Henry Ford at the above link. Henry Ford, were he still alive today, would have predicted this evil event for the U.S. and the world by the worthless coward Donald Trump.
      Here is a fabulous film clip of the funeral of Henry Ford, the great American Industrial genius, who changed the world for the better. Here is one of his great quotes: “There is joy in work.” Observe the lines in downtown Detroit, on a cold, rainy day, as far as the eye can see, to say a final good bye to the man who did so much to better their lives at his funeral at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in downtown, Detroit, Michigan. Observe the 1941 Packard Hearse because no Lincoln Hearse could be found. Observe the magnificent Lincoln Limousines.

  4. Good read all true indeed. “Behold A Pale Horse” is a book written by Bill Cooper in 1991. Cooper was a former U.S. Navy intelligence briefing team member. Chapter 12, “The Secret Government,” page 225 excerpt:”Which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and inflame the anti-gun lobby War is for our minds & freedoms no doubt.” Oliver North (who is confirmed Knight’s of Malta & synthesized REX84/Garden Plot/FEMA, Iran Contra etc.) sits at helm of NRA. Past the Rubicon of a normal functioning ‘Republic’ into “Chaoskampf” of a D.C. Corporation AIPAC controlled Oilgarchy. Organic US Constitution BOR/ROL clearly not being followed. Knight of Malta Vatican Connection Who formed the CIA? William “Wild Bill” Donovan.

    • Bill Cooper was a US military intelligence asset who was in the business of spreading disinformation; it’s pretty obvious, just look at his ludicrous nonsense about JFK having been shot by his limo driver with a nickel plated Colt 45. Cooper was a liar and a charlatan.

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