Sandy Hook, the German Holocaust and the Real Final Solution

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By Jack Mullen Submitted via

The Sandy Hook School Shooting, of December 2012, is the continuation of events and agenda that deliberately incited World War Two (WW2) – ultimately resulting in the western world being captured and enslaved by a mentally ill cult, which today masquerades as a morally enlightened, culturally advanced state of benevolence shielding people from hate, racial disharmony, resource disparity, while progressing toward an egalitarian nirvana.

My attempt in this article is to make a few points that should make it easier to grasp the significance of current events and their connections to events of the past which never ended with the bloodshed of WW2.

Unlike the Swiss, most of the people brutally murdered in WW2 were not armed by right and trained for self-defense as a requirement of their cultural morality.  Most of the people of Europe, especially in countries involved in WW2, depended on their militaries to keep them safe – and armed as they may have been, it was for hunting and unexpected, limited cases of self-defense.  The culture of Switzerland historically required individuals to take responsibility for the defense of themselves and family, and by extension, the nation.

For the record, Allied leadership (all the principles, USA, Briton, USSR, World Jewry) in WW2 were enemy-of-their-nation operatives or dupes, and morally depraved opportunists in service of an evil so vast and ignoble it cannot be accepted or understood by a substantial portion of the population.

WW2 was a premeditated war, a stepping stone toward removing from the Earth, forever, people who would and could stand in the way of an attempt to destroy nation-states, nationalism and racial bloodlines. The idea of creating a world of masters and slaves, with a ruling class coming from a small group of self-designated “chosen ones,” whose stated designs on world domination has been known for thousands of years, is not new, its only been censored from modern Western History.

The history of the world has documented the followers of the Jewish Talmud as the “Jewish Problem” or causing the “Jewish Question,” and history documents Jewish expulsion many dozens of times from countries around the world, because these nations could no longer tolerate the destruction, manipulation, and devolution of their culture from the machinations of this most relentless destroyer.

Make no mistake, most of those proclaiming to be Jewish are not involved with the plan and many will be sacrificed to the plan as they have been time and time before. Even more sadly, nearly all of the damage done by Jewish aspirations for Earthly Godhood has been done by white people using white technology and the resources of enslaved white people.

The United States has done the most damage to the world militarily, while its citizens were freed to innovate, create and achieve the highest levels of technology, modern medicine, mass production of food supplies ever recorded in human civilization.

The United States also codified a system of law which protected property and, for a short period, offered a nation of laws and not men  –  a peaceful society; a high-trust societywhich was wide open for seduction, robbery and slowly applied slavery.

Americans have been harnessed as wealth generating tax-slaves serving, without their general knowledge, as the source of wealth, resources and technology used by the enemy of mankind to enslave the world. 

Constitution Law Still Provides a Solution

In contrast to the misery brought to people of the world by the usurped military and highly advanced American technology in many fields, which were weaponized to do harm both to Americans and to others around the world, America still has ruling Law which originates from the now dormant contract creating the nation called the Constitution for the United States of America.

This Law still provides the moral and legal authority to end the misery caused by the usurpation of resources and appropriation of technological tools which were used for non-America benefiting purposes outside and inside the American borders.  It is this Law which allows Americans to speak freely, share information, arm themselves and maintain ownership of property and supports self-determination.

It is this Law which can be harnessed as the energy, reason and absolute authority to remove the destroyers from American activism and purge the corrupted, anti-American conspirators working the centuries-old plan to destroy the historical paradigm of human civilization and replace it with the endless torture and misery of a mentally ill system of human farming.

This ‘New Paradigm’ may potentially obliterate all human races, devolve human intelligence and relegate nearly all humans to a Planet of the Apes mute degenerate; downsized in population, and assigned to tedious manual labor for all time going forward.

The Process of Discovery

Below are two expositions of events, one from the past and the other from today, which are related, even if it is hard to see the connection. Taken together these historical events can be used to understand current events including the massive deceptions, the total corruption of government, the use of fabricated or purposeful mercenary funded terrorism to induce fear and to create the perceived NEED for an escalating police culture and prison-state around the world.

We are now in the final months of the coming rise of the “Chosen Ones,” a time when horrific events will again be used to induce fear, pain, and obedience – after which will be introduced a deceptive-solution, a benevolent, and “morally, kind and sound solution”, which will be the biggest lie of all time; the Lie that leads the unprepared to slaughter. 

Exposing the Heinous Lies of The Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax

Below is a complete exposure of the nature of those who would fake school shootings and then project virtue, ‘in the interest of children’, by reminding us children are being killed in school shootings (which they faked,) and then demanding Americans voluntarily, or by force, be disarmed. This is classic Soviet Style, mind-wrenching, thought-control for purposes of achieving a political end. Political ends that will not be favorable to the population, otherwise these ends would be explained and the population would make the decision willfully.

The document below exposes the dangerous, malicious and morally deranged agenda of extremely cruel and ruthless deviants working to disarm Americans for purposes that can only be understood by studying what happened in Germany AFTER the war was over and studying what was done to millions in the Soviet Gulag State after the Jewish Bolsheviks killed the Czar and family and took control of Russia, circa 1917.

I am honored to have a chapter in this immense and detailed, scholarly document. I am also proud to be included with the prestigious group of researchers and academics who teased out the details of this heinous crime against Americans.

The Real Final Solution 

It has become part of mainstream history the claim that WW2 Germany’s final solution for Jews was extermination. According to Nicholas Kollerstrom’s definitive book on the Holocaust, more Catholics died in prison camps than Jewsand the total deaths recorded by the Red Cross for largest 15 prisons was 280,000; most dying from typhus epidemic and later by the unremitting Allied bombing of supply lines resulting in starvation.

The story of Jewish extermination has been shown to be false unless you mirror it, consider it projection, for example, and you will find the real final solution was given to Germany and her people.

Four years ago, I read Thomas Goodrich’s book, “Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947,” it was another life-changing book. The book should be required reading for all organic, Constitution supporting Americans. It is a horrific tale of the brutality, misery, unbridled hatred and ravenous vengeance, (which is the last resort of envy,) unleashed on Germany AFTER they surrendered.  While 8 million Germans died in the war, upwards of 11 million died, many horribly tortured before being murdered, after the war.

Recently, a documentary was made about the material in book and is available now, just in time for people to watch and get another point of view of the nature of the evil which continues to make war against those that can think, create, be productive, appreciate beauty, art and desire a civilization free from mentally ill delusions of godhood and self-appointed, mentally ill, kings bearing pretended claims to the world.

The war against Western ideology and the European people, who are the last and only people that can stand in the way of complete destruction of the world as we know it, is about eliminating those who can prevent the dystopic, degenerate rule of generational psychopaths who plan to end civilization and foment a new dark age based on barbarism.

The events of the Sandy Hook Hoax  and the fabricated story of the German Holocaust and the suppression of history as it relates to the treatment of Germany after the war, (which continues to this very day,) and the blackout of the history concerning mass murder and torture of mainly white and Christian Russians following the Jewish Bolshevik ‘revolution’ are related because European civilization must end before the New World Order is realized.  They are related because the same people cruel enough to invent a story about a mass extermination of Jewish People in Germany’s prison and POW camps are the same people fabricating school shootings in America. 


1. The act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; a mode of government by terror or intimidation. – Webster’s Dictionary, 1930

Fabricating large, mass-trauma causing, events for purposes of political manipulation fits the classic definition of Terrorism. It’s an intensely insidious form of warfare where the targets of attack are the gullible minds of the people.  Pretending Germans mass murdered Jews during WW2 provides an excuse, now, for the creation of ‘hate speech’ law and permits Israel and the “Allies” to continue their attack on Germany long after the War has ended. These attacks involve financial plunder caused by payments of reparation and forced payments to so-called Holocaust survivors around the world.

The invented story has terminally damaged the German people, culture, and the continued recognition of this fabrication will soon remove the German people from the face of the Earth, the goal of the brutal, post-war, ‘De Nazification’ described in the documentary below. The story also damages Jewish people by interfering with their understanding of reality, reinforcing their historical stories of being persecuted and obscures the real goals of Talmudic Orthodox Jewry and the Likudniks now ruling Israel.

Because the lie of the Holocaust has no legs and becomes exceedingly hard to defend, it has been necessary for Jewish media to relentlessly bombard the public with Holocaust stories, movies, public school classes teaching Holocaust narratives, while tormenting any remaining members of the National Socialist Party with deportation, and labeling them as Nazi war criminals.

Further, with the invention of the Holocaust Denier label, it has now become a crime to deny the Holocaust, something necessary to maintain control of the minds still being traumatized by this invented horror. It’s clear creating law sanctioning someone for denying something happened is a classic tactic of violent liars wishing to silence the truth; the Emperor has no clothes, but point that out and you’re a clothes-denier and must go to jail.

Just like the Holocaust invention, the Sandy Hook School Shooting is a state-supported, media supported, charity supported, massive fabrication for purposes of political manipulation. Just like the Holocaust invention, this story was created to cause fear and instill resentment and hatred of a specific group of people, in this case, it is mostly European Americans, owning and carrying weapons in accordance with the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

The event is also used to rally support for a forced appropriation of rights of people not connected with the events at Sandy Hook in any way. Further, the invented story has been used to financially support the perpetrators and their government accomplices via the transfer of tens of millions of dollars in the form of charitable donations and federal grant monies sent to the county and State.

These funds have been expropriated (stolen) from the American people and sent to criminals involved in acts of Terrorism, which is fraud. The Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax was an act of Terrorism committed by the federal government, the State of Connecticut, the county and local government of Newtown against the minds of the American people. This was a despicable act of violence, simulated but not acknowledge as simulation, attempting to traumatize the people to the point of mental exhaustion, making them ready to give in to the terrorist demands.

It is a symptom of repetitious use of trauma-based mind control against a population that they can no longer recognize or respond to this torture in a healthy way. American media is a controlled platform of political indoctrination and for supporting propaganda and State-sponsored Terrorism. Every production of the controlled mainstream media is created to support some aspect of the fabricated, political reality in which we live and are now experiencing. Mainstream media is soft-terrorism presented to already damaged minds around the clock. It is no longer necessary to imprison people in a gulag where they sit under hot lights and face tormentors until they break, now they are broken incrementally, day by day in the light of their big screens, at home, in every restaurant, in all sporting venues, in school and even at gas stations.

The New Face of the Communist Menace: ‘Zionazism’ and the Rise of the ‘ZioCom’ Empire

The Soviet Union Red-Terror State, was the precursor to modern day Israel, since almost all of the founders, Presidents and Prime Ministers of Israel, were former Soviet block country Bolsheviks; Zionism is Communism.

Zionism is the Talmud political system for Jews (the ‘chosen ones’,) and Communism is the slave political system of the Goyim (all non-Jews.) Communism is alive and hiding, but still part of a reality show-like dialectic pitting Western/Conservative/Zionist ideas against Communist/Leftist/Zionist ideas. This dialectic is responsible for all American technology being transferred to Israel, while Russia and China, still Communist, obtain the technology from Israel. This situation has left Americans desolate and nearly defenseless and without a clue this even happened. It gets worse, the United States has enacted a law requiring US technology, and weapons (F35 Stealth Fighter for example), and by vague legalese, more to be shared with Israel. See the “United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012” for more information about arming an American enemy, Israel, and by subsequent transfers – arming all enemies of America such as  China and Russia with American technology. 

The Final Solution For America

American technology and manufacturing has been and continues to be stolen and moved to locations within the projected New World Order, Intel is now manufacturing processors in Israel, while Bill Gates admits Israel designed parts of Windows operating system.

The Belt and Road, also called 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, is the realization and recognition of the new trade routes and connections between countries expected to be part of the New World Order.

America is not part of the Belt and Road, and the topic is not even mentioned by the captured mainstream media.

America is being written out of the future just like the Germans were written out of the future post WW2.  We are in the final stages of this game, which has been responsible for all war, and its concomitant misery, since at least the late 17th century.

The cause of all suffering in the West today and the endless war in the Middle East, (which is the source of resources/funds for the Zionist banking cartels, which now hold title to almost all valuable physical assets in the Western World,) is the agenda to end the current paradigm, destroy Western Civilization and place the remains in the hands of destroyers now building their new platform in East.

I hope these two pieces of data can be connected together in your mind forming the larger picture causing motivating alarm.

This time Germany has forced a TOTAL WAR upon the World.  As a result, she must be prepared to pay a TOTAL PENALTY. And there is one and only one, such TOTAL PENALTY: Germany must perish forever! In fact–not fancy! — Theodore N. Kaufman, “Germany Must Perish


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  1. And at the top of the pyramid sits a criminal gang, the owners of the Central Banks. One of the most important articles VT has posted is visible now, it features Ezra Pound, everyone should read it, and everyone should follow the provided links. It’s that important.

  2. Sandy Hook happened as advertised, only as advertised by CCN. The reality is very different, and much more evil. There’s a video at Jew Tube that discloses how on Xmas day, the year before, homes, and commercial properties around Newton Ct., were sold for $0, and deeds recorded with the county. It appears the entire populace was bought and paid for, as part of the cover up. That’s what we’re up against.

    • Basic real estate transaction knowledge. Try researching why sales are recorded as 1$ or $10. It happens everywhere mostly for tax purposes just before years end.
      These things are not difficult to look up. If the intent is to uncover misinformation, but the result is spreading it, then it is counter productive.

  3. The article correctly links the events of WW2 with ongoing mind control via false flag events such as Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, Orlando, and San Bernardino. But in doing so it exposes the effects of mind control and memory politics associated with the Soviet Union and by extension Russia today.

  4. The Soviets were content to revolutionize Russia and be done with it. Stalin represented this to the Russian people and eventually won out against the communist world conquest ideal supported by the Banksters and executed by their tool Trotsky. Once Stalin consolidated his power and threw Trotsky out with his followers Russia thrived under Soviet control. This has never been forgotten by the Banksters who continued efforts to recapture Russia by eventually killing Stalin, economically starving the USSR until the 1991 takeover. They are responsible for the continued demonization of Stalin, and the resurgence of reassessing his image in light of new information and how events have unfolded since 2000 emergence of President Putin.

    • @Rain: re-read Harvey! Twice. Until it will dwell in your brain-washed mind. Don’t be a parrot. Ask me why? Where are you living? What country? What school, university you have graduated? I will tell you the reality: you may worship propaganda all your life long, but come to my Russia and ask three questions to the ordinary citizens – Trotsky, Solzhenitsyn and Stalin. For the sympathy of the first and second – run, run as fast as you can! Or your head will be, probably broken. About Stalin – you will meet accurate understanding. Sounds harsh for your western soul (oh, forgot, you got only computer mind)? Is it strange that a man, who killed 100 000 000 (according to your favourite LIEnitsyn (literal translation of his surname in Russian) is so honoured by the same people? How come?! Look, it comes 500 years since your f@cking visitors to Ivan Grozny. You always come and lie lie lie! Proxy war has 500 years history (I hope you are not from British tiny islands). My spiritual anger is not against you personally, Sir. We are pretty f@cking tired and laughing about your stupid Solzhenitsyn and many other renegades and traitors on western serve. Nothing personal, sir. But mu tiny advice – if you don’t want ever to look like fool – never mention the “heroizm” of Solzhenitsyn: Soviet people will spit on you. Never underestimate Stalin – because the people who was genocided by this “Tyrant” will beat you hard. Strange to your western mind? Maybe smth is wrong?

  5. To underscore the main point of the author that events happen to shape public opinion, or reshape it to fit another agenda look no further than the following statement: “This is classic Soviet Style, mind-wrenching, thought-control for purposes of achieving a political end. Political ends that will not be favorable to the population, otherwise these ends would be explained and the population would make the decision willfully.” Sounds pretty simple and conforms with the attitude of most brainwashed Americans, especially those who continue to believe the evil Russians are responsible for everything bad that happens. Let me explain. The belief that Stalin killed 100 million people and was responsible for brainwashing anyone that survived is complete BS. The Bolsheviks seized power from a disorganized and vulnerable group of Soviets (people) committed to 3 goals; End the war; Land reform, and control of the means of production.

  6. The single most potent set of circumstances that would have given the anti-gun lobby the greatest weapon in the case of Sandy Hook is never brought up. One politician brought it up and he was ignored by everyone.
    An identical incident happened on the same day in Chenpeng village, China, and no children died because the maniac used a knife. It was an identical target, identical flow and nearly an identical set of the number and ages of the victims. So, I fail to see the motive as stated, as the “claimed agenda” would have seized on this as a classic example and yet they did not. So, either the fear is irrational, or the perps were incredibly inept at using available data. It simply doesn’t wash. The list of unstable idiots with guns, is growing and growing.

  7. Insane criminals taking over the world? Pretty soon we will be mapped and tracked and every energy use monitored and taxed. Our idiot children will believe they are saving the planet from global warming or some other such nonsense. Populations will be reduced. The only good thing is that when all this NWO stuff is accomplished the insane criminals running the show will then turn on each other.

  8. Here is one positive act every American can take today as a response to the evil machinations against us described in this article: Unplug your television set and cut the cable. Drop it, even if you just bought it yesterday, into the nearest dumpster. If you enter a public restaurant or other venue where the tv is on, look the other way and install ear plugs. This would be a beginning to end being brainwashed by media lies.

    • To cut off the lie is 1st step. Another task is to fill the knowledge-vacuum with obvious and true data + comprehension + logic. Easier to do it since the young age, who has ability to “discover Americas” and desire to be wit and clever. Those mass of people that survive in the society of total consumption, tax pay, eternal bills, working hard without vacations like robots, enjoying Black Friday madness – they mostly do not care about overseas or domestic truth. Not because they aren’t able to wish it,but because they are the prey of the capitalist flywheel, got used to the material world, and the wet back became the norm. Magic power of $ substitutes everything, excepting basic instincts.

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