A very British coup: The spies who went out to the cold


by George Galloway for Russia Today

George Galloway

George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT). He is a film-maker, writer and a renowned orator.

It’s cold in Auchtermuchty. Few people know it exists except as a Scottish tongue-twister involving Ecclefechan and Milngavie. It’s particularly cold in a derelict mill there around Christmas time, but this year it’s hotting up.

The British spies hiding out there have been brought in from the cold by good old-fashioned journalism. Or rather “ex-spies” if their legend is to be believed. Ex-military intelligence men who now work in the charity sector. Except their declared purposes are not charitable at all, however worthy some might think them to be.

The Institute for Statecraft is registered in Gateside, Fife which is a long way from Whitehall and the RAC Club at Pall Mall where most espionage dramas are set. But the work of espionage in Britain must now be of a very significant level if the heads of MI5 and MI6 are prepared to allow millions of pounds worth of work to be subcontracted to amateurs in a mill in Auchtermuchty.

But amateurs make mistakes and the illegitimate child of the Institute for Statecraft, the so-called “Integrity Initiative” (II), has just made a very big one, at least according to the main Scottish newspaper the Daily Record/Sunday Mail.

Donald Trump © Carlo Allegri
‘Golden Showers’: Zinoviev letter of 2017?

In a splash at first ignored by the entirety of the mainstream media the newspaper revealed that the II had not confined itself to attacking Russia but had been caught red-handed if that’s not a contradiction, smearing British politicians (including me) whom they perceived to be “pro-Russian.” Most importantly those they smeared included the Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn PC MP, the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, and others in his party.

Not since the “Zinoviev Letter” – an MI6 canard, a forgery which brought down the first Labour government almost a century ago in which the Soviet Communist politician Grigory Zinoviev appeared to be giving instructions from Moscow to the leaders of the British Labour movement – has a British state operation against the Labour Party been so comprehensively unmasked. Of course it is likely that more, maybe hundreds more, have been mounted but none have been undeniably exposed until this week.

As it stands, two million pounds of taxpayers’ money has been spent in part on discrediting the alternative government of Britain. It doesn’t get much more serious than that.

It was “just a few tweets” the few defenders of the operation bleat (as Zinoviev’s was “just one letter”) but those defenders don’t include the Foreign Office themselves who have announced an inquiry into the affair.

They, if not the supine mainstream British journalists, understand that such goings on effectively constitute a preemptive coup within the state, and more importantly one which has been exposed.

The whole affair casts a new light on the three years of hell which Corbyn has faced since becoming leader of the Labour Party. He has been spun by virtually the entire British media including, and perhaps most particularly, the state-controlled BBC as variously (spin and repeat) an anti-Semite (because of his support for the Palestinians) a KGB/Czechoslovakian/East German spy (I’m not making this up), a stooge of Putin (because of his initial skepticism over the Skripal affair), and not least a terrorist sympathiser allegedly in league with Irish Republicanism, and an alphabet soup of Arab guerrilla organisations.

Corbyn has been accused of laying wreaths at the graves of Palestinian martyrs (when the graves were in another country altogether), of accepting thousands of pounds with an operative of the Czech Intelligence, of being suborned (with his then-girlfriend, now shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott MP on the back of his bike) whilst on a motorcycle tour of East Germany.

One soon to publish biographer of Corbyn, to whom I gave an interview, seemed convinced that Corbyn’s recruitment to the KGB took place in Chile, or Cuba, or elsewhere in Latin America at least. On and on this unhinged witch-hunt has gone, changing shape and subject but always with the same central premise. Mrs May, the prime minister (at the time of writing), put it best herself when she told him to his face live on TV in Parliament: “We will never allow you to rule”.

Last week, this article would have been denounced as a conspiracy theory. After Auchtermuchty it can never be so again. Instead a new and forensic eye can be cast upon the spinners of these falsehoods in the light of the Auchtermuchty affair.

In some cases it is easy, documents leaked earlier revealed the “clusters” of assets of the Integrity Initiative and they included some of the best known journalists in the land. I know of only one of those names who has denied involvement – David Aaronovitch of the Times (himself a former leader of the British Communist Party turned Russophobic Blairite).

There may be other denials of which I’m unaware. Leaked documents do not constitute proof of anything of course. But the existence of these clusters is not denied and neither is the source of their wealth – Britain, other Western governments, and NATO itself. Their purpose, to weaken and damage Russia can scarcely be denied either, indeed it is their raison d’etre.

That Corbyn has faced such an unprecedented campaign of vilification, anathematization and delegitimization is a matter of public record. The journalists and broadcasters behind it are known. The source of funding of just one part of it now lies exposed, the British government itself. How many other rumour-mills, derelict or otherwise, there are in the country, how many journalists, academics, opinion-formers and MPs are involved in how many operations is now an investigative work in progress.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry is now on the case. Labour luminary Chris Williamson has just elicited by parliamentary questions that 3 reserve or honorary serving officers of the British armed forces are involved in this “Integrity Initiative,” raising a whole raft of new questions.

Every country needs to be well-resourced, smart and democratically accountable security services. I’m pretty sure that if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister of Britain he will now be newly determined that we should have them. Watch this space…



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  1. Broke this story down to make it up the way I usually do when perplexed. I ran Auchermuchty through the word mill which gave me four words of longest length (8 letters) and I was presented pointedly with “Thatcher” and “Hatchery”.

    “Thatcher” former Conservative leader of malign influence who put the PM in PMS with a personality that would give an Aspirin a headache and whose favorite party piece was chewing a Cox apple through he strings of a tennis racket – an act that led on occasion to her choking convulsively on the pips but never enough to delight the coal miners of Britain. A Parliamentary gag order prevented that story ever being told outside the House so I am duty bound to deny it.

    “Hatchery” a hide out for wideo* intel agents in Scotland where the hatching of red herrings (fish) or Rotten Eggs (poultry) to be cast at a despised person regarded by Conservatives as an evil influence like Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party – and is artificially controlled by (MI5/MI6/Mossad) for purposes of espionage through commercial media outlets with tentacles everywhere.

    *Clever dick

  2. “Integrity Initiative” – They sure have a lovely way with words. You hear something like that and your heart just melts. “Cambridge Analytica” was a good one too. We need more of these Democracy building spy shops for the well being of the Sheep. The more secret the better as then the Sheep sleep better.

    • If anyone is suffering from double speak it is you!
      There is enough evidence of Israeli meddling in the politics of most nations for those who care to look. Cambridge Analytica,Wikistrat, Inc., along with Wikistrat Ltd., are related Israeli social media and election-meddling firms. Founded in 2010, Wikistrat combined the functionality of Facebook with Wikipedia in a platform called “Global Model” (GLOMOD). GLOMOD’s primary purposes is to manipulate Facebook and Wikipedia. Coincidentally, or not, Wikistrat moved its headquarters from Tel Aviv to Washington, DC, where it is conveniently located next to CNN’s Washington bureau.
      So what is your point again?

      Two other Israeli companies, both linked to Wikistrat through interlocking corporate executives, are PSY-Group, once headquartered at Trident Center in Limassol, Cyprus – although its operations were primarily conducted in Israel – and WhiteKnight, a social media information operations company, which operates from the Philippines and the British Virgin Islands.

  3. “II”,…sounds like Britain’s version of PNACers, surely Zionist leaning. It’s pretty clear they hate Putin; for the oligarchs that escaped arrest for looting Russia, appear to have found a home in Britain.

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