NEO/2013: More than an Enemy – Exported Insanity

    The fake news before "fake news"

    An unhappy “threesome” of deceivers, Piers Morgan, Cristiana Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer, all of CNN, stand at the pinnacle of their craft, conduits for false news, conspiracy theory and smear tactics on behalf of a consortium of intelligence agencies and special interests dedicated to disorder and entropy.

    The rub, as it were, they announce it with their every breath and no one cares. They are “bigger than reality,” more convincing than truth itself.


    To an educated member of western society, familiar with colloquial English and the political and cultural oddities of the US and Britain, this “threesome” is little more than a cheap “stage act” more akin to a magician with a tattered suit and unruly rabbit.

    Woefully, such personages, those with discernment and a will to express moral outrage, have nearly died off.

    In some ways, their greatest tool is the English language itself, a language this “threesome” butchers with their clumsy rhetoric and failed intellectualism.

    A starving man selling a toothless and dying camel would likely stop short of the convoluted logic and pitiful manners that has become a trademark of CNN’s assault on reason.


    A statement heard on television with regularity, “I heard it on the internet so it must be true,” is regularly inserted in commercials selling unneeded or unnecessary consumer goods and services.

    Oft repeated, it is intended to reinforce unquestioning obedience to the “reality” of television, the blurred lines that manufacture a worldview through continual repetition, controlled news and fictional drama “manufactured” to reinforce the same misconceptions.

    A baby duckling, were its first vision out of the shell to be a rat, would imprint itself believing the rat to be its mother, until, of course, the rat ate it.

    When I think about it, the above analogy aptly describes the enamorment many Americans have with the “Tea Party,” a group favoring police state rule, lowered taxes for the rich and a plunging standard of living for the vast majority of Americans.


    You see, the “advanced” English speaking nations, the US, Britain, Canada and Australia, no longer have any interest in politics, world affairs or philosophy. The descent down the evolutionary scale these once “almost great” people now endure has put such considerations beyond their comprehension.

    Two decades of recent history proves this hypothesis beyond question.

    What is sad is that the rest of the world is incapable of understanding that “the West” has decline such that blithering insanity is met with silence. Thus, when the “machine of fantasy and disinformation” enters high gear, the world’s media follow, they translate as they are able, they “parrot,” believing what they are hearing must be reasonable because it comes from famous people who are on television in advanced nations with public toilets and 24-hour pizza delivery.


    I have spent the past two weeks traveling through Africa, the Middle East and Europe. I try to immerse myself in the perceptions of world events, the “tenor” as it were, of what is seen as news. Some things left me sickened, others angry and disappointed.

    The problem isn’t bias, news organizations being for or against something or leaning right or left. This would involve beliefs, values, and I saw nothing resembling such things.

    What I saw was a press, led primarily by CNN, clearly involved in an orchestrated psychological warfare operation, carefully coordinating rumor mongering, smear tactics and obfuscation with an army of controlled conspiracy theorist bloggers.

    Aiding them, a third front as it were, is a sea of pundits, long discredited retired military, people claiming to be former intelligence officials and “unnamed official sources” that I know to be the invention of “influence peddling” think tanks in Washington.


    cnn-newsroomFor years, it had been Fox News and the Newscorp/Murdoch empire tasked with supporting political causes typically considered either Fascist or right wing extremist. Their movement into the US was facilitated by Congressman Newt Gingrich, a vacuous and ambitious individual basked in the pretense of moral authority, “family values” and a 4th rate academic career.

    Gingrich would deliver an American TV network to a foreign owner, accept jobs for family members, book deal payoffs and “soft money” donations and, in return, the Murdoch organization would drag America into a gutter of conspiracy theory, class warfare, open racism and xenophobia, like they had done in Australia and Britain before.

    Times changed. Candidates like Bob Dole, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, among others, were beyond redemption.

    It’s not that hate and fear isn’t a powerful uniting factor. It’s that you can only burn the Reichstag just so many times before it becomes passé. Most Americans had lived through too many assassinations and plane crashes, too many terror attacks, too many “bin Laden threats” to fail to notice the pattern.


    The first stage was anger and humiliation, followed by fear and hatred. This was the War on Terror, carefully planned to coincide with one extremely convenient terror attack that unleashed a long, pre-planned response.

    This bought power, suspension of rights, acceptance of censorship an adherence to officially certified wild conspiracies.

    Once it all fell apart, and it all has, the myth of 9/11, of Al Qaeda, the weapons that never were, the mysterious drug empire in Afghanistan, the cascade of economic collapses, the message changed.

    The government that was protecting Americans from terrorism is now an enemy, tapping phones, building networks of concentration camps, militarizing police for gun seizures, readying armored vehicles for the onset of martial law.

    The new message is “hopelessness” and it is continually reinforced. The media once loyal to a flaw, supporting “shock and awe” based on fabrication and rumor now sees universal health care as the real threat, followed by vaccinations and gay marriage.

    As government is no longer reliably controlled, government is now the enemy and “patriotism,” always dragged out in times of national insanity like a flaming torch at a fuel spill is now represented as armed uprising against a popularly elected government.


    Communications classes study CNN as an example of though control and propaganda. The methodologies once attributed to Nazi Germany actually show a level of sophistication compared to what is seen today.

    CNN regularly drags out members of the Bush administration including characters such as former Vice President Cheney, perhaps one of the most hated individuals on earth, using his venomous and consumptive statements as though they were pronouncements of government policy.

    Then CNN dips into its well of “unnamed government sources” that are always willing to provide statements that directly contradict well established policies, blending anonymity with conspiracy theory.

    They do this in almost every article.

    They have been consistent, their sources have never been correct, never been corroborated and remain perfectly anonymous.

    They have also been proven to not exist.

    FDR statue


    Upon close examination, CNN’s agenda never demonstrates a discernible direction other than warfare and chaos, carefully orchestrated to profit special interest market sectors in oil and gas, defense along with banking and insurance.

    Their existence, in itself, is proof that a worldwide conspiracy threatening every man, woman and child on the planet exists though hardly Islamists, al Qaeda or the nuclear armed Israeli’s and North Koreans they conveniently ignore.

    CNN, when put under a microscope, is simply a “mouthpiece” for organized crime, a “super-Mafia” that has long proven itself able to appoint and dismiss world leaders at the snap of a rifle bolt.

    Gordon Duff, Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of VT. Especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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    1. you can say what you like about MSM but if you dont give them the air time they will collapse, you are fueling there system. Turn your TV OFF & dont buy newspapers & see how long their system lasts. You are supporting their system! Cheers JF

    2. The simulacrum is disgusting & it insults my Soul’s core. CNN (Criminal News Network) & BCC (Bullock’s Brainwashing Corporation) are so out of any semblance of tenability for years now, it can’t be salvaged. The viewership mentality of those & similar ideological world views is that of a lobotomized Amoeba. We are witnessing a cultural de’tournement of precocity & luminosity.

    3. “It’s not that hate and fear isn’t a powerful uniting factor. It’s that you can only burn the Reichstag just so many times before it becomes passé. Most Americans had lived through too many assassinations and plane crashes, too many terror attacks, too many “bin Laden threats” to fail to notice the pattern.”

      Mr. Duff mighty with the pen!


    4. I don’t know exactly when this moment was but CNN and FOX made a willful change in the Talking Head’s CV requirement, “You should have an accent.” Obviously it needed to be an English accent.

      I interpreted that as being a suggestion that, “They want to give the news being spoken by a foreigner the air of coming from more accurate sources. Suggesting we the viewers are being informed as though we were in “The Club” “. So we started to see Cristiana Amanpour, Piers Morgan, Richard Quest etc. Same started to happen in the entertainment arena.

    5. Quote:
      “ William Edwards Deming (October 14, 1900 – December 20, 1993) was an American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant. Educated initially as an electrical engineer and later specializing in mathematical physics, he helped develop the sampling techniques still used by the U.S. Department of the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
      Deming received a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Wyoming at Laramie (1921), an MS from the University of Colorado (1925), and a PhD from Yale University (1928). Both graduate degrees were in mathematics and physics.
      Born in Sioux City, Iowa, William Edwards Deming was raised in Polk City, Iowa, on his grandfather Henry Coffin Edwards’s chicken farm, then later on a 40-acre (16 ha) farm purchased by his father in Powell, Wyoming.
      Deming’s message to Japan’s chief executives was that improving quality would reduce expenses, while increasing productivity and market share.[4] Perhaps the best known of these management lectures was delivered at the Mt. Hakone Conference Center in August 1950.
      A number of Japanese manufacturers applied his techniques widely and experienced heretofore unheard-of levels of quality and productivity. The improved quality combined with the lowered cost created new international demand for Japanese products.
      In 1960, the Prime Minister of Japan (Nobusuke Kishi), acting on behalf of Emperor Hirohito, awarded Deming Japan’s Order of the Sacred Treasure, Second Class. The citation on the medal recognizes Deming’s contributions to Japan’s industrial rebirth and its worldwide success
      David Salsburg wrote:
      “He was known for his kindness to and consideration for those he worked with, for his robust, if very subtle, humor, and for his interest in music. He sang in a choir, played drums and flute, and published several original pieces of sacred music.”[20][21]

      Deming died in his sleep at the age of 93 in his Washington home from cancer on December 20, 1993.[25] When asked, toward the end of his life, how he would wish to be remembered in the U.S., he replied, “I probably won’t even be remembered.” After a pause, he added, “Well, maybe … as someone who spent his life trying to keep America from committing suicide.”[26]”
      The principles of statistical quality control enunciated by this genius level physicist, mathematician and engineer and citizen can be applied to any field, not just manufacturing processes. The application of them to the failed system of media brainwashing described in this great article are long overdue. Our government must use its power to break up the disgusting brainwashing monopolies of the lying U.S. media today if this country is to survive. This article also demonstrates why every student should take physics and mathematics classes first. Let the shining example of W. Edward Deming, Ph.D. be the goal of every citizen and every industry in our land. W. Edward Deming, Ph.D. is likely the top graduate of Yale University in its long history.
      Our family dropped the TV into a dumpster about 25 years ago.

      • Excellent comment Khalid. However physics and mathematics provide new insights and new ways to look at problems. I believe these are the subjects which led Deming to his great discoveries and wisdom. You have likely heard this joke which isn’t very funny: A man driving a Cadillac had a rattle in the door. He took it to the dealer. They removed the door panel and found a coke bottle with a note inside which read: “You finally found it you rich SOB.” This is the mentality which our big three had for a long time and still have. Frankly all of them should have been permitted to fail and not be bailed out. Deming tried to help GM and Chrysler but they gave him the middle finger. Even Ross Perot tried to save GM. They only learn the hard way. It is all very sad indeed.

      • Well this is the third time I am writing this comment. When sending before a memory allocation error appeared in the browser. ????

        “Deming was a great prophet of prosperity who never found a home among his people. “

        Good point Khalid. Deming’s methods were not adopted in the US when he developed them. One would think that the executives in Detroit would have been the first to roll out the carpet and invite him to do a pilot project. Works great. Not forget it. But no such thing happened !!!

        My suspicious and conspiratorial mind thinks that it was done on purpose. Corporations/firms have boards which control the running of the executive management. On these boards sit people who represent “others” (good luck trying to figure out who). Board members often sit on more than one board. Hence they monitor what different companies are doing and how they are being run. So in effect they control the direction of the corporate ship.

        Detroit was built by Henry Ford. Henry Ford kicked in the teeth a well known Peaceful Tribe. This I suspect was never forgiven but it had to be paid for. The payment was the disappearance of Detroit. How ? Continuing to roll out crappy product and destroying the Unions from the inside. Detroit ruined and jobs disappeared. Today Detroit looks like a War Zone. Job well done. Well that’s my theory 🙂

        “Then look at the English/American mindset “
        Here you are missing a piece of the puzzle. Be careful with labels English/American. I’ll admit I used to do the same thing. Consider this.

        Some of the best beer produced in the US came from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Why ? Because this industry was developed by German immigrants with their own capital and their way of doing business. Building a plant takes a lot of cash so obviously these were not poor people. Same goes for making good beer, it takes skill. These “Americans” ran the businesses how they should be run, maintain quality and control costs.

        Now this is my conspiracy theory. American beer started to go to Hell in and around mid-70’s. Quality was slipping. Why? Because a different “breed” of capitalists started to get CONTROL of these businesses. Slowly it go to the point where you were drinking colored water mixed with alcohol.

        The people running these business went to the best schools in the World at the time, the US. The economic theory taught there was shaped by the likes of Milton Friedman or Paul Samuelson. The fruit of their Nobel worthy theories can be seen today. The 2018 US economy is in the toilet and Detroit in rubble. That was the fine job of these Nobel Prize Winners who taught the executives how to run businesses into the ground (my conspiracy theory).

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