Russia will design new missiles if US pulls out of INF – Putin

The INF was a good idea, which is why the NeoCons wanted to kill it.

…from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: The US Nuclear treaty fraud continues on schedule. The US always knew that breaking its pledge to not expand NATO eastward toward Russia would eventually create a new Cold War.

Europe foolishly went along with this, which will put them back under a potential shower of medium-range Russian missiles. Greed and corruption were the main motivations. They went with the flow in return for their not fulfilling their NATO defense expenditures, preferring the US taxpayer carry the greater load, instead.

Then came the fake US missile defense screen under the con that it was to defend against an Iranian nuclear attack on Europe. To this day I have found no one in Europe that thought this was a feasible threat.

If the US was going to pay for it and have more long term base expenditures in the EU, that was fine with Europe. Putin always claimed the missile shield was against Russia, and was proven right when the JCPOA negotiations proved Iran was not developing a nuclear missile threat, and the US knew it.

Rather than the US backing off after being exposed, it just doubled down, expanding even closer to the Russian border and bringing its Aegis missile systems, with their allegedly legal kinetic-energy warheads.

But we all knew, including Russia, that the launchers could be reloaded with mini-nuke warhead cruise missiles in a few hours and used for command center first-strike weapons. When those were eventually replaced with hypersonic missiles, Russia would need a deterrent, and is building one.

The US launchers are in Romania, and more were destined for eastern Ukraine within range of hitting a Russian ballistic missile retaliation strike from their Ural mountain positions while they are ascending, their most vulnerable point.

The American people, including the Vet orgs just sat and watched a New Cold war being slow birthed, as if they were watching a sporting event with a “go team” spirit. Are they concerned about a $23-trillion deficit, mostly driven by manufactured foreign wars? Hell no. They allowed themselves to be led around by a ring through their nose with the “blame it all on the Rooskies” drivel.

America has been betrayed by Americans without a glove being laid on the perpetrators, be they Republican- or Democrat-led. The only thing that changes is the speed by which the country is run down hill. Never have so many owed so little to so fewJim W. Dean ]

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The INF was a good idea, which is why the NeoCons wanted to kill it.

– First published … December 18, 2018

Russia may easily respond to the US withdrawal from the milestone INF Treaty by developing new types of land-based missiles, Vladimir Putin said, warning that Washington’s decision to pull out “is one step towards an arms race.”

The Russian president reiterated that Moscow did not violate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), but if Washington ditches it, Russia will be left with no choice but “to react accordingly” to defend itself.

“As you know, we do have sea and airborne [missile] systems and there will be no difficulty to carry out research-and-development and make them land-based if needed,” Putin told a Defense Ministry conference on Tuesday.

Russia’s successes in developing sea- and air-launched missiles became a source of concern for “our partners,” prompting them to undermine the treaty. Putin had also praised Russia’s newest Kalibr cruise missiles which saw action against terrorists in Syria.

Over the past months, Washington has been repeatedly accusing Russia of violating the INF. Moscow, for its part, denied such accusations calling them unfounded.

But, Putin said, the US is violating the INF directly, as it’s actively building up Aegis Ashore facilities in Romania and Poland. Meanwhile, there are strike drones in the US military arsenals whose properties fall under the treaty.

They blatantly violate it and make hypothetical, unfounded claims against us.

The Russian president noted that the US and Russia – two signatories to the treaty – are not the only countries to possess short- and intermediate-range missiles. “There are plenty of them … why don’t they [the US] engage these countries?”

Putin believes they don’t do it “simply because it apparently hampers certain aspirations and these aspirations are unlikely to be peaceful ones,” while the US pullout “is one step towards an arms race.”

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He also reminded the conference that the US military is profiting from a record $725-billion “militarist budget” that dwarfs Russia’s annual defense spending worth $46 billion.

Earlier Putin suggested the US planned their withdrawal beforehand. Notably, the Congress authorized funding an effort to build new missile systems “before Washington announced withdrawal from the INF. The decision had been made some time ago, but quietly – they thought we wouldn’t notice it.”


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