By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I was never a big fan of Mattis.  I wanted him to do more to stop Trump.  Mattis was assistant to Gw Todd (VT Editor) when she was at the National Security Council.  Gw says he is OK. I have to accept that.

Of what we do know, Mattis remained steadfast when Trump came out against Syria, buying the Fox News line about gas attacks.  This was a humiliation not just for the US but for Mattis who knew quite well that it was all bullshit.

Mattis also knew Russia and Syria could shoot down our missiles.  Mattis also knew that between Trump’s arrogance and tantrums and Israel’s insanity, Russia would eventually have enough.  This is how Syria got both the S300 and “Iron Dome Killer” Iskadar M system and the green light to use it.

As for why Mattis quit or was fired, we know this from meetings held in Damascus today between Russian officials and the Damascus government:

  • Russia fully supports Syria in retaking 100% of the territory North and East of the Euphrates River.
  • Russia has identified Bolton as the architect of a new plan to push Turkey into a confrontation with Russia.  Trump offered Erdogan delivery of F35 fighters starting in 3 weeks and bought off Erdogan with the US withdrawal.  Erdogan is now talking about backout out of the S400 or buying both, the Patriot and S400, a total waste.
  • Reports today from Russian forces inside Syria tell of American transport aircraft taking off from America’s illegal airbases inside Syria, the drawdown of personnel began today.

Erdogan is the key to all of it, with Bolton (now Trump’s handler for Israel) up to his usual neocon tricks.

All the while, Bolton, working for Israel, is planning for the right time to overthrow Erdogan, overthrow or assassinate.

In the interim, the US is probably going to thread in PMCs (Private Military Contractors.)  Problem is, ISIS and al Qaeda are, of course, PMCs as well.

As for Trump’s motivation, I think putting Trump into the picture is a mistake.  I don’t think he makes policy nor was he able to get rid of Mattis, which all of this might well be about.

Bolton wanted Mattis out and, as Israel’s goon in DC, is dedicated to the longterm takedown of both the US and Russia on behalf of Zionism.  If only I were just imagining this.  From the rarefied life he has lived, kissing ass and bending over year after year, ugly inside and out, watching his “betters” suffer at the hands of brutal Israel rule will satisfy some dark corner where his soul might have once dwelt.

If one watches the markets, they are down down down to where Obama was, and remember, this was an Obama paying off national debt while Trump is running a trillion plus a year in deficits….

and so it goes


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  1. I never understood Russia even contemplating the sale of S-400’s to Turkey, or Putin trusting that snake, Erdogan, ever since Turkey shot down the Russian Su-24, and murdered the pilot as he parachuted to the ground.

  2. “…America’s illegal airbases inside Syria”,…I’d like to think there was a time when a free press in America would be all over this, people would be in the streets, and we’d be talking treason, high crimes and misdemeanors over such.

  3. It is Illegal for the U.S. to provide aid to Israel under the Symington Amendment in 1961 and including the failure to get Israel to sign the NPT …..Israel has a booming economy and needs no more tax money from the pockets of the American taxpayer , free healthcare and University education for all Israelis . And using American made weapons to commit war crimes in Gaza and where ever else the parasite nation feels like . NO ONE on Capitol has so much whispered a word of this to any MSM or into each others ear . This would be political suicide and maybe worse . Cowards all of them .

    • You make good points. But these are criminals running our government who give their big middle finger to the rule of law because there are no practical penalties to them personally for willfully violating it. This is no longer a nation of laws and perhaps never was. This is basically a totalitarian dictatorship falsely called the rule of law. The rule of the jungle would be more appropriate. Israel has clearly hi jacked the whores in our government and even did 9/11/01: Quote:
      “Successive presidents of the United States may have violated the law by refusing to impose sanctions on their allies Israel, India and Pakistan.”

    • The group of lying lawyers is responsible for all this evil in our government. They have hi jacked all three branches gang raping the principle of independence of the branches. They have bad and evil reputations going back centuries in history. They are the only group taught to lie and cheat and steal in college at so called “law school” which are nothing but indoctrination to lie and cheat. Americans are the biggest fools on planet earth. Read the book “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” by Earl Carey, 1992.

    • “The ultimate goal of the education and training a person receives to become a lawyer is dramatically different from other professions and occupations. A lawyer’s education and training can be more accurately described as an indoctrination into a type of satanic cult. Behavior which a normal human being would consider to be repulsive, evil and cruel, forms the standard operating procedures in the daily life of a lawyer. The normal human emotions and traits such as conscience, honesty and honor, and integrity are completely obliterated. An insatiable greed and a blind allegiance in the preservation of the corrupt legal profession take their place. To lie, cheat and steal become second nature and instinctive. Lawyers suffer no remorse for their actions. They have no sympathy for their victims.”
      Quoted from IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” by Earl Carey, pp. 330-331.

    • Excellent points! I heard Jimmy Dore echoing those same thoughts, recently. Hopefully, this sentiment grows!

  4. How about Netanyahu for Mathis’ job? After all he is a U.S. citizen too isn’t he? He already has 40 bodyguards so this would save the U.S. money on them. Oh, that’s right the position of Defense Secretary does not provide bodyguards does it? This is almost the first article on all this recent stuff to even mention Bolton. While Syria is a large land area Putin and Assad must try to prevent another U.S. base from exploding anywhere there again. What a total disgrace the U.S. has degenerated into.

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