Guardian: Mattis resignation triggered by phone call between Trump and Erdoğan

US president complied with Turkish leader’s demands and took own advisers by surprise, accounts say

Trump, testing new Israeli "finger-pistol"

The resignation of US defence secretary James Mattis was triggered by a phone conversation between Donald Trump and the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in which Trump abruptly decided to upend previous US policy and withdraw troops from Syria, according to new accounts of the call.

Mattis went to see the president on Thursday afternoon in a last-ditch attempt to change the president’s mind, and argue for standing by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which have take the lead role in ejecting the Islamic State from its Syrian strongholds.

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Trump rebuffed Mattis’s arguments over the course of a 45-minute meeting. Trump had already recorded a video in the White House garden, announcing he was bringing the troops home, and it had been shown to Mattis.

At the end of the meeting Mattis took Trump by surprise by presenting his resignation letter. According to the New York Times, Mattis ordered 50 copies to be made and circulated around the Pentagon on his return to his office.

Accounts in the US and Turkish press of the Friday call between Trump and Erdoğan show the volatile US president complying with the Turkish leader’s demands and taking his own advisers by surprise.

It is the latest example of a pattern in which Trump tends to side with authoritarian foreign leaders, over the advice of US officials.

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  1. Balkanizing the Middle East to prevent organized resistance to Israel’s land and resource grabbing schemes may help Israel, but it’s taking a toll on Europe and North America. Helping these two areas rid themselves of culture and to become more racially diverse, doesn’t seem to be much of a payback. Not getting involved in the world’s rumble tumble politics was supposed to be a key reason for the Republic’s creation. Look at us now, Al Capone would be proud.

  2. Could it be as simple as Erdogan has the goods on the Khashoggi killing and made a deal with Trump to keep Trump from further harm? You can take it to the bank. Trump will normally lie then attack when cornered; but that tactic seems to have failed him.

  3. I don’t know, “The Guardian” is shaky at best, as a reliable source. They, and their serial fabricator, Luke Harding, ran with that whole story about Manafort meeting Assange, which proved to be untrue.

  4. As numerous articles and commentators on VT has stated, the U.S. is and has been an illegal invader in Syria with zero permission from its legitimate government to be there. They have even been asked to leave but refused. Russia is there with permission. This is the overriding issue here. I have no way of knowing the inner thoughts of Trump for making this decision but it was the right one. I hope he follows through and does indeed remove all the U.S. criminal invaders from Syria who, according to reports here in VT, have been aiding the enemy ISIS. Russia is getting tired of Israeli planes boming Syria illegally too. Putin has threatened to respond and provided defensive missiles for Assad. I believe Putin is serious this time. Trump could have been colncerned the U.S. might have been caught in the cross fire, who knows? Perhaps the U.S. is nothing but a paper tiger and Trump was protecting their dirty secret.

    • Isn’t it very strange that members of Congress are indignant about Trump pulling our troops out of Syria when they were there as criminal invaders in the first place with zero permission from Congress? Shouldn’t the Israel Lover whores in Congress look in a mirror and do us all a favor and resign today? Israel has been criminally bombing and attacking Syria too aided by the U.S. Putin is obviously getting tired of dealing with these criminal nations U.S. and Israel. Even Turkey stole oil from Syria.

  5. I can’t figure Donny the Draft Dodger out, on one hand he always does Netanyahu’s bidding and the very next day he is flipping him off !
    Maybe he is really pissed at the “Israel First” crowd:
    Jared Kushner, Michael Cohen, Stephen Miller, Steve Mnuchin,Alan Dershowitz, Sheldon Adelson, etc.

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