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by Press TV, Tehran

“Israeli governments may have gotten used to having so many poor people, but the poor children will never get used to it,” Latet chairman Gilles Darmon.

[ Editor’s Note: Oh my, just in time for Christmas and Hanuka, Israel has a vast underclass of impoverished Jewish citizens to add to the Palestinian ones. They have kept a lid on this for some time, covered as always in their own press but with controlled media being waived off the story.

It’s not like Israel does nothing to help these people. It has always sought foreign Diaspora funds for “underprivileged” Israelis. It’s the government that prefers to let them suffer while it attempts to rule the Mideast.

It would be much cheaper for the US to support these hungry kids than Israeli aggression, including its huge espionage operations here. One has to one why our top military and intelligence organizations have not figured this out.

Israeli Haredi Jews have a habit of spitting on priests they run into on the street, an over sign of Jewish Supremacism.

And lastly, US Jews and even more, US Christian Zionists pour huge sums into Israel, with it seems most of it being sucked up by the parasitical orthodox settlers who refuse to work, considering that beneath them.

That said, if only a few hundred are going to protest, that is going nowhere other than getting some news coverage. If the numbers are not big enough to threaten the ruling class nothing will change. Even the Jewish Diaspora has been quiet on this. What does that tell you?

Some years ago the secular Jews in one of the towns was pushing for secession from the freeloaders, whose only response for objecting was, “then who is going to pay for all the government services that we get”.

At the end of the day, the minister of the interior, supported by the settler orthodox Jews, put the kabosh on the secession plans.

Working Jews had to subsidize the non working ones, who viewed this as the “natural order” of things in that as they are closer to God, they deserve to have Palestinian AND Jewish slaves take care of themJim W. Dean ]

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What’s not to love about Israeli settler Jews, teaching their kids how to hate at a young age.

– First published … December 16, 2018

An NGO has found that more than one million Israeli children, or 35.6 percent of all kids in the occupied territories, are living in poverty.

The food security NGO Latet said in its latest report that in addition to one million children, 1.3 million Israeli adults are also defined as poor. Overall, 26.5 percent of the entire population in the occupied lands live below the poverty line, according to the report.

It also found that one in four children from the families receiving support from the NGO frequently go to school without a packed lunch, and one in three skip at least one meal a day.

The report  further said that some 6 percent of aid-dependent Israeli children have had to beg for donations, another 6 percent collected food from the ground or garbage bins, and some 5.4 percent stole food.

“When there are more than half a million poor families and more than a million poor children, you cannot just get used to it and accept it,” said Latet chairman Gilles Darmon.

“Israeli governments may have gotten used to having so many poor people, but the poor children will never get used to it.”

Additionally, Latet CEO Eran Weintraub said that the Israelis have simply got used to such reports as they have “the worst poverty rates in the West.”

In recent months, Israel has seen a wave of price hikes in electricity, water, gas, food, insurance and property tax.

Inspired by France’s ‘yellow vests’ movement, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Friday to blame the Israeli regime for rising living costs.

PressTV-‘Yellow Vest’ protests reach Israel amid corruption

Israelis organize a rally against planned price rises, urging the public to show up wearing French-style yellow vests.

According to the Latet report, 53 percent of the Israeli families defined as poor did not have enough food while 72 percent feared that their food supplies would be finished before there was any more money.

It also found that 71 percent of aid recipients in Israel are in debt, 49 percent in foreclosure proceedings and more than half of them do not have access to heating.

Britton George@BuckeyeSquadron

Standard of living protests in Israel were going on long before the yellow vests and also happened with the Netanyahu shady oil deal probe protests which hes guilty of at trial: https://www.timesofisrael.com/yellow-vest-protests-reach-israel-as-hundreds-demonstrate-in-tel-aviv/ 

‘Yellow vest’ protests reach Israel as hundreds demonstrate in Tel Aviv

Inspired by French movement, activists blame government for rising cost of living and block a central junction; at least 10 arrested after confrontations with police


Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin described the figures as a “disgrace” to the regime of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“This report attests to the severe detached nature of a government suffering from choice blindness – no traffic jams with new cars or lines at Ben-Gurion Airport can hide the shameful hunger of one million children,” she said.

“Anyone who does not understand the meaning of a million hungry children, even if you cannot witness the horrific sights of swollen bellies because there is always white bread and margarine available, will never try to solve the problem and the social gaps.”


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  1. This has been simmering since the early 1970’s when I first visited the area. Then they were disaffected young immigrant Jews from Africa. They were educationally and economically underprivileged, and subject to active discrimination by ‘whiter’ Jews. They turned to demonstrations which led to often violent suppression.

    There was a Wikipedia article but it seems to have been deleted. I found it on Google when I looked for ‘Black power movement Israel’ but when I copied the link to the article it no longer works. However that Google search still takes you there.

  2. When historians critique the American Empire’s death spiral, it’s collaboration with with Israel’s corporate owners to expand Israel’s borders and access to resources, will be listed as one of it’s major causes of death. Israel too, has a limited life span and finding a new sucker to bribe and blackmail is not going to be easy in a savvy world.

  3. Don’t anyone fool their self, Israel is far from failing. Israel exists for a reason, and only one reason, to milk the goyim via the false history of the holocaust. The amount of extortion money that pours into Israel every day is never talked about. Zionists have but one god, and it is called money. So, according to the cash register Israel is doing quite well. The Jews love to hear us banter back and forth expressing our different views, because that keeps us divided, and if Jews are good at something, that thing is division. We, non Jews, have a common enemy, and like trying to separate the moderate rebel from the terrorist, there is no separating the moderate Jew from the uber Zionist. Merry Christmas.

  4. How many dead, wounded, crippled, traumatized starving orphans has the Chosen Empire created in the last seven decades? And to what end will they ever stop?

    Sorry folks, zero F’s given!

  5. Hey John Z,
    I’m not a PHD, I’m here at VT to gain insight on the Jewish Question???… Not extermination rhetoric, but the Zionist Question and the commentary here on this, (anti-Emetics), web site SIC…the latter of course I do not believe, other than The ADL’s counter propaganda forum of diversion from the truth…or at least getting beyond our contemporary mental conditioning.

    The old adage, “The Victors version of history and the, quill-to-ink-to-paper, distortion and lies thereof… We are brainwashed from birth to death… This is a good place to start undoing the under educated format of any version by the victors, and the subsequent rabbit hole of educated intelligentsia… I surely have been on this spectrum of myopia for years… At this point, emancipation of the latter is a daily battle to reconstruct the psyche from the indelible tattoos and taboos of critical thinking. A government education has some pluses in the pragmatic order of science and the rule of nature behind the sciences.

    I do not have any answers of the dilemma we face with the so called chosen, and the illusion of concentrated myopia and Zionist disinformation we all assume is false… this is why we read the commentary here at VT, also, the comments by it’s readers.

    As far as I’m concerned, demonizing all Jews for the Zionist Jewish-Christian untruths around biblical philosophy, the not so great, knee jerk evangelical right, ideal of heaven on earth via Israeli-hell, is of no real value.

    • Continued:
      Fore the most part, Jews have a network of educational platforms incorporated into the diaspora of daily life…via the last 1700 years of Jewish literalism and functional ghetto herd mentality the traditions mot goy could never match, because, the Christian protestant dilemma of cohesiveness does not exist… at least the Jews have been at it like a habit in the orthodoxy sense of solidarity by fewer numbers, 2% of the population on the planet are Jews.
      On another note, Jordan Maxwell, says, The Jews have fewer sects than 30 in number, while Christians have 2300 or less in number… It does not take long to see the information blackout of holistic reasoning about the Jewish Diaspora, and the Christian Pope of Religious Dope, fractionats all of reality about Jews and controls the masses on all levels of governments and peoples over the planet… Thusly, the old metaphorical adage, “All roads lead to Rome”, we will find the history of consolidated misinformation of inquisitional proportions, riding the surf, of institutional madness and the republic of military Jesuit might in the rake and file battle-war mongers on planet earth… “Kill the heathen and respect the inquisition.
      Jews are paranoid, and have latent anxiety programed into their subconscious… Via history, the Rabbinate of the oral torah, aka, the Talmudic Jewish truth, as well, indifference to all goyim-non-Jews… who they tolerate of they are in compliance with the Noahic principles of Jewish thought.

    • continued:
      By the way, much is to be know about the fanatics on both sides of isle… Left Right decorum of inner Gyroscopic myopia… I’m afraid our definitive answer will be found in geographic inhalation, and mother natures, ability to overcome our psychopathic-sociopathic degeneration of self-destruction as she replenishes nature with another species…all things and nations shall pass, It is said, all Democracies fail…and that means only one thing…we will not be here to see the light of day in the current myopic connundrum!

  6. Public aid /food stamps and other govt. subsidies for the ‘ Gods Chosen ‘ …? Never mind that here in the U.S. none of them have ever broke a sweat on physical labor . In Israel and some in the u.S. waiting for the U.S. taxpayer $$ and Holohoax $$ . Too bad huh ? Maybe living on too much stolen land has a price ?

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