America Joins the “Anti-grav” Artillery World, Russia Reports


Editor’s note:  Canadian scientist Gerald Bull developed a thorium coating for 155mm artillery rounds.  Bull did this on contract for a South African manufacturer using technology from NASA as part of the Apollo program.

Is the tech alien?  Did the Nazi’s use it at the end of the war and beyond?

Ah, but Christmas isn’t a time for “bizarre conspiracy theories.”  Not at VT anyway.g

Pravda: The armed forces of the United States of America have achieved new technical progress in the field of artillery.

This writes the American analytical publication The Warrior Maven.

So, the authors of the material write, the US Department of Defense was able to achieve a significant increase in the range of its artillery. Now the American army has the ability to shoot 155-mm shells at a distance of up to 62 kilometers. Thus, according to the authors of the material, the US Army has taken a serious step towards its main goal – to catch up and surpass the artillery of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China.

Russia, the authors of the material indicate, is launching new air defense systems and is rapidly increasing the fleet of its UAVs, which serve to search and define targets. The United States of America, American journalists write, is seriously concerned about this and against the background of very tense relations between Moscow and Washington, they are doing everything to ensure that their army does not yield to the Russian in anything.

Earlier, Pravda.Ru wrote that the United States recognized the superiority of the Russian T-14 tank over the main combat vehicles of the North Atlantic Alliance countries. The British Challenger 2 and the American M1A2 Abrams compared to him, Western experts complain, are outdated.

Pravda.Ru also wrote that the American edition of The Business Insider has compiled a list of the 25 most powerful armies in the world. The authors of the material, which is remarkable, turned out to be patriots – they put the US Army in the first place in the ranking. On the second and third places, respectively, experts put the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China.

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  1. As a Welder I hold mildly radioactive Thorium Electrodes in my hand.
    It’s high melting point is probably the reason for its addition to artillery range.
    We don’t produce Rare Earth’s in America because mining them produces Thorium, which we regulate as Nuclear Waste.
    In the 70’s ORNL ran a liquid fueled Molten Salt Breeder Reactor on U235 breeding U233 from Thorium for years.

  2. Funny thing is other than a M.A.D. strategic nuclear exchange, Russia has no effective way to attack the US, as they lack the air transport and naval capacity to launch a cross-ocean invasion.

    • Well Russia doesn’t want to invade the US, just neutralize it and Russia can certainly do that with current conventional weapons. It has long range bombers and subs to attack our infrastructure. One year after turning out every light in the US we will look and act like people on the Walking Dead show. Problem solved, and then come in mop up any resistance.

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