By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Trump’s gift to America, a nightmare we predicted, come true in all its malignant glory

Across America, remaining true Americans are now trying to figure out what is the quickest way to get rid of Pence and Trump who just crashed the American economy.  It book Bush 6 and a half years and Trump did it in just under two.

Who says he is stupid?

For those of you out there so friggin’ stupid to have bought into this, the rest of us are trying to figure out a way for America to survive the holidays without mass rioting, banking collapses and starvation.

Yes, we are totally there.

This is the Christmas to trade in that table saw for an AK47 and a thousand rounds  of ammo.  Starving Trumpsters with no jobs, no homes, no “benefits,” born in America to the delusional and mentally unfit, will be descending on their betters looking for handouts.

There were no border caravans, no Iranian nuclear program, no Chinese incursions into their own territorial waters, no Syrian gas attacks, no poisoned “Skrippels,” only a lying fatman and his bulldog wife, his Kosher Nostra masters and a few million undereducated self-hating fake Americans.

What’s really going on?  Members of the senate are meeting to find a way to put a caretaker presidency in place, moving out Trump and Pence.  Joe Biden heads the list with Al Gore close behind, both long experienced Senators and Vice-Presidents with strong backgrounds in banking, trade and foreign policy.

Pence is a failed podcast host.

Trump went bankrupt in 1990 when the CIA turned to him as a way to launder Russian cash into the hands of top GOP grifters.  I am intimately familiar with the operational details of this.

Last week, I tried to get Iran to send Trump a letter to begin discussions.  Trump would have jumped at it and China would have quickly followed suit.  Nobody really wants America to break out in civil war, almost nobody but Netanyahu and his henchmen.

It’s time to call an end to militarism, to private military contractors, time to shut down a dozen fake spy agencies, to kill fake social media, to rein in our fake courts, fake police, fake prisons and the foreign mobsters, Saudi, Israeli, Turkish and others that bought Washington so many years ago.

Do it while you can or someone will do it for you and more than a few eggs will be broken in the process.

Today, after crashing the market for a week, Christmas eve and a 650 point drop in 4 hours while bank after bank failed a stress test…

This is why people are running away from Trump.  He is criminally insane and the weaklings in Washington won’t stand up to him.


By the way, Merry Christmas or as Benjamin Fulford says it, “SunMass.”



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  1. This may have been the worst collection of comments I have seen in a long time. The Kosher Nostra manages to put a pure psychopath in the White House, thinking he will make a good lap dog. Instead, his disorganized and inadequate personality, as shown in his holiday message, burns the whole place down.

    Then again, I have a few around here who love going after Biden, Gore and the Clinton’s entirely based on secret information they were fed by the Zios but since they are careless and moronic fools, they don’t know where crap comes from, they just love “dirty laundry.” Duped into hasbara’dom.

    • Given the choices in the 2016 election, a better outcome than Trump being “elected”, scandalized, impeached, removed, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned seems hard to imagine, unless…

      Unless there is something about the Democrats in question that you cannot tell us, since to judge purely by their own statements and policy decisions they are right-wing (in this context the Republicans are extremely far right) economists and war-mongers to boot.

      As for “burning the whole place down”, yes it will likely be painful for a lot of innocent people, but does anyone have a better plan to wake people up from their “too stupid to live” stupor so they stop buying the mainstream propaganda – and without that how do we move forward (unless again there is something you cannot tell us)?

  2. Replacing Trump and Pence with creepy Biden and man bear pig Al Gore is not a win? Gordon your a smart man, and you know the systems rigged in favor of a criminal bank system. Removing one just to replace him with one who is more recognized by the system is an ignorant idea. We both know what it is going to take to right this ship, and you sell the necessary equipment. Which by the way, you build some very beautiful rifles. A few weeks ago while browsing through your inventory I fell in love with a good looking .308. Maybe Santa will be kind to me this year and gift me just that rifle. And of course, 1000 rounds. Years ago my brother said: every man in the USA should be given an AK and 200 rounds, and the last man standing would be King. It made some sense to me.

  3. Interesting scenario, where the evidence of illegitimacy and criminality, is present, the line of succession must also be disregarded, and the legislative branch takes over the executive branch. That would start an argument that would last 100 years.
    The fed has always threatened to crash the economy for this or that. The MIC doesn’t like it either when they are ordered to pick up their toys and go home. One of the advantages of being poor, is the economy doesn’t effect us as much. Every town should be able to produce it’s own food. Otherwise the official status is ‘dependent”.

  4. I am not a big supported of Trump but I’m not sure why you are blaming the market’s moves towards historical norms from the bubble created since 2008 on him.

    As far as I can see he was the non PTB fall guy selected to take the blame for the crash. Whilst he might have helped it along, with help from his advisors, he had little to do with creating the problem. He may well have now spotted his role and is trying, correctly to put the blame where it actually lies, the FED. Wish him luck with that.

    • Silly answer. You must listen to Fox. The guys who own the Fed put Trump in place. Pay attention.

  5. Artificially low interest rates encourage senior citizens to put life savings into the risky stock market rather than much safer insured savings accounts.

    • Low interest rates mainly benefit the wealthy by encouraging stock market speculation at low or no cost, sales of price inflated real estate in NY and SF and LA and sales of price inflated automobiles and trucks in price ranges beyond the normal means of purchasers. We need to return to rates of about 10%.

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