NEO: Lugar Biolab, Will Truth be Revealed before Spin Doctors Label it a Conspiracy


By Henry Kamens for VT and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

It is bad enough that the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi, an alleged front for public health research has been feathered on about every Russian TV channel over its role in viral and bacterial (germ) warfare, but now Georgia faces a new round of recriminations. Such news is starting to get reported in the Georgian media as well, as the body count from what may be more than a seasonal flu.

However, to cut to the chase and make a very complicated story simple, in laypersons terms, so much media attention, with recriminations and counterclaims. The timing could not be worse, considering the debate over vaccines is heating up in the West, especially the United States. And the allegation of bio weapons was even feathered in the Washington Post and NYTs, flagships of the US mainstream media.

In the meantime, the latest vaccination story is about ready to “go viral” in Tbilisi Georgia, in spite of efforts to contain it by media censorship and spin stories. Moreover, apparently public health officials are eager they are hastening the field research, even before the smoke clears as to all outstanding recriminations of recent weeks, the “body count”, nearly 100 dead, and likely more, over a free Hep C elimination program that did not go as planned, at least that is what the documents indicate, as the true agenda of the US-funded Lugar Lab.

Former Georgian State Security Minister, Igor Giorgadze announced at a press briefing last September:

Behind the walls of the Lugar Laboratory, biologists of the U.S. military-medical group in Georgia and private contractors under federal contract with the … Defense Threat Reduction Agency indeed could have performed secret experiments on residents of Georgia.

Insult to Injury

Georgia’s Health Minister David Sergeenko has recently announced the need for much of the population to be vaccinated against flu, including pregnant women and children, two categories that are severely impacted by vaccines, resulting in stillbirths, miscarriages and other adverse flu vaccine reactions.

In short, it is clear that influenza epidemiological and data on seasonal viral strains from Georgia is limited, as if the truth would be known there would be social and dire political consequences, especially in a Georgian presidential election year. What is concerning is associated with the actual morbidity and mortality rates, i.e., sickness and death in Georgia, and few if any of recent publications describe antigenic and genetic characteristics of seasonal influenza viruses circulating freely in the country, and often there are several flu outbreaks in what was once a year flu strain.

At first impression this is a potential public health risk, or is it?

Public vaccine policy threatens not only the health but the stability of any country; especially one is a geopolitical instable region. What is happening in Georgia, under the guise of animal and public health is an all out attack on their fundamental rights and informed consent. Already the Georgian population has been subjected to various clinical tests, antibiotics, naturally all eager volunteers.

And this has been going on for years with TB antibiotics, the populace has been provided with unproven treatments, and this is not just the anti viral cocktails for Hep C and measles vaccines, and some of these drug combinations have been donated by the US Department of Defense.

It is highly debatable if these were standard treatments (and vaccines) and it is highly likely that many were experimental, considering the documented deaths and many other health complications. Even lab workers are treated, under the close watch of staff of security agencies, some have died.

One only has to do a bit of desk research and the name of BIG Pharma GlaxoSmithKline will soon surface, and the history of what insiders claim to be an experimental program to prevent a flu epidemic, starting with the H1H1 to the latest, (H3N2), etc., including strains of African Swine Flu who found a new home in China before being spread to Russian and Europe.

Thus, as insiders and investigative journalist claims, it is highly likely that an experimental vaccination program is still being developed, and it is not very well hidden. Considering that we have enough patterns here of how the normal epidemiology of a disease erupting without a patient zero vector—which mean that the flu and other outbreaks are being artificially spread, and in some instances by vaccines and even drones—as in the case of African Swine Fever.

Intelligence sources indicate that bases in Afghanistan and unmarked aircraft may have been the culprit, with identifying signal devices being turned off, which means the US military is most actively involved in the transport of especially dangerous pathogens or other lethal cargo. And that comes as to no surprise that China is not a “most-favored nation” these days, and the Tbilisi airport may be ground zero of the disease.

False Flag or Gulf of Tonkin Incident

A bit of warning, let the players of Russian roulette play for now, and sooner or later, China will get involved and that is blowback that is not needed. That would give a Gulf of Tonkin type event to be turned back against the US on a geopolitical level. Already it is bad enough that there are already serious moves against China by making use of Islamic terrorists being brought back from Syria, after being trained, armed and equip after their years of frontline fighting with ISIS.

It is necessary to keep simplifying the story. It is all about how animal diseases are being modified in the lab to be carried by human. In layman’s terms, weaponizing cross species diseases; that can only be done by modifying them genetically.

It doesn’t take long to weaponize a vaccine; it is also possible to weaponize a human with vaccine. You can infect a person with a virus, put them on a plane, and fly them anywhere in the world. As Jeffrey Silverman, Georgian Bureau Chief for VT is quoted onRussian TV, “The Lugar Center is in a perfect location. It’s right next to Tbilisi International Airport. There’re also two military bases nearby: Soganlug and Vaziani.

The existence of vast stockpiles of biological agents and hazardous substances in Georgia has been known even before the collapse of the USSR, and that is well-documented in many open sources. They can be used as weapons of mass destruction in the wrong hands.

Anna Zhvania, the former head of Georgian intelligence services, was overseeing the lab (and her science background is zero) for a period and knows well the facts. It is also known that the Rondela Foundation Center for Strategic Research is front for the Potomac Institute, and all smells to high heaven is linked to this network.

She was the first director of the Lugar lab in 2009-2013, says such allegations are not new. She reminds, that then Chief of Russia’s consumer protection agency, RosPotrebNadzor, Gennady Onishchenko has long accused Georgia of carrying out secret experiments since 2012. All the while the United States was blaming the Russian media for releasing fear-mongering articles, even before the Lugar lab was fully operational, related to the spread of Swine fever to Russia.

Russian president Putin has discussed recent reports about the development of biological weapons at the Georgian facility– as well as the alleged genetic research, targeting Russian genotypes, by the US there; these allegations has caused real concerns in the Kremlin.

Putin warned such research was “very dangerous” as he spoke during a session of the Valdai Club in Sochi. The leader’s comments came after his defense ministry accused the US of hiding bio-weapons research, and alleged Washington was flouting international conventions and posing a direct security threat to Moscow and the Russian people.

Major General Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian military’s radiation, chemical, and biological protection troops, alleged that the facility in Georgia was part of a network of US labs near the borders of Russia and China. The military chief warned the facility is hosting strains of highly infectious diseases which are being weaponized by the US.

Spin Doctors

However, Anna Zhvania tries to counter such allegations, speaking to US-funded media outlets in Georgia and beyond that some of the “hired pieces” are prime examples of Kremlin’s propaganda, disinformation, and mostly crafted for a domestic Russian audience. They are not to be taken seriously.

Moreover, she claims again and again that most of their long drawn out “pseudo-documentaries” as aired on Russian TV outlets never fully reaches Georgia and the world.” She is right in some respects, as there has been almost a complete media blackout of this in Georgia, only statements by the usual suspects that all is safe. Furthermore, others working in various health and security agencies claim that Moscow is playing with people’s emotions and fears. That none of these allegations are based in science or fact.

For instance, Shota Utiashvili, Senior Fellow at the Rondeli Foundation, a purported security issues think-tank, also believes Russia “invented” accusations against the Lugar lab “after their fiasco in the Skripal case.” He claims the Georgian Government “has always been open” concerning this laboratory, and the Russians are well aware of what is happening there.

But they fail to mention that allegations of this lab were first raised by Americans and Georgians, long before the Russians knew anything about it–and Georgians and Americans living in Georgia, are the original source for the incriminating documents now in the hands of the Russians.

Technology Management Company (TMC)

The real story is with TMC, Technological Management Company, which has been the front for all that goes on in the shadows of the lab, as has been discussed in previous articles. This is now under investigation, especially how millions of dollars from translation contracts have leaked for various covert operations.

It is interesting to note that TMC was awarded a lion’s share of a 975 million federal contract in 2016 that was earmarked for small businesses by the US Air Combat Command, Joint Base Lagely-Eustis, Virginia, and how the money is to be spent is outside of their scope work.

It is necessary to contact those hired with that flow of money, if we can find them, to find out if there was a disgruntled person who may tell us more about what is being done there. There would have to be at least one person who could do this and this could then be corroborated with a paycheck or their personal information. That is work is now being carried out on the ground in Georgia.

TMC also did work with the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia and this potentially connects the two. It would be interesting to find out the period when their local Georgian staff came to the US. It is necessary to be prepared to look at this with an open mind as well. We have to connect the $8.8 million USD contact to the bioweapons lab and found backup with other evidence. There may be even something more appalling that was done with the money, and by relating the two without proof that core allegations gets ignored. What makes the Lugar story interesting is the BIG links with Bechtel National, and Bechtel was the main contractor on the bio weapons lab.

Thus, it is necessary to find out where the money was spent—and as the saying goes, “follow the money.” Coming out with this in an article is kind of early but necessary in light of the spin doctors closing ranks. Nonetheless, it is our best piece of data we have right now and this lets them in on it before we are able to complete a full investigation, but it will draw out more disgruntled employees and former employees, and that has been a treasure trove of information.

Georgians as the eventual scapegoat!

In retrospect it is funny now how the Americans have the Georgians trying to defend their pet project, and soon the Georgians may have to take the heat as “scapegoats” for the next bio research protocol that goes haywire—likely one of these experimental vaccines.

Hope you can read between the lines on this: US has put the Georgian side as cannon fodder. They will be forced to walk though the mine field that has been carefully laid as a device of subterfuge.

According to some reports the Sarin gas used in 2013, August 30, Ghouta Syria attacks, was actually manufactured in the Lugar Center, and with the connivance of Turkey’s MIT was transported under the protection of Bechtel National Security through Turkey, and delivered to jihadists in Idlib, as reported by VT.

This is the reason that the sarin used didn’t conform to the known Syrian stocks of sarin characteristics. Extensive research related to this mass of material was done by the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytangjieva, and published on the international web site South Front.

Russia is up against the Western mainstream media in focusing attention on what is going on in Georgia and other former Soviet republics. They must find ways to bring World attention to these illegal activities and to sully US and allies reputations, as they constantly do to Russia.

The body of evidence must be put before international bodies and on the BIG screens at the UN and OPCW, if these organisations have not been completely subverted. Russia has many friends and allies, now is the time for them to band together and make US and Georgia explain all what has transpired under the guise of civilian public health and animal health research.

The claims of non proliferation of bio weapons and the securing of especially dangerous pathogens is but a flimsy cover for something far more insidious than a bio weapons research facility outside the requirements of the 1972 Bio Weapons Convention.

Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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  1. Public discussions about bio-weapons labs is of course entirely absent. But even the idea of having a bio-weapons lab in another country is preposterous. How would the Americans feel if Russia had weaponised biological agents labs in Mexico, Canada, Cuba and Haiti, and went about collecting bio-samples from Americans. But I forget, the West has “democratic” bio-weapons, and that makes all the difference. Luckily they are not the most indiscriminate mass murder weapons in history. Phew.

  2. So Russia is to be ‘softened up’ with bio weapons before coming in with bullets and bombs. Many people now wish that Georgia was ‘cleaned up’ in 2008 to prevent this coming catastrophe.

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