Addicts rule Russia and Ukraine


The brains of high-ranking Russian officials are partially destroyed by drugs. In Ukraine, they are destroyed by drugs and alcohol completely or almost completely.

By Bohdan Lysytsia, VT Ukraine

Alexey Kungurov is a popular Russian blogger, journalist, editor and political consultant. People who are close to high-ranking Russian officials often gave unique information to Alexey Kungurov. It was information about what is happening in the highest echelons of power in Russia, about the war that Russia is waging in Syria, about Russia’s plans.

Alexey Kungurov often made this information publicly available. His work was not liked by people who are at the pinnacle of power in Russia. Alexey Kungurov was arrested on a false accusation of justifying terrorism. On December 20, 2016, he was convicted by the court and sentenced to two years of imprisonment in a penal colony. The Memorial Society recognized Kungurov as a political prisoner.

In an interview, Kungurov said that Russian top officials are addicts. Alexey says that Russia is a train that rushes at full speed towards the abyss, through which there is no bridge. For passengers of a train (population of Russia) they say on TV that the bridge is located further, but in reality there is no bridge. Passengers do not see what is happening with the train snugly because there are no windows in it. In this train, instead of windows, there are TV screens (state propaganda).

These TVs show the beautiful future of Russia. A person cannot tell the truth about approaching the abyss to the train driver (the president and other leaders). It is impossible to approach the driver-head of the train, there are three guard cars with machine guns. Everyone who tries to approach this platform is a terrorist, an extremist, he is shot.

Everyone remembers that the first President of Russia Yeltsin was alcohol-addicted, was under the influence of chemicals. Everyone saw him write on the wheel at the airport, how he stood on the podium and uttered completely incomprehensible words. Almost all of the main leaders of modern Russia are drug addicts.

Alexey Kungurov received this information from several sources. When he arrives in Moscow, some officials call him and offer to meet. Alexey says that he doesn’t know where these officials are from to receive operational information that he has arrived in Moscow today. Through Aleksey Kungurov, officials pour dirt on a rival group in the Kremlin.

Alexey asked an official from the Presidential Administration of Russia: “Do not the top leaders of Russia understand that Russia is heading for a catastrophe? Do they not see anything ”? The official responded to Alexei: “What can addicts see? Can they adequately perceive reality? ”

Alexey asked: “Are the top leaders of Russia really addicts?” The official answered: “The most important leader of Russia comes to his office. To him come high officials with reports. Each official says that in his department affairs are bad or very bad, that soon there will be a collapse of the economy in Russia. ” From this information, the most important leader of Russia is in a bad mood. Officials leave the office.

The most important leader of Russia pours cocaine on the table and sniffs it, he has a good mood, but only until noon. At this time, all the officials bear documents for him to sign, because as long as he is in a good mood, he signs everything. From the officials of the highest rank to the lowest officials, everyone in Russia takes cocaine. Example: type in the search engine “Gorban, the administration of the city of Noyabrsk”. A petty official sniffed cocaine in the workplace. Everyone knew about it. Not only he did it.

The big Kremlin officials understand that their life ends. They cannot escape to any island in the Pacific. In order not to think about the coming disaster, they take drugs. Alexey Kungurov says that top officials of Russia understand that soon they will be drowned, hanged, crammed under ice.

It is hard to live with such awareness. They understand that the country has come to the finish. Knowing this, live badly. But if you take drugs, then life is great. The growth of drug addiction among Russian leaders went up after 2012, 2013, 2014.

The program “Maximum” of one of the largest Russian television channels NTV showed a record of how reporters take samples from the toilet seats and toilet lids of the Russian State Duma to examine them for the presence of particles of narcotic substances. The results of the investigation conducted by journalists showed that in 75% of cases the test gave a positive result for cocaine. Russian deputies are addicts.

Deputies denied the accusations and called the reportage a base speculation. The team of Gleb Pyanykh (host of the program “Maximum”) did everything according to the technology, which was originally tested by German reporters in the toilets of the Bundestag.

In August 2018, the world’s media spread the news that police detained two tons of drugs in the Belgian port with the logo of the largest Russian party, United Russia. Nearly two thousand cocaine tiles arrived in three containers from Brazil. It was a record batch of drugs, almost two tons of cocaine.

According to the Federal Judicial Police of East Flanders, the cost of supply on the black market is 100 million euros. Narcotic drugs were packed in 1900 bags. The prosecutor’s office of Belgium opened a criminal case.

September 2, 2018 in the palace of San Cristovan (Rio de Janeiro), where the National Museum of Brazil was located, there was a fire. The museum kept more than 20 million items, of which nine-tenths were destroyed by fire.

The museum kept unique collections of North and South Americas. These are the largest collections of animals, insects, Indian dishes, Egyptian and South American mummies and antiquities, archaeological artifacts, minerals, meteorites, fossils and many other exhibits.

There were also ancient Egyptian fragments of relief images, masks, statues of deities from bronze, wood and stone, alabaster bowls, funeral cones, amulets, jewelry, and many other unique exhibits. The fire at the National Museum of Brazil is not only a loss of the historical and cultural heritage of Brazil, it is a cultural and historical tragedy for the whole world.

It was the revenge of Putin’s high-ranking gangster officials for seizing their drugs.

Top leaders of Ukraine are also drug addicts and / or alcoholics.

In the actions of Russian high officials there is a logic: they rob a rich country. There is no logic in the actions of Ukrainian high-ranking officials: they rob a impoverished country. The brains of high-ranking officials of Russia are partially destroyed by drugs. The brains of senior officials of Ukraine destroyed by drugs and / or alcohol completely or almost completely.


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  1. In the U.S. publicly Americans know the Jew runs America . from there its pedophiles , international weapons dealers and drug smugglers .

  2. So the ooligarks off-shore their high profits, and the rulers get high while the rest of the working poor somehow survive on prayers and some crumbs. The speaker makes too much sense to try to disparage him. When taken his premise many oddities fall into place. Neither fancy church traditions, huge sporting events, or the usual military parades, impressive as they are, render the vast country secure. Government always short of money but the Bank of Russia won’t print more, to get many needed projects done. The economy stands still while profits, brains, and fertile ladies leave the country. Icon worship had not helped the Constantinople from falling; one would think that Putin and the rest would open the pages of the good book for help. Same sins over the ages yield exactly the same results.

  3. Holy smokes, the author is smoking some out of this world ganja. Russia is going off the cliff ???? Observing Putin at his famous multi-hour long conferences I think not.

  4. Gordon and Jim: Really! This is a joke! C’mon!

    How can anyone in authority anywhere take VT seriously broadcasting bunkum such as this. You totally outdo the MSM and that takes some doing! This is the second article or should I say piece of propaganda in two weeks from Ukraine or Nuland’ia since the coup, where everything under the sun is done to undermine Russia. I do not speak Russian but the tee-shirted character in the video looks to have issues and if I didn’t know better would hazard he is of an emotional temperament by his clearly disturbed countenance.

    Riddle me this? Why would someone in Moscow react to having a large drug consignment confiscated in Brussels by burning a museum in freaking Brazil? And then have the consignment addressed to a political party in Moscow? Talk about a red flag, red lights flashing with an address like that! “No need for sniffer dogs here boys!”

    Simple question VT. Where is the headquarters of NATO based. Here’s a hint – it is also headquarters of the EU. You need another hint! You gotta be jokin’. Okay then. What city in Europe is preeminently anti-Russia. BRUSSELLS, you got it! Well done. And Moscow is going to ship cocaine to all the dumb-asses in the Duma through there, addressed to them at Manege Square. To my way of thinking, a diplomatic pouch or diplomatic consignment would do just nicely instead through Turkey or a host of other Middle Eastern cities …. maybe even Tel Aviv who are so anxious to mend fences and fence some powder in a conciliatory gesture, just for old times sake. Come on guys, fess up. It is a joke. There! See! I was right all along! Whew, you almost had me.

  5. Who pushes this “cocaine” on VT? Who the hell is Kungurov? Let us print opposer Navalny’s program. I just can’t understand it… Russia has many inner problems and i’m not against to discuss it, but such articles are really “yellow”.

  6. Listen to Putin to get a better Idea of who he is and what he is about. He is no fool. The history of Russia is filled with detractors inside its Government. Many long for a Stalin kind of Ruler. How come we never hear anything about the 40 Million or so of Russian Christians slaughtered and starved while he was in power? Who were the Bolsheviks? I wonder how many people want to destroy Iran, China and Russia? This country is headed that direction and that is primarily because war is a terrific investment.

  7. How quaint as our Russian friends have a Republican Party also?

    I bet theirs is also full of religious wingnuts, closeted homosexuals and all sorts of criminal deviants.

    As my neo Nazi pals worship Putin and that wonderful Russian leader. Excuse me for hardly being surprised by any of this.


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