How Much Does the Government Know About Your Online Activity


In the digital era, we all more concern about privacy. We all have some kind of data that we want to protect from all others online as well as offline. Even we have the idea that sometimes hackers can collect all the data from our system, but another thing that we don’t know is, the government is also looking at your data online.

Compared to common person or citizen, some professionals or tech companies have bulk data collection. Though most of the apps and sites ensure the data protection with encryption yet, there are chances that the superiors that our government can read it. So in how much extent the government can read the data and spy our online activity and how are they spying? I think you might have the same question in your mind. If yes, then we have the answer. The spying of internet activity of users by the government in recent years is topic to concern as people want to know how they do it. So here are the methods.

Method 1: Your Phone Records

The government can keep the records of the phone. They do not keep the record of the individual, but they have a record of each international and domestic call done by the users. When they find any Suspicious on a particular number or any other thing, then they can track all your call details as well as another person whom you call.

Method 2: Internet Services and Government Cooperation

Online giants like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other trending social media provider pass the records to the government. They pass information like shared documents, messages, and emails.

Method 3: Device Hacking

If you have a mobile device, then this method can be applied on your device as well. There are software and some other ways that create by the government. All these can hack the electronic device and IT systems. But the security depends on the device as well. It is said that an Apple iPhone is hard to hack, but hackers can create a system that can even hack this secure device.

Method 4: Security Devices

Government asked the product manufacturer to make products vulnerable so that in case of any unusual activity, all that can be accessed. Even government ask apple to do the same, but they refuse it. So for Apple device, they use some backdoors with the help of IT companies.

Method 5: Cell Towers

Cell towers are necessary to make a phone call, and even you might think that they are simple, how the government uses it to track online activities. These towers will also help you to connect with the internet. It keeps all record of your locations and surfing. Even when you call others, the telecom operator record all your call. Even you might notice that some customer request for the detailed bill and till today, for some post paid customers, the company send bills with all details of call and messages. Even your cell phone has a unique identification number provided by the government that shares all your information.

Method 6: Trapping of Internet Lines

Even if you are not in your country then also your cell phone and an internet connection can be traced. So the government can track everything irrespective of your place. There are many fiber optic cables, and it transfers a huge amount of data from it.     The government collects all the data with the help of other intelligence agencies.

Method 7: Foreign Companies Get Hacked

Many companies from different countries getting hacked. From message sending to card payment, the companies can be breached to collect the data of individuals. For example, the government collects the data of foreign company like mail sent to the customers. Even they can also look at the financial transactions from your bank accounts also.

Method 8: Tracking of Spending Habits

The government also track your spending habits from your online transaction. By this way, the government tracks the criminal or hidden purchase. Spending between your bank account to a credit card or debit card, everything can be tracked. The spying system also knows how you get the money, especially when you do the transaction online.

Method 9: Email Is Not Reliable

Your content of email can be hacked and viewed from Gmail and Yahoo mail services as they provide free services to the users. In 2013, Yahoo revealed that approx. 3 billion account holders were hacked. This data includes personal details and some other information that you stored in your mail. And the email data hacking is disturbing as it can use in many ways. And the government also has direct access to the private email accounts to access all of them.

So if you want to protect your online internet activity from spying by the government what will you do; the simple answer is to avoid internet censorship so that it can protect the spying activity of government. Do not worry, here is the detailed answer.

Some of the common solutions are used VPN software to cover your original IP address, do not reveal your location by Facebook check-ins or Instagram or Snapchat post. Logout from your google account so that google map service will not track your locations and the place you visit. The google maps can track all your location even if you go somewhere a few minutes only. And at last, carefully do online transaction.


It is all about how much does the government know about your online activity. As a common citizen, without any high tech knowledge, we can’t hide our online actions from the government. But by taking some precautions, one must save their important data for sure. If you ask our recommendation, then the VPN is more than enough to protect your online activity from the government. The reason behind the popularity of VPN is, it protects your IP address and shield all your activity. What do you think? Share with us using the comment section below. Thank you!


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